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A conversation with Dayton's unsung, hometown heroes who inform, inspire and entertain.








Amanda Wright-Lane, Aviation Royalty!

EP # 99: From the historic 1903 flight of the Wright Brothers, UAS Drone technology at Sinclair Community College, world-class displays at The National Museum of the United States Air Force to aeronautical innovation at Wright-Patt, no other city in the world tells the complete aviation story better than Dayton, Ohio. So, why have only 10% of Daytonian's ever visited one of the 17 Aviation Trail sites? Host Dan Edwards shares the microphone with Amanda Wright-Lane, the Great Grand Niece of Orville and Wilbur Wright to get her thoughts as well as an update on the world-wide celebration coming in 2028 of the 125th Anniversary of the Wright Brothers revolutionary invention.


Michael Carter, We All Have Blind Spots!

EP # 98: Host Dan Edwards sits down with the pride of Springfield, Ohio, Michael Carter, Chief Diversity Officer at Sinclair Community College. Michael discusses the impactful people in his life, including the many teachers and coaches who molded him into the person he is today. Michael also speaks candidly about the negative consequences of social media, how sports has forever changed and he shares details of his latest passion-work, an impressive, African-American Museum he is curating that is open to the public.


Tim Forbess, Building Strong, Equitable Housing for an Underserved Population.

EP # 97: Dayton, Ohio has always been an innovative community. That innovation continues today with Tim Forbess, who builds as much with his heart as his head. Both elements are coming together in a massive 52.5 million dollar project that will transform the historical Salem Ave/Grafton Hill corridor, an area that hasn't seen this type of massive investment in over 80 years. Renovating iconic Longfellow Elementary (soon to be called Longfellow Commons) dormant since 2017, this project will not only provide much needed facilities for the surrounding community, but, it will also provide elder care and programming for Dayton's LGBTQ+ community. Host Dan Edwards also asks Tim about his revolutionary Storm Strong Homes that can be built quickly and affordably in areas hardest hit by severe storms which could become a national model for FEMA.


Business Coach Lois Elrich, Dysfunction Is Just A Word

EP # 96: Whenever I talk with Business Coach and Advisor Lois Elrich, my blood pressure seems to automatically go down. Lois has such an easy and calm demeanor that I find she is the perfect person to talk you through some of business life's most stressful moments. In this far reaching interview, I talk with this Aileron -trained consultant about building strong relationships with workers of all ages and how our generational differences can make us stronger. As co-owner of Solid Blend Water Technologies, she and her husband Ken have implemented her impactful workforce principals to become winners of DBJ's Prestigious Best Places to Work as well as Healthiest Places to Work awards. Join Lois for a Master Class in developing a successful workplace environment built on trust and transparency.


Carillon Park's Brady Kress, The Walt Disney of Dayton!

EP # 95: All aboard for a fun conversation with Brady Kress, President & CEO of Dayton History. Host Dan Edwards takes a nostalgic walk or rail ride down Carillon Park's historical past, including details of the brand new Carillon Park Railway. A dream of the park's originator, Col. Edwards Deeds, the 1851 railway is now a reality. The full-scale train takes park visitors on a one mile, grand circle tour around the 65 acre park on the banks of the Great Miami Riverway. Kress reveals fascinating stories of our region's forefathers who, at the turn of last century, seemed to have a friendly competition between themselves creating a culture of invention that continues to impact the world today. From the car self-starter, LED crystals, Cheez-It crackers, powered flight, pop top can, the ladder, football...that's why Brady always says, You Can't Go a Day Without Dayton.


2 News Meteorologist Jamie Jarosik, There's No Place Like Home!

EP # 94: Host Dan Edwards talks candidly with Jamie Jarosik in a very revealing podcast. For years we've watched this unflappable morning meteorologist predict weather patterns in the Dayton, Ohio region while working at WDTN, Channel 2. But, not even Jamie could predict the emotional storm created by a cancer diagnosis that appeared on her radar screen in 2021. Listen as Jamie shares her personal and professional insight into how she has dealt with this very private event while in the overly scrutinizing eye of the public.


Brigid's Path, Infant Recovery Revisited!

EP # 93: Host Dan Edwards returns to Brigid's Path in Kettering, Ohio to get an update on their unique services that improve the health of newborn babies and mothers impacted by addiction by offering grace for the past, support for the present, and hope for the future in a zero judgement zone. Jane Snyder from Brigid's Path and Brenda Stansfield from the Rotary Club of Kettering share details of an upcoming event to help raise awareness and operating funds for this incredible non-profit facility that is available in only four other cities in the country. Please like and share!


Jason Woodard, Building Excitement In Downtown Dayton

EP # 92 Jason Woodard is a soft spoken, unassuming developer who, along with Columbus-based developers Crawford-Hoying are changing the look and feel of downtown Dayton one building at a time and in some cases, one block at a time. Fresh off their 300 million dollar investment in the Water Street Project, Woodard and company continue to build upon the excitement of living and working downtown. But is there a fly in the ointment? Host Dan Edwards talks to Woodard about his thoughts on how the pandemic forever changed downtown Dayton's daytime workforce needs, how new Intel construction near Columbus could make the Miami Valley the next Silicon Valley and his thoughts on how the new On Main/ Fairgrounds project near Miami Valley Hospital could shift downtown Dayton's core.


Sharlet Briggs, Motivating a New Generation Through Mission Driven Employment

EP # 91 Sharlet Briggs is the first female President of Kettering Health's Flagship Hospital on Southern Blvd. in Kettering, Ohio. Originally from California, Briggs shares her unabashed love for the Dayton region and the welcoming and engaging people she's met. In a candid interview with host Dan Edwards, she shares the real struggles and challenges that still exist in her industry today caused by the mistrust born out of the pandemic and how Kettering Health's mission-driven message can help give Kettering Health a decided advantage attracting the healthcare workers of tomorrow.


