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157: Katie Sturino on Good Body Vibes, Great Fashion, and Making a Pet IG Famous

This week, Claire and Erica talk with fall in love with Katie Sturino, founder of style blog The 12ish Style, dog momager to these famous pups, and the mind behind Megababe, the internet’s most empowering female hygiene brand. Clearly, there’s plenty to discuss. P.S. You’ve got to try this silky, smooth, and delightfully sheer tinted face oil that Claire calls “foundation for dummies.” Get yours for 10% off with the code AFEWTHINGS.


156: Nike’s Coach Bennett on Why Running Makes Everything Better

This week, Claire and Erica talk all things running with Coach Bennett, motivational guide and total athletic powerhouse (his résumé includes a four-minute mile!). On the docket: how meditation practice plays into his running philosophy, who should run a marathon, and hot tips for newbies that might just motivate you to lace up your shoes and go for a jog. P.S. The perfect slouchy beanie can be hard to find, but don’t worry, this cashmere stunner has you covered juuust in time. Get yours for...


155: Our Best Not-New Discoveries

In this very dairy-heavy episode, Claire and Erica are talking ice cream cakes, miniature coffee creamers (officially known as milkettes!), and more things that you’ve probably heard of—but maybe don’t appreciate as much as you should. P.S. Keetra Dean Dixon’s Glassy Retooling Crayons are standalone works of art and totally functional drawing tools. Get yours for 10% off with the code AFEWTHINGS.


154: Angela Garbes on Doing Things Like a Mother

This week, we got to break it down with Angela Garbes, a total badass and the author of Like a Mother: A Feminist Journey Through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy, the only parenting book Claire insisted her husband read immediately. But having or expecting a kid is hardly a prerequisite: Angela’s work and POV are totally fascinating for anyone who was born on this planet. P.S. Who’s got the best socks on the internet? Of a Kind, duh. Get yours for 10% off with the code AFEWTHINGS.


Episode 153: Glory Edim on Diversifying Your Bookshelf

This week, Glory Edim stops by to talk about founding and building the Well-Read Black Girl community—and what it was like editing some of the best writers in the whole dang world for her new anthology of the same name. P.S. It’s fall! Which means it’s time for the Miro Tee—but they’re going fast. Slip into one for 10% off with the code AFEWTHINGS while you can.


Episode 152: Fall into the Latest Best of 10 Things

It’s baaack—and we’re not just talking about crisp weather. This week, Claire and Erica are bringing you another round of highlights from their weekly 10 Things newsletter. Read on for all sorts of easy and delicious ways to upgrade your life. P.S. These fancy Strawberry Link Earrings will look great on you all year ‘round, and you can pocket a pair for 10% off with the code AFEWTHINGS.


Episode 151: Let’s Get into It with the Biz Whiz Behind Create & Cultivate

Bring on the fellow female entrepreneurs! This week, Claire and Erica are chatting with Jaclyn Johnson, creator of the wildly empowering Create & Cultivate conference. Oh yeah, and she’s a newly published author, too! Hit play to hear all about it and the other women she thinks are paving the way. P.S. It’s a moisturizer, it’s a foundation, it’s...Kosas Tinted Face Oil. And it’s everything. See for yourself for 10% off with the code AFEWTHINGS.


Episode 150: Maternity Fitness and Some Amazing Things You Might Already Know About

This week, Claire’s talking about the highs and lows of getting workouts in while expecting, and then we dive into all sorts of other great finds that aren’t fresh enough to make into 10 Things but that are still very much worth knowing about. P.S. This black checked dress is a year-round winner (hey, looks great with tights!), and you can snag yours for 10% off with the code AFEWTHINGS.


Episode 148: A Very Snacky Best of 10 Things

This week, Claire and Erica’s last dispatch from L.A. is a real snack mix—with a couple of bonus Best of 10 Things nods thrown in for good measure. P.S. Word Notebooks will forever be an Of a Kind favorite, and you can snag a three-pack for 10% off with the code AFEWTHINGS.


