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Creative minds often find business difficult. The 30FG Business Podcast for Designers aims to help design professionals develop a business mindset. If you're considering becoming a freelancer, starting a small design practice or dream of growing your existing practice into something much bigger, this podcast is here to help.

Creative minds often find business difficult. The 30FG Business Podcast for Designers aims to help design professionals develop a business mindset. If you're considering becoming a freelancer, starting a small design practice or dream of growing your existing practice into something much bigger, this podcast is here to help.
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Creative minds often find business difficult. The 30FG Business Podcast for Designers aims to help design professionals develop a business mindset. If you're considering becoming a freelancer, starting a small design practice or dream of growing your existing practice into something much bigger, this podcast is here to help.




30FG EP32: Why Being Talented Creatively is No Guarantee For Business Success

This week we are privledged to have Architect Mark R LePage of FiveCat Studio also the host of the Entrepreneur Architect with us to discuss a topic that is relevant and important to anyone wanting to own a business. This interview will give creative business owners and freelancers some practical insights into the difference between being a creative and being the owner of a business that provides creative services. It’s common knowledge that most business fail. Several might make it...


30FG Ep31: Part 2 - To Design or Design and Construct with Patrick Miller | Finespun Architecture

PART ONE (EP30) - The advantages and disadvantages of the conventional business model relationship between designers and contractors PART TWO (THIS EPISODE) - Alternative models for delivering a project and sharing in the profits by choosing and negotiating with the right kinds of contractors. Patrick has been building his architectural practice for six years after a similar period working on building sites and later as a draftsman. Next year he turns 40. He now has two young children...


30FG EP30: Part 1 - To Design or to Design & Construct? with Patrick Miller | Architect | Director Finespun

Patrick has been building his architectural practice for six years after several years. Next year he turns 40. He now has two young children and is asking himself the difficult questions about where to head next. Where will he be in the next 10 years as a business owner and what will that look like? In this interview we explore the benefits and drawbacks of the “design only”, and “design and construct” frameworks of being a design business owner. Ultimately, can designers and contractors...


30FG EP29: Are you a Freelancer or Entrepreneur? with Nik Parks | Host of the Launching Creative Podcast

For the small business owner or freelancer, understanding whether you’re a freelancer or an entrepreneur is probably the single most important distinction that needs to be made, it affects every single decision that you will make for your business. It's worth taking a closer look because by understanding the way each think can allow you to improve your business in different ways. These two ways of framing the way your business works sit at opposite ends of the playing field. While it is...


30FG EP28 Cash Flow for Designers - Unplugging Blockages in Your Revenue Stream

Cash flow, or lack of it, is possibly the single most important aspect of surviving in business. Without it, everything stops. For the freelancer or small business, cash flow is the only way to enjoy any sense of stability, to be able to safeguard against or plan for the future, and to be able to measure the success of your business or talk to your bank manager about taking a loan some day. Despite this, we all know it’s something which almost all designers, from freelancers to...


30FG EP27: How I replaced my day job with a location independent business I can work on from anywhere

I'm just about to leave my job for the second time so this is a solo episode in which I'm going to share with you a few chapters from my own story. First I want to tell you about my last business, which was a Landscape Architecture Practice I attempted to set up in Penang Malaysia. I don't have the time to explain all the details but you'll get a good idea of how it started and how it failed. I talk about all the poor decisions I made while I was there and how I ended up losing $30,000 in...


30FG EP26: The Inflatable Design Team - Ideas for Managing the Process of Collaboration with External Consultant with Michael Spartalis | ee'kos

In this interview we're exploring the idea of the Inflatable Design Team, a framework that enables your practice, even if you're a freelancer, to expand and contract depending on the scope and scale of a project. As the list of demands on the built environment grows and the complexity of our cities slowly multiplies it is very rare these days that any one design discipline is ever able to understand and deliver a holistic outcome for almost any project. This has given rise to a wave of...


30FG EP25: Thoughts on getting your first design gig with Andrew Boyne | Andrew T Boyne Architect

Getting new clients can be difficult, particularly if you don’t have any demonstrated experience in the particular area of design that you’re hoping to be involved in. This is a problem that all designers face at some time or another, whether it’s the freelancer looking for their first gig, or a well established design firm that wants to shift their focus, brand and reputation to another area of the market altogether. In this interview you'll get to spend some time with Andrew Boyne, a...


30FG EP24: How to discover new career opportunities beyond design with Christina Canters | Design Draw Speak

For many designers, the decision to become eg. an architect was a selection made from a narrow understanding of the range of career opportunities that exist in the world. In the “bucket” of career possibilities were the more well known occupations like doctor, lawyer, accountant, vet, psychologist and so on. With the pressure from family and probably society as a whole, and being the creative type that you’d always known yourself to be, you jumped head first into a four or five year...


