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Getting Over Imposter Syndrome | Raphaela Seck | Episode 710

Raphaela Seck is a potter living in the south west of Devon in the UK. Raphaela first started pottery at an evening class and has been hooked ever since. After completing 2 apprenticeships Raphaela went on to manage a community studio and teach weekly classes. Raphaela now makes pottery full time from her home studio. Raphaela's work is calm, elegant, and tactile.


Some Things You DON'T Need to Sell Art | Dwayne Nii-Teiko Sackey | Episode 709

Dwayne Nii-Teiko Sackey's work leaves a trace of a fluid, organic process and a human set of hands. Windswept trees, cold blue bodies of water, and lichen covered granite boulders intrigue and informs Dwayne's artistic palette. Gentle curves, textured surfaces, and meandering lines speak through Dwayne's art. Atmosphere, expressive brush strokes, and simple glazes mimic the timelessness of nature.


Clay is Medicine | Nala Turner | Episode 708

Nala Turner is a Brooklyn-based ceramics artist and creative art therapist, working primarily with themes related to race-issues, cultural identity, femininity, social stereotype, and popular culture perspectives. Nala has shown her work in various gallery, workshop, and press settings. Through clay-work, Nala aims to inspire her audience to recognize such culturally restricting barriers and transubstantiate the cultural representation of Black people.


How to Get Lucky & Stay Lucky | Mairi Stone | Episode 707

Mairi Stone's work is all about trying to express her love and reverence for the beauty of the earth. The oceans are a major inspiration but the whole of nature's forms, textures, and colours influences her. Mairi uses porcelain paperclay and often fuse glass into the pieces.


Letting Clay Have Clayness | Paul Briggs | Episode 706

Paul Briggs grew up in the Hudson Valley of Newburgh, NY. Paul's first ceramics class was in high school. Paul's creative process is pinching, and slab-built vessels,\ and his work is informed by art making as a spiritual practice. Paul is an Artist-Teacher at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design


Less Plastic & More Fish | Vivi Araya-Gamboa | Episode 705

PEZ COCINADO is all about Vivi Araya-Gamboa's imagination, love and respect for the ocean. When Vivi was a little girl her mother let her draw on the walls of Vivi's room since that where peces y peces!!! Then on papers and when Vivi went to the university with CLAY. REMEMBER!!! MORE FISHES, LESS PLASTIC!!!!


Making Room for Creative Growth | Morgan Levine | Episode 704

Morgan Levine makes functional slipware out of her Brooklyn studio. Morgan's work references a long history of marbleized patterns across different mediums and around the world. Each piece records the reaction between Morgan's gesture and the colored slips' movement.


Grow Your Instagram Followers (and a rant about Etsy) | Erin Killian | Episode 703

Erin Killian is a ceramicist and writer based in Southern California. When she’s not wrangling her three young boys, you can find her in her backyard studio making simple, functional pottery. Before she moved West, she was a journalist with NPR in Washington, D.C. and has written for the Washington Post and Fodor’s Travel.


Running a YouTube Station | Ann & Jim Ruel | Episode 702

Ann Ruel started creating pottery as a tribute to the traditions and dynamics of the "family" as witnessed from her own experiences and acted out on the pottery through symbolic images found in nature including birds, flowers, bees etc. As Ann has grown, she now does custom work for other people who relay their own experiences and trust her to illustrate their stories for them.


A Pottery Business as a Service Business | Nicole Pepper | Episode 701

Nicole Pepper is a West Seattle Ceramic Artist, wife, and a mother of 3. Nicole has pursued a career in ceramics since 1995 where she graduated from Western Washington University with a BFA in Ceramics with a second concentration in Fiber Arts. Nicole's hope is to bring work that is warm, functional, and delightful.


Small Victories | Celebrating You | Episode 700

Today we celebrate 700 episodes of The Potters Cast! This episode is all about the small victories that the listeners have found through the advice and stories of all the amazing guests of the show.


Pacing Your Making | Nicola Hart | Episode 699

Nicola Hart is originally from New Zealand but moved to Australia after finishing her studies in graphic design. Nicola worked as a designer and art director and then had time at home with her three children. Around ten years ago Nicola started doing night classes in ceramics at her local community centre and fell in love with hand building in clay! Nicola now works from her home in Sydney, where ceramics has turned from a hobby into a small business. Nicola is fascinated with organic...


Finding Success Through Experiments | Casey Taylor | Episode 697

Casey Taylor found ceramics in college. After focusing on illustration, painting, and drawing, Casey took an 'intro to ceramics' class as an elective and never looked back. Casey focused on ceramic sculpture in school, though she was always drawn to pottery because of the tangible connection between the maker and the user. Now working as an artist, Casey is finding new ways to combine sculpture and pottery into functional art objects.


Building Relationships & Business Through Instagram | Min Oh | Episode 696

Min Oh is a potter living in Utah. Min's work is designed to not only fit well into one's life, but also to bring a splash of beauty.


Direction in Life | Jérémy Bellina | Episode 695

Jérémy Bellina is a Berlin base ceramic artist who aims at creating contemporary, playful & practical ceramics. Jérémy's approach to the craft is fairly intuitive, he enjoys experimenting with shapes and colors, crossing his fingers that along the way something special and functional will emerge.


He Had A Patron | Rich Brown | Episode 694

Rich Brown is the founder, owner, and creator of the Georgia based company, Pottery32. After attending his first pottery class at the age of 32 in Decatur, GA, Rich began an artistic journey to not only pursue an undeniable new found passion, but to also inspire those around him. With a spirited “it’s never too late” mantra and a true love of the art, Rich has made pottery a huge part of his life. Rich has a detailed focused tenacity that has him eager to continue to learn his craft and has...


Leaving Communist China Back When It Was Dangerous | John Cheer | Episode 693

John Cheer does about 24 shows per year, primarily along the east coast and the South, but has gone as far as Texas, Colorado, and Arizona. John has won over 85 awards for his work over the years at fine art and craft shows. John has been featured in Ceramics Monthly and Crafts Report and exhibited his “Soul Search” lamp and fountain at the State Museum in Harrisburg, PA. RCN’s Channel 53, Ebru TV’s “Blank Canvas” segment featured John in February, 2010, Season 2:4. “Mandalas For World...


Tropically Inspired Potter | Ana Leal | Episode 692

Ana Leal is originally from Brazil and came to the US when she was eighteen to attend College. Ana fell in love with Pottery in 2011 by accident, when she joined a Pottery/Ceramics club through her work, which quickly became her passion. Now a retired Aeronautical Engineer and with her 3D Computer Aided Design background has given Ana an advantage when working with clay. Ana makes one of a kind wheel-thrown, altered, and carved pieces. Ana describes her work as tropical inspired with a 3-D...


Wisdom from a Teacher | Catie Webster | Episode 691

Catie Webster is a potter and public high school art teacher. Catie is driven to make Art that you want to pick up, use, and enjoy Catie's art serves a purpose, has a function, and looks beautiful in your home. Catie is inspired by nature and the colors of New Hampshire landscapes.


Her Creative Approach to Clay | Anna Valenti | Episode 690

Anna Valenti weaves and pinches clay vessels ranging from pots to chairs to screens. Anna graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2014 with her BA, practiced there again in 2017 as a ceramics post-baccalaureate student, and received her MFA from the Maine College of Art in 2020. Anna is the recipient of the 2020 NCECA Graduate Student Fellowship. Anna's research is in hemp clay bodies.