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Welcome! See our site for . . . a lot!






Episode 66 - Ansel Appleton

A conversation with writer and slam poet Ansel Appleton, along with a story recorded from Ansel’s performance at our two-year anniversary show in June. Among topics that came up are the slam poetry scene in Cambridge and beyond in the late 90s and early 2000s and Ansel’s preference to perform only for strangers rather than for friends or family colleagues or heroes. *** Find us at http://15minutesjamieberger.com or wherever pods are cast! Thanks!


Episode 65 - Jamie and Dan talk about the Stephen-Elliott/Shitty-Men Lawsuit

Daniel Oppenheimer and I talked about Stephen Elliott’s essay and lawsuit (filed last week) against Moira Donegan and the “Shitty Men in Media” list that Elliott was named in a year ago this week. This one was put together on short notice, and made in part because I couldn’t find written words to express my thoughts on this and it was making me crazy. Here are some stories mentioned in the episode: Elliott’s “How An Anonymous Accusation Derailed My Life”:...


Episode 64 - Hearty White (returns!)

Hello All, My guest this week, in our now-annual visit, is WFMU radiomaker (also available in podcast form!) and 15-Minutes-inspirational-icon Hearty White. This being his third visit (see Episodes 8, 31, and 32 for more!), we’ve pretty much dispensed with the formality of talking about fame and just chat about whatever comes to mind, which this time included Timothy Leary, sanity, The Rockford Files (of course), rings, heroes, the Attention Economy, Black Stalin, Sundar Popo, Chutney...


Episode 63 - Sarah Wisby

This episode is the first of several featuring recordings from our live show in Greenfield, MA at Hawks and Reed, back in June. Sarah Wisby, writer and recent transplant to Western Mass, and I, talked, a couple months after the show, about performance, writing, what success means to an artist as opposed to what it means to the public who perceives/judges artists, about being a character in someone else's (in her case, Michelle Tea's) work and a movie and meeting the person who played you...


Episode 62 - Simon Rich

After finishing off his collegiate tenure as president of the Harvard Lampoon, Simon Rich became one of the youngest writers ever hired on Saturday Night Live and has written for Pixar and “The Simpsons.” He is the creator and showrunner of “Man Seeking Woman” (originally on FXX, now available on Hulu) and “Miracle Workers” (TBS), which he based on his books. His other collections include Spoiled Brats and Ant Farm. He is a frequent contributor to The New Yorker. “Hits and Misses” is, as...


Episode 62 - Sonny Smith

Sonny Smith is an old San Francisco friend I hadn’t spoken to in fifteen years. Here’s what Mother Jones had to say about his new album: “On his own, or as leader of Sonny and the Sunsets, the engaging Sonny Smith specializes in finely observed vignettes about everyday people that showcase his wry, slackerish voice. For all its rough edges, though, there’s nothing casual about his scruffy garage pop, which tempers a streak of melancholy with offhand, self-aware wit. Produced by Black...


Episode 60 - Keith Lowell Jensen

Click for other ways to listen: Spotify iTunes (or search "Jamie Berger 15 Minutes" on Google Play, Stitcher, you know, all the places.) Hello All! Getting back in the groove after our first live recording (episodes to come in August) and the big ole 2nd-anniversary David Sedaris episode! Episode 60 is a conversation with comedian Keith Lowell Jensen, whom I started following on twitter last year, because of tweets like this that make me feel better and worse about life in...


Episode 59 - David Sedaris (returns!)

Episode 59 - David Sedaris This is the podcast where David Sedaris gets to (okay, is strongly encouraged to) tell the dirty jokes he can’t tell Terry Gross! (This both a warning and an invitation.) But we talk about serious stuff too. This episode marks the 2-year anniversary of 15 Minutes, and I was so happy to have our guest from right around our first anniversary return. (Episode 38 is where you can find our first conversation) David Sedaris is a multiple NYT-bestselling...


Episode 58 - Annie Duke (returns!)

Annie Duke (annieduke.com) was the first person I recorded for this show, back in 2014, nearly two years before I got done deliberating/procrastinating and launched this thing. Here's what I wrote about my friend of 30+ years for Episode 5, where you can find that first conversation. "Annie Duke is a poker legend - winner of a WSOP bracelet, the WSOP Tournament of Champions, and of the NBC National Heads’-up Poker Championship in 2010, among other accolades. She was also runner-up to Joan...


Episode 57 - Whitney Reynolds

Whitney Reynolds is a writer, podcaster (“I Haven’t Seen That” with Mark Popham) and, most important, in terms of this episode, inveterate tweeter. A recent tweet of hers, which was a response to not only a previous tweet, but a response to a response to said tweet, Whitney's "new twitter challenge" to "describe yourself like a male author would" led to thousands of responses and retweets, which led to press coverage ranging from a Huffpo article to a New Yorker piece and a BBC radio...


Episode 56 - Christopher Napolitano, pt. 1

Christopher Napolitano is an old college friend. When we graduated, I headed off to work for tiny literary presses Grove Press and New Directions, while Chris started working at Playboy, where he eventually rose to be Editorial Director for many years. We talked about editing in general, editing one's heroes (Norman Mailer and John Updike, among them), and a bunch of other stuff. Part one is the more literary of the two. Part 2, coming soon, touches on the other stuff - visits to the...


Episode 55 - Laurie Kilmartin

Episode 55 - Laurie Kilmartin Laurie Kilmartin has been a Staff Writer for “Conan” since 2010 and a stand-up comedian for three decades. Her new book, “Dead People Suck,” (which she’s calling her second, and last, book) is a simultaneously heartwarming and biting comedic memoir about her father’s death and a tongue-in-cheek how-to about dealing with the death of a loved one. She also co-hosts “The Jackie and Laurie Show” podcast with fellow comic Jackie Kashian. *** Laurie and I talked...


Episode 54 - Beth Lisick, Part 2

Here's part two of my conversation with writer/performer, old San Francisco friend Beth Lisick. (And here's Part One) Before the conversation, I read a shortened version of an essay of mine called "Peep Show", that Beth was instrumental in getting me to write, a pretty long time ago., when she asked me to perform at her (And Arine Klatt's) legendary San Francisco storytelling series, Porch Light. If you want more of a bio of Beth, go take a look at Episode 52, where you can find the...


Episode 53 - Daniel Oppenheimer (returns, unexpectedly, serendipitously!)

Daniel Oppenheimer 2Hello All,Part 2 of my conversation with Beth Lisick will be next up. For now, here's a timely interruption. You may recall, in the last episode, I mentioned that (to quote, well, me) :"This week I took a huge, manic, obsessive dive down the Aziz Ansari/#metoo rabbit hole, and like to think I have takes that haven't yet been took. But after writing about 18 (single space) pages of notes and compiling dozens of articles and audio and video (google Samantha Bee and Aziz...


Episode 52 - Beth Lisick, Part 1

Happy 2018 All! This week I took a huge, manic, obsessive dive down the Aziz Ansari/#metoo rabbit hole, and like to think I have takes that haven't yet been took. But after writing about 18 (single space) pages of notes and compiling dozens of articles and audio and video (google Samantha Bee and Aziz for one of the most recent, and best, responses), when I went to record ... well, I'm just not skilled enough yet to say what I need to say as concisely as would make me feel comfortable to...


Episode 51.9, aka Episode 14, Sara Jaffee

Back next week to start off 2018 with Beth Lisick, but here's one more favorite from back in 2016, with fiction writer/rocker (Erase Errata, etc.) Sara Jaffee.


Episode 51.8, aka Episode 33 - Matt and Kate Lorenz

Wrapping up the year with a replay of one more fave from earlier this year - a couple of local-becoming-more-than-local heroes, sibling musicmakers Matt "The Suitcase Junket" and Kate Lorenz, who made beautiful both together and separately this past year. ***Find us on iTunes and a bunch of other podplaces, and on twitter and insta @15minsjamieb and on Facebook. ***Better times to all in 2018! - we'll be back in a couple weeks with #52, author/performer, old friend, Beth Lisick, and then...


Episode 51.7 aka Episode 21 - Nora Murphy

Since Episode 21 aired about a year ago, Bulldog's first album has dropped. Find it here!http://www.getembulldog.com/musicFind us here!Since Episode 21 aired about a year ago, Bulldog's first album has dropped. Find us and the original episode notes here!http://www.15minutesjamieberger.com/news/2016/12/5/episode-21-nora-murphy-of-bulldogFind us here!http://www.15minutesjamieberger.comHappier 2018 all!


Episode 51.5 aka Episode 35 - Brooke Gladstone

Brooke Gladstone... is co-host of the most essential radio show/podcast in my weekly listening, On The Media. She also has an incisive, insightful, and oddly comforting (you'll hear that word a lot in the episode) new book, The Trouble with Reality, A Rumination on Moral Panic in our Time.


Episode 51 - MIchael Ian Black, pt. 2

Here’s part two of Jamie's conversation with Michael Ian Black, with a bonus clip from Episode 48 guest Elna Baker, and an intro regarding famous and unfamous men's power, and how we need to reckon with it. It gets a lot funner and funnier after that.Topics include toe fungus, tacos, and Marc Maron.For more on Michael and to find any of those previous 50 episodes:http://15minutesjamieberger.comYou can find us on Soundcloud, iTunes and lots of other places where pods are cast.Insta/Twit:...