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The show where we use the art of conversation to make art ABOUT a conversation!

The show where we use the art of conversation to make art ABOUT a conversation!
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The show where we use the art of conversation to make art ABOUT a conversation!






Episode 75: ReDADmtion: Generations

In a bittersweet episode, Caldwell and Nathan celebrate their 75th show with a return to the nostalgic halls of the Redemption Dome. However, before they get there they DO spend half an hour discussing a farting monkey toy for children, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone. It’s a wild ride down memory lane that features Caldwell’s pitch for a Grinch Cinematic Universe, a return of Hanson Answers, AND the heartwarming tale of Adventure Dad. It’s been a wonderful journey, and we’re so happy...


Episode 74: Ear Loaf

Hope your ears are hungry because Caldwell and Nathan have cooked up a tasty loaf of content on this episode of What Should We Draw. Allow your hear-holes to savor the flavors of topics such as CGI celebrities, contests with The Devil, birthday fashion, and completely original ways to make your coworkers laugh. This delicious episode is fully compatible with all diets so dig in!


Episode 73: The One True Nipple (w/ Trevor Lyon)

Caldwell and Nathan invite their editor Trevor Lyon to step out from the shadows and join them for a riveting conversation about new units of measurement, casting calls for food, and consensual hugs on this episode of What Should We Draw. Hold on to your nipples because this episode is f***ing buck wild! This episode is sponsored by Brooklinen!


Episode 72: YEET

The Drawboys are back and they're ready to yeet out another sweet yeeting podcast episode for all the precious little yeetlings out there in Listener-land! This week on the show, Caldwell and Nathan discover their new favorite word, learn about Welsh love spoons, AND envision new careers for cereal mascots. Don't sleep on this one friends, It's a yeet and a HALF. This episode of What Should We Draw is brought to you by Blue Apron!


Episode 71: Spice Idiot

Caldwell and Nathan invite you to join them as they venture deep into the snowy forest that is their inbox in search of noteworthy emails to answer on this episode of What Should We Draw. Topics include rogue sign makers, housing alternatives, finals survival tips, and what to order at Mexican restaurants. Our intrepid hosts do their best to squeeze some comedy out of these topics and maybe even a drawing idea. This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron!


Episode 70: My God Damb States

It's the GOD DAMB New Year and whether you are looking for new things to text your friends, attempting to deal with a sick turtle, or simply trying to make your home state seem more cool, Caldwell and Nathan have the GOD DAMB answers to your GOD DAMB problems on this GOD DAMB episode of their GOD DAMB podcast. Enjoy! This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron!


Episode 69: "It's a Table" (w/ Tony Wilson)

It's here. We finally made it. The Nice Number. The Sensual Digit. The horny ordinal itself, EPISODE SIXTY-NINE. To celebrate, Caldwell and Nathan went out for drinks with their good friend Tony Wilson (Dorkly, So Choice Softworks) and then recorded an hour-long conversation about the world's first perfect airplane movie, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. They also discuss bullet time, swordsonas, and Nathan's new travel service for lazy people. So grab a few extra belts and hold on to your...


Episode 68: Spider Cider

Caldwell and Nathan are fully spider on this episode of What Should We Draw. Join these two arachnophiles as they spin a conversational web through topics such as infinite menorah glitches, strong suits, the meaning of music, German expressions, and retired cereal mascots. It's a good time no matter how many legs you have (although eight is recommended). This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron, BarkBox and StoryWorth


Episode 67: THRURTLE

Y'all, this episode has it ALL. Cat stories. Bible Tales. ROBOT VOICES. It's a literal pre-thanksgiving FEAST. So please, revel in the bounty of a new podcast, but be wary, for the Wicked Coalition of Doctors lurks in the distance, ready to pounce on those they hate. Today's episode is brought to you by Blue Apron, Bark Box, and Squarespace! PS: if you'd like to send physical mail (or your soggiest rollst beefs) to us, you can now do so at the following address! H. Caldwell Tanner 1920...


Episode 66: The Call-Out King

Hear ye! Hear ye! It is I, the Podcast King, here to call out this episode of What Should We Draw. Hosts Caldwell and Nathan are in BIG TROUBLE for making such a nonsensical and silly episode. What do Eddie Murphy movies, European monarchs and ostriches have in common? Nothing! And yet these two goofballs thought they could get away with trying to cover all of these topics on one episode?! Not if I have anything to say about it. Also their British accents are just terrible. Consider this...


Episode 65: Curse of the Silver Mummy

Happy Almost-Christmas! Let us raise our mugs of eggnog and celebrate this day of victory, for the War on Christmas is won, and soon the Jolly Times shall be upon us. Until that day though, Caldwell and Nathan have decided to pass the time by celebrating Halloween with all their wonderful listeners. Join them for a spoOoky conversation about kangaroo weaponry, forbidden chocolates and how to defeat various types of monsters. Tis (nearly) the Season!


Episode 64: My Morning Grotto (w/ Murph and Emily)

The Dog Days of Summer are here at last! Nathan's out of town, so Caldwell recruits Murph and Emily (POPTV's "Hot Date") deep into his morning grotto for a breakfast-time chat about orcs, hyper-local currencies and the best way to eat a crystal. PLUS a very special visit from a very lonely robot. I bet you all the wife-coins I have that it's our least inclusive show to date. Enjoy!


Episode 63: Swimless Fish

Caldwell joins Nathan in the space between for a sleepy conversation on this episode of What Should We Draw. Join our tired travelers aboard their rogue mower as they tour the nation searching for the best grocery store and the worst mythical punishment. There may even be time for a quick game of hideous egg. Don't worry, everyone gets a participation trophy. This episode is brought to you by Squarespace!


Episode 62: Teen Christmas (w/ Dan Hopper)

Caldwell, Nathan and special guest Dan Hopper (CollegeHumor, Cracked.com) invite you to enjoy this hour-long audio meme. Don't worry, this gigantic meme is jam packed with smaller conversation topic sized memes for you to enjoy at your leisure such as basketball disses, future teen trends, expressions from the old country, and pitches for hot new CW shows. Hurry up and vape up these sound memes with your ears before they're all gone. What do you mean, I'm not using the word "meme" correctly?...


Episode 61: Dad Island

Welcome friends... to Dad Island, a magical place where fathers can roam free, unhindered by the constraints of modern life. Today, Caldwell and Nathan have ventured to this mythical papadise for a live recording of their show. Join them in their literal fatherland as they list their many weaknesses, invent a savory flavor of M&Ms, and discuss why hugs are bullshit. This episode is POP'ing Off!


Episode 60: What Should We Smell

You smell that? It's a piping hot new podcast episode full of tantalizing olfactory sensations just for you. Join Caldwell and Nathan as they lead you by the nose through a lovingly curated menu of scents ranging from the fresh pine of Beech Mountain to the unwashed shirts of those seeking true love all the way to the filth-ridden home of Fred Flintstone. Even if you don't have a snore fetish, we still think you'll enjoy this one. This episode is brought to by Brooklinen!


Episode 59: Caldwell and Nate PLUS KATE

Today's historic episode of WSWD celebrates the stunning ingenuity of Kate S, who sent in not one, not two but THREE amazing drawing suggestions. Inspired by Kate's generous offerings, Caldwell and Nathan have a fruitful discussion about Octopi, new forms of money, and the true origins of a zombie outbreak. This episode is better than great, it's KATE.


Episode 58: Yoshi's Yarmulke

Caldwell is sick on this episode of What Should We Draw so rather than coming up with a drawing idea, he and Nathan spend a good chuck of the show discussing Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Will our hosts manage to come up with a drawing? Listen and find out! It's still a more compelling story than Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. This episode is brought to you by Blue Apron and Brooklinen!


Episode 57: The Yummy Chair

Caldwell and Nathan are starting a new school this year and they want to make the very best of impressions. As such, they’ve decided to change both their names AND the name of the podcast. So without further ado, get excited for the first episode of 2017’s hit show, “Caldwell and Nathan Died in a Fire” Starring Nunchuck YesBoi and CoolCar TruckOwner! On this episode, the dudes discuss chicken nugget math, alternate cars, and how incredibly different they are from Caldwell and Nathan. It’s so...


Episode 56: Wrong-a-Dong (w/ Monica Ray)

Fear not listeners! The WSWD HERO SQUAD has arrived to save you from the terrors of boredom. Today, top-tier heroes Pasta Friend and The Snoozer are joined by Monica Ray (Disney) AKA THE MONIKER for a conversation about legendary dogs, email etiquette, and Monica's Fire Emblem addiction. No need to thank us, citizen. We're just doing our job.