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Yak Channel is a podcast network featuring shows on Chicago nightlife and culture. Listen for weekly podcasts on sex (REVEALING with Michelle L'Amour), music (JBTV), food (Car Con Carne with James VanOsdol), small business/comics (Contest of Challengers) living with disability (Quad Podcast) and more!

Yak Channel is a podcast network featuring shows on Chicago nightlife and culture. Listen for weekly podcasts on sex (REVEALING with Michelle L'Amour), music (JBTV), food (Car Con Carne with James VanOsdol), small business/comics (Contest of Challengers) living with disability (Quad Podcast) and more!


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Yak Channel is a podcast network featuring shows on Chicago nightlife and culture. Listen for weekly podcasts on sex (REVEALING with Michelle L'Amour), music (JBTV), food (Car Con Carne with James VanOsdol), small business/comics (Contest of Challengers) living with disability (Quad Podcast) and more!






Wild Weekend (The Daily Life of Frank)

What a wild weekend! Frank recaps his son’s birthday weekend, an almost devastating spider incident, why he is so proud of his kids, and more!


Cobra Lounge welcomes a return to normalcy (Episode 623)

It’s time to light the masks on fire, have a cold beer, listen to loud music, eat kickass food and re-embrace the concept of what ‘Saturday night’ can be. Cobra Lounge (235 N. Ashland) owner Louie Mendicino returns to the show, along with returning guest, artist George Zak. They preview this coming Saturday night’s “return to normalcy” party at Cobra (6/19/21), talk about Cobra history, music, live events, the local bar and entertainment communities and, oh yeah… WE HAD HOT DOG SOUP AND IT...


Vicious Kicks, hot sausage and a songwriting triumph for David Singer (Episode 623)

An early favorite for my 2021 “best of” list is David Singer & the Sweet Science’s new album, “Vicious Kicks.” After years of exemplary songwriting, David has outdone himself with this new release. David and I met at Roma’s on the northwest side for Italian beef. I went with the Atomic Combo, seeing as it includes a Hot Doug’s sausage. David is a very dry, very funny guy to chat with. I think you’ll like this interview. Car Con Carne is sponsored by Siren Records McHenry


On location at the Rock Island Public House drive-in parking lot with Mike Vanderbilt (Episode 621)

The Mazda 3 makes it to Blue Island for an in-person, in-car recording with Mike Vanderbilt of Rock Island Public House! We talk about the fantastic drive-in schedule at RIPH (Don Knotts weekend!), eat killer food from Butter Upon Bacon (I tried the “Mike Vanderbilt” burger), and preview the Chicago podcast compilation-on-vinyl, Phonation. Mike co-hosts (with Adam Carlson) the wonderful “Windy City Double Feature Picture Show” podcast, which is one of the ten podcasts that will be pressed...


Record Store Day live from Siren Records (Episode 620)

Record Store Day, 6/12/21: I recorded this one from the front of Siren Records in McHenry, just as the doors opened at 8 a.m. I talked with owner Bill Linquist about the state of record store retail, the pros and cons of RSD and what the interesting releases were for this drop.


WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre (Episode 619)

Drew McIntyre is a giant among men and a giant in professional wrestling. He’s a 2-time WWE champion… former Intercontinental champion… 2 time Raw tag team champion… a Royal Rumble winner… a guy who’s worked every corner of the business and climbed his way to the very top… the Scottish Warrior joins me for a special daytime episode of Car Con Carne. Don’t miss RAW, returning to Chicago on August 2 at the Allstate Arena. Scheduled to appear: Bobby Lashley Charlotte Flair Kofi Kingston Randy...


Transforming ‘painful reminders’ of gang life or human trafficking enslavement into beautiful art: Ink 180 (Episode 618)

Victims of human trafficking are often “branded” with tattoos of pimps’ names or bar codes. Gang members’ tattoos are proof of allegiance. But what happens when a human trafficking victim escapes enslavement? When a gang member leaves the life? Those tattoos … those markings remain as painful reminders of the horrifying situations they were in. Chris Baker runs Ink 180, a tattoo studio in Oswego that also focuses most of its energies on removing or covering up those painful reminders. He’s a...


The Ultimate Summer (The Daily Life of Frank)

The Summer of 2021 is going to be ultimate, and Frank will explain why! Plus Frank talks about his kids starting their own YouTube channels, his son’s upcoming birthday bash, struggling to find a vacation destination, and more!


