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The Potter Who Took On Tesla and Won | Tom Edwards | Episode 459

Tom Edwards took his first ceramics class at Mira Costa High School when he was fifteen years old. While pursuing a B.A. degree in Art History at UC Santa Barbara, Tom took two years of studio art classes in ceramics and sculpture. By 1983, Tom had a relatively successful line of pottery which he sold mainly through retail craft fairs. It was at this time that he came up with the idea of Wally. The next year Tom moved to Los Angeles where he built a small studio in his sister’s garage. He...


Business Talk About Her Business | Inge Vincents | Episode 458

Inge Vincents started playing with clay when she was 4. Inge continued clay playing through school and beyond, and at 37 she sold her first piece. Inge has specialized in thinware porcelain and has worked as a full-time studio ceramist for the past 14 years. Inge established her own studio in Copenhagen in 2009.


Guesstimating Your Way to Setting a Price | Lori Rollason | Episode 457

Lori Rollason was originally from Middletown, Connecticut. Now Lori lives and works in Hillsborough New Hampshire. Lori Is a full time potter and a part time teacher. Lori has her own studio in the barn attached to her house. Lori makes mostly functional cone 6, electric fired pottery.


A Meandering Conversation on Clay | James Tingey | Episode 456

James Tingey is a studio potter whose work explores ideas of utility, process, material and landscape. His work incorporates a straight forward visual language to address function, and the vocabularies of utility and wood firing to investigate the intersection of form and flame. Currently, James is Resident Coordinator and Studio Technician at LH Project in Joseph, OR.


Making For Potters | Cara Steinbuchel | Episode 455

Cara Steinbuchel is the designer and maker of Potters' Skin Butter Deep Hydration for Hardworking Hands. She started making Potters' Skin Butter out of her studio in 2004 for the pottery community in Asheville, NC. Her lotion is now available nationwide in pottery supply stores and through her website.


Back Into Clay and Building a Business | Jessica Butala | Episode 454

Jessica Butala is an Industrial Designer working in product development. Jessica also has an uncontrollable passion for Ceramics. Jessica has worked with clay since high school and recently built a home studio to experiment with clay more often. Jessica draws inspiration from nature and enjoys adding a folkloric element to her work.


Making a Community Clay Center | Dennis Stark | Episode 453

Dennis Stark was born and raised in Quincy, Illinois. He moved to Maryland in 1979 while serving in the U.S. Air Force and currently lives in Frederick, MD. Dennis is a functional potter and draws most of his inspiration from Warren Makenzie. Dennis began his ceramic career in 2012 by attending classes at the Frederick Pottery School and at Frederick Clay Studio. Most of Dennis’ training came from workshops and ‘Youtube University’. Dennis, with his partner Phil Berneburg and his wife and...


Super Good Instagram Advice | Curt Hammerly | Episode 452

Curt Hammerly is a ceramicist that combines cutting-edge technology with age-old pottery techniques. Curt found clay after a car accident leaving him with a broken neck. Now fully recovered he is on his way to a career in ceramics full time.


A Business Owner & Member Tell the Story | Valerie Grossman & Kyriaki Karalis | Episode 451

Valerie Grossman is an artist and owner of BRICK Ceramic and Design Studio located in Cleveland, Ohio. Valerie received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2012. In May of 2015, Valerie opened BRICK as a shared studio space and gallery for ceramic artists. Kyriaki Karalis is one of our interns from the studio and was the ceramics tech at University of North Florida. Kyriaki is a professional potter who relocated to Cleveland from Florida and recently found our clay community...


Lessons From Mark Hewitt | Joseph Sand | Episode 450

Using his backyard botanical sanctuary for inspiration, ceramic artist Joseph Sand purposefully crafts sculptural forms and functional pottery utilizing elements from the natural world including wood, stone, and seashells. He is focused on keeping the final function in mind, such as the fluted vase made to showcase a single stem of iris. Growing up in rural Minnesota, attending college on the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota, and eventually moving to rural North Carolina, it’s no...


