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Design Tomorrow is a podcast about design, technology, and being human with a special emphasis on growing our awareness that what we do and think today can create a better tomorrow.

Design Tomorrow is a podcast about design, technology, and being human with a special emphasis on growing our awareness that what we do and think today can create a better tomorrow.
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Design Tomorrow is a podcast about design, technology, and being human with a special emphasis on growing our awareness that what we do and think today can create a better tomorrow.








The Interface and Me

Are interfaces good? Or are they a distraction — for us the makers, and for the users we believe we are helping? How can we think better about both how we interface with digital experiences, personally, and how others do it? Today, we'll think deeply about the nature of the interface — what it is, and what it says about us, the people who made it — and explore the need for new rules for better interface-making... Links It's a Mistake to Mistake Content for ContentIn the Kingdom of the...


Useful Fictions

We live in a time of illusions. Simulations that reflect back upon us more than just the passage of time, but something important about who we are. Something unique is going on right now — with the tools and technology we have — that is giving us the ability to stop, stretch, bend, and replay time. In this episode, we'll explore what that offers us, we for whom at some point, time will end... Links DanielleTimelapse of the Imperceptible Effects of Aging Created from Family PortraitsNoah...


The Last Thing We Need Are Smartphones

When so many problems of existence remain unsolved, we haven't earned the luxury of smartphones. So this is an intervention. A challenge to the status quo of waste and distraction and triviality and short-term pile-on that is our way of life here in 2019... Links Give it a second! It's going to spaceDan Honstill doesn't have clean watera machine that turns feces into drinkable waterIt’s In the Bag! Teenager Wins Science Fair, Solves Massive Environmental Problem Music All music used in...


Behind Every Robot

What is it about robots that compels us to create them? And what does it say about a culture that makes machine surrogates despite not having reached a consensus about why to make them in the first place? In this episode, we'll explore the robots taking over our world, and the agenda behind them... Links hitchBOTGoogleWikipediadrumming robotspring-making robotmany uses of springswas a beer runcompeting directly with UPS and FedExThe permanent transitionthree laws of roboticsOne Thing...


The Real Value of Ideas

What are our ideas worth? Are they as valuable as we think they are? And what might change about how we act on our ideas once we start thinking differently about how we value them and how unique they really are? In this episode, we'll explore how simultaneous ideas and discoveries throughout history show that ideas and minds probably work differently than we think... Links The Discovery of EndorphinsWho invented Electricity?List of multiple discoveriesTheory of MultiplesDueling Movies are...


How to Make Good Things

They say that practice makes perfect. I'll settle for "practice makes good," thank you very much! In this episode of Design Tomorrow, we'll explore what it means to practice - what there is in repetition that can help us to get better. Not just at what we do, but also at who we are. Links Alfred DecredicoBalancing Data with IntuitionThe Way to Make Good Things is to Make Many Things Music All music used in this episode is independently produced and licensed by Design Tomorrow for...


Computer World

There are very few people left on Earth for whom the world isn't shaped by computers or seen through their screens. But does it have to be this way? In this episode, we'll explore how screens — and the images they reveal — are just as much a manifestation of the world from which they come as they are the raw materials of a story about the next one: the future... Links The IBM Portable PC 5155Blade RunnerOpening SceneHuman Progress Landscapethe Sony VAIO Digital StudioJony Ive's magical...


This Creation of Our Genius

As long as we've been self-aware, we've desired companionship. And yet, we are not enough for one another; we hunger for something more - something that folklore, imaginary friends, and now technology have attempted to satisfy. Today, we stand at a crossroads beyond which is a future full of artificial lives. What kinds of minds will we create for ourselves? And what kind of future will those minds make for us? Links The Measure of a ManHerBe Right BackTHX 1138confession sceneWhen her best...


How to Get Your Time Back

The more time passes, the faster it feels it's moving. It's an illusion, of course, but does that really matter? If you feel like it's moving faster, it might as well be. The shrinkiness of time is part of the human condition. But the secret you may not know is that you can slow it down. You can get your time back. Here are eight ways... Links Life is Shortboiling frogMy preferred notebookDeep Work Music All music used in this episode is independently produced and licensed by Design...


