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Something Stinks in Comics Retail (Contest of Challengers)

The new DC Universe streaming service started today. Did we subscribe? If we did, did it work? The full Batman Day 2018 rundown, and comparisons to past events. Also, looking to 2019 and Batman 80th Anniversary. Also, Patrick cannot count… or add. Batman Damned #1 comes out next week and it’s already sold out. Marvel stealth-cancelled the brand new Vision mini-series before we could even turn in our orders for #1. Something smells bad in comics retail… And maybe we do know what we’re doing...


Cleveland Rocks (The Daily Life of Frank)

This week on The Daily Life of Frank: Airport Early Morning Conversations Sites of Cleveland So Many Floors at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Losing his Food Truck Virginity Over Sleeping No Extra Towels Examining if it’s really a Bed Bug? Uber Conversations and the One Crazy Uber Driver One of his Biggest Fears Breaking up with your true love and the Bears correlation and much more!


Best of Media Guests, Volume One

This week, it's a look back at some of Car Con Carne's best media guests. In this podcast (presented by Boost Mobile), I revisit great moments with: Matt Pinfield. The ex-MTV legend talks about music "guilty pleasures." WXRT DJ Johnny Mars. We talk about when I replaced Johnny at XRT, and a silly prank I pulled that ended up taking on a life at its own. Abe Kanan, Tim Virgin and Bass. Three of my most-frequent radio colleagues (and repeat guests, one and all) join me in conversation about...


Chicago band The Giving Moon is given encased meats

Chicago indie band the Giving Moon joins me this week for encased meets from Jr's Red Hots (2345 W. Armitage). Discussed on this week's show (which is sponsored by Boost Mobile): You never want to use the napkins packed with hot dogs. The band's epic 2-song performance in the Chicago finals of the national #next2rock competition. The backseat band members are also the Car Con Carne IT department. Sean is a horrifically messy eater. He "makes everything messy." Feeding bands is part of my...


The Cost of Doing Business (Contest of Challengers)

From the sound of glass shattering you’d think “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was on his way to the ring, but NO! It’s a break-in at Challengers. And, unrelated, identity theft! It’s a great week for criminals at Challengers’ expense! And we do mean ‘expense.’ Hear how we deal with these types of highly disappointing, yet not wholly unexpected, occurrences. Plus, the aftermath of the Ryan Browne GHA hardcover release party.


The Unofficial End to Summer (The Daily Life of Frank)

This week on The Daily Life of Frank: · Frank discussed the unofficial end to Summer, festivals, poor Naperville, and recounts his daughter encounter with a giant Hotdog from last year’s Fling · Its fantasy football draft season, and his bandwagon College football team · His trip to Cleveland, the love of learning and baseball bucket list, and how his last time he was away there might have been a murder in the other room · His meds are causing him to have romantic dreams. He shares a story...


The awkward 'bro hugs' that will forever define our relationship: Smoking Popes at 350 Fest

I'm joined this week by a Car Con Carne favorite: Smoking Popes! Half the band jumped in my car outside the annual 350 Fest in Tinley Park. Usually, I'm restricted to interviewing one Caterer brother (Josh). For this momentous occasion, I had two Caterers in the car (Josh and Eli)! Discussed in this episode, sponsored by Boost Mobile: The world's most awkward bro hug ("I sensed a reticence on your part... there was no torso contact"). I'm terrible at the handshake thing. The hug issue is in...


'Waiting for that career-ending F-bomb': Catching up with Tony from MEST at 350 Fest

In this episode, I sit down with Tony Lovato of Mest in the parking lot of this year's 350 Fest in Tinley Park. Discussed in this episode, sponsored by Boost Mobile: Looking back, what would Tony have done differently about Mest's major label run? Why an influential radio station wanted the band to change its name. The band's initial break-up, announced on MySpace. The band's return at Riot Fest, a few years ago. Is that tea in Tony's cup? It would have to be. We're in a car. 350 Fest is the...


Tom Higgenson of Plain White Ts: From Villa Park to the Grammys and Tonys

Tom Higgenson of Plain White Ts joined me for a long overdue catchup. And for this episode, we went for burritos at Los Burritos #2 in his old stomping grounds of Villa Park. We talked at length about the band's excellent new release, "Parallel Universe," as well as: Villa Park is like primordial soup. How important are the ties back to Chicago as the band continues to take over the world? "I'm such a suburban kid... always have been." "Parallel Universe," and the experimentation the band...


Furious with Marvel, Yet Again. (Contest of Challengers)

Friday started with a Disaster Pizza (™ & ©). Maybe not comic news, but it happened IN a comic shop, so it counts. Patrick is suddenly very excited for Marvel’s 2019 Conan the Barbarian comic. …but… Patrick is also furious with Marvel for a variety of reasons. All of said reasons are discussed, don’t you worry. What’s going to happen in Batman #55? We honestly don’t know. Do you? Are current political comics cathartic or just too much of a reminder? West Coast Avengers #1 and Amazing...


