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Episode 30 with Dave Malouf

Episode 30 highlights with Dave Malouf: - What is ResearchOps and DesignOps? - Challenges of operationalizing research and design in growing organizations and how to overcome them - Dave’s tips and insights in how to grow design and research in your company more efficiently - Who owns “ResearchOps” and what does that person(s) do? - How to determine when you should be thinking about DesignOps and ResearchOps


Episode 29 with Jorge Arango

Episode 29 highlights with Jorge Arango: - The similarities between physical architecture and UX design - Tips we can apply from the process of architecture to digital design - How to think about physical spaces to inform the digital information spaces you create - Feedback loops in digital information spaces - How the rate of change in physical buildings vs. digital spaces has changed our expectations as a culture - The ways language greatly impact our expectations and design of digital...


Episode 28 with Jim Kalbach on Experience Mapping and Design in Business

Episode 28 highlights with Jim Kalbach: - What is the difference between user experience, customer experience and marketing - Jim’s background in UX design and how that helped him transition to his role now in customer experience and product education - Remembering that the “grass is never greener” and no organization is perfect in order to have a longer term impact where you work - What is the true secret to becoming a kick ass design leader - The long term effects of even the smallest UX...


Episode 27 with Brianna Sylver

Listen to Episode 27 for highlights with Brianna Sylver including: - The difference between user research and market research -Using both market research and user research to build a better design strategy - Why market research may not be what you think it is - How and when you should think about doing user research more like a market researcher - Project mindset vs. product mindset - Tactical vs. strategic UX design


Episode 26 with Jeffrey Zeldman

- How Jeffrey and the team at An Event Apart design the experience of the conference - The dangers in the seduction of building “cool” stuff as opposed to the things people need - What’s the difference between junior designers and senior designers? - Design ethics, mindfulness and inclusiveness in UX design and product management - How the web and design has changed since 1995


Episode 25 with Michelle Fitzpatrick

- Product management at Intercom - Choosing the right problems to solve for your customers - What user research looks like at Intercom - How Michelle and the product team at Intercom chooses which projects to work on - Where does UX design start and Product Management end?


Episode 24 with Denise Jacobs

Episode 24 Highlights: - What is creativity? - The concept of “flow” and its role in identifying and harnessing your creativity - Denise’s story of her very own zone of genius and how you can find yours - Dangers of burnout, how you got there, how to dig yourself out and also how to avoid it - Different types of motivation and what they have to do with your work - How making custom earrings helps Denise be a better writer and speaker - Using HALT to take care of yourself and foster your...


Episode 23 with Lindsey Redinger

Episode 23 Highlights with Lindsey Redinger: - What is ResearchOps and how do you operationalize user research? - Making research accessible to everyone in the organization - How InVision documents and stores user research insights - Lindsey’s trick for helping all of InVision build empathy with their customers - Getting new employees at InVision up to speed with who their customers are as part of their new hire onboarding - How to get started in your ResearchOps practice or operationalizing...


Episode 22 with Peter Morville

Episode 22 highlights: - Peter’s new book “Planning for Everything” and what led him to decide to write a book about planning - What we can learn from the U.S. Marines about planning better design and research projects - Peter’s framework of S.T.A.R.F.I.N.D.E.R and how to use it for better planning of your ux, design and research projects - How Agile development process can help...and hinder your design and software project planning - Are you OVER-planning? How to determine if you are and if...


Episode 21 with Lou Rosenfeld

Episode 21 Highlights: - Lou’s background, the beginning of the internet and how UX/IA all started - The stories behind Lou meeting Tim Berners Lee and Larry Page - How Lou started Rosenfeld Media, the UX book publishing company - The story of the blind men and the elephant and how it applies to building a great user experience - DesignOps, ResearchOps and how Lou began major conferences around those topics - Lou’s advice for those of us working in large organizations doing UX design


Inside Aurelius - 002 with Joseph Szczesniak and Zack Naylor

- The technology stack that we built Aurelius with and how it’s evolved over time - Understanding common development terms to better communicate design ideas - An inside look at how Joseph and Zack make decisions about the product and the company - Behind the scenes views and opinions on making technology upgrades and feature prioritizations - How we build Aurelius like Wyatt Earp


Episode 20 with Aarron Walter

Episode 20 highlights - What does a high functioning design team look like and how are they organized? - The three types of successful enterprise UX organization models - How companies like Target, Spotify, Netfilx, Google and more are doing designops and great UX design at scale - Creating and sharing user research findings across your organization


Inside Aurelius - 001 with Zack Naylor and Joseph Szczesniak

First episode of our new series, Inside Aurelius where Zack Naylor and Joseph Szczesniak, co-founders at Aurelius discuss important topics and the inner workings of Aurelius. This episode's topics include: - Why we made aurelius v2 and how we got there - How we used user research and customer feedback to completely re-design and re-develop our product and company focus UX design, science and art - How Joseph, our CTO took an interest in UX as a developer and how UX can enrich a developers...


Episode 19 with Mariah Hay

- How Mariah came into Human Centered Design from an Industrial Design background - Doing user research and how to include developers/technologists - What are customer feedback loops, how to create and act on them at scale - What it takes to build a truly customer centered organization - How Pluralsight conducts, analyzes and applies user research at scale - The process of Directed Discovery and how to do it - Doing human centered design at scale with a large and growing team - How to...


Episode 18 with Patrick Campbell

Aurelius Podcast Episode 18 Highlights - How user research directly applies to making businesses more successful - Doing customer research to inform pricing strategy - Figuring out what is most valuable to your customers - Using customer research to develop buyer personas - How you’re probably doing surveys wrong and how to fix that - Helping people understand what you learned from user research and put it to use - Potential pitfalls of building and using personas and how you can avoid them


Episode 17 with Erika Hall

Erika Hall, co-founder at Mule Design on the Aurelius podcast Episode 17 highlights: - Use research and design to create products and systems that are more balanced - Where to start helping your company make a bigger impact with user research - “Startup” culture and why it can be very unhealthy and unproductive - Why some companies still aren’t doing user research and how you can help - How having shared goals boosts collaboration and creativity


Episode 16 with Andy Vitale

Andy Vitale, Director of UX at Polaris Industries on the Aurelius podcast Episode 16 highlights: - What makes experiences valuable - Getting a “seat at the table for design” - How to grow from a designer into a design leader - Speaking the language of business to sell your ideas - How to tie design decisions to business metrics


Episode 15 with Indi Young

Episode 15 highlights: - Non dominant thinking styles, diversity in product design and user research - Difference between problem space research and solutions research and why it matters - The concept of “thinking styles” in research and how to apply them in UX design - How machine learning and AI can create emergent experiences in the future - Different types of empathy (cognitive and emotional), what they are and how to use each one - A brilliant, tactical example of how to make sense of...


Episode 14 with Steve Portigal

Aurelius podcast episode 14 with Steve Portigal Full show notes here: - Why you should be doing [more] user research - How to convince your stakeholders that user research is important - 3 approaches to building brilliant products and features (and which one is best) - Convincing your stakeholders and leaders to do (more) user research - What is a user research process to make sure you’re learning the right things - The difference between research analysis and research...


Episode 13 with Andy Budd

Episode 13 highlights: - The beginnings of Clearleft - How the UX agency to client relationship has changed - Designing like a detective - Gathering the right evidence to do great UX design - The tools and application are of design thinking - How to go from research, synthesis and insights into actual design - Dangers of “research theater” and how to avoid them - Getting past the obvious solutions to create your most brilliant designs