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Ep 60: Fear And The Final Episode

It's a hard day. But it's a good day. Today's episode of The Chris Loves Julia Podcast with Preston Pugmire will be the last of the series. Despite the million+ downloads, multiple sponsors per episode and the success stamp that most people would put on the podcast, last week, I had a major breakthrough that left me in tears. And then lead me to have a really, really difficult conversation with the team to end the podcast. We recorded our final episode less than 24 hours later, and the...


Ep 59: In Living Color Theory (Rebroadcast)

A candid discussion about the best practices when choosing paint colors. Julia reveals for the first time a huge mistake she made behind the scenes. Posts mentioned in this episode: DIY Shiplap built-ins: finished and styled! Perfectly Putty Paint Leave a Rating and Review for the Podcast! Theme song: Headphones by Preston Pugmire


Ep 58: Secrets From 4 Incredibly Successful, Self-Taught Designers

We interviewed four successful interior designers that are all self taught. Amber Lewis, Jenny Komenda, Shea McGee and Brian Patrick Flynn all open up about everything from their education backgrounds (in some cases, dropping out of school) to advice they would give to anyone trying to break into the field. 1. Amber Lewis | Principal at Amber Interior Design and founder and CEO of the blog, Amber Interiors. Based in California, but designing all over the world, Amber makes her signature...


Ep 57: CLJ Q&A - Privacy In the Bathroom, Office in the Bedroom, & The Top Tools for DIY

Here are the four questions we answer this week: 1. I have a question about windows in the bathroom: I currently live in a row home in Philadelphia, my bathroom has two windows in it that back up to my neighbors patio and a restaurant patio. I have blinds on the two windows in my bathroom, to keep any peepers from being able to look into my bathroom but I feel like its a waste of perfectly good natural light to keep them closed all the time. My husband thinks we should put sheer curtains up...


Ep 56: The 7 Steps We Follow For Every Renovation

In this episode, we peel back the curtain on a few projects happening around here. What you see are the photos, but there is always more uncertainty and conversations about nearly every decision. We take you through conversations around 2 projects we're knee deep in (our bedroom and bathroom) and how we come to conclusions as a couple. We also answer the question, "What is your process for renovating a room?" And! Talk about how we sometimes feel we have unintentionally betrayed our...


Ep 55: CLJ Q&A - Over-Improving Your Home, Choosing Art, Painted Stripes, Two-Story Living Spaces

Here are the four questions we tackled this week: 1. How to balance over-improving your home for someone else and making it perfect for you. Jen largely answers her own question, but we chime in with some examples from our own home. Sometimes the value is enough for you that it's worth the money, and sometimes you can get the same value for spending less. What we did with our kitchen ranges is a good example. 2. How to choose and display art in your home. We give a lot of tips and talk...


Ep. 54: 2018 Trend Watch, Predictions, and Let's Be Honest...Harsh Judgements

We start this episode with a small recap of our time in Seattle visiting the HGTV dream home and then describe where and what our dream homes would be! They might surprise you! Then we dive into a new segment, that we eventually decide to call "Cabin Log" (although Cabin of Green Gables was a close second! Ha!) where we're telling a few more nitty gritty details of our adventures in renovating our new-to-us A-frame. While we love our cabin, it's hasn't all been views and a walk in the park....


Ep. 53: CLJ Q&A - Character, Focal Points, Mini Renos and Wood!

While our podcast usually airs every other Monday, this year, we are adding a special Q&A episode on the former off weeks--we're calling...waiting for it...CLJ Q&A! It rhymes. These episodes are shorter (we're shooting for under 30 minutes) and still have all the same fun and banter, but we answer YOUR questions! Although these are specific questions that come from real listeners, they are either questions we get a lot or we think can be applicable to many homes and situations. If you have a...


Ep 52: How To Get a Free Roof, Plus Our 2017 Project Report Card

Last time the ceiling in our basement was coming down, this time it's the entire roof! Well, kinda. We're starting off this episode with some cool things we've learned about insurance companies, roofing companies and how the stars can align to get you a new roof. Listen to the latest episodes on: iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher. Happening This Week: Getting a Roof Replaced - For Free! We've known for awhile now that there are issues with our roof, but it's just been a slow "stick a bandaid...


Ep 51: Holiday Traditions, Bathroom Reno In A Week, And We Have Water Damage!

