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A music and arts podcast focused on getting to know artists of different styles and backgrounds through a laid back and casual discussion.

A music and arts podcast focused on getting to know artists of different styles and backgrounds through a laid back and casual discussion.
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Tulsa, OK


A music and arts podcast focused on getting to know artists of different styles and backgrounds through a laid back and casual discussion.




A brief announcement - PODFADING INTENSIFIES

This is just a brief audio file containing me telling you, rather sadly, that we wont be releasing episodes for awhile, at least in the near future. As heard in the audio, I (Jason) want to focus on another podcast idea and also the new adventure of learning to record music. Thank you so much anyone who has been a guest on the show and to those who have been listening, it means so much! I hope you'll keep us in your podcatcher and I will release any info on the new pod when it...


Ep. 131 - The Daddyo's

This week we get to hear from Tulsa's The Daddyo's! Kylie and Kylie, the two creators of The Daddyo's, visited the studio and brought their guitars and voices to play us some of their beautiful music! On this episode you'll hear about their journey from being friends as early as 6th grade to now playing and writing music together. You can find their music and more information at their Bandcamp page! Also, find them on social media! Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud/Instagram


Ep. 130 - Oceanaut

On this episode we get the chance to hear from Tulsa's own Art Rock band, Oceanaut. On this episode you'll hear some of their story from forming in 2011 to their recently released debut album called Evidence. You can find them on Facebook or Twitter and pick up the record on their Bandcamp page.


Ep. 129 - Wither

Wither is back! After a brief several year hiatus, Wither is back to making music together and came to tell us about it! On this episode you'll hear about their writing process, a little about the music they are making in the studio right now, and a few acoustic songs played right here in the basement! You can find wither on Reverbnation/Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud


Ep. 128 - John Calvin Abney

This week we get the chance to welcome John Calvin Abney and his friend Eli! He's returned with brand new music from his record Far Cries And Close Calls that releases Sept. 23 everywhere music is sold! On this episode you'll hear 3 songs from the record and one recorded acoustic live in our studio. You'll also hear about the recording process and why he chose to record this album with a live band and in a very short time. To preorder Far Cries And Close Calls visit...


Ep. 127 - Dad. The Band

Dad. The band joined us to play some acoustic versions of their songs and to let us into the world of Dad! On this episode you'll hear about their writing process, how the band was formed and hopefully a few accidental Dad jokes! You can find them on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, and featured on this video by 1882 media.


Ep. 126 - Sterling Matthews

Sterling Matthews is a spoken word poetry artist, a teacher, and now an author! He visited with me in the studio to catch up and have a conversation about his new book Metaphorically Speaking and the processes he goes through for writing, teaching, and performing poetry. He even performed three of the pieces of poetry you'll find in the book in studio! You can find Metaphorically Speaking on Amazon


Ep 125 - DocFell & Co.

DocFell & Co. Spent an entire morning and afternoon with us in the studio recording some songs and having an all-around great time! The gave me the opportunity to record a multi-track song for the first time and to break in some new studio gear! You'll also hear a fun conversation about the recording of their second album and and update from when they visited us before. Be sure to visit for all of your DocFell needs! Here is where to find them on Facebook,...


Ep. 124 - Siamese

Siamese is a glam rock band from Dallas, Texas and they visited us to talk about their music and the theatrical productions they like to bring for their live shows! you can find out more about them and join their mailing list over at Here is where to follow them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Soundcloud


Ep. 123 - Cole Porter Band

Cole Porter Band Joined us for another super fun episode! If you haven't heard they were in the basement for episode 81 about a year ago! In this episode you'll hear a mostly off the rails conversation about what they have been up to with their writing and touring. we spoke a little about slinging pokeballs and Cracker Barrel visits. Cole and Kendra even played us an acoustic song in studio! Here are all of the social media links i promised to leave in the episode!...


Ep. 122 - Konkoba Percussion

Hello and welcome to the first episode on our new Friday release schedule! On this episode you'll hear music from and a conversation with Konkoba Percussion, a drum ensemble from Tulsa, OK, who focuses on traditional rhythms from West Africa. The brought some beautiful hand made instruments and performed for us in studio! That was an absolute blast to record. You can find more information about where you can find their performances or workshops on their Facebook page.


Ep. 121 - Maria Fantasma Duo

This week we got to spend some time with Blake Jarman and Ryan Wallace who make up the Tulsa two-piece band Maria Fantasma Duo! On this episode you'll hear a fun, interesting, and sometimes a little weird conversation on art and creativity and a little about the writing and production that went into the making of the band's most recent EP "Poor Man's Graceland," which is now available on Bandcamp! On August 3rd, Maria Fantasma Duo will be playing live at the Soundpony here in Tulsa and...


Ep. 120 - Fiawna Forté and Phillip Hanewinkel

Fiawna Forté and her husband Phillip Hanewinkel Visited the studio for a great discussion on music and art and where you might find creativity! On this episode you will hear two songs off of their newest release Deciduous and a brand new song called "You Don't Live Here" recorded right here in the basement just for us! You can find more information and ways to subscribe at Find everything Fiawna Forté at Order Deciduous:...


Ep. 119 - KALO

This week we get to feature the incredible talent from KALO, a three piece band from Oklahoma City! We spent some time recording two songs in the new studio and having a conversation ranging from where each member thinks creativity might come from to how beating a musician who is playing hard to get may be the way to get them in your band! You can find their music, tour dates, and a place to sign up for their mailing list over at Follow them on Spotify,...


Ep. 118 - Johnny Badseed and the Rotten Apples

This week we get to feature a conversation with Tulsa's own Johnny Badseed and the Rotten Apples! They visited with brand new music to share along with some homemade mead and a fun conversation. This episode was recorded before their self-titled album's release date but, lucky for you, it"s now available on their Bandcamp and iTunes! here is where you can find them on Facebook.


Ep. 117 - Cindy Hulsey - Tulsa Literary Coalition

Cindy Hulsey, Executive Director of Tulsa Literary Coalition and soon to be General Manager of Magic City Books, stopped in to the brand new studio to have a conversation about some of the cool things that will be happening soon in Tulsa's Brady Arts District! We talked about some of the goals of the Literary Coalition in the community and spent some time learning about Cindy and how she became involved. You'll hear about some of the times that reading changed lives, how reading can be a...


Ep. 116 - Levi Parham

This week we get to release our talk with Levi Parham! Levi Parham, from McCalister, OK, stopped by the studio perform two acoustic songs and to let all of us hear some of his brand new record, These American Blues, which is available everywhere music is sold this Friday June 24th! To find out more you can visit his website: You can also get two songs now if you pre-order on iTunes! Heres where to find him on social media: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter


Ep. 115 - Evan Hughes

Evan Hughes, a Tulsa comedian, visited to have a conversation about his entrance into comedy and tell us about what has changed since then. We heard some stories from his experiences as a comedian and learned how it has affected his life and confidence since he began. You can find and friend him on his personal Facebook page!


Ep. 114 - BC & The Big Rig

This episode features the return of Brandon Clark except this time he brought with him his entire band BC & The Big Rig! BC & The Big Rig describe themselves as "Shred Dirt" and taught me the term Guitarmonies on this episode. We spent some time discussing the history of the band, some curious side projects they're involved in, and the dynamics involved in a band that has 3 guitarists. I'm a big fan of this band and of every individual involved with the project! You can find more...


Ep. 113 - Bud Bronson & The Good Timers

Bud Bronson & The Good Timers, from Denver CO, visited the basement for a fun conversation and to let us hear some of their wonderful music! You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or visit their Bandcamp page: We were nominated for a Podcast Award! If you'd like to vote for us you can do so on their website at We'd very music appreciate it! Find more info and pictures of the band in the studio at...