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Relaxed Living Room Design Ideas | Home Design Podcast

A living room that is suffering from "golden oak" syndrome is given a second chance. We give a living room new life with redesign ideas that are both classic and contemporary. The confused room is the almost daily DIY (do-it-yourself), home design ideas podcast. Tony & Jenny discuss life working on home renovations and take "confused room" pictures submitted by you and give them a 3D Digital makeover and reimagine them with interior design ideas and DIY home design tips & tricks. Watch...


Complete Pantry Makeover | DIY & Home Design Podcast

We take a not-so-functional pantry and turn it into a stunning space to store and prepare food! Learn how we took on this DIY pantry project in today's episode. We also give a 3D digital makeovers to a confused basement space as well as a purple explosion bedroom, living room and dining space. See more design tips and ideas at


Junkin' With Jenny is now "Confused Room"

Tony & Jenny discuss life working on home renovations and take "confused room" pictures from the audience and give them a 3D Digital makeover with interior design ideas and DIY home design tips & tricks. #diy #homedesign #interiordesign #hgtv #homerenovation #confusedroom #beforeandafter #3dhomedesign #digitalmakeover


DIY Fireplace Project | DIY & Home Improvement Podcast

We had a large open space that was just screaming for a change! We love the coziness that a fireplace brings to a room so… We decided to build one, using an electric fireplace insert. This is a project that may appear to be overwhelming, but in reality was quite simple! Watch the podcast to see how we created an amazing fireplace in just one week and how you can do it too! See more at


The Transom Window Project | DIY & Home Improvement Podcast

What We Talked About This Week: We show you step by step how to make a transom window entry point into a hallway. Ideas for a dated "western" chandelier. What can be done with a small living and kitchen area. Can these golf clubs swing again? See it all at


The Keystone Project | Home Decor & DIY Podcast

We give an antique door header new life by fitting it for a new space with custom built barnboard keystone. Ideas for wall decor out of unexpected items. What to do with an old fixer-upper exterior. Check out more at


DIY Trundle Bed Project | Home Decor and Home Improvement Tips

We talk about how we built a trundle bed and how you can make it work for your space. How to hide seams in faux beams using a realistic faux beam strap. Creative ideas for an empty space with a fireplace. Who's calling, please? We give ideas on how to re-purpose an antique phone. And more... Watch video and more at


Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover | DIY & Home Design Ideas

Jenny shows you how she created a farmhouse buffet and wood "butcher-block" countertop. What can we do with some old door knobs and hardware? Ideas for an old globe lamp. What can be created out of rustic and rusted french doors. And more... Watch more episodes at


Vertical Shiplap & Wainscoting | DIY & Home Design

Jenny shows you how she gave a formal dining room a completely new feel by installing vertical shiplap. Can we find a new life for an old punching bag? Can we give a spin to 60's diner chairs? How can we revive an old kitchen? And more... See more at


Faux Antique Beams | Home Design & DIY

Jenny shows how to make faux antique beams to accent a formal living and dining entry. We share ideas on how to take an antique "relief" chair and give it a new twist. Can a gaudy antique lamp be saved? Will a pair of old skis ever see the slopes again? Can we give this music stand a new purpose years after the music stopped? Ideas on how to give a dated yellowing brick home front a rustic modern twist. See more at


Empty Spaces | Home Design & DIY Podcast

We talk about how to give an upgrade to some wide open spaces, including a backyard deck and unfinished basement. We also give ideas on how to reclaim antique suitcases, ugly decor, antique heater and old sewing machine drawers. Get more at


Christmas Decorating | DIY & Home Decor Podcast

Its our holiday decorating episode! We’ll show you how jenny decks our halls for the holidays. How we take vintage items and give them new life as festive holiday décor. We will take you step by step on how to create a “magazine perfect” tree. And how Jenny sets the table for the holidays. See more at


Christmas Lights Shine Again | DIY & Home Improvement Podcast

We open the door to new ideas on an old phone booth. How to give a vanilla bathroom a little personality. Roasting Hot Christmas lights come back for another season. What to do with a very confused fireplace and TV setup. Grandpa’s motorbike tire spins again! This is Junkin’ With Jenny, the show all about taking what some may consider junk and giving it new life. If you would like one on one advice from Jenny – on the show – Submit a picture of your item or space and a little info about it...


Barn Doors, Bathrooms & Boxes | DIY & Home Improvement Podcast

ON TODAYS SHOW: We show you how to create your own barn door style rolling window shutters. Creative ideas for an old seat. How to give a vanilla bathroom a little flavor. Ideas on how to fix up an old toolbox. How to take the salmon out of the kitchen. Teaching old milk jugs, new tricks. What to do with an old trunk. This is Junkin’ With Jenny, the show all about taking what some may consider junk and giving it new life. We want to help you do just that with your ITEMS and SPACES – If you...


Airstone, Gas Pumps & Fans

We show you how to get a real stone look using a product called AIR STONE. A listener needs some ideas on what to do with an old gas pump. Ever want to take home a souvenir from a funeral home? One listener did, and needs some advice. An roached out antique planter needs a revamp… What should we do? Get ideas on what can be done turn an antique stove into a whole new use. Is there a use for an antique radio beyond the dial? We’ll talk about it. See the full episode at...


Bars, Baker Boards & Baby Carriages | DIY and Home Improvement Ideas

We build a home bar with antique windows that simulate storms in the living room! How to make create modern artwork for your walls without spending a fortune. Ideas on how to take an antique baby carriage and give it a fresh re-start. Antique baker’s board find new life after being passed down from a family bakery. New viewing ideas for an old TV that we can’t wait to try! More chandelier questions and answers from a listener on Facebook. Watch our before and after videos, and more at...


Tables, Toboggans & Bricks

Can you hear me now…. We have an antique wall phone new life. How to give an old broken down piano a new song. Once the snow and children are gone, what can be done with an old toboggan? We’ll show you how we gave new life to some forgotten tables. How to make dated bricks look brand new again! Find out more at


Shutters, Chandeliers & Globes | DIY & Home Design Tips

We’ll show you how we created an entire built-in entertainment center from the ground up. A listener needs some ideas on how to give an aged chandelier new life. Think you need to just dump that collection of encyclopedias from the 80s? Think again! Jenny shows you how she created outdoor accenting farmhouse window shutters for a very low cost. We take a look at how to give old globes a new spin. See more at


Bars, Hats & Shutters | DIY Home Design Ideas

We take an odd “storage shelf counter thing”, and turn it into a rustic wine bar. We’ll find a way to give new life to a not so modern “washing machine”. Where else can one hang their vintage hats? How to turn parts of a family barn into a vintage bar. Jenny also gives some ideas on how to complete a farmhouse look on an outdoor home remodel. See before and after video, pictures & Watch the video version of this episode at


Fireplaces, Boats & Farms Oh My | DIY & Home Design Podcast

On this episode of Junkin’ With Jenny, We’ll show you how easy it is to give your ordinary windows a rustic farmhouse trim! We’ll answer listeners letters about how an old Boat Engine could find new life off the water, and what can be done with some dangerous looking old farm parts! We also show you how to put an authentic looking fire place in almost any room in your home! If you have a space or object that you would like some ideas or advice on, submit it to our show at...