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Illustrators Will Terry, Lee White, and Jake Parker talk about illustration, how to do it, how to make a living at it, and how to make an impact in the world with your art.

Illustrators Will Terry, Lee White, and Jake Parker talk about illustration, how to do it, how to make a living at it, and how to make an impact in the world with your art.
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Illustrators Will Terry, Lee White, and Jake Parker talk about illustration, how to do it, how to make a living at it, and how to make an impact in the world with your art.




Listener Questions

This episode is a grab back full of pro hacks. We get a lot of great questions from our listeners, and in this episode we go over some of those. We go over tips on developing an awesome process, productivity hacks, how to more wisely approach Inktober and other monthly art challenges, and our thoughts about student grade art supplies.


Creating a Great Concept For Your Illustration

The foundation of a great illustration is a great concept. So often, as artists, we want to rush through the conceptual phase of an illustration to get to rendering things out and making it look amazing, often grazing over the concept or heart of our piece. In this episode we go over the importance of a solid concept, share some of our thought process for coming up with good concepts, and share advice while going over some common mistakes to avoid when coming up with a concept.


The Style Episode

How do you find your style? For some it seems to come naturally and for others it can be a source of great stress. Hopefully this episode helps give you some ideas for how you can accelerate as you work to develop your own style. In this episode we evaluate each others styles, share our influences, discuss ways to foster and grow your own style, and the importance of style as it relates to your career goals.


Transitioning to a Career in Art

Transitioning to a career in art can seem daunting and risky. It takes time and persistence, but it is possible and so rewarding. In this episode we discuss some important things to consider when breaking into the field, such as multiple streams of revenue, easing into things, work life balance, finances, and craft.


When Did You Know You Would Make It?

Getting started in a career in art can be a bit nerve racking, there are no guarantees. In this episode we share about the beginning of our creative journeys and some of our insecurities and self doubts, we will also share about what gave us hope to push on and when we knew that we would be able to make a career out of art.


How to Social Media

Most creatives feel a pressure to be active on social media and to be building a following around their work. In this episode we talk about how to determine which social media platforms are best for you, how to use hashtags wisely, and how to best leverage the strengths of Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and E-mail.


How to Change

Everyone wants to improve and try new things, but why is change so hard? Sometimes we box ourselves into a certain identity or style and feel like we can't deviate, or we get comfortable and fear failure. In this episode we discuss why consistent improvement and change is so vital to creatives, and go over practical things you can do to create lasting changes in your life.


Pricing Your Work

"How much should I charge?" This is a common question that every professional artist needs to confront and understand, yet it is often talked about so vaguely which leads to a lot of confusion and mystery. In this episode we hope to shed some much needed light on the subject. We go over day rates, how much beginning children's book illustrators typically make, things to consider when pricing your work, negotiation tips, whether or not you should do work for exposure, and the benefits to...


Post Graduate Advice

This is the season of people embarking on the next step of their life journeys, graduating from high school, college, etc. In today’s episode we discuss ways you can move forward in your creative journey, discuss the need to be focused, the importance of craft, life experiences, personal projects, and sharing your work. Great advice for any recent grads or really anyone who wants to improve as an artist or person.


Building A Strong Portfolio

Portfolios. Everyone talks about them, works on theirs, and knows that they are important. In this episode we go over how to add focus to your portfolio, the importance of a business plan, and offer advice on how you can beef up your portfolio, and become a more focused, well rounded creator.


How to Convey a Message or Story With Your Art

Illustration is all about storytelling, yet sometimes it can be really difficult to make sure your stories are clear and interesting. In this episode we go over a bunch of tips and things you can do to make sure that your illustrations are filled to the brim with clear and engaging storytelling.


Work / Life Balance

How do you balance family, work, personal growth, exercise, hobbies, etc? Work / Life balance is one of those things that is universal and something that we all deal with every day. We get a lot of people asking us about this and in this episode we share about how to work more intensely, about the need to get your finances in order, our schedules and tips for scheduling, and why you need to have side interests and live a life full of meaningful experiences.


How to Become a Better Children's Book Artist

This episode is one of our grab bag episodes. We have 3 topics that we cover that all pertain to becoming a better children's book artist. We go over the importance of public speaking skills, our thoughts on how to draw women respectfully, and how to add meaning and emotion to your illustration work.


How to Make an Impact With Your Art

"How to do illustration, how to make a living at it, and how to make an impact in the world with your art." If you listen to our podcast frequently that probably sounds very familiar to you. We have focused a lot on the first two in most of our episodes but today we want to talk more about the third part of our podcast introduction that we don’t talk about as much which is: How to make an impact in the world with your art. We go over ways in which we have seen our art impact the world and...


Roadblocks to Success

Have you ever felt stagnant in your life or your career? We all encounter roadblocks and in this episode we go over some very common roadblocks that are encountered by everyone from the most beginning student to the most seasoned pro. We talk about how to get those roadblocks out of your way and how to be great, beat that stagnation, and reach your full potential.


How to Be the Best Art Student

Whether you have been drawing professionally for years, are a college student, or are coming back to art after a long hiatus, we are all students. Have you ever wondered what it takes to be the best student you can be? In this episode we go over some negative mindsets that students sometimes have, share tips on improving your learning and ability to be taught, and share how you can best utilize SVSLearn and online learning resources.


Tools of the Trade

Sometimes the question, “What tools do you use?”, gets a bad rap. However it actually is a great question. If you walk into an art store there are a plethora of different types of pens, brushes, paints, paper, etc. Today we would like to give some clarity as to what materials we feel are essential, which are nice to have, and those we feel are not necessary. We’ll geek out over the tools we love and share advice as to what you should get, what you may want to steer clear of, and why.


Successfully Failing

Today we want to talk about failure. As we talk about our successes, inextricably linked to that is our failures. What does it mean to fail? How do you deal with failure? And how do you move on from it? We hope that you can come away from this episode feeling empowered to keep trying, failing, learning, and growing. Let’s learn to successfully fail.


A Year's Worth of Lessons

"New year, new me!" A new year provides plenty of excitement as everyone makes goals and sets resolutions for improvement, it is also a great time for reflection on things learned from the year prior. In this episode, we share some of the lessons we learned from 2018, and hopefully some of these lessons can be helpful for you this year. Happy New Year!


The Stories We Tell

Stories are as old as civilization itself, and as humans we can't help but tell stories. In this episode we share common plots, themes, and ways to understand and better come up with good stories. We also share some of the stories that have been influences on us and who we are as artists and storytellers.