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Yak Channel is a podcast network featuring shows on Chicago nightlife and culture. Listen for weekly podcasts on sex (REVEALING with Michelle L'Amour), music (JBTV), food (Car Con Carne with James VanOsdol), small business/comics (Contest of Challengers) living with disability (Quad Podcast) and more!

Yak Channel is a podcast network featuring shows on Chicago nightlife and culture. Listen for weekly podcasts on sex (REVEALING with Michelle L'Amour), music (JBTV), food (Car Con Carne with James VanOsdol), small business/comics (Contest of Challengers) living with disability (Quad Podcast) and more!


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Yak Channel is a podcast network featuring shows on Chicago nightlife and culture. Listen for weekly podcasts on sex (REVEALING with Michelle L'Amour), music (JBTV), food (Car Con Carne with James VanOsdol), small business/comics (Contest of Challengers) living with disability (Quad Podcast) and more!






COVID-19: Where we’ve been, and where we’re going (Dr. Daryl Wilson) - Episode 540

Instead of talking about punk rock and comic books like we usually do, Dr. Daryl Wilson joins Car Con Carne tonight to speak about his pandemic-related thoughts and experiences. (That said, I’m sure something punk rock or comic-related will come out in the conversation.) Vote Car Con Carne in the Chicago Reader’s BEST OF CHICAGO 2020 poll: James VanOsdol - Best Podcast Host; Car Con Carne - Best Music Podcast. Voting ends in early February!


Erica Nicole Clark: Teacher by day. Stand-up comic by night. Mr. T’s daughter always. (Episode 539)

The very funny Erica Nicole Clark joins me to preview the Laugh More Virtual Comedy Series for Zanies! We talk about life under Zoom, the awfulness of Wrigleyville and her super-famous father (Mr. T). The Laugh More Virtual Comedy Series happens Saturday 1/23, featuring Erica Nicole Clark, Joey Villagomez, Dario Durham & Jim Flannigan. The event’s hosted by former guest (and awesome dude) Calvin Evans!


Da Bad News Bears (The Daily Life of Frank)

Like seriously, what in the actual heck Bears? It is not okay being mediocre if you're a professional sports team! This week, Frank rants about his displeasure of his beloved football team, not liking a name, playing Mega Man and much more!


Malört: When you need to unfriend someone in person. CH Distillery owner Tremaine Atkinson (Episode 535)

Malört: Turning taste-buds into taste-foes for generations. CH Distillery owner/head distiller Tremaine Atkinson, joins me to talk about the most “Chicago” spirit of all. We also cover plenty of CH history, too.


‘What will become of us’ - The approachable goth of the Well Tempered (Episode 534)

Meet The Well Tempered. RIYL Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, New Order. The synthy, moody gloom of the Well Tempered feels appropriate for January, to say nothing of a January spinning out of 2020. The project of musician Robert Bock recently released the “Three Sisters” EP, a song cycle that emerged from emotions around the pandemic. Robert joins me tonight!


Craft brewing with a community focus: Sketchbook Brewing (Episode 533)

I talked tonight with Cesar Marron and Shawn Decker, the managing partners of Sketchbook Brewing Company, about their company history. We went back to the beginning, when they were serving 2 oz. pours in an Evanston alley, and covered everything through their present-day new taproom and facility in Skokie. Grab yourself an Orange Door and enjoy this interview!


‘Don’t do really dumb things’ - Dad’s Great Advice for Teens with Marc Fienberg (Episode 532)

Have kids? They could probably use some advice. Author, filmmaker and old JVO schoolmate Marc Fienberg is on tonight to talk about his helpful, insightful and entertaining recent book release, “Dad’s Great Advice for Teens.”


Kung-fu movies! Music movies! Robot movies! The Big Lebowski! Let’s go to the drive-in! (Episode 531)

“This is Spinal Tap.” “The Big Lebowski.” Lots of Kung-Fu movies. The drive-in situation at Rock Island Public House is awesome for the rest of the month. RIPH drive-in movie curator and movie fanatic Mike Vanderbilt is back on tonight!


2021 (The Daily Life of Frank)

The Daily Life of Frank is back for 2021! This week, Frank talks about 2021 starting with crazy momentum including a robbery down his block, Chicago Bears in the playoffs, a PS5 struggle he is experiencing and more! Plus he wishes his brother a happy birthday and shares a story of him when he was a kid.


