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40 Lessons is a podcast about the lessons we've learned about family, career, community and the lessons we are still learning. Host Todd B. Waldo and his guests share their stories, insight and wisdom to encourage listeners to take care of themselves and each other.

40 Lessons is a podcast about the lessons we've learned about family, career, community and the lessons we are still learning. Host Todd B. Waldo and his guests share their stories, insight and wisdom to encourage listeners to take care of themselves and each other.
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40 Lessons is a podcast about the lessons we've learned about family, career, community and the lessons we are still learning. Host Todd B. Waldo and his guests share their stories, insight and wisdom to encourage listeners to take care of themselves and each other.






40 Lessons - Episode 33 - Lessons from the journey to freedom with Kinta Turner

On this episode, Todd B. Waldo sits down with Kinta Turner, owner of The Freedom Factor. They share their stories of family, music, college, marriage, trauma and their journey to healing and freedom. Kinta Turner, The Chief Freedom Officer™, is a transformation and trauma coach, an engineer, co-author and a double entrepreneur. She is a domestic violence survivor who has mastered the art of reclaiming life after trauma, not because she studied it in a classroom but because she had to do it...


40 Lessons - Episode 32 - Lessons from TEDxRVA, trauma and the call to connection

As Todd B. Waldo and the TEDxRVA team take a break from producing events, this episode shares his appreciate for the team and their work over the last five years. And looks back at their salon on June 21 at the Virginia Treatment Center for Children on adverse childhood experiences in our community. The event featured the talk from TEDxRVA 2016 by Dr. Allison Jackson, A Call to Connection: Making Childhood Trauma Personal ( https://youtu.be/-HG8H4n2j9I ). In this episode, Todd talks about...


40 Lessons - Episode 31 - One more lesson from commitment, partnership and fatherhood

During last month’s Creative Mornings in Richmond, Todd B. Waldo shared his best yes commitments and challenged everyone to stay committed to what matters most. This episode is about one more yes - to a parenting partnership for his daughter. And Todd’s reflections on being a Dad during this season of his life. The event spotlight for this episode is the Next Move Program. The Next Move Program provides work and educational experiences to young adults with disabilities as they transition...


40 Lessons - Episode 30 - Lessons from the Black excellence in Richmond

Inspired by the Richmond Public High School students in Reynolds College Early College Academy, this episode explores the impact of the Black excellence in Richmond. And the opportunity to build on our legacy, realize the greatness within and pour it into others. The event spotlight for this episode is Better Housing Coalition’s Stay Home RVA, Richmond’s first non-event gala to raise awareness of the need for affordable housing in our region. May 10-17. Learn more at www.stayhomerva.org 40...


40 Lessons - Episode 29 - Any lessons from them breaking our Black bodies?

Power coupled with racism against people of color have life threatening and life alternating consequences. What do we learn about ourselves and our community when confronted with the inequality and injustice is revealed? The hope shared in this episode of 40 Lessons is that we will be honest enough to recognize our racist thoughts we have accepted as truth and decide to learn something new. And that our community will not be silent as we hold people in power accountable. The event...


40 Lessons - Episode 28 - Lessons on manhood, Blackness, family and community with Damon Jiggetts

On this episode, Todd B. Waldo sits down with Damon Jiggetts, Executive Director of Peter Paul Development Center. And they talk about lessons they have learned and are still learning about manhood, Blackness, family and our community. As well as their top five MCs. The mission of Peter Paul Development Center is to support the residents of the East End of Richmond and educate its students, equipping them to serve as positive contributors to their family, community, and society. They exist...


40 Lessons - Episode 26 - Black pride, Panther and the problem with my brown skin

The journey from shame to pride is remembered as Todd B. Waldo looks back over the Richmond Black Restaurant Experience, created by Amy Wentz, Shemicia Bowen and Kelli Lemon ( vablackrestaurantexperience.com ). The interactions that week affirmed a sense of home and place and resonated with the emotions sparked by the film Black Panther. This Black pride is not a dividing line. It creates space for authentic connection with others. Taking the journey to discover your pride and affirm your...


40 Lessons - Episode 25 - Black history lessons keep teaching me and giving me hope

The film by Stanley Nelson and Marco Williams “Tell Them We Are Rising” has once again stirred the appreciation I feel when I learn more about the history of Black people in this country. This film focuses on the rich history of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and the world around them over the last 150 years. Seeing the courage of the men and women who fought to secure the future realized in my life everyday, my hope for a better future for my daughter is reignited. And I am...