Episode 147: Wine Times with the Whiz Who Is Helen Johannesen

This week, fruit is front and center—first, Claire and Erica break down why and how they’re eating all the watermelon, and then it’s onto grapes with wine guru Helen Johannesen, the cutting-edge beverage director for the restaurants in the Jon & Vinny’s empire, the founder of Helen’s Wines, and a person we now desperately want to be friends with.


Episode 146: What to Expect When Claire’s Expecting

So, last week was a big one, and this week we’re doing a deeper dive into motherhood and pregnancy, talking all about Claire’s experience growing a human so far. Listen on for reading lists, shopping tips, and a least one toy that this fetus won’t be playing with for years but is probably already coveting. P.S. The best baby gift around are Estella’s squishy rattles, which we’ve got in hot sauce, hot dog, and avocado shapes, because you’ve gotta start ‘em young on all the best things in...


Episode 145: On Choosing —and Not Choosing—Motherhood

We’re baaack. And we’re jumping right in with a topic that’s been much-requested by our listeners: parenthood! Claire and Erica share their own personal decisions, some recommended reading, and a little bit of news. (We missed you, too.) P.S. We’ve been generously swiping on the hydrating, brightening Olio e Osso balms ever since we got our hands on them, and you can do the same for 10% off with the code AFEWTHINGS.


Episode 116: Talkin' Shop with the Founder of Ban.do, The Most Fun Brand This Side of the Web

We're highlighting some of our favorite past episodes! Original air date 1.8.18. If you properly appreciate the mood-boosting power of a fun phone case, you’ve probably come across Ban.do. The pop-culture-heavy accessories line is the brainchild of Jen Gotch, and she’s just as delightful, honest, and badass as the moniker mugs she sells.


Episode 122: All the Books We Can’t Wait to Read and Listener Mailbag!

We're highlighting some of our favorite past episodes! Originally aired 2.18.18. In this episode, Claire and Erica are responding to some particularly noteworthy messages they’ve gotten recently, and chat about all the amazing books they can’t wait to curl up with.


Episode 103: Joe Holder, Trainer to the Stars (and Claire!), on All Things Exercise

We're revisiting some of our favorite episodes! In this one, originally aired 10.2.17, Joe Holder, aka @ochosystem, talks about why getting your head right is more important than getting your body tight.


Episode 144: Glynnis MacNicol Has So Much to Say About Being a Woman in Her Forties

After Claire and Erica talk TSA, yogurt parfaits, and the intersection of the two, they have a chat with Glynnis MacNicol, whose new memoir No One Tells You This is about turning forty as a single women with no kids—and just how satisfying that can be. Sidenote: Let the eyes have it with Lily Lolo's all-natural mascara that stays put and makes your lashes look good as hell. It’s 10% off with the code AFEWTHINGS!


Episode 143: Claire Wasserman on Doing Her Part to End the Wage Gap

On this week’s episode, Claire and Erica have a topic hot off the garlic presses: whether or not those little kitchen devices actually work. And speaking of work, Claire Wasserman, the powerhouse founder of Ladies Get Paid, stops by to talk closing the pay gap, negotiating promotions, and what happens when women share their money stories. P.S. If you’re looking for some light in your life, Claire and Erica recommend the Hawkins candlesticks—which are 10% off with the code AFEWTHINGS!


Episode 142: Why Older Athletes Are Thriving, with the Guy Who Wrote a Book on It

On this episode, Claire and Erica are pondering a cashless economy—and what that that means for the bankless. They’re also talking about how big-money athletes are staying stronger, longer, with Jeff Bercovici, the San Francisco bureau chief of Inc. magazine and the author of Play On: The New Science of Elite Performance at Any Age—and what that means for the rest of us. P.S. There’s more than one way to go pro. Snagging the Floral Society’s Ceramic Flower Frog Vase will make anyone feel...


Episode 141: A Grocery-Centric Round of Listener Feedback

A few weeks ago, Claire and Erica came clean about the dirty truth that they’re not so into washing produce—and you people had some opinions (and tips!) about that. You also delivered some brilliant ideas for using up a can of chipotle peppers and thoughts on the best GF breads, and we are here for all of it. P.S. Of a Kind’s big summer sale is happening now through July 9, with 30% (and more!) off all kinds of amazingness—including this thoroughly wonderful woven tote by Someware. Get it...