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29: Mindset and Management with Anna Nichols

If you’ve ever found yourself on the edge of breaking down in the classroom, today’s show is especially for you. There is hope and there are so many resources to help you - today’s guest is one of those resources! Anna Nichols had lots of experience outside of teaching before she became a teacher at age 31. Being an outsider to the public education system, since then she’s feels like she’s been trying to figure out what makes students tick! Anna runs the blog - Managing the Art...


28: Artist/Teacher with Dr. Ilona Szekely

Balancing education and artistic expression can be a difficult task in todays’ school system. Finding ways to incorporate art into students’ daily lives and help them find relevance in artistic structure in the world is important. Ilona Szekely is passionate about helping students understand the technicalities of art but also the dynamics of creativity. She has worked in various professional settings, including colleges and public schools, along with being a practicing artist herself. Tune...


27: Art Teacher Longevity with Phyllis Brown

I’m so excited to welcome Phyllis Brown on the show today! Phyllis has taught art for 36 years, and she’s here to share her experiences, her invaluable advice, and lessons she’s learned in her career. She’s passionate, realistic, and brings a fresh perspective to teaching art, i.e. pre-technology in the classroom. Show Highlights Resources


26: Special Needs Teaching with Melissa Lee and Heidi O'Hanley

School can be tough, but it can be even tougher on kids with special needs. Teachers are there to help their students, but what are the best ways to help those who need extra assistance? Today Heidi and Melissa join me to share their experiences as teachers and as parents of a child with special needs. Show Highlights Resources @sweetlyvoiced Melissa Bayland Lee on Facebook


25: Art is Basic with Marcia Beckett

Not everyone is lucky enough to get to teach an intimate group of students who are passionate about art, but Marcia Beckett is one of those lucky few. Marcia teaches at a school for gifted students, so not only do her students have higher artistic abilities, but her class size is smaller as well. Join me in today’s podcast as we hear an experience outside of the public school setting. Show Highlights Resources


24: Art History Nerds with Tim Bogatz

When most of us think back to our previous art teachers, most likely we’re picturing a favorite art class in high school or an art camp of some sort. Fortunately, times are changing and art teachers have more possibilities now than we have in the past. Tim Bogatz joins me today to discuss the opportunities and possibilities the Internet makes possible. Tim is here to share his experiences and how he can now reach more people than when he was teaching in a classroom setting. Show...


23: Like-Minded Travelers with Alex Thorniley

Could anything be better than art and creative expression? Maybe if it involved a group of people traveling foreign countries appreciating that art together. Today, Alex Thorniley joins me to share her experience of attending this last art trip. It can be intimidating stepping out of your comfort zone to enjoy something you’re passionate about, especially when you don’t know anyone. So, join us in this podcast as Alex shares her worries, the highlights of her trip, and advice for those who...


22: Special FX Art Class with Chris Screws

It’s October, so we’re going to get a little spooky! Today’s guest runs his very own haunted house. He takes this unique experience into his classroom by creating a one-of-a-kind special effects class for his high school students. Listen in to today’s show to get inspired to take your unique skills into your classroom. Show Highlights Resources: Allen Hopps’ YouTube Channel Todd Debreceni books on Amazon Monster Clay on Amazon Insanitarium Haunt Instagram page Facebook...


21: The Importance of Making with Clara Lieu

When it comes to school, students are taught young to go for the A. Period. So when students get to Art Class they freak out when you tell them not to worry about the grade. Clara Lieu is here with me today to talk about that and other differences Studio Art offers. Show Highlights Resources Art Prof Art Prof on Instagram


20: Arts Leadership with Tiffany Beltz and Devon Calvert

Most teachers know that when they leave school their work is not finished. Sometimes there are papers to grade, lessons to plan, and evaluations to give, etc. Devon and Tiffany are two examples of teachers sharing their passion for the arts. Outside of being art teachers in the classroom, they’re both actively involved in the Wisconsin Art Education Association. Listen to how they advocate art in any given situation and how you can too. Show...