Eric Jerardi, Success At His Fingertips!

EP # 90 CONTENT WARNING! Eric Jerardi only knows one way to live..on his own terms. He joins host Dan Edwards to talk about his influences and experiences, including his time on MTV as well as run-ins with OJ Simpson, Emeril Lagasse and scores of famous musicians who have impacted him most during an illustrious 35 year career as an iconic guitarist on the world stage. He also discusses how the death of his father and brother changed the trajectory of his life to motivate him to hone his skills as a jet-setting, gourmet chef and successful entrepreneur and the parallels he draws between them all that has created a rich, rewarding life.


Melissa Cutcher, The "IT Girl", Empowering Women in Technology First.

EP # 89: According to a recent survey, only 9.4 % of US Fortune 500 companies have a female CEO. Melissa Cutcher, would like to see this trend change, particularly in her chosen field. As Executive Director of Technology First, she is guiding her IT membership group to listen to all voices that will connect, strengthen and champion everyone in the exploding IT world. Melissa joins host Dan Edwards to discuss how the Dayton, Ohio region can be the next Silicon Valley for information technology.


Donna Kastner, Silver is Gold, Too Young To Be Done!

EP # 88: Everyday in this country, 10,000 people turn 65. Many are not ready for the knitting needles and the rocking chair. But, research shows us nationally, only 25% of older adults actively volunteer. Host Dan Edwards talks with Donna Kastner, who, along with the Dayton Foundation and The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission are developing programming to capture this seasoned intellect from legacy leaders at a time when it's needed most while creating the blue print for age-friendly communities of the future.


Cindy Garner, When Image Is Everything..You Need Clothes That Work!

EP # 87: It began 25 years ago when a group of businesswomen started a non-profit organization to help clothe, educate and empower the Dayton region's under-served to help their confidence when seeking employment. Dan Edwards talks with Cindy Garner, Executive Director of Clothes That Work about their evolving mission that is now taking their clothing and coaching services out into the community to reach a new generation.


Deb Feldman, Delivering Great Care For Dayton's Deserving Children!

EP # 86: She is one of the most influential women in the Dayton Region, making a difference in the lives of children. Listen as Dan Edwards talks with Deb Feldman, celebrating her first decade as President and CEO of Dayton Children's Hospital. It's a candid conversation about the many challenges facing the pediatric health care industry as well as the planned 100 million dollar campus expansion that will continue changing Dayton's cityscape as well as the positive impact Dayton Children's is having on the Valley Street Corridor in Old North Dayton.


It's the World Accordion to Good Time Charlie Campbell

EP # 85 He's an artist, musician, former educator, radio host and world traveler. But, he feels most at home in Dayton, Ohio where he and his wife Molly Campbell reside, high atop the Centerfield Flats apartments overlooking Day-Air Ball Park and his beloved downtown. It's the eclectic, electric Charlie Campbell who shines during this offbeat, meandering conversation with host Dan Edwards.


Calvin & Jennifer Mayne, Is there a Dorothy Lane?

EP # 84 It's a rare interview with one of Dayton, Ohio's most tasteful Power Couples! Feast on good conversation with Calvin Mayne and Jennifer Mayne as they talk with Dan Edwards about what inspires them as owners of the iconic Dorothy Lane Market brand. From International Award winning cakes to Killer Brownies now in 5,000 locations across the country, find out how, for 75 years, they have relied on their Foodie Family and Friends to establish and maintain this super grocery store as one of the most beloved franchises in the Dayton region.


Dr Jo Blondin, Clark State President. The Increasing Importance of Community Colleges

EP # 83 As an undergraduate at Purdue, Jo Alice Blondin struggled to gain her educational footing. But, with the help of family, friends and campus counselors, she quickly turned that early adversity into her life's calling, becoming a College President. Dan Edwards talks with Dr Jo about her journey that led her from the deserts of Arizona to Clark State, one of the most prestigious Community Colleges in the State, poised for national exposure for their cutting-edge curriculum and community collaboration which Blondin touts as her "Secret Sauce!"


Docu-Film Director Michael Webber, Lions, Tiger King and Bears..Oh My!

Episode # 82: Dayton-based Michael Webber knew he always wanted to be a filmmaker. But a chance book recommendation led him down a very dark and dangerous path and to the most gratifying work of his professional career that is making him feel proud as a Peacock! Join host Dan Edwards as he talks with this daring documentarian who's award winning Elephant in the Living Room (2010) and follow up docu-film The Conservation Game (2021) not only aided in exposing the bizarre sub-culture of the exotic animal industry but also how his work to preserve Big Cat Rescue is now gaining international support.


Tom Kelley, New United Way President: Supporting Families, Strengthening Communities!

Episode # 81: Tom Kelley may be the new President and CEO of United Way of the Greater Dayton Area, but he has been associated with this highly-respected, philanthropic organization for decades. Dan Edwards talks with Kelley about his career path, including his time as Assistant Administrator for Montgomery County and how that job prepared him to take on his biggest challenge to date.


Brigid's Path, Community Cares for Substance-Exposed Babies and their Mothers.

Episode # 80: Founder Jill Kingston and Development Director Nancy Slezak share heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking stories about their faith-based mission to love, without judgement, babies born into substance-use and the quality of care given to their mothers daily at Brigid's Path. They call it, "Hard but Holy work" that would not happen without the financial support of the Dayton Region. Find out why this state-of-the-art health care facility, one of only three in the country, is becoming the shining example of how to deal with this growing problem.