Her Boss Died So She Bought the Business | Rachel Jane Hall | Episode 449

Home thrown & Hand grown Stoneware made in the hills of Coshocton Ohio. Rachel Jane Hall is a second generation potter but growing up in her parents salt glaze business, potting wasn't on her short list of careers. But the universe had other plans for Rachel Jane. 4 years ago Rachel Jane met her mentor and started on at a local mini production studio to attach handles. Hillbippie Clay Co. is a product of rural inspirations and functional interpretations.


A Tinker Teacher Teaches Clay | Sarah McNutt | Episode 448

Sarah McNutt was born in Buffalo, NY and is currently living in San Francisco. Sarah uses art and education as a platform in which to observe, comment on, and engage others about the intersection of disciplines. Sarah has worked as an artist since 2009 and has been a educator in a range of capacities since 2012, teaching undergraduate classes at KSU, workshops, and art education in schools across the country. Sarah's artistic research leads me to exhibit nationally, write grants, and author...


A Happy Potter Tells Her Story | Emalee Hudson | Episode 447

Emalee Hudson is the woman behind soft Earth ceramics! Emalee started working with clay in college and hasn't looked back since. For Emalee, simplicity is beauty, and she tries to reflect that in the pieces that she makes. Emalee loves getting her work out of her studio and into the hands of people.


Hip Hop Artist Turns Clay Artist | Justin Akeim Trapp | Episode 446

Justin Akeim Trapp is an Indianapolis native, transported to the Berkshires. Justin attended Herron School of Art and Design's and graduated with a BFA in photography and ceramics. Maker, potter, and EMCEE, Justin is trying to make a life off his work. Currently Justin is exploring tableware, and he ebs and flows between functional and mixed media installation.


A Potter Opens Her Heart | Ashley Lin Ames | Episode 445

Ashley Lin Ames is a passionate potter that is dedicated to the craft of making hand thrown vessels for the home and the robust restaurant scene.


Two-and-a-Half Years in and Killin' It! | Sarah Van Raden | Episode 444

Sarah Van Raden is a full time potter who has been at this business since March of 2015. Sarah loves to create simple, timeless, and organic forms with glazes that are subtle and refined. Sarah's work is primarily in stoneware and porcelain.


Finding The Rules of Business | Molly Bishop | Episode 443

Born and raised in Virginia, Molly Anne Bishop graduated from the Virginia Commonwealth University craft/material studies program in 2012. Working mostly in clay, Molly draws inspiration from lizards, popular sports, and travel. Molly has been a resident artist at Red Lodge Clay Center in Montana, Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago, the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts in Greece, c.r.e.t.a. in Rome, and the International Studio in Jingdezhen, China. Molly has work in the permanent collections...


Some Talk on Shipping With Some How-To's | Gabrielle Schaffner | Episode 442

Gabrielle Schaffner is a ceramic artist, producing a line of functional pottery in her Boston studio. Gabrielle's work has been sold and exhibited in stores and galleries across the United States. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Gabrielle has been a resident of the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston since 1988. Gabrielle spent many years working in various arts administration roles for the Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC) and served as their Executive Director until 2014. FPAC is a...


Leaning Into Uncertainty | Ben Landau | Episode 441

Alterfact is an experimental design studio created by Lucile Sciallano and Ben Landau in 2014. Since graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2013, Lucile and Ben have worked in tandem on various issues in different mediums. They explore current and future issues and translate them into installations and objects. In this episode Ben tells us a bit of their story.


Taking Time to Test The Dream | Ruth Hazi | Episode 440

You can help support the show! Ruth was born in Haifa, Israel in 1959. The first time Ruth encountered clay was far away from home in the magical land of Alaska. There, during cold and dark winter days, Ruth searched for an interesting practice that would bring her joy. Ruth found it in the ceramic department of the University of Fairbanks Alaska. The ancient art of ceramics found a warm place in her heart. Currently Ruth resides in the southern desert in Israel, managing her own studio and...