19: Highly Sensitive Teachers with Amber Jordan and Monica Wright

As teachers, as coworkers, and even as humans, we want people to know that we’ve got it together, that we don’t need any help. “No, thank you, I’m fine. “ One thing we don’t talk about enough is anxiety, especially in highly-sensitive introverts. Today, Monica Wright & Amber Jordan are here to share their experiences with anxiety and the classroom. Coping mechanisms can be anywhere from the way the lights are adjusted in the classroom to having marked personal space between you and student....


18: Art in Times of Tragedy

Today on the Art Class Curator Podcast, Cindy Ingram will share a personal story about a recent art encounter that called her to action and helped her cope with a profound tragedy. Please join her in considering how art can console and restores us. Find out what you can do to help our students utilize art to connect, heal and take action. If you want to see how art can change your life then you must listen to this episode. Cindy Ingram is a dedicated teacher that strongly believes that art...


17: Art Teachers Abroad with Kristen Wilcox

If taking art trips with your students seems like a daunting and unachievable dream, you won’t want to miss today’s episode. There are ways to get your students out into the world to experience art first hand by seeing it and touching it. You’ll want to learn some of the tips that have allowed Kristen Wilcox to consistently expose her students to art first-hand! Kristen Wilcox is an art teacher that teaches different levels of art classes at Samuel Clemens High School in Texas. Much of...


16: Contemporary Art and Community with Don Masse

Today’s guest is an elementary art teacher who writes a regular column for Arts and Activities Magazine, and his blog, Shine Brite Zamorano, where he shares his student’s projects. He masterly infuses contemporary art into his school and community in exciting and relevant ways. He contributes so much inspiration, motivation, and support to art teachers everywhere. Don Masse grew always interested in art. Teaching at a creative art camp 3 summers in a row called Buck Rock Creative Art Camp,...


15: Play-based Art Education with George Szekely

As teachers, not only do we strive to make an impact on students, but we also strive to continue learning. Sometimes this means trying new methods to see what works best for us as well as the students. George Szekely is with me today to talk about his hands-on approach with teaching art, and how to expand your students’ exposure to art. Show Highlights: Resources:


14: Tips for Leading a Powerful Art Discussion with Cindy Ingram

Today I’m doing something I’ve never done before, and instead of having a guest, I’m going solo today. Join me as I answer frequently asked questions from listeners and students. Show Highlights: Social Media Pull Quotes: Cindy: “You are modeling curiosity. You are modeling excitement about art. They are learning from you and your delight.” “Even if you don’t know the answers immediately, you have the skills and techniques to get them.” “There are things in life that are worth...


13: Supporting Student Expression with Eric Gibbons

Eric Gibbons joins Cindy on the podcast today to share his passion for teaching art. While in college, a professor noticed Eric’s talents in art and teaching, and encouraged him to become an art teacher. Eric says he may have been the first student at his college to switch majors from pre-law to art education, but he has no regrets. Eric has nearly 30 years of teaching experience and has been able to carry his love for art to both Egypt and Japan, where he was able to teach art. Currently,...


12: Mapping the Chaos with Lana Jelenjev

As most Art Teachers may know, it can be easy to fall into catering to what students and administrators want and need, but in turn, we lose sight of what we need ourselves. Lana Jelenjev is with us here today to share the importance of “checking in”. Join us and learn the questions to ask yourself in order to figure out your own needs and the imperativeness of doing so. Show Highlights: Resources: Blog: Dream See Do Lana's Interactive Learning Site 90 Day Action Planner The Power of...


11: Funding Your Art Program with Holly Bess Kincaid

We’re following up with art class teacher Holly Bess Kincaid from Episode 5. Holly Bess is changing the world within the walls of her classroom. Her students make up a strongly diverse community of learners, so different languages, cultures, and life experiences are something she not only plans for but leverages to create powerful learning moments, using art as the conduit. In this episode, Holly Bess shares her experiences and practical tips on how she has found success in getting grant...


10: Teaching in Low Income Schools with Amy Bultena and Danette Albino

Amy Bultena and Danette Albino are here to talk about their experience in teaching at Title 1 Schools, lower-income students. These ladies hit on a variety of topics from the importance of actually respecting your students as people to taking time to prioritize yourself. If you’re a soon-to-be-teacher wondering what to expect or a seasoned Vet looking for reassurance you’re not alone, this podcast is for you! Show Notes: