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Episode 91| Camden • "Finding your sound // Creating what you love"

In Episode 91, Brenton sits down with a longtime friend Camden (artist) to talk about the creative process of songwriting. It's something that looks different to everyone, but also has a lot of common ground and similarity no matter who you're writing with. "Some people know their sound right away... but what it took for me was hearing my voice on a lot of different recordings showing me what my voice sounds good on, and what my voice doesn't sound good on." Camden has had the...


Episode 90 | John Sherlock • Faking it 'til you Make It (in Front of 30k People)

In episode 90, Brenton and Bryant sit down with professional photographer and hair stylist, John Sherlock. John's story is one of the most inspiring stories you'll find. Humble beginnings, big breaks, and capitalizing on opportunities are just a few of the amazing things John shares in this nugget filled episode. If you're a creative, you HAVE to hear what John has to say. John Sherlock is a Nashville based photographer and hair stylist. He stumbled in to the fashion industry in a...


Episode 89 | Chris Murphy • Transitions, Starting Fresh, Business, and Navigating the Creative Journey

In episode 89, Brenton and Bryant sit down with Chris Murphy. From Alabama, to LA, to Nashville, Chris Murphy has been in many different roles in the creative sphere. Starting out as a youth pastor and guitar player, he made the jump to LA to chase a dream of acting and learned A TON in the process. After landing in Nashville, Chris began an online business called Shovel Cloud to teach, coach and encourage entrepreneurs to help them get their business off the ground, offer tips, hints and...


Episode 88 | Cody Carnes • The Darker the Night / The Brighter the Morning

In Episode 88, Brenton and Bryant share the mic with the incredibly talented Cody Carnes to talk about his new record and the creative process behind it. "With my debut, I wanted to create an artistic record that was not only music I enjoy and love and that I would be passionate about, but it would also connect people to the presence of God," shares Carnes on his inpsiration for the album. "This album's message is about declaring the hope of Jesus into a hopeless situation. Jesus put...


Episode 87 | Jeremy Claudio • Songwriter | Producer | Topliner

In episode 87, Bryant sits down with Jeremy Claudio. Jeremy is a new producer/songwriter on the scene in Nashville and over the past 2 years he's been able to work with some of the best writers and artists in the industry. Jeremy's approach to songwriting and production is unique in the sense that his first priority is to help elevate the people around him. This one trait, above all of the talents that he possesses, has allowed him to be successful in many ways in a very short time. He is...


Episode 86 | Geoff Duncan • Producer | Songwriter | Creative

In Episode 86, Bryant sits down with New Zealand native turned Nashville based producer and songwriter Geoff Duncan (aka Duncan Sparks). Let's just go ahead and say it, Geoff is a legend. From the moment the interview begins you can hear Geoff's creativity come out from his talks of early beginnings as the son of a wooden toy maker and young musician growing up in New Zealand. One of the best characteristics of Geoff is his positive attitude and infectious outlook on the beauty that...


Episode 85 | Casey Moore • Guitarist | Songwriter | Leeland

In episode 85, Brenton and Bryant sit down with Casey Moore. Originally from Memphis, Casey has an amazing story of how he became the lead guitar player for the well-known Christian Band, Leeland. Casey is all heart and he's not afraid to show it. In this interview, they discuss some of the usual guitar playing talk and dabble in some gear, but the majority of this interview is all heart. Casey isn't afraid to share his thoughts about God and how his relationship with God has gotten him...


Episode 84 | Chad Carouthers • Musician | Producer | Legend

In Episode 84, Brenton and Bryant sit down with Chad Carouthers. For starters, every single musician that ever wants to have a career in the music industry needs to listen to this episode and take some serious notes. Not only is he a beast of a bass player, Chad Carouthers shares the most amazing insight on what it means to be successful as a full-time touring musician and what it takes to stay in the game. They chat about everything from tour life, what it takes to stay on the road, how...


Episode 83 | Chris Biano • Country Artist | Singer | Songwriter

In episode 83, Bryant sits down with one of Country music's best and brightest up and coming talents, Chris Biano. Bringing real heartfelt lyrics with a modern country sound, Chris has that something the world wants to hear. Born and raised in Texas with country in his blood, everything changed for Chris when he was given a garage sale guitar by his Dad at age 14. He immediately fell in love with singing and writing his own songs. This love eventually lead him to pack up everything and...


Episode 82 | Jeremy Mayfield • Producer | Songwriter | Prospector

In Episode 82, Bryant sits down with Jeremy Mayfield. Jeremy is a producer/songwriter and the owner of the up and coming Prospector Studios in Nashville, TN. Jeremy has played and toured with some of the biggest names in the Christian Music Industry and produced tracks of all genres for up and coming artists. Jeremy and Bryant dive into what it means to stay inspired, and how to cope with the comparison syndrome that is so easy to fall into in the 2017 music world. Also, they discuss how...