30FG EP23: The Cunning Plan and Fabricated Coincidences - 5 Steps to Plotting Your Own Success

This week Shah is in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon on a fact finding mission for his new remote design business. The original intention on this trip was to meet up with local creatives and put together an interview, but, well, that never quite happened and instead he talks through some of the things right at the front of his mind at the moment, setting goals and developing a strategy to achieve them, though not in those words. In this solo broadcast Shah re-frames what it...


30FG EP22: A Hundred Projects Up Front - Being your own client first so you can attract others later with Jon Cantin | CNCKing

We never know what life is going to throw at us, whether it affects our business, our personal life or any of the spaces we move through. Like a game of snakes and ladders, with a bit of luck you might roll the right number and rapidly bypass a lot of the toil and effort of a steady progression. On the other hand, as luck might have it, the complete opposite might happen and you find yourself back where you started. Either way you can never be in complete control of the outcome. That's not...


30FG Ep21: Managing multiple businesses and income streams without losing y

Our world abounds in opportunity. More than ever before we have the chance to adopt multiple identities, move in multiple circles and find multiple platforms from which to pursue the numerous interests and passions we develop both in our work, and personal lives. Of course the most obvious downside to all this is that it means we can make ourselvesextremelybusy,extremelyquickly and find that we quite literally don’t have enough time to do everything we’d like to! A somewhat traditional...


30FG Ep20: Just Having A Beer With My Lawyer - Dispelling the myths surroun

Let’s be honest, TV and the movies have probably given the legal professions a pretty unfortunate reputation as thekind of people you’ll hopefully never have to deal with. On the one side they are perceived as fix it men, to be calledupon to help you get out of trouble. On the other, a letter in the postfromone of these guys could turn your wholelife sour for weeks or even longer. Looming above either is the unknown subject of cost, the infamous time-charge in6 minute increments, and the...


30FG EP19: Changing Course Without Surrendering Your Creative History

Monica Palmer is in a state of transititon, she loves her design work and the people she works with but she knows there are vast opportunities waiting for her far beyond her home town of Perth. With an upcoming trip to the United States, Mon is starting to experiment with ideas around working remotely and using the internet as a vehicle to derive an income online. This week's podcast is really about exploring alternative ways for your creativity to manifest itself in business. As each of...

30FG Ep18: Outsourcing tasks so you can focus on your work with Deb Flanaga

Different people have different levels of tolerance toward certain tasks. Some people are tidy freaks, they love filing,there is a place for everything and everything must go in its place. Some are ok with numbers when it comes topreparing invoices, but keeping track of expenses, taxes and cash flow is a disaster zone. Some people are OK withworking through general IT issues, others can waste time and infuriating mental energy trying to stop the rainbowwheel from spinning. Deb Flanagan is...

30FG EP17: The 16 Episode Round-Up with Shah Turner

In this episode, the host of the 30 Foot Gorilla Podcast, Shah Turner has decided to record a video of himself to celebrate the new year and the support of podcast since it began less than two months ago. This year is announced as the Year to Connect with other Creatives.

30FG Ep16: How to determine the value of your work and communicating costs

Emma B is a stylist and event planner who occupies something of a "behind-the-scenes" role in the production of advertising and marketing material for magazines, events and commercial campaigns. She has been a fashion blogger and part-time freelancer for over 10 years and has now been freelancing full-time for the past year. In this interview Emma shares what she has learnt about determining the cost of providing your services to your clients. As people who are paid for our creativity, we...

30FG EP15: Why constantly comparing yourself with others is wasting your ti

Thom Perry is a highly accomplished photographer based in Perth who works in the stressful, unexpectedly emotional, often contrived and generally strange world of advertising and commercial image making . Thom is one of those guys is at that time in his career which many of us reach somewhere between 5-10years into our craft when we know more or less technically what we’re doing and are now searching deeper and wider to find what really separates from our peers both in our own eyes, and...

30FG EP14: Effective Social Media for Creatives with Nic Granleese Architec

Social Media is now a household name but perhaps its true meaning, usefulness and implications is still largelymisunderstood and constantly changing. What does this mean for the creativefreelancer? Is that different from howan established creativefirmcould make best use of social media? Is it important to be selective about which onthey use and how they use it, rather than launching themselves more or less blindly into scheduling posts ontoFacebook with no real focus just because everyone...


30FG EP13: And The Winner is! Talking about design awards with Matt Woods o

Matt Woods is a freelance interior designer based in Sydney. In this interview you’ll have the chance to listen to Matt’s experiences of entering his work into awards in order to boost his reputation and prospects for keeping the work flowing in. We talk about the benefits of going down this path as well as some of the surprises and pitfalls you need to be aware of. Matt walks us step-by-step through the typical process you can expect if you decide to enter your work and just how long it...