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A Military Man Making Clay | Delvin Goode | Episode 472

Delvin Goode has been doing pottery off and on for over 20 years. Delvin is currently pursuing a Master of Ceramics from Fort Hays State University, though he work in all types medium. Delvin is loving the process more and more each day.


Building The Life You Want | Carly Gibran Hamid | Episode 471

Carly Gibran Hamid graduated from Stetson University in 2003. She taught art in public schools for seven years, owned a small gallery, and has worked with several local art organizations. In 2015, she left teaching to become a full time studio artist. Carly works with porcelain, making functional and sculptural ceramics that are inspired by the natural world. She lives in DeLand, Florida with her husband and their two sons.


Knowing When to Quit the Day Job | Kara Leigh Ford | Episode 470

Originally trained as a painter, Kara Leigh Ford is a potter working from her tiny garden studio in rural Somerset, UK. Kara predominantly makes tableware and larger art pieces. Growing up next to the ocean in Devon, England - Kara's work is inspired by the ever changing textures and colour of her beloved coast.


Getting Back Into Selling at Shows | Jeanette Zeis | Episode 469

Jeanette Zeis is a functional and decorative potter, and has worked with clay for over 20 years. Using a variety of techniques, Jeanette continues to explore and evolve her studio pottery practice. Jeanette's pottery line contains beautiful and original housewares- wonderfully crafted, with an eye for detail, and designed for everyday use while still being perfect for lovely displays. An admirer of vintage housewares, Jeanette's color palette reflects a love for fiesta ware.


A Halloween Special | Bryan Wilkerson | Episode 468

Bryan Wilkerson is a Tennessee Native and Professor of Art and Design at Roane State Community College. Bryan's creative practices are focused primarily on Ceramics and Public Art but extends into design and drawing. Bryan's work explores humor, craft, irony, and play through common symbolic references. Bryan is also the creator and director of the ArtMobile traveling gallery and pop up workshop space.


"The Camera Won't do the Work for You" | Dana Gabel | Episode 467

Dana Gabel produces ceramic work that is functional with a sculptural flare. Born and raised in Bronx, NY she now resides Pennsylvania. After obtaining a BA in Visual Art she currently continues to refine her work, showing predominately in Northeastern Pennsylvania but also displaying work in parts of the U.S.


A New Way to Price Work | Danny Meisinger | Episode 466

Danny Meisinger have been a potter now for about 30 years. Danny has taken a few college classes but is mostly self taught. Once Danny began making work worth keeping, he has had about 4 evolutions of work, with the forth being pretty new right now. Danny is married and has four children and two grandchildren.


Upward Swing of Business Growth | Amy Noel | Episode 465

Amy Noel grew up in Nova Scotia and was certified as an art teacher and eventually moved to Japan. Amy lived in the Japanese countryside for 3 years and was a member of a community pottery center for her last 1.5 years. Amy came back to Nova Scotia and has been making and selling pottery since 2013. Amy is inspired by Wabi Sabi and Nova Scotia culture, attempting to combine the two in her pottery. Amy has a 2 year old and 3 year old (daughters).


Slow & Steady Growth | Gabrielle Burke | Episode 464

After graduating from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, former product designer Gabrielle Burke founded g ceramic & co. Gabrielle was enamored by the way ceramic objects habitat in our daily lives. For her it is amazing how people rely on objects such as mugs and bowls and have an interpersonal relationship with them. Gabrielle creates work for wedding registries, restaurants, online, retail, markets, and is also available by appointment at her studio on Alberta & 5th Avenue in...


Transitions in Business | Liane & Dale Maddox | Episode 463

In 1980 Dale and Liane Maddox purchased a century old, two story corner building in Hardy Arkansas, a sleepy resort town on the Spring River. The building had been neglected, but with much preservation effort, it was eventually listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Arkansas. Melding their work ethics and skills, they established their pottery studio and began a retail shop (Hardy Pottery) to sell their work and the work of other artist/craftsmen, earning a nomination as...