Someone Call the Ghostbusters (The Daily Life of Frank)

This week on The Daily Life of Frank: His neighbor makes a chilling claim that has his wife buys Sage from Amazon, and has him considering calling the Ghostbusters. Also, he talks about a scary ring tone, going back to school, and retracts his statement sorta on a loveable kid’s television character. He also talks about his upcoming trip to Cleveland and his airport woes. Finally, he talks about new doctor, new barbecue place, old ice cream fun, and why he has his the worst kind of OCD. All...


Descendents eat tacos in a Mazda at 350 Fest

This week, I'm joined by 50% of Descendents (Stephen and Bill) outside this year's 350 Fest in Tinley Park. Discussed on this episode: The perils of prejudging tacos. Touring smart in the present day. There's no shortage of smartypants guys in punk rock. (Stephen): "I always thought that was true." Car-based podcasting is DIY. Can music still change the world? This is punk rock's moment. Three generations go to Descendents shows, and that's amazing.


Moon is full... of tacos. Moon does first-ever acoustic performance, in my Mazda!

The men of the amazing Chicago band Moon (Shen, David and Chris) jumped in the car for tacos at "Jolly Science;" or, more accurately, Taco El Jalisciense (2859 W Chicago Ave). Before playing a killer acoustic version of their new song "Wish List," we discussed: David's blinding eating speed. I should only book trios for the Mazda 3. If I were to record with Mucca Pazza, I'd need a bigger Mazda. Also? Mucca Pazza would be awesome on Car Con Carne. Moon's almost 10-year history. Moon's new...


Finally, a sexy Mojo! (Contest of Challengers)

When should we have Daniel Warren Johnson in to sign for MURDER FALCON #1? There are several new Image comics we’re excited about… MAN-EATERS, CEMETERY BEACH and MCMLXXV (1975). We’ve gotten to read them and are excited for them all, to differing extents. Also, Black Crown’s LODGER. Closing a second location vs. closing an original location. Is Marvel going to kill Honey Badger? Mike Norton and Ryan Browne will be at Challengers this upcoming week. You should be, too.


Midwestern faves Poster Children on JBTV!

The Poster Children have returned, and they've come to rock JBTV!


Still Can't Get It Up (The Daily Life Of Frank Podcast)

The microphone cord that came was damaged so Frank is on a backup this week. On the podcast Frank talks about his high ambitions, holding a fart in for true love, Target’s great deal on Madden and more! He also covers What’s Trending, Weird News, and explains all the happenings of what’s going on in the background. All this and more on The Daily Life of Frank.


Why Are They All Pooping? (Contest of Challengers)

It’s the Gen Con Road Diaries, featuring a bunch of guest stars! 0:03:40 Brad Rooks from Oni Press. 1:05:39 Cory Casoni from Table Titans. 1:12:00 Gabo, artist of “Dead of Winter” and “The Life After.” 1:16:23 Kory Bing, creator of the webcomic Skin Deep. Plus, occasional check-ins from Patrick and Dal about their first time at “The Best Four Days in Gaming” and a rundown of the games they played after-hours (spoilers: Kyle Starks won almost everything and Patrick always came in dead last).


Mic Problems (The Daily Life of Frank)

The microphone was poppin’ so let me apologize for that firstly. God as my witness, I will be getting a new mic cable this week. Does anyone know if Radioshack has a sale? This week on The Daily Life of Frank, I talk about over courteous drivers, douchebags on the beach, hostile neighbors, and my connection to a cat. I also talk about my new love of Monster and my huge love for Buffalo Wild Wings. All this and more on this week’s poppin’ Daily Life of Frank.


The difficult-to-describe, coming-through-in-the-clutch Chicago band Midwave eats hot dogs

Kyle and Brandon of Chicago band (and Chicago #next2rock finalist) Midwave join me at Budacki's Drive In (4739 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60625) for hot dogs and conversation. Come to Cubby Bear on August 30 to see Midwave, Like Language, Friday Pilots Club, Take the Reins and the Giving Moon compete in the local #next2rock finals! Discussed in this episode, presented by Boost Mobile: The 2 members of another #next2rock local finalist, Like Language, just got married. Does that put pressure on...


Chicago band Parker ignores the smell of I-94 to perform live in the Mazda 3

Up-and-coming Chicago band Parker (Devin, Trevor, Patrick) jumps in the Mazda 3 outside the iconic Chicago hot dog stand Jim's Original (1250 S Union Ave, Chicago, IL 60607). Discussed in this episode, sponsored by Boost Mobile (the official cell provider of Car Con Carne): Every time I say the band name, I want to say it like J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man comics: "PARKER!" Parker's roots, dating back to the first floorboard-shaking house party. The EP (Never Growing Old) -...