40 Lessons - Episode 24 - Learning the lesson to be good so I can be good

As I think about the lessons learned in my almost 43 years and the lessons I’m still learning, the lesson to be good to myself and prioritizing my selfcare and balance so that I have something to give to my family, career and community is still taking root in my life. Listen to all episodes on iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play and Stitcher at toddbwaldo.com/podcast. Send your feedback, questions and comments to todd@toddbwaldo.com


40 Lessons - Episode 21 - The hope of our RVA as we live in Richmond

The the last seven years, the RVA brand has grown to represent the best of what we have to offer here in Richmond. While we live in Richmond and work through the impact of policies and practices from generations ago that still determine quality of life today, we need to have two conversations. One that builds us up and helps to imagine and realize a better version of ourselves. And another that tears down the legacy of injustice as we build a better city. Our “tale of two cities” is deeper...


40 Lessons - Episode 20- A Richmond love weekend, away from hate

After a weekend that included diverse, artist engagements full of love and respect, this episode is a reminder to lean into love and not give hate the attention it seeks. The real problems and the realized impacts of our policies and practices that marginalize people generation after generation require our attention. There is a call to action to serve people and only love and respect can help us respond to that call.


40 Lessons Episode 19 After Charlottesville a good step on the journey for Richmond’s faith leaders

Charlottesville was another clear demonstration of hate that shows us what is wrong with our world. It is important for people of faith, especially my fellow leaders, to recognize the bias and racism in us and change how we apply what we believe and lead our churches. Many faith leaders in Richmond have signed the Richmond pastors statement of unity at www.richmondpastorsstatement.org and this is a good first step. What comes next is an application of what we affirmed by typing a name and...


40 Lessons - Episode 18 - Demonstrate love to counter hate and racism

I have been experiencing racism since I was 5 years old and for the last 37 years those initial experiences have impacted my life in deep and profound of ways. Today I reflect on those experiences and what happened in Charlottesville Saturday August 12. And hope we are all motivated to examine ourselves, grow in love and demonstrate that love in our community.


40 Lessons - Episode Fun - July 4th fireworks better seen and not heard??

A special guest returns to test our new 40 Lessons Behringer studio setup and talk about July 4th fireworks


40 Lessons - Episode 17 - Better than doing a TEDx talk for TEDxRVA

For the last 5 years I’ve been a part of TEDxRVA. I went from a chair in the audience at the Power Plant on the canal to backstage running production at the Carpenter Theater. Now I have the best seat in the house! In this episode, I share some special moments and the impact of TEDxRVA on my life Here are the talks featured in this episode: A Moment in Time: A Police Sergeant's Observation | Sgt. Carol Adams | TEDxRVAWomen 2016 https://youtu.be/c6mFG9WqIGo STEM and the Arts | Dr. Makola...


40 Lessons - Episode 16 - Creating a cadence of connection that will serve the city

How do we come together as leaders across our areas of influence to help the city through the incremental change that will ultimately transform Richmond? Let’s find a way to come together more often and inspire action!


40 Lessons - Episode 15 - Lynching is an outrage important for us to see

Our journey creating reconciled community must include exploration of our history. Some of that history is hard and difficult to understand. But we can’t run from the truth. Truth is required for us to secure a better future. I appreciate Hannah Ayers and Lance Warren at Field Studio creating the documentary film An Outrage ( www.an-outrage.com ). It can help people understand our pain, anger and fear as we deal with present violence reminding us of past atrocities.


40 Lessons - Episode 14 - Mourning the loss of two teenagers but trying not losing hope

In the midst of grief and heartbreak, we mourn the loss of two teenagers Mikkaisha and Taliek killed this past week in Mosby Court. Parents should never have to bury their children, especially when it is because of senseless violence like this. I'm trying not to lose hope that our neighborhood and city can be better. And resolve to continue doing something to try and make that happen. We can’t be silent. If you saw something, say something. Call Crime Stoppers at 804.780.1000 or got to...


40 Lessons - Episode 13 - Five of our family friendly RVA favorites

A special guest returns to the podcast to talk about some of our favorite things to do in RVA. We talk about enjoying parks, museums, the James River and food as a family. So many things we get to enjoy together that are, as my guest says, “so cool!”


40 Lessons - Episode 12 - Journey from awareness to burden for action

This weekend started with Angela Davis at the Afrikana Film Festival Evening with an Icon and ended with the five year anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s murder. Significant bookends as I reflect on my journey and how I have to maintain my conviction for service and action in my community.