Running a B to B Business in Moscow | Anastasia Ceramum | Episode 462

Anastasia Ceramum is a ceramic artist living in Moscow, Russia. Anastasia has built a thriving business catering to other businesses that need ceramic items to be made for them. She has employees and is making a a great go at it in Moscow.


Hustle, Shows, Wholesale, & Web | Wendy Wrenn Werstlein | Episode 461

Wendy Wrenn Werstlein came to clay as a second vocation. For 10 years Wendy taught high school biology were she worked to cultivate in students a desire to explore the world while also encouraging scientific inquiry. Wendy finds these two skills served her just as well in the studio. Wendy left teaching and returned to the classroom as a student at Haywood Community College completing an Associates Degree in Professional Crafts. From there Wendy moved to Floyd, Virginia and worked as an...


Writing a Book | Steve Loucks & Lynnette Hesser | Episode 460

Steve received his MFA at Alfred. He is a full-time potter and retired JSU professor. Steve recently self-published a book on glazes. He has been a presenter, panel moderator, glaze doctor, and TGDL at NCECA. He has hosted the AL Clay Conference and been awarded ASCA and SAF/NEA fellowships. Lynnette Hesser received her MFA from UF. She taught 26 years, now works full-time in the studio, and was the contributing editor on a book on glazes for her husband, Steve Loucks. She received the ASCA...


The Potter Who Took On Tesla and Won | Tom Edwards | Episode 459

Tom Edwards took his first ceramics class at Mira Costa High School when he was fifteen years old. While pursuing a B.A. degree in Art History at UC Santa Barbara, Tom took two years of studio art classes in ceramics and sculpture. By 1983, Tom had a relatively successful line of pottery which he sold mainly through retail craft fairs. It was at this time that he came up with the idea of Wally. The next year Tom moved to Los Angeles where he built a small studio in his sister’s garage. He...


Business Talk About Her Business | Inge Vincents | Episode 458

Inge Vincents started playing with clay when she was 4. Inge continued clay playing through school and beyond, and at 37 she sold her first piece. Inge has specialized in thinware porcelain and has worked as a full-time studio ceramist for the past 14 years. Inge established her own studio in Copenhagen in 2009.


Guesstimating Your Way to Setting a Price | Lori Rollason | Episode 457

Lori Rollason was originally from Middletown, Connecticut. Now Lori lives and works in Hillsborough New Hampshire. Lori Is a full time potter and a part time teacher. Lori has her own studio in the barn attached to her house. Lori makes mostly functional cone 6, electric fired pottery.


A Meandering Conversation on Clay | James Tingey | Episode 456

James Tingey is a studio potter whose work explores ideas of utility, process, material and landscape. His work incorporates a straight forward visual language to address function, and the vocabularies of utility and wood firing to investigate the intersection of form and flame. Currently, James is Resident Coordinator and Studio Technician at LH Project in Joseph, OR.


Making For Potters | Cara Steinbuchel | Episode 455

Cara Steinbuchel is the designer and maker of Potters' Skin Butter Deep Hydration for Hardworking Hands. She started making Potters' Skin Butter out of her studio in 2004 for the pottery community in Asheville, NC. Her lotion is now available nationwide in pottery supply stores and through her website.


Back Into Clay and Building a Business | Jessica Butala | Episode 454

Jessica Butala is an Industrial Designer working in product development. Jessica also has an uncontrollable passion for Ceramics. Jessica has worked with clay since high school and recently built a home studio to experiment with clay more often. Jessica draws inspiration from nature and enjoys adding a folkloric element to her work.


Making a Community Clay Center | Dennis Stark | Episode 453

Dennis Stark was born and raised in Quincy, Illinois. He moved to Maryland in 1979 while serving in the U.S. Air Force and currently lives in Frederick, MD. Dennis is a functional potter and draws most of his inspiration from Warren Makenzie. Dennis began his ceramic career in 2012 by attending classes at the Frederick Pottery School and at Frederick Clay Studio. Most of Dennis’ training came from workshops and ‘Youtube University’. Dennis, with his partner Phil Berneburg and his wife and...