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The just stating the facts!!!! (Our Facts) hosted by Rece Moss and Lonnie Beans where the guys give there objective opinions on things in the everyday life and also things that happen in other people life who is the public eye that they can relate to.


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The just stating the facts!!!! (Our Facts) hosted by Rece Moss and Lonnie Beans where the guys give there objective opinions on things in the everyday life and also things that happen in other people life who is the public eye that they can relate to.




Episode 18 feat Big Mza & DJ Ang 3/9/23

Beans and Moss is back with they newest episode as of March 9th 2023 the guys of J.S.T.F. podcast is joined by Big MZA and Dj Ang as they discuss Do you believe you have to go through failure to truly understand success & Should a broke man or does his main focus need to be on getting his finances in order also do you think a man who expresses to a woman that he doesn’t want to have a kid with her but gets her pregnant should still have to take care of the baby and more tap in.


episode 17 2/28/23

newest episode as of Feb 28th 2023


Episode 16 1/27/23

Beans and Moss is back for the 1st time in 2023 tap in and listen to what they got to say after a long lay off.


episode 15 - 10/26/22

newest episode


Episode 14 Old & Easy feat crack - 10-12-22

newest episode


Episode 13 Debo live to see another day!! - 10/3/22

episode from oct 3 2022


Episode 12 Emotional trash bags - 9/13/22

What we talking about on the new episode? This is the newest episode. This is the latest episode we recorded tap in to this week episode sit back and enjoy


Episode 11 - 8/20/22

On this episode Lonnie Beans and Rece Moss talk about Do you think confidence and ego are attached to people's position. Do you embrace change or do you fight for your norm. If you had to choose to be only one for your family would you be a provider or protecter? Also a few more topics tap in and enjoy make sure you subscribe like comment and share hope you enjoy.


Episode 10 - 8/13/22 Feat. Eric & Mike

This week the guys of J.S.T.F is joined by they brothers of the We Here Now podcast they touch on topics such as What does loyalty mean....Do you have expectations for people and if so what's your reaction when someone fails to meet them or exceed them. Dealing with in-laws or friends of your significant other what's the best approach and What's the most powerful feeling? And a list of other topics make sure y’all sit back listen enjoy and give your feed back.


Episode 9 - 7/31/22

The guys speak on Transgenders in sports and why it’s not a issue in the black community as of NOW trump comments about Lebron James and how click bait headlines is dangerous The black quarterbacks still getting scrutinize in this day in age jump into the age old debt Young niggas vs old nigga debt and plays a clip from Jak knight (Rest In Peace) stand up Getting flew out Do you think men in relationships are more desirable than single men Renew marriage license every Is it better to learn...


Episode 8 featuring Michael Aka Mike Guard- 7/23/22

On this week episode the guys are joined by Mike (Guard) the getting into talking about things arranging from Judging people or getting judged off someone else opinions, Dave Chapelle being canceled at a Minnesota show Race is the social construct, How can we protect what we created in the urban culture can we help the youth understand the information they have these young men wear ski mask and hoodies And one of the places they believe it stems from….. and are J.S.T.F. question of the week...


Episode 7 - 7/16/22

The guys are back this week with special guest Mia and Matt the touch on things like Does looks matter when dealing with the other sex what if your freak level is a 10 and your partner is a 5 can it work Is it normal that men cheat how valuable is a woman looks and what do you value in the other sex the most sit back and enjoy make sure you rate review and subscribe..


Episode 6 - 7/9/22

Beans and moss is here with another one this week they Discuss What would you rather have successful career or family which leads to them talking about Can money buy happiness and how important is happiness When do we stop work to make someone else dream and start working towards are own. Then jumps to how they feel about transgenders in sports and our they for or against college.


Episode 5 - 7/2/22

On this week’s episode the guys discuss What does someone have to have for you to value there advice Should single people take advice from marry people and Vice versa Can men and women be platonic friends how parents should be aware how certain ways you say things to kids affect the kid ego and psyche and close it out talking the McDonald’s baby dad.


How do I reset the love: Episode 4 - 6/25/22

Lonnie Beans and Rece Moss are back with another episode this week the guys question how to you reset your love life after begin in a long term relationship can you get back to that quote un quote honeymoon stage. also briefly talk about the black man struggle with being called either over masculine or to sensitive and how that can hurt communication in romantic relationship.


Episode 3 - 6/18/22

On this episode the guys is joined by a childhood friend Shock and the talk about if they are here for the hoochie daddy shorts movement and other fashion things they agree with or disagree with also touch on why do some people get trapped in bad enviroments and others overcoming and make it out them situations.


Episode 2 - 6/11/22

The guys are back with episode 2 where they into in-depth conversation about gun violence and the things that cause gun violence in urban communities also talk about growing apart from people to better yourself and also better your situation and how in some case it is necessary for growth for all parties involved.


6-4-22 - Episode 1

Lonnie Beans and Rece Moss is here to give there take on Kevin Samuels and the talk surrounding him since his death Dr. Umar and his cherry hill run in with the white women coach Nick Saban hating on Deion Sanders and Jada Pinkett never learning the what goes on in your household stays in your household rule even if the world sees it it’s still none of they business and the impact of men in households and just a few reasons of why it’s so important.