TheLINE makes music-making a family affair (Episode 530)

The best thing about TheLINE’s sound is it’s *their* sound. You can find hints of stuff you love in everything they do, but the end result is uniquely theirs. After a considerable time away, TheLINE reemerged in the late 10s, followed by the “Sour to Punker” EP last year. Ryan Immegart of TheLINE is on Car Con Carne tonight. Oh, he’s also the Global Head of Marketing for Volcom. NBD.


Get your adorable ‘Bobo the dog’ calendar and support The Atlas Moth (Episode 529)

Do you like dogs? How about dogs in people's clothes? Do you also like supporting members of Chicago’s music community? I have just the thing for you: “Bobo, 12 months a year,” a handsome calendar featuring Bobo the dog, owned by The Atlas Moth’s Stavros Giannopoulos. The Kickstarter project to back the calendar ends late tomorrow afternoon (1/4/21), and Stavros is here tonight to talk about it and share some fabulous Bobo pictures....


Blown-off and solo for the last show of 2020 (Episode 528)

There’s nothing worse than a last-minute blow-off from a guest. I was just waiting for the guest to pop up on Zoom, and… nothing. I called. I texted. Nothing. So here I am. Hi. Just me. If that’s not the most symbolic way to do the last show of 2020, I don’t know what is.


GTFO 2020 (The Daily Life of Frank)

It’s the final podcast of 2020 which means that 2021 is upon us, thank goodness! On this week’s The Daily Life of Frank, Frank looks back at 2020, talks about his destructive streak, recaps Christmas, and much more!


Chicago comedian Calvin Evans headlines Zanies for NYE (Episode 527)

Zanies is ringing in the new year with a live streaming event of Chicago comedians, hosted by the very-funny Calvin Evans. Calvin’s my guest tonight, as we try to burn 2020 from our minds.


Let's drink Soju and bring on the new year! Miki’s Park in River North (Episode 526)

Miki’s Park opened in River North in March, 2020… mere days before it would be forced to close for a couple weeks. Miki’s Park’s story isn’t unique or special, but it is emblematic of what a challenging year it’s been for the service industry. I’ll be talking about those challenges with Orville Diaz, GM/Partner at Miki’s Park, as well as the innovations that have sprung from this year. We’re talking Korean food and beverage, New Year’s Eve and restaurant management during the time of COVID...


It's Christmas All Over Again (The Daily Life of Frank)

It’s Christmas all over again! This week on The Daily Life of Frank, Frank talks about gifts not arriving on time, his new chair, his thoughts about Santa in Rudolph, getting scotch tape for Christmas and more!


Another walk through the pop-art studio of painter George Zak (Episode 525)

Just before Thanksgiving, we checked in on the progress of local artist George Zak. Since then, he remarkably has even more pieces to show and discuss… right before Christmas. At this rate, I should probably go ahead and book him right before Valentine’s Day. Visit George at oddkidart.com!


From 'The Last Dance' specials to 'Pizza and Parm': The year in dining innovations from Cornerstone Restaurant Group (Episode 524)

What keeps Cornerstone Restaurant Group COO Danny McGowan hopeful for the service industry? What types of innovation and creativity kept restaurants moving forward this year? What can independent restaurant owners do and think about, heading into 2021? Danny's one of the service industry's great thinkers and advocates, and this was a fascinating and engaging conversation. We talk about Cornerstone's restaurants, as well as where the industry is at right now. Support Cornerstone's fantastic...


New slasher flick ‘GetAWAY’ brings old school horror to VOD: Writer/Director Blayne Weaver & Actress Emma Norville (Episode 523)

Get ready for a fun new slasher flick to distract you from wrapping presents and waiting out the vaccine. “GetAWAY” has an old school horror vibe, but with distinctly modern twists. The film comes out 12/23 on VOD and DVD, and writer/director Blayne Weaver and lead actor Emma Norville join me to talk about the movie. Check out our (mostly spoiler free) discussion tonight, then watch the movie tomorrow!


Shoes next: The history of 'signature shoes' with author Ryan Trembath (Episode 522)

As I type this, my feet are resting comfortably in a pair of Jack Purcells. The history of “signature shoes” goes way back, and to walk us through that history is Ryan Trembath, author of “Signature Shoes: The Athletes Who Wore Them and Delightful Pop Culture Nuggets.”