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Episode 24 with Denise Jacobs

Episode 24 Highlights: - What is creativity? - The concept of “flow” and its role in identifying and harnessing your creativity - Denise’s story of her very own zone of genius and how you can find yours - Dangers of burnout, how you got there, how to dig yourself out and also how to avoid it - Different types of motivation and what they have to do with your work - How making custom earrings helps Denise be a better writer and speaker - Using HALT to take care of yourself and foster your...


Episode 23 with Lindsey Redinger

Episode 23 Highlights with Lindsey Redinger: - What is ResearchOps and how do you operationalize user research? - Making research accessible to everyone in the organization - How InVision documents and stores user research insights - Lindsey’s trick for helping all of InVision build empathy with their customers - Getting new employees at InVision up to speed with who their customers are as part of their new hire onboarding - How to get started in your ResearchOps practice or operationalizing...


Episode 22 with Peter Morville

Episode 22 highlights: - Peter’s new book “Planning for Everything” and what led him to decide to write a book about planning - What we can learn from the U.S. Marines about planning better design and research projects - Peter’s framework of S.T.A.R.F.I.N.D.E.R and how to use it for better planning of your ux, design and research projects - How Agile development process can help...and hinder your design and software project planning - Are you OVER-planning? How to determine if you are and...


Episode 21 with Lou Rosenfeld

Episode 21 Highlights: - Lou’s background, the beginning of the internet and how UX/IA all started - The stories behind Lou meeting Tim Berners Lee and Larry Page - How Lou started Rosenfeld Media, the UX book publishing company - The story of the blind men and the elephant and how it applies to building a great user experience - DesignOps, ResearchOps and how Lou began major conferences around those topics - Lou’s advice for those of us working in large organizations doing UX design


Inside Aurelius - 002 with Joseph Szczesniak and Zack Naylor

- The technology stack that we built Aurelius with and how it’s evolved over time - Understanding common development terms to better communicate design ideas - An inside look at how Joseph and Zack make decisions about the product and the company - Behind the scenes views and opinions on making technology upgrades and feature prioritizations - How we build Aurelius like Wyatt Earp


Episode 20 with Aarron Walter

Episode 20 highlights - What does a high functioning design team look like and how are they organized? - The three types of successful enterprise UX organization models - How companies like Target, Spotify, Netfilx, Google and more are doing designops and great UX design at scale - Creating and sharing user research findings across your organization


Inside Aurelius - 001 with Zack Naylor and Joseph Szczesniak

First episode of our new series, Inside Aurelius where Zack Naylor and Joseph Szczesniak, co-founders at Aurelius discuss important topics and the inner workings of Aurelius. This episode's topics include: - Why we made aurelius v2 and how we got there - How we used user research and customer feedback to completely re-design and re-develop our product and company focus UX design, science and art - How Joseph, our CTO took an interest in UX as a developer and how UX can enrich a developers...


Episode 19 with Mariah Hay

- How Mariah came into Human Centered Design from an Industrial Design background - Doing user research and how to include developers/technologists - What are customer feedback loops, how to create and act on them at scale - What it takes to build a truly customer centered organization - How Pluralsight conducts, analyzes and applies user research at scale - The process of Directed Discovery and how to do it - Doing human centered design at scale with a large and growing team - How to...


Episode 18 with Patrick Campbell

Aurelius Podcast Episode 18 Highlights - How user research directly applies to making businesses more successful - Doing customer research to inform pricing strategy - Figuring out what is most valuable to your customers - Using customer research to develop buyer personas - How you’re probably doing surveys wrong and how to fix that - Helping people understand what you learned from user research and put it to use - Potential pitfalls of building and using personas and how you can avoid them


Episode 17 with Erika Hall

Erika Hall, co-founder at Mule Design on the Aurelius podcast Episode 17 highlights: - Use research and design to create products and systems that are more balanced - Where to start helping your company make a bigger impact with user research - “Startup” culture and why it can be very unhealthy and unproductive - Why some companies still aren’t doing user research and how you can help - How having shared goals boosts collaboration and creativity


