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23 – Billionaire Status

The Goners are divided. Christian and Allan are spitting hot takes on Marvel, Epic, and Gears of War, while Bran scrambles to bounce the rhetoric back. Do the people crave microtransactions? Has Disney corporatized cinema beyond repair? Who is Detective Pikachu for? Will mankind ever develop a defense for pocket rats? Alright fuck off, I’m […]


22 – I Would Have Been Your Daddy

It’s a rainy April in Toronto, so the Goners stay in and tuck into the classics. This week the cast considers the finer points of the Halo series. Allan discusses his boyhood adventures on the Pillar of Autumn. Bran recalls his grammar school days, getting into scrapes on Boarding Action and then Christian reveals a […]


21 – Fool Me Twice

Allan continues his descent with a viewing of Paprika and introduction to the Jo Stars. After a discussion of technological anxiety that encompasses both The Elder Scrolls: Blades and 4chan’s sexually frustrated April Fool’s joke, the boys take their seats at the statue to share their Sekiro experiences, and explore the compelling creativity of From […]


20 – Love, Death & Google

The Goners begin with a trip to the cinema where Redline has them discussing the power of camp and the merits of aggressive stupidity. A nightmare of segues later the cast share what friendship means to each of them. Christian and Bran probe Nier Automata’s deepest themes before Stadia washes everything else away. Enter the […]


19 – The Numbers They Don’t Show You

The Goners take a minute to bask in a good start. The cast dissects the finer points of jazz before having a spirited debate about the numerology of Apex Legends. An outside expert is brought in to settle the matter. The show gets back on the rails when Allan introduces some exotic art for the […]


18 – Too Far Gone is Dangerous

The Goners are lost deep in Apex Legends. They emerge, bleary-eyed, to heap praise on the game and briefly discuss the news of the month. Crunchyroll gave out some awards, Nintendo had a Direct and Blizzard had an intense round of layoffs. That all sounds great but I have to get back to Apex. […]


17 – Residents Evil

The Goners are sober and focused. They compare the ways Celeste and Hellblade discuss mental health, discuss the competition between Valve and Epic, and they question the future of melee. They even take a question. A serious podcast for your consideration. Email us at or catch us on twitter at @tfgmoe Find us […]


16 – Knuckle Measuring

“What’s the best way to die?” For some reason the Goners come out swinging, debating the merits of dying while laughing. Things only get better as they vaguely talk around general Ashen impressions, government-sponsored anime, and actual Chinese cartoons. Christian ships Marx and Engels, and things come full circle as the Goners fantasize about being […]


15 – Pull My Devil Trigger

It all started out so well. We had an easygoing conversation about Devil May Cry 5, move on to the VGAs and what its like to play Sonic badly. We had a fun chat about Shonen Jump and then we started talking about PewDiePie… If you love video game awards, manga distribution platforms and adjudicating racism, this […]


14 – Not Mad

The Goners are so chill this week. They played Wolfenstein, they played Let’s Go Pikachu, they played some Dead Cells and Return of the Obra Dinn. Allan gets mad about people being mad at Bethesda and then Bran chills it back out with Netflix’s new anime acquisition. Also Tumblr sucks now. It’s a podcast! […]


13 – A Herd of Musks

The Goners gather around the crackling campfire, telling tall tales of the dusty old West, Pythagoras in Atlantis, and pop idols back from the dead. Also Grimes loves hentai, Elon owns n00bs and everybody’s mad at Blizzard. Email us at or catch us on twitter at @tfgmoe Find us at home and visit […]


12 – The Black Sarcophagus

Spoilers for Devilman Crybaby over the first half hour! The Goners start off with an intense Devilman Debrief, and then get real hung up on Mother Theresa for a while… Nathan Fillion made a fan film, No Man’s Sky is still boring, and Star Citizen has all your money and is never giving it back. […]


11 – A Goners Promise

The Goners recap a hot night of Magic, talk about Letterkenny and the World Cup. Numbers mean nothing, Overwatch still exists, Allan watched an anime, and Bran played Zelda. It’s a podcast for sure, don’t let anyone tell you different. Email us at or catch us on twitter at @tfgmoe Find us at […]


10 – The Massive E3 2018 Show

The Goners break down E3 2018 in a massive 3 hour podcast. We discuss our favourite announcements from EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Sony, Devolver Digital and Nintendo. Talking points include red vs green apples, the tragedy of Rick and Morty and a storied pornographer… Email us at or catch us on twitter […]


9 – The Secret

The Goners relive last year’s Devolver Digital E3 press conference, and take time to appreciate Rooster Teeth, Doom and the value of self-loathing. We even talk about books, so there’s legitimacy for you. Email us at or catch us on twitter at @tfgmoe Find us at home and visit for video games, anime, everything […]


8 – What Happened to Kennedy

Christian takes a turn in the host’s chair in this special Mothers Day edition of the Goners. The Goners are educated on digital wellness and the Matrix tie-in games before they finally get to the bottom of the Kennedy Assassination. Email us at or catch us on twitter at @tfgmoe Find us at home […]


7 – Horse Girl Derby Extreme

The Goners brave an April ice storm to bring you the hottest take on Instagram, Grifball and horse girls. Allan is flabbergasted by anime, attacked by nature and then gets serious about politics. It’s all very tasteful. Email us at or catch us on twitter at @tfgmoe Find us at home and visit […]


6 – “Other Stuff”

The Goners chat about B the Beginning, spoilers, and Jimmy Smits: the guy from Star Wars. We also talk about a very special collector’s edition of Inside, but the less said about that the better… Fair warning, this episode includes spoilers for Inside, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and The Force Awakens. Email us at […]


5 – Meat on Meat, Once a Week

The Goners are finally in a room together, joined for the first time by Jack Donnelly! We talk about Spelunky and other couch co-op, mascot platformers, anime on ice and Britney Spears. Some sound issues this week, Allan’s quieter than usual, but we can live with that. Email us at or catch us on […]


4 – Living in the Future

The Goners are back and excited about the times we live in! We talk about books and the difference between the printed word and audio, we talk about the future of game delivery coming from the present-gen underdog, we talk about North America’s coming out on the competitive Counter Strike stage, we talk about how […]