We just finished a week long bathroom renovation in the Pugmire's home, and it turned out super awesome. We talk about how that project came about, who foot the bill, and the purpose behind it. We also talk about some of the flack we received because of some of the design elements, and our thoughts around that. Happening This Week: Dealing With Water Damage We've been going through our list this week, scheduling out our priorities for the next few months and then something happened that is...


Ep 50: Designing a Home For Airbnb Vs. To Live In & Which Minimalist Are You?

We closed on a super awesome cabin, and we've already had our first party! We talk about our approach to the design with the cabin, and a few eye-opening things we've learned about minimalism. When planning a space that will be rented as a vacation home, as opposed to a primary residence, it's surprising the number of things you can do away with. And taking that one step further, do we really need those extra things at all? Impromptu Game: Name That Minimalist While talking about the cabin...


Ep 49: How to Incorporate Sports Decor, and Are Tubs Really Necessary for Resale?

In this episode we cover a lot of ground, starting with upcoming bathroom renovation plans. We talk about a common sentiment regarding tubs in the master bath, and why we think it's wrong. We also discuss incorporating the tastes and even sentimental decor items of your significant other into your home's decor, even and especially when that is sports paraphernalia. And how bringing those items into the rest of the home, in a cohesive way, may just quash a man's desire to have a man...


Ep 48: The Instagram Bubble Is Gonna Pop, And The Power Of An Organic Following

In this episode, we're discussing everything Instagram. We start with a few details about our recent Instagram Auction, and the not-so-small problems that kept us scrambling well past midnight to deal with. We then move into a general discussion on using Instagram as a business tool, and some of our best practices for growing an organic following (and why it matters). And of course we need to juice it up a bit, so we hold nothing back in discussing the trend of buying Instagram followers,...


Ep 47: Behind The Scenes Of A Magazine Shoot & Visually Raising Ceilings

After discussing my (Chris) laziest way of being thoughtful, this episode goes deep on all the details of our DIY Magazine shoot. Julia and I share the parts that surprised us most, and give a few confessions of how underprepared we were (i.e. - the outdoor kitchen was not even recognizable as an outdoor kitchen when the crew arrived). Julia also shares how a tiny lady bug saved the most crucial shot of the entire week. This Episode is Sponsored By WONDERBLY (previously known as Lost My...


Ep 46: Amazon's Worst Products, & Getting Babies To Sleep

After a quick dip into some recent reviews, we talk about Chris's process for the planning and building parts of projects. We share some of the thoughts that have gone into our outdoor cooking area and then jump head first into the topic of sleeping babies. While every kid is different, Chris & Julia are 3 for 3 on solid sleepers despite crankiness and tummy troubles, so Preston is interested in learning more. We wind it all down with a game of Fake or Real on Amazon's worst...


Ep 45: The Property Brothers! Our Interview With Jonathan And Drew Scott

In this episode we talk about a few things, but the main event is, of course, The Property Brothers. Drew & Jonathan Scott talk about their relationship as brothers & business partners, their recently released book, It Takes Two: Our Story, and give a few insights into their personal & professional lives.


Ep 44: Baby Blues, Mixed Metals, And Firing Contractors

We talk about our little baby girl, some major things that happened this week in CLJ history, and give some great tips on mixing metals. We also talk about some issues we've had with contractors and how we handled them, how we wish we would have handled them, and how sometimes a bad contractor is a great motivator to DIY.


Ep 43: Mailbag Monday - For Kitchen Noobs, Lighting Woes, Paint Colors, And More

In this special Q&A episode, we start off talking about the progress of our big backyard project and how we're charting new territory with it. Julia reveals her neurosis when it comes to their third child's birth date and they open up the mail bag to answer as many of your questions as possible!


Ep 42: How We Handle Sponsorships, And Renovating As A Couple

We start this episode talking about a few behind-the-scenes details of our furniture line we launched last week and how that even came about. Then we go in-depth into how we handle sponsors and sponsored posts, answering a few questions we’ve received about the process and share a few times we messed up. We take our listeners through how many actual inquiries we get a day, and what goes into producing sponsored content.


Ep 41: Our Home's Dirty Little Secrets, And Living In The Path Of Totality

The Gang talks about the things in their house that aren't perfect cause they live in it like a normal family even though these things don't show up in pictures. We also discuss the Total Solar Eclipse that is happening in our little town next month. Also, Home Depot is getting sued and you might be blown away by the reason.