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Episode 11 – Our interview with Erik Almas…

Welcome to season two, episode one of The Photography Podcast. Today we are proud to announce that we are giving away 100% of our affiliate sales, do a quick review (more like a gushing) of the Scott Kelby iPad App Light It, and finish with an interview with commercial photography Erik Almas. So here we ...

Episode 10 – Our interview with Michael Clark…

Here are the show notes from our conversation with my new photography crush, action, adventure, and sports photographer Michael Clark. How this all got started was because Peachpit was kind enough to send us his latest book, Exposed: Inside the Life and Images of a Pro Photographer, for review and the admiration started there. And ...

Episode 4 - A review of Kevin Kubota's "Lighting Notebook"...

Let me share with you what I like so much about Kevin Kubota's "Lighting Notebook".The first 6 chapters cover most of the important things you will ever need to know about lighting.Chapter one - is a brief history of lighting that will actually walk you back to the 1930's.Chapter two - goes over the "lingo of lighting". So as you read this book (or delve deeper into your lighting education) you'll understand what is being talked about, things like 2-point lighting, Rembrandt lighting,...

Episode 3 - An interview with Tim & Chris Riley of Riley Photographic and c

As always, thanks for coming back for another episode of The Photography Podcast. Today, we are asking for you our listeners to help us get through the mountain of books and DVD's that we receive from publishers. If you are interested in being considered as one of our guest reviewers please drop us an email. We will be announcing our first 6 reviewers during the second week of March. If you are not in the first group do not fret, we will keep your name in the hat for round 2. We really...