Episode 81 | Sam Tinnesz • Artist | Topliner | Songwriter

In Episode 81, Bryant sits down with Sam Tinnesz. Nashville-singer songwriter and lead singer of Wave & Rome, Sam is a force to be reckoned with. He spends nearly everyday in the studio crafting music to release as Sam Tinnesz, Wave & Rome or for others to release such as Ruelle, Young Summer and Whissell. So far, Tinnesz had landed multiple placements for himself and others, including the 2016 Rio Olympics, The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games, Divergent, HBO, ABC, FOX, MTV, VH1 and...


Episode 80 | Master Class & Live Q&A with Matt Bronleewe (Live from Evangel University)

In episode 80, the RP crew is live at Evangel University in Springfield, MO with special guest Matt Bronleewe. Matt is an extremely accomplished producer and songwriter from Nashville and share his creative journey and answers questions during the live Q&A about the music industry and creative process. Matt has been a part of 500+ albums over the last 20+ years. He's also written books, had a song on the hit series "The Walking Dead", currently has songs on the pop and country charts, as...


Episode 79 | Joshua Silverberg • Songwriter | Producer | Seeker

In episode 79, Brenton and Bryant sit down with Joshua Silverberg. Joshua is a producer/songwriter/artist from Long island NY who currently lives in Nashville with his wife and 2 kids. His passion musically, is Worship and pop music, as well as tv/film music. Joshua has gotten the opportunity to work with many talented CMM and worship artists including: Jon Forman, Keri Jobe, Jordan Feliz, Jesus Culture, Passion, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Michael W Smith, Plumb, Sanctus real, Urban...


Episode 78 | Taylor Welch • Creative Process Behind Business & Marketing

In this episode, we talk about the correlation between music and business. In a culture where business is often viewed as separate from the creative process, Taylor Welch, business owner, marketing expert, and musician explains how they go hand in hand, and practically unpacks the consistencies of creativity inside of business. Taylor Welch co-owns and manages Traffic and Funnels, a digital marketing company helping hundreds of clients from multi-million dollar companies to small...


Episode 77 | Brenton and Bryant • Reverse Podcast Masterclass

In episode 77, Brenton and Bryant discuss the vision for the upcoming, first ever, Reverse Podcast Masterclass. This marks new territory for the Reverse Podcast team as they bring their first live event to Evangel University in Springfield, MO. The event is open to the public and will be held from 11am CST to 1pm CST followed by a Q&A session. The featured guest is songwriter, producer, and author Matt Bronleewe. Matt will be sharing his story for the live audience as well as giving some...


Episode 76 | Stu Garrard (Stu G) • Guitarist | Songwriter | Producer

In episode 76, Brenton sits down with guitar legend Stu Gerrard. Stu G is a guitarist, songwriter, producer and soon-to-be author. Stu is best known as the guitarist for the British band Delirious?, who, for nearly two decades, penned many of the best known worship songs in modern Christendom. He was also a member of the distinguished CompassionArt songwriters collective, which also boasted heavy-hitters Paul Baloche, Darlene Zschech, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Israel Houghton. Like...


Episode 75 | Dr. Michael and Cassie Major • Major Family Chiropractic | Maximized Living

In Episode 75, Brenton and Bryant sit down with Dr. Michael and Dr. Cassie Major of Major Family Chiropractic. In an attempt to always be creative, we're always looking for the source of inspiration. Always seeking out the things that inspire us most and push us the next creative level. When is the last time you though about your health? Whether we realize it or not, our health plays a HUGE role in our levels of creativity. If your body isn't functioning at 100% how do you ever expect to be...


Episode 74 | Jon Guerra • Singer | Songwriter | Multi-Instrumentalist

In episode 74, Brenton and Bryant have a chat with Jon Guerra. With a penchant for thought-provoking lyrics, innovative instrumentation and pleading vocals regularly wrapped around an entrancing, worshipful undercurrent, Jon Guerra is steadily being recognized as one of today’s most gifted, intellectual and groundbreaking singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalists. But just because he’s meeting the world at large with Little Songs(Essential Records) doesn’t mean the Chicagoan (raised in...


Episode 73 | Ian Macintosh • Jesus Culture | Keys | Producer

In Episode 73, we unpack the journey of professional musician and keyboardist, Ian Macintosh. Ian is the keyboardist for Jesus Culture, and can be heard on albums by Jesus Culture, Bethel Music, Kari Jobe, Chris Tomlin, and more. He also helps keyboardists and synth players (especially in the worship community,) learn exactly how to grow and gain the understanding, confidence, and tools to excel creatively. He specializes in synthesis and sound design as well as programming, songwriting, and...


Episode 72 | Jordan Critz • Producer | Composer | Songwriter

In episode 72, Bryant sits down with Nashville based award winning producer, composer, and songwriter Jordan Critz. His work has been featured on numerous recordings as well as film and television. Jordan believes that every melody tells a story. His goal in composing and producing is to craft the melodies and music to enhance the story that’s being told by the artist or by the film director. Critz's classical training on piano and guitar from the age of 8 fueled his love and unorthodox...