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Four to Six Hours on a Mug | Andrea Burns | Episode 724

Andrea Burns, owner of Pots by Andrea, is a potter and educator living and working in Allendale, Michigan. Andrea's not-so-greenthumb tendencies inspires her to create vessels adorned in everlasting ceramic florals.


Ambition and Art | Stephen Biggerstaff | Episode 723

Stephen Biggerstaff has been making ceramics seriously for twelve years in Asheville,NC. Stephen has taken multiple ceramics workshops with many artists at craft schools in his region. Stephen rented space at and performed as a studio assistant at Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts. Stephen was mentored by Lana Wilson and assisted her at Penland and Arrowmont, predominantly. Stephen had a career as a landscape contractor in Charleston County area in SC before moving to NC.


His House Burned Down | Ryan Reich | Episode 722

Ryan Reich was on The Potters Cast back in 2018. A few weeks ago on February 12th, Ryan's family home burst into flames. Gratefully, everyone got out safely, but they lost everything. Today we talk to Ryan to hear his story. Amazingly, Ryan has an amazing attitude.


"A Couple Hashtags Can Go A Long Way" | Liz Mazurek | Episode 721

Liz Mazurek studied art and ceramics at Southwestern University where she received a BFA and realized she wanted to pursue clay as her lifelong career. Since graduating, Liz took on a year long post-baccalaureate position at Colorado State University that offered a great opportunity to learn about how she was going to proceed in her clay career. Once her time at CSU came to a close, Liz found a local pottery studio called Smokestack Pottery in Fort Collins, Colorado in which she decided to...


"An Artist Who Also Has A Gift for Teaching" | Alexandria Medenciy | Episode 720

Alexandria Medenciy is a potter and high school ceramics teacher located in the Quad Cities. Alexandria is a firm believer in being a teaching artist, and works to inspire and engage her students using clay. Alexandria's work (Gemini Pottery) focuses on the juxtaposition of black and white sgraffito with loose and expressive color behind it.


What's It Take to Survive as an Artist | Terry Hildebrand | Episode 719

Born in Manitoba, Terry Hildebrand graduated with an MFA from the UofMinnesota in 2014. Terry received a BFA from UofManitoba in 2007. Between Universities Terry was the ceramics technician at UManitoba. After school Terry taught at Medicine Hat College and participated in residencies at Medalta and the Banff Center until they moved back home in 2018. Terry and his partner are full time artists based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Being a Part-Time Potter & Making a Big Impact | Camille Beckles | Episode 718

Camille Beckles is the creative person behind Camille at the Wheel. Camille at the Wheel is a collection of handmade ceramics with a bent towards beautiful utility. Camille loves cups that fit nicely in your hand, bowls that hold just the right amount of popcorn, and mugs that are perfectly sized for morning coffee. Camille's hope is that her work brings you joy and usefulness, in equal measure.


It's Like Improv | Sasha Barrett | Episode 717

Using earthenware clay, Sasha Barrett makes functional and decorative pots. The surfaces of Sasha's forms are painted using heavy, colorful brushstrokes to create a feeling of movement and mood. Sasha throws his pots on a slow turning kick-wheel. Sasha finds inspiration from his home country of Ukraine.


No Website. No Etsy. Selling Out in an Hour! | Lacy Corlis | Episode 716

Lacy Corlis is a potter living in Hood River, Oregon. Lacy's father introduced her to this craft as a young girl. She loves creating functional pottery using detailed sgraffito and brightly colored glaze combinations. Lacy finds inspiration in nature and emotions.


She's Just Starting to Sell | Crysten Puszczykowski | Episode 715

With a career as a graphic designer and marketer, Crysten Puszczykowski's real passion is pottery, spanning back to when she received her first pieces as gifts. Crysten took her first class in high school but didn’t really get into it until years later when her daughter was 9 and Cryesten wanted something they could do together. That was 2013 and now Crysten has her own wee studio in her garage and is creating whenever she can. Crysten's career and homes have changed, but her obsession over...


