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The weekly show where an instructional designer, a software engineer, and a user experience designer pick apart the world, one topic at a time.

The weekly show where an instructional designer, a software engineer, and a user experience designer pick apart the world, one topic at a time.
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The weekly show where an instructional designer, a software engineer, and a user experience designer pick apart the world, one topic at a time.




34: None of the Above | The Hiatus Episode

Episode 34: None of the Above | The Hiatus Episode In this Episode: This isn't a goodbye, this is a "see you later" as we blastoff into the sunset, sailing through the atmosphere with reckless abandon. Subscribe With iTunes • Overcast • TuneIn • Pocket Casts • RSS Sunset by Nick Slater Episode Artwork Inspiration Nick Slater is an amazing illustrator that you should definitely follow. He is prolific, has an identifiable aesthetic, and is always delivering high quality work. I...


33: Vector v. Raster, with Sean Doran

Ever hear the words "vector" and "raster," when talking about graphics, but wondered what that actually meant? In this quick episode, Sean goes over the technical differences between the two, when each image type should be used, and how to optimize them.


32: The Web Design Equation, with Sean Doran

Feeling overwhelmed with your web design project? Too many things to keep track of? Today Sean shares the system he uses to manage projects — keeping him focused on solving client projects instead of worrying about what he's missing.


31: Flipped Classrooms, with Bryan M Brush

Bryan goes solo this episode and looks at a growing trend in instructional design known as the flipped classroom. He discusses not only its origins and advantages, but also its pitfalls. By the end of this brief episode you should be able to make sense of what exactly a flipped classroom is.


30: Memories, with Sam Bantner

Recorded in a car filled with mosquitos in Maine, Sam explains how externally storing our memories let's us remember more.


29: Community, with Joe Darnell

We have Joe Darnell subbing in for Bryan this week to talk about community. We look at what a community is in both the on- and offline world, and how we can use algorithms to uncover these communities.


28: Fitness

We explore how physical fitness can help you become more mentally fit, why it's important to design your life around fitness for a healthy lifestyle, and digital solutions to tracking your activity.


27: WWDC 2015

After an interesting keynote for WWDC 2015, Bryan, Sam and Sean talk pick the one thing that interested them the most, and go deep into Apple News, Swift 2.0, and Apple Music.


26: Travel

This week we become your digital travel agents and discuss cosmopolitanism as a tool for education, the many, many, many design aspects of luggage, and the technologies we use on our journeys. Oh, and we talk about toothpaste too. So much toothpaste.


25: Comedy, with 3G3Q

We have a full house with fellow podcasters from 3G3Q on to talk about comedy. Bryan wonders if comedy and education can mix, Sean ponders the value of Vine and Twitter as comedic platforms, and Sam is right on time.


24: Storytelling, with Laura Masters

This week we are joined by Laura Masters (@lauraemasters) for a conversation on storytelling. We look at how it can be used as a tool for learning and how technology is changing the way in which we tell our stories.


23: Apple Watch

Two out of the three of us talk about the Apple Watch set up, the steep learning curve for such a personalized device, and the new interactions that come with it. Then Sam talks about how developing for the Watch with only the simulator is a major hindrance.


22: Ideas, Beers, and Broken Hearts

Episode 22: Ideas, Beers, and Broken Hearts IN THIS EPISODE: Do you have an awesome game changing idea for a piece of software? Probably not. Sam walks us through his process for evaluating ideas and making them become a reality or flushing them down the drain like that goldfish from your childhood that your mother told you ran away. SUBSCRIBE WITH iTunes • TuneIn • Pocket Casts • RSS Show Notes & Links (time: 0:23) Multimedia In Education by Bryan Brush Context is King by Sean...


21: Multimedia in Education

Episode 21: Multimedia in Education In This Episode: Does multimedia have an influence on learning? That is the question Bryan poses to us in this solo episode. Since the 1980’s there has been an interesting debate between Dr. Richard E. Clark and Dr. Richard Kozma on multimedia's role in learning and education. Bryan walks us through both sides of the debate as well as some more contemporary arguments on the subject. Finally, he considers Sean’s thoughts on context in design from Episode...


20: Context is King

Episode 20: Context is King In this episode: With user experience design, it’s about focusing on the person that will be using your work, within a context. One way to help identify users, their situations, and possible needs that your design hasn't met is with user personas. SUBSCRIBE WITH iTunes • TuneIn • Pocket Casts • RSS This episode is a narration of Sean's latest blog post: Context is King Below are templates you can use. It's easy to create multiple personas all in one file,...


019: Interior Design, with Hillary Hutchings

019: Interior Design, with Hillary Hutchings In this episode: We talk with Interior Designer Hillary Hutchings about the future of interior design in the digital and automation age, modularity in design, and learning environments. SUBSCRIBE WITH iTunes • TuneIn • Pocket Casts • RSS About Our Guest: Hillary Hutchings Hillary is a talented Interior Designer based out of Columbus, OH. She received her formal education at the Columbus College of Art & Design. She pairs research with design...


Bonus: Do You Trust Us?

In This Episode: We dropped in on the 3 Guys 3 Questions Podcast and completely took over their April Fools' show last week. We asked each other: SUBSCRIBE WITH iTunes • SimpleCasts • Stitcher About 3G3Q Three guys ponder the finer things in life by asking each other weird questions. Each week Aaron, Adam, and Andrew compete to seem the most normal while answering questions about their fears, pet-peeves, and idiosyncrasies. Official Website


018: Concerts, with Zack Cramp

IN THIS EPISODE: We talk with Zack Cramp of Playing to Vapors about the concert experience, scalpers, and how smartphones at concerts are a double-edged sword — and a lot more. Their upcoming EP, A Glitch in a Void, is coming out April 10th. Available on Bandcamp and iTunes. SUBSCRIBE WITH iTunes • TuneIn • Pocket Casts • RSS About Playing to Vapors Giant Conspiracy by Playing To VaporsPlaying to Vapors is an independent band from Columbus, Ohio with a unique style groove-based...


017: Maps, with Graham Welling

In this episode: We talk about loci, pathfinding algorithms, and wayfinding–not necessarily in that order. SUBSCRIBE WITH iTunes • TuneIn • Pocket Casts • RSS Show Notes & Links UNDER CONSTRUCTION Feedback How did you enjoy this episode? We hope it was great, but we'd love to know what you thought either way. Take the Survey


016: Magazines, with Jacob Tender

Episode 016: Magazines, with Jacob Tender In this episode: We sit down with guest Jacob Tender to talk about what's really a magazine, how can magazine companies transition to a digital world, and the role of major publishers in a self-publishing world. SUBSCRIBE WITH iTunes • TuneIn • Pocket Casts • RSS About Our guest: Jacob Tender He's spent most of five years writing about music-related things for publications like Under The Gun Review, Substream Magazine, Mind Equals Blown, What...