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Castlevania (Netflix Original)

Castlevania returned this fall with a whole new season, finally giving Genbu a chance to dive into the adaption with DandyguyinSpac3! Dracula is back, but so are the legendary Belmont clan! Find out why this Netflix Adaption is worth the watch, and join us on a tribute to the legendary Stan Lee as well. So tune in, Hype up and dont forget to share, comment and subscribe!


Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 was a long awaited game, and now that it's out we see why the hype was real! Join Genbu, Bill, DandyGuyinSpac3 and Majora as they give you some weekly news and break down the game play of Red Dead Redemption 2 and it's awesome mechanics! So tune in, hype up and please don't forget to comment, share and subscribe!


Bonus Episode: Anime Horror Special

Genbu and new host Majora celebrate Halloween by going over some of their favorite anime monsters and shows in the horror genre. Genbu also takes some time to do some ranting and share an embarrassing detail about himself. So tune in, hype up and please don't forget to comment, share and subscribe! www,


Goblins, Sumo and Death! One Helluva Trio!

Welcome to the Geek Bluez Relaunch Episode! Genbu's brand new and official co-hosts Bill and DandyguyinSpac3 join him to talk about a variety of anime that have hit the anime sites this fall. Find out what Sumo has to offer the anime world with Hinomaru Sumo! Like a little horror with your gore and thrills? We'll be giving some details on the new anime, Angels of Death! And last but not least, join us on a conversation about the controversial and racy anime, Goblin Slayer! So tune in, hype...


Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has finally arrived, and the changes to the franchise have exceeded our expectations. So for those who have yet to buy the game, we took it upon ourselves to bring up and answer a few of the most asked questions. And for those who have it, tune in for some tips to help you out with modes like Blackout and Zombies! Now Join Genbu and his guest, Ty, as they dish out some info, analysis and entertainment! Dont forget to comment, share and...


The Gambler's Anime and the Speed Dial for Spiderman

Sony is back again, and this time they got Venom on the big Screen. Genbu and King of Hearts get together on this episode to talk about they're thoughts on the film and it's possible future, but not before giving you some anime to check out if you haven't already. So tune in, hype up and don't forget to comment and subscribe!


Bonus Segment: Geek Bluez Shenanigans, Round 2!

Welcome to Round 2 of Geek Bluez Shenanigans, where you get a taste of who we are outside the podcast! Genbu's sister Amber joins in and unexpectedly shares some dirt on him. Tune in, hype up and don't forget to subscribe!


Bonus Segment: Geek Bluez Shenanigans, Round 1!

Welcome back to our special segment, Geek Bluez Shenanigans! In this segment, learn why it's always a good idea to get drunk around swimming pools! Genbu and La Vida Loca team up to bring you some entertainment! Tune in, hype up and don't forget to subscribe!


Going PLUS ULTRA with Geek Outs and Bounties

The new My Hero Academia Movie was freaking amazing! There was heart, intensity, epicness and awesomeness. Genbu couldn't wait to get his geek freak on with this episode alongside with Mr. Wo Chi. We also do a special segment on our favorite Bounty Hunters and Bounty Hunting Anime of Geek Culture. So tune in, hype up and get your geek freak on with our podcast! And please dont forget to comment, share and subscribe. Catch us at


Bleach: Live Action Anime Film

Tune in with Genbu and Marvel-Jr for some details on the live action anime film, Bleach! Sometimes live action adaptions of anime can be a bit disappointing, but our thoughts and opinions actually say otherwise. So please tune in, hype up, and get your weekly dose of geek culture with the Geek Bluez Podcast! Please share comment and subscribe!


Iron Fist Season 2 and a Taste of Spiderman (PS4)

Genbu and Mr. Wo Chi discuss the new season of Iron Fist in this episode! Joining them is they're good friend Ryan aka Meez, who has some great insight on the new Spiderman game for Playstion 4. As always, tune in and hype up with the Geek Bluez Podcast, and please don't forget to comment, share and subscribe!


The Wakanda Forever Comic Series

Who doesn't love Wakanda and the Dora Milaje, right!? Tune in with Genbu and La Vida Loca as they discuss the new, three part, Wakanda Forever issue starring the Dora Milaje! We see a lot of heroes team up with your favorite Dora Milaje members in this series. Genbu and Loca break it down and serve it up to you in this episode! Please help us out with a comment or a share, and if you really like us then feel free to hit that subscribe button! Catch us at


Cartoon Evolution Analysis Ft. Tino of the Bodysnatchers Podcast

Genbu and La Vida Loca are proud to have special guest Tino of the Bodysnatchers Podcast on the show! Tune in as we dive into the progression and aspects of cartoons from the 90's to present day! Steven Universe, Hey Arnold, Futurama and many more great cartoons get discussed in this episode! Tune in, hype up and please dont forget to comment, share and subscribe! Bodysnatchers Podcast Site: Geek Bluez Podcast Site:


Tipsy Talk on One Punch Man and The Wakanda Effect

Genbu tips the Geek Bluez boat a little bit with a new drink he's made called, "Leroy Collins". Fortunately, co-host AKOM is available to taste test, and lets just say the drink was stronger than anticipated. However, good conversation gets under way in regards to updates on One Punch Man and some upcoming video games. So please tune in, comment, subscribe and share!


Attack on Titan Season 3

Attack on Titan Season 3 is finally out with three episodes so far, and we couldn't wait to dive into it! Genbu sits down with returning guest, Marvel-Jr, to discuss the latest twists and turns of the season thus far. Seems like titans aren't the only thing our favorite scouts have to worry about anymore! Tune in for the talk, and please comment, share and subscribe!


Interview with Special Guest Ryan Morrison of Island Officials and Tiki Tiki Board Games

Want to become a game designer/programmer? Interested in knowing what it takes to make a great video game? Then join Genbu as he sits down with Game Designer Ryan Morrison, the CEO of Island Officials and Tiki Tiki Board Games! Get access to a wealth of knowledge and steps you could take to becoming a great game designer! Do us a favor and share, comment and subscribe! Island Officials: Tiki Tiki Board Games:


Throwback! Highlights of the Dragon Ball Franchise

Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Heroes and even a new movie coming soon! So much is going on with the Dragon Ball Franchise! Genbu and Mr. Wo Chi pay homage to Dragon Ball by remembering some of the best highlights in the good old days! Lets us know what your favorite Dragon Ball Z moment was! Don't forget to comment and subscribe!


Fate/EXTRA Last Encore and the Fate Series

Masters, servants, magic, and the Holy Grail! For those of you who love the Fate series, Genbu and King of Hearts bring up the latest installment on Netflix, Fate/EXTRA Last Encore! Tune in and check us out! Comment on your favorite heroes of legend and don't forget to subscribe!


Fortnite Season 5 (Featuring our new member, AKOM)

Genbu sits down with AKOM, the newest member to the podcast, for a discussion on season 5 of Fortnite. Join us for some news updates and find out the benefits of playing Fortnite on a PC vs a console. Feel free to share, comment and subscribe!


Batman: Ninja!

Genbu and King of Hearts talk about their thoughts on the Batman: Ninja movie! Get the final verdict here! Ending Song: Desire by Kow Otani