Episode 16 with Andy Vitale

Andy Vitale, Director of UX at Polaris Industries on the Aurelius podcast Episode 16 highlights: - What makes experiences valuable - Getting a “seat at the table for design” - How to grow from a designer into a design leader - Speaking the language of business to sell your ideas - How to tie design decisions to business metrics


Episode 15 with Indi Young

Episode 15 highlights: - Non dominant thinking styles, diversity in product design and user research - Difference between problem space research and solutions research and why it matters - The concept of “thinking styles” in research and how to apply them in UX design - How machine learning and AI can create emergent experiences in the future - Different types of empathy (cognitive and emotional), what they are and how to use each one - A brilliant, tactical example of how to make sense of...


Episode 14 with Steve Portigal

Aurelius podcast episode 14 with Steve Portigal Full show notes here: - Why you should be doing [more] user research - How to convince your stakeholders that user research is important - 3 approaches to building brilliant products and features (and which one is best) - Convincing your stakeholders and leaders to do (more) user research - What is a user research process to make sure you’re learning the right things - The difference between research analysis and research...


Episode 13 with Andy Budd

Episode 13 highlights: - The beginnings of Clearleft - How the UX agency to client relationship has changed - Designing like a detective - Gathering the right evidence to do great UX design - The tools and application are of design thinking - How to go from research, synthesis and insights into actual design - Dangers of “research theater” and how to avoid them - Getting past the obvious solutions to create your most brilliant designs


Episode 12 with Tomer Sharon

Episode 12 highlights: - Tomer Sharon’s user research tool at WeWork, Polaris - Tomer Sharon on Democratizing UX - What is user research - What makes up a key insight and how to create them - How to do user research the right way - What questions can user research answer - Difference between finding out what customer want vs what they need - Research nuggets, what they are and how to create them


Episode 11 with Christina Wodtke

Episode 11 highlights: - Why understanding a business model is critical for designers - Using design to do more than make a great interface or a sexy advertisement - Humanizing business and letting design/design thinking drive how business gets done - What OKRs are, where they’re used and how to do them - How Christina has used OKRs for both business and her own life - Embracing business metrics as designers - How you can be more innovative than Steve Jobs - Tools and techniques for looking...


Episode 10 with Jeff Patton

Episode 10 highlights: - What product discovery is and how to do it - The wrong way to do user research and how to avoid it - A process to make sure you’re building products and features that solve real problems - When product discovery starts and ends - 4 steps to conducting product discovery - The importance, and dangers, confidence level in design or product ideas


Episode 9 with Melissa Perri

In this episode we talk about: - Melissa’s approach to product strategy - Setting good strategic goals for our product and user experiences - The difference between shipping features and shipping GOOD features - How to do user research to actually drive innovation - Case study examples from Melissa on how she used user research to increase user acquisition - Using product and UX goals to tie up into larger company vision and strategy Free product strategy blueprint:...


Episode 8 with Audrey Crane

Episode 8 highlights: Audrey’s concept of “give me a napkin” Knowing how and when to step backwards from a prescribed solution to find the problem to solve Working with your team and stakeholders so you can make a meaningful contribution as a designer How we can find, and solve, the right problems as designers UX designers and product managers working together successfully Who owns the advocacy for and voice of the customer? Audrey was so much fun to talk with. As a partner at DesignMap, she...


Episode 7 with Jeff Gothelf

Episode 7 highlights: - Jeff's definition of product strategy - Bringing clarity to the process of building a product strategy - The difference between brand and product strategy, and how they work together - The single biggest factor that holds most companies back from having a great product strategy - Building a product roadmap and strategy that actually works - How to empower your teams to solve problems instead of only building features Who owns the product strategy? Product managers or...