How to Talk to Customers | Steve Booton | Episode 714

Since returning to ceramics after a long absence, it has been a journey of rediscovery for Steve Booton. Rediscovering lost skills. Rediscovering lost enthusiasm, and rediscovering an aesthetic approach to working with clay that feels natural and unforced. Steve's latest work, with a strong Japanese influence, is where he feels most comfortable. Steve continues to explore wood firing with simple shino glazes on uncomplicated direct forms allowing the nature of the clay to develop honest...


The Primal Nature of Clay | Michelle Gardella | Episode 713

Michelle Gardella pictures and pottery both leave her covered in mud. Whether she's wading in rivers with her camera, or spinning bowls at her wheel, Michelle's art is rooted in an unwavering reverence for the human connection with earth and water, and one another.


A Story Behind Each Piece | Jo Brimble | Episode 712

Jo Brimble through Brimble Studios wants to bring a smile to your face with unique, illustrated, functional, ceramics that have characters who take on a life of their own. From merpeople soap dishes to a strong man butter dish, these designs hopefully make you chuckle because everyday objects deserve a bit more personality.


Developing The Creative Mind | Zoey B Scheler | Episode 711

Zoey B Scheler (b.1989) is a ceramic artist working and living in Canon City, Colorado. Zoey makes one of a kind, small scale abstract ceramic sculptures and functional vessels. Zoey works with white stoneware, porcelain, colored porcelain and non-ceramic materials. Zoey attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where she received her BFA with an emphasis in ceramics. Following her studies in Brooklyn she attended Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY, obtaining her MSED in K-12 Art Education....


Getting Over Imposter Syndrome | Raphaela Seck | Episode 710

Raphaela Seck is a potter living in the south west of Devon in the UK. Raphaela first started pottery at an evening class and has been hooked ever since. After completing 2 apprenticeships Raphaela went on to manage a community studio and teach weekly classes. Raphaela now makes pottery full time from her home studio. Raphaela's work is calm, elegant, and tactile.


Some Things You DON'T Need to Sell Art | Dwayne Nii-Teiko Sackey | Episode 709

Dwayne Nii-Teiko Sackey's work leaves a trace of a fluid, organic process and a human set of hands. Windswept trees, cold blue bodies of water, and lichen covered granite boulders intrigue and informs Dwayne's artistic palette. Gentle curves, textured surfaces, and meandering lines speak through Dwayne's art. Atmosphere, expressive brush strokes, and simple glazes mimic the timelessness of nature.


Clay is Medicine | Nala Turner | Episode 708

Nala Turner is a Brooklyn-based ceramics artist and creative art therapist, working primarily with themes related to race-issues, cultural identity, femininity, social stereotype, and popular culture perspectives. Nala has shown her work in various gallery, workshop, and press settings. Through clay-work, Nala aims to inspire her audience to recognize such culturally restricting barriers and transubstantiate the cultural representation of Black people.


How to Get Lucky & Stay Lucky | Mairi Stone | Episode 707

Mairi Stone's work is all about trying to express her love and reverence for the beauty of the earth. The oceans are a major inspiration but the whole of nature's forms, textures, and colours influences her. Mairi uses porcelain paperclay and often fuse glass into the pieces.


Letting Clay Have Clayness | Paul Briggs | Episode 706

Paul Briggs grew up in the Hudson Valley of Newburgh, NY. Paul's first ceramics class was in high school. Paul's creative process is pinching, and slab-built vessels,\ and his work is informed by art making as a spiritual practice. Paul is an Artist-Teacher at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design


Less Plastic & More Fish | Vivi Araya-Gamboa | Episode 705

PEZ COCINADO is all about Vivi Araya-Gamboa's imagination, love and respect for the ocean. When Vivi was a little girl her mother let her draw on the walls of Vivi's room since that where peces y peces!!! Then on papers and when Vivi went to the university with CLAY. REMEMBER!!! MORE FISHES, LESS PLASTIC!!!!