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Crack team of creatives and staunch crypto-art advocates dedicated to covering developments in the space

Crack team of creatives and staunch crypto-art advocates dedicated to covering developments in the space
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Crack team of creatives and staunch crypto-art advocates dedicated to covering developments in the space




Episode 23 | A Conversation w/ Christian Moss of Indie Square & Mandel Duck

AOTB Top 5 - Episode 23 September 4, 2018 1. July 26, 2018 - "World’s First Blockchain Poetry Auction Created at NIFTY Hackathon," by Alison McGuire, held in Hong Kong. "The Blockchain Poetry Auction is a collaboration between CoinFund, a prominent crypto-asset focused investment firm based in Brooklyn, NY, and, a London-based software development company building UNIQX, a decentralized marketplace for the ownership and trading of digital assets." Collectors will be able to buy...


Episode 22 | Featuring Mack Flavelle of Cryptokitties

AOTB Top 5 - August 15, 2018 1. New to me - "Messages from the Mines" - GitHub interactive art installation - "excavates messages embedded in the Bitcoin blockchain" Learned about this here: It’s Not Just For Geeks – Cryptocurrency in Art - August 8 2018 - Australia 2. A3C Festival and Conference- October 3 - 7 2018 - with DJ J Scrilla!...


EPISODE 21 | Ft. DJ 3LAU Discussing Blockchain & OMF Festival

AOTB Top 5 for July 29, 2018 – Interview with Justin Blau! 1. August 4, 2018: Blockchain –N- Grill with DJ Brigidope and hosted by DeBray Codes with four featured comedians and two performers! at Level 13 Ultra Lounge, Oakland, CA … 2. Blockchain Beach – Los AngelETH Hackathon, July 28 & 29, 2018. Speakers include folks from Blockdaemon, HelloSugoi; ....


Episode 12 | A Conversation with Tatiana Moroz

AOTB Top 5 March 15, 2018 Tickets to ATL "Intro To CryptoART & CryptoMUSIC" available here: and check out the Facebook link: 1. March 7, 2018. The Blockchain Is Just Another Way To Make Art All About Money by Oliver Roeder on fivethirtyeight. Mentions Bea Ramos and Jason Bailey where the author suggests that crypto art's allure inclues moneyand power....


Episode 11 | A Conversation With Jessica Angel of

AOTB Podcast - Top 5 News 1. Research results published: Democratizing Art Markets: Fractional Ownership and the Securitization of Art, January 18, 2018, by Amy Whitaker and Roman Kraussl. Using data from the Leo Castelli art gallery, the authors created a "novel model of evaluating art market returns using first-sale prices alongside auction results."


Episode 10 - A Conversation With Cryptograffiti

The Crypto Art Business is booming! Here are the top five news items since Ep. 9. 1. On Valentine's Day, 2018, 10 investors put up $100k each totalling $1 million, for the "Forever Rose" as part of a charitable event sponsored by Gifto, which worked with artist/photographer Kevin Abosch. 2. Lixar I.T. Inc. launched...


EPISODE 9 Conversation w/ Artnome

As part of the Top 5 news, we have identified a few new or current projects we've learned about as a result of the Rare Digital Art Festival on January 13. We've got a lively discussion about the event among ourselves and with our guest, Jason Bailey of Artnome. 1. Art Project Decentralized - This is a blockchain-driven collaborative open source art project by artist Jessica Angel in collaboration with TrueBit.


AOTB Episode 8 - The 2017 Wrap Up

Top 5 - November 20, 2017 1. TetzelCoin - Conceptual Art project earning SIN tokens paid for with Ether where the money is used to pay medical debt. Created by Will Doenlen and Leanne Luce. From the website: TetzelCoin is a blockchain-based app that forgives users of their sins. Users confess their sins and pay an amount of Ether they believe their sin is worth. In return, they receive forgiveness in the form of SIN tokens. 85% of the proceeds go to medical debt forgiveness." Appreciated...


Episode 7 ft. Aram Barnett of

This week we have an in depth conversation with ICO Analyst Aram Barnett of, who funny enough talks about how he stumbled onto bitcoin at age 14. AOTB News – Top 5 for this Episode 7 recorded September 27, 2017 Disclaimer – The AOTB podcast is not a recommendation or endorsement for any of businesses or services mentioned. AOTB is not advising anyone to invest or rely upon any statements made during this podcast. It is intended for entertainment purposes only. The views are our...


AOTB Episode 5 ft. CreativeChain

In this week's episode we tackle the bitcoin fork politricks, the arrest of bitcoin exchange BTC-e operator, Alpha Bay's dramas, North Korea mining bitcoin? Penisium, blockchain news and of course Art On The Blochchain with an exclusive interview with Oscar Perera from CreativeChain This week's episode is sponsored by and you can follow them on twitter at @RarePepeMag . The Rare Pepe Magazine MAYMAC Superfight Raffle : win some 100- issued rare pepes (MCGREGOR &...


AOTB Episode 4 featuring Joe Looney

This week we talk with Counterparty and developer Joe Looney about tokens, rare pepes, bitcoin, counterparty and much more. Cynthia's News Of The Week: 1. Sonar had a Creativity, Technology and Business conferenc from June 14-17, 2017 in Barcelona. Resonate Founder, Peter Harris, talked about his new blockchain based cooperatively owned streaming music business. The Resonate business model allows users only pay for what they listen to....


AOTB Episode 3 Ft: Matthew Monte

In Episode 3 we talk a bit with cyber security expert Matthew Monte about protecting your passwords, assets and how to avoid the WannaCry. Fred Wilson talks Rare Pepes at Token Summit. You may also learn to become a memeologist, explore some of the other blockchains issuing tokens and cards and hear a snippet of a new DJPEPE token addition. Helpful links: News 1. A new Blockchain Art exhibit opened on May 20 and ends on June 25 in London at Furtherfield Gallery - called "New World Order."...


ART ON THE BLOCKCHAIN Episode 2 Feat. Theo Goodman

In this episode of Art On The Blockchain we tackle the secret society of the lathe trolls, rare pepes, high school token chat groups, midi art and much more with guest Theo Goodman who is part musician, part podcast and web host for World Crypto Network and others, one of the founding members of The Rare Pepe Foundation and well versed in all things crypto. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In This weeks News we cover: 1....


ART ON THE BLOCKCHAIN: Featuring Adam B Levine (Episode 1)

This is Episode 1 of ART ON THE BLOCKCHAIN with your hosts DJ J $crilla and Cynthia Gayton. In this episode we familiarize our listeners with who we are and what our aim is with the podcast. We speak to Adam B. Levine for an hour about tokensizing art, his projects Tokenly and and much more. Art on the Blockchain News Discussed: 1. Spotify has acquired Sonalytic, a UK start-up that uses audio identification technology to recognize songs and tracks copyright protected material....