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Join Linda Fisler as we talk writing, art and all things creative! Linda will have guests from time to time to talk about their creative process and milestones. To listen to actual podcasts, go to her Patreon page--

Join Linda Fisler as we talk writing, art and all things creative! Linda will have guests from time to time to talk about their creative process and milestones. To listen to actual podcasts, go to her Patreon page--


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Join Linda Fisler as we talk writing, art and all things creative! Linda will have guests from time to time to talk about their creative process and milestones. To listen to actual podcasts, go to her Patreon page--




Art Chat: Understanding Gestures with Linda, Cherie and Joanna Pang Atkins

Linda, Cherie, and Joanna discuss gestures and explore its use in all forms of #art, from #dance, to #painting, to #drawing, #music, and #writing., #podcast #artchat Video of this chat available at Support the show (


Art Chat with Linda and Cherie: Having Courage While Addressing Fears

Linda and Cherie talk about addressing fears--of all sizes--with courage and confidence. Support the show (


Art Chat A Holiday Surprise with Inspiration too!

Linda's guest is Cherie Dawn Haas and together they announce a Holiday surprise. Tune in to hear about the exciting gift. Linda's website is Cherie's website is Support the show (


Art Chat: On Linda's Bookshelf Drawing Books-Part 2

Linda talks about her favorite drawing books that you can gift yourself with this holiday season or ask for someone to gift you with these books. She also talks about starting to dabble in watercolors in the near future. Support the show (


Art Chat: What's on Linda's Bookshelf--Part One

Just in time for the holidays, Linda discusses the painting books on her bookshelves for those who are looking for great books to help them become inspired and better painters. Linda also talks about how these books can help you find your voice and push the envelope of your paintings. Support the show (


Finding Inspiration in Trying Times

Linda discusses the effect on the current pandemic/times and how we might be struggling to find inspiration and tap into our creativity. As she discusses quick exercises or suggests quick ways to tap into our creativity, she guides us through a mental process to awaken our creativity and inspire us. Feel more creative and inspired now! Support the show (


Art Chat Keys to Great Paintings Design Plus

Linda discusses being creative in 2020, keys to designing your paintings, and a few other topics to think about before touching your brush to the canvas. Support the show (


Art Chat with Linda Riesenberg Fisler: Color 101 Part 2

Linda recorded the second part of our color discussion in the series of Keys to Great Paintings. In this chat, I talk about my own color journey, how color is part of our own voice and I summarize color questions that will help you with color. Support the show (


Art Chat with Linda Riesenberg Fisler: September Painting Challenge!

Linda talks us through the September Painting Challenge! Are you up to the Challenge? Support the show (


Art Chat: Keys to Great Painting: Color 101 Part 1

Linda discusses the color wheel, how we see color, simple palettes, and touches on color schemes in this first part of Color, one of the keys to great paintings. Support the show (


Keys To Great Painting: Focal Area

Continuing the Keys to Great Paintings Series, Linda discusses the importance and how to create focal areas. In association with this talk, this month's Painting Challenge compositions. Become a patron and explore the painting challenge with Linda at Support the show (


Art Chat: Keys To Great Paintings: Keep the Eye Moving

Linda discusses the second key to a great painting--keeping the eye moving by using passages. She discusses variety of shapes, edges, texture, temperature, color, harmony--to name a few. Support the show (


Art Chat Keys to Great Paintings: Patterns

There are a couple of announcements in this Art Chat--challenges, services and a new format. Join Linda as she discusses new painting challenges, new services she is offering on her Patreon page (, and most importantly how these art chats will cover many difference skills/techniques of painting. This chat starts off the discussion of Keys to Great Paintings. The first skill we focus on is a pattern. Using a pattern, whether value or color for example, is the...


Art Chat All About Mediums with Michael Harding and Tim Rees

Linda chatted with Michael Harding ( and artist Tim Rees ( about mediums. Micheal discusses his mediums (PM1-PM7) and how/why they are meant to be used. If you ever wondered why artists used mediums or if you should use mediums, then this chat is for you! Support the show (


Art Chat Visit With the Asheville Art Museum

Linda chats with Lindsey Grossman and Kristi McMillian of the Asheville Art Museum. Lindsey and Kristi discuss the current and upcoming exhibitions, their favorite exhibitions, how artists can apply for an opportunity to display their work at the museum and the work involved from securing exhibitions to hanging exhibitions. Here your chance to learn about how the Asheville Art Museum operates and its history! Support the show (


Preview of Coming Attractions with Linda

Linda talks about upcoming Art Chats and her new podcast! Support the show (


Art Chat: Linda's TRAC Presentation: Imagination and Creativity--A Cognizant Balance

In April of 2019, Linda presented an academic paper at The Representational Art Conference sponsored by California Lutheran University. Here is an audio presentation of the paper that Linda presented in Ventura, California. The paper is entitled Imagination and Creativity--A Cognizant Balance? in which she explores intention, imagination, and its importance to the creative process. Support the show (


Art Chat-From Script to Film with Guest Dick Atkins

Linda chats with producer Dick Atkins, tackling some of the myths in the film making industry. They start with the screenplay/script and discuss development through production and distribution. Support the show (


Happy Holidays from Art Chat

We wish you a Happy Holidays and all the best in 2020. Linda also discusses what's coming up for All Things Creative in the next few months! Have a listen and enjoy your holidays! Support the show (


Art Chat Listen to Blind Influence Episode Eight Finale

The mind games continue, but when will the Serpent arrive? Will Sean keep his promise to Nicole? Who planned the assassination of President Andrews? What, if anything, with Jenkins do? Listen to the final chapters of Blind Influence! Support the show (