Ticking Progress Bombs

Progress is something we all try to work toward, but how do we really know if we're making any? And if progress isn’t permanent, is it progress at all? In this episode, we'll explore progress and the ways that certain forms of it actually trap us in the past... Links A Short History of ProgressWhat is Progress Music All music used in this episode is independently produced and licensed by Design Tomorrow for non-commercial use. Early Renaissance MusicWestern Sycamorer benyOur Digital...


The Voice Interface

We're all using voice interfaces now — a thing of science fiction now very much in our reality. But it turns out that feelings — things like fear, loneliness, trust, and desire — play just as much of a role in the way these machines work than do databases and code... Links Data talks to the ComputerJosh.aiJosh promotional videoWe Are Hopelessly Hooked on TechnologyB.J. FoggTristan Harris on the needed design renaissance Music All music used in this episode is independently produced and...


The Power of Perspective

In a world as crowded with technological tools for measuring our progress as ours is, sometimes the best way to see how far we've come is, literally, in our own hands and on our own faces. In this episode, we'll discuss a simple exercise you can do to test your perspective and how well it accounts for other people, not just you. Links A 30-second test to determine whether your boss is a gem or a jerk Music All music used in this episode is independently produced and licensed by Design...


What is real?

It may sound like a rhetorical question, but asking "what is real?" is becoming more and more a practical inquiry into the nature of our everyday experience. In this episode of Design Tomorrow, we'll imagine a future — not too far off — where the lines between real and something else will be so blurry that we'll probably need a whole new category of technology to help us bring them back into focus... Links The Pyramids at Giza The Mona Lisa Photosynth Audio Spotlight Talking...


Design is Art with Rules

There is no good definition of design. In this episode, Chris talks about what distinguishes design from art, and how accountability plays a unique role in making the distinction clear. Links 4'33", by John Cage The scene sampled at the end of the episode is from "A Matter of Perspective," Season 3, Episode 14 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. You can view the clip here. Music Wilt, by r beny Mercurial Vision, by Blue Dot Sessions ektar, by r beny Credits Design Tomorrow is...


How to Think About the Future

We all think about the future. Probably more than we're even aware. But, is thinking about the future useful? Does thinking about the future actually help us make one that's better? In this episode of Design Tomorrow, we'll talk about the future. Not a specific future, but the possibility of one. And what it means to envision the future — practically — in a way that both shapes our present and ensures progress... Links Traction, by Gino Wickman Music Winter Tracks, by r beny Refraction,...


Active Erasure

In this episode, Chris tells a story about a drawing professor who taught him about not just identifying the negative space in our thoughts and actions, but something he called active erasure, and how being intentional about the act of taking things out can not only improve the work we do, but change its very nature... Links Alfred DeCredico How to Grow an Idea, by Jenny Odell Music Raro Bueno, by Chuzausen Veins of Silver, by Blue Dot Sessions Bathyscaphe, by r beny Credits You can...


Getting Out of Our Own Way

In this episode, Chris talks about what it means for designers to get out of their own way, and he shares a couple of ways he's made that not only more possible in his life, but more natural to his day to day. Things Mentioned in the Show Clients from Hell “I am trying to be unfamiliar with what I am doing." Said by John Cage. The full quote is, "I am trying to check my habits of seeing, to counter them for the sake of greater freshness. I am trying to be unfamiliar with what I am doing."...


The Magic of Ordinary Objects

In this episode, Chris talks about appreciating the design of everyday objects, minimalism, and how some objects can reflect a life well lived. Links I mentioned a bunch of objects I own that I especially value. Only some can be found online, so this is a partial list: Stillman & Birn EpsilonPilot G2 .7mm Fine Point in blackGrip6Edgevale Cast Iron Utility Pants in Smoke BlackFjallraven High Coast Trousers in LimestoneBlundstone Super 550Woolly Merino V-Neck in GreyBRYK stainless steel...