The FEW Spirits distillery tour and conversation with Paul Hletko (Episode 617)

Evanston was a hotbed for the temperance movement and remained a dry town for many decades. These days, it’s home to one of our favorite distilleries, the very-local and very-excellent FEW Spirits. We went onsite to the distillery for a tour and chat with owner and master distiller Paul Hletko for this special episode. Video produced by ZSpang and Giorgio Reyes Sponsored by Siren Records McHenry


We Back (The Daily Life of Frank)

hasn’t done in 25 years. Plus he talks about how Chicago is beginning to boom, COVID restrictions possibly being lifted, seeing a Quiet Place 2 and more!!


Launching the podcasts-to-vinyl 'Phonation' project (Episode 616)

What is Phonation? I'm chatting about the podcasts-on-vinyl crowdfunding project with my co-conspirators Giorgio Reyes and Zach Spangler. We had plenty of video mishaps as we recorded (it's been a long time since I did car-based podcasts on a regular basis), but the audio sounds great! Check out the Kickstarter ! Car Con Carne is sponsored by Siren Records McHenry


Rancid tribute and 924 Gilman St: Alex Botkin from Lavasocks Records (Episode 615)

Alex Botkin of Lavasocks Records joins me to talk about the rerelease of 80s punk comp “The Thing That Ate Floyd” and the forthcoming Rancid tribute “And Out Come the Lawsuits.” Sponsored by Siren Records McHenry


Letdown joins us for hot dogs as we RETURN TO THE CAR! (Episode 614)

Letdown is the next band to break big out of Chicago. Half a million TikTok users can’t be wrong… Blake Coddington of Letdown returns to Car Con Carne just as the podcast makes its return to recording in the car! As we talk about Blake’s career, we share dinner at Byron’s Hot Dogs at 1701 W. Lawrence (thanks to Mike and his team there). It felt amazing to return to the car! Thanks to Siren Records McHenry for sponsoring the show.


Love & Marriage (The Daily Life of Frank)

Frank and his wife will be celebrating 14 years this week! He talks about how great his wife is, dinner dates at night, and how their bad luck has struck again. Plus, he talks about the kids in his neighborhood, why you shouldn’t cross Olivia Rodrigo, and much more!


State of Sound: A World of Music in Illinois (Episode 613)

The music of Illinois is on display in Springfield at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in the “State of Sound: A World of Music in Illinois” exhibit. I made the trip there to record a special episode of Car Con Carne from the studio created especially for the exhibit. Joining me in a deep dive into various aspects of the exhibit and Illinois music history is “State of Sound” curator/old friend Lance Tawzer. Back in the day, I knew Lance as a musician (The Lupins, Material Issue), but...


'Throwing the Game' 20 years later: Lucky Boys Confusion (Episode 612)

Has it really been 20 years since Lucky Boys Confusion released their breakthrough album, "Throwing the Game?" As the band readies a live stream performance for Thursday at 8pm, they join me to reflect on Throwing the Game.


'Situation Chicago 2' benefit album arrives this week (Episode 611)

The first "Situation Chicago" benefit album is out of print, and a new one is on the way! Trey Elder of Quiet Pterodactyl returns alongside Shawn and Matthew of Miirrors to preview Situation Chicago 2, a benefit album of Chicago notables including Miirors, Umprhey's McGee, Jeff Parker, Robust and more!


1990s (The Daily Life of Frank)

Let’s talk about the 90s! Frank talks about how excited he is for one of his favorite childhood game shows to return, his love for 90s nostalgia, his many adventures to the movie theaters, how his kids wouldn’t do well in the 90s, a new podcast launching this week, and more!


Band in Austria/Banned in America: DeeCRACKS (Episode 610)

Ramones song structures collide with Motorhead rock swagger, and the result is glorious. Meet Austrian punk heroes DeeCRACKS Sponsored by Siren Records McHenry


“We are stronger together than what we are divided” - Humanity is the Genre (Episode 609)

"Humanity is the Genre" is a fantastic new music compilation benefitting Haven Studios and Guitars Over Guns. Joining me to talk about it tonight are Freddie Bell (Electric Train), Add-2 (Haven Studios/Guitars Over Guns), artist Emma Young and Columbia College Internship & Career Advisor Tom Joyce.