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Ep. 209 - Halloween (1978)

Sup spookmeisters. We are here to talk about one of the GOAT's, 1978's Halloween. Directed, scored, produced by John Carpenter. Written by Debra Hill and John Carpenter. We hope you enjoy the discussion and get excited for the new Halloween movie that will be coming out in October! Be sure to check back here for a discussion on that! please follow us on the social media (twitter and insta) @horroriblepod @paigecatsmith @stewardchance and if you find it in your cold, dead heart to...


Ep. 208 - Signs (ft. Jon Cozart)

We are back with another wonderful episode with another wonderful guest, Jon Cozart! We are here to talk about 2002's Signs! Written, directed, and produced by M. Night Shyamalan. Enjoy this very fun episode and be sure to keep a lookout for an upcoming franchise! Much love listeners, and stay hella spooky. twitter and insta: @Joncozart @horroriblepod @paigecatsmith @stewardchance


Ep. 207 - Hereditary (ft. Luis Reyes)

We are back with the divisive (and fairly new film), Hereditary. We have our good friend Luis Reyes with us on today! Hereditary was written and directed by Ari Aster. Until next time friends. Stay spooky and keep a look out for more eps headed your way. Social (insta and twitter): @horroriblepod @paigecatsmith @stewardchance


Ep. 206 - The Terror (Ep. 1 and 2) [ft. Aaron Bicart]

You know what's really scary? Trying new things. So this week we are talking about a TV Miniseries! Specifically AMC's "The Terror" we watch the first two eps and dive deep into the ice with our discussion. We are joined by the wonderful Aaron Bicart who is a dear friend of ours. woo! follow that social if you can @horroriblepod @paigecatsmith @stewardchance on insta and twitter And if you really love us.. a rating would be dope.


Ep. 205 - The Thing (ft. Ross Clark)

A John Carpenter classic. We have Ross Clark on this week with us, and he weighs in on his favorite horror movie The Thing! Join us as we discuss practical effects, suspense, and how sexy Kurt Russell is. Stay spooky and follow that social media my dudes. @ross.clark95 on that insta @horroriblepod @paigecatsmith and @stewardchance on twitter and insta


Ep. 204 - Final Destination (ft. Charlotte Rose)

Hi, been on a plane recently? Going on one soon? Hope not. Cause we are talking FINAL DESTINATION!!!!! We have a lovely guest this week, Charlotte York. And we are ready to kick butt and take names. She hosts her own pod (of which both your lovely hosts have eps of) called Love Drunk! Check it out on Itunes and follow her on insta @ohcharlotterose, twitter @ohcharrose and follow her pod on insta and twitter @lovedrunkpod ! Follow us on twitter and Insta @horroriblepod @paigecatsmith...


Ep. 203 - Paranormal Activity 3

NEW EPISODE COMING IN HOT Hello, sorry this episode is late, Chance had to move. But here we go! 2011's Paranormal Activity 3 directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman and written by Christopher B. Landon! Will Paige change her mind about the Paranormal franchise? Will Chance shut up about the fan? Find out in this episode! Follow on twitter and insta @horroriblepod @stewardchance @paigecatsmith


Ep. 202 - Paranormal Activity 2

Sup ghouls and gals. Hope you're enjoying your life. Here's some Paranomal Activity 2 for ya. We got Ghosts, we got dogs, we got weird haunted pool cleaners, we got it ALL. This ol film was directed by Tod Williams and written by Christopher B. Landon, Michael R. Perry and Tom Pabst. Check us out on twitter, tell your friends about us and keep being ya'll spooky selves. @horroriblepod (insta and twit) @paigecatsmith @stewardchance


Ep. 201 - Paranormal Activity

What is up spooky people! Starting off season 2 with the first 3 Paranormal Activity movies! Woo! Get pumped for some FOUND FOOTAGE and GENERAL FRIGHTS AND SPOOKS. As always you can find us on instagram and twitter @horroriblepod @paigecatsmith @stewardchance


Season 2 Announcement!

Hey there spooky people. Horrorible Pod is back for 2018. Get ready for more horror, more spooks, more scares, more laughs, more tears, more fun, more guests, more words. @horroriblepod on insta and twitter @stewardchance on insta and twitter @paigecatsmith on insta and twitter


Ep. 112 - The Babysitter

LISTENERS! It's so good to be back with this sweet little episode about Netflix's The Babysitter! A fun lil romp of a film, so listen to what we think on it! We love you listeners and stay so spooky! @horroriblepod (twitter and insta), @paigecatsmith and @stewardchance on twitter woo woo!


BONUS EP - Happy Death Day

What's up spooky people? Here this week with a bonus EP talking about the recent horror hit "Happy Death Day"! featuring special guest Gage Robinson (you can find him on insta @therealgagerobinson). Enjoy guys! Will be back next week! Be sure to let us know what you want to hear! We are on twitter so tell us there! @horroriblepod @paigecatsmith @stewardchance


Ep. 111 - Jigsaw

"Jig-Fucking-Saw" - An actual line from this film. WOW! 7 movies later and here we are. The 8th movie in the Saw franchise and the first one in 7 years! We have Gage Robinson in as a special guest. Give him a follow on insta @therealgagerobinson and psstt... follow us on twitter and insta @horroriblepod we love you and we wanna know what you wanna hear! Stay spoOoooOoooOooOky listeners.


Ep. 110 - The Witch

OUR 10th EPISODE! WITCHTOBER MARCHES ON!!! This week we have 2015's The VVITCH directed and written by Robert Eggers. This movie is crazy and a big favorite of Chance's, so we are very excited to share this episode with you! We want your suggestions on what you want to hear. There are so many horror movies, and we could just pick the ones we like but it's good to hear from people. So let us know on twitter or instagram @horroriblepod! We love you, and stay spooooOOooky listeners as we move...


Ep. 109 - Hocus Pocus

WITCHOBER IS GOING STRONG! We have our second movie of this incredibly witchy October month with HOCUS POCUS! A movie Chance has never seen and that Paige LOVES! While we know Hocus Pocus is not a horror movie, we still felt it appropriate to talk about it in this very spooky and witch-themed month. It's a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy. Be sure to follow us on twitter (and now instagram!!!) @horroriblepod for updates and future episodes. In this episode, we also mention Paige's other...


Ep. 108 - The Blair Witch Project

We are kicking off this Witchtober with the revolutionary Blair Witch Project. A short but sweet episode about a movie we really like. Taking recommendations for upcoming episodes, so find us on facebook or twitter and let us know what you want to hear! The Blair Witch Project Written, directed, and edited by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez @horroriblepod @paigecatsmith @stewardchance


BONUS EP - "It (2017)"

After some time Chance and Paige have finally seen "IT (2017)"! We figured you all might enjoy something non-Saw related, so here's us talking about IT! Enjoy and stay spooky. Directed by Andy Muschietti @HorroriblePod @Paigecatsmith @stewardchance


Ep. 107 - Saw 3D: The Final Chapter

We did it. We made it through all the Saw movies. I can without a doubt say this was the silliest of them all and it was such a joy to watch. I hope you have enjoyed our Saw series, it's been fun to make and learn. We shall continue forward providing entertainment I hope you love. Stay spooky ghoulies @horroriblepod Saw 3D: The Final Chapter Directed by Kevin Greutert


Ep. 106 - Saw VI

This week, it's Saw VI baby. This is quite the episode. This movie is AVERAGE and A MOVIE. Me and Paige ponder changing the podcast to focus on Venus Flytraps. Who knows? All I know is THIS IS SAW VI YES LET'S DO IT. Stay tuned for WITCHTOBER and stay up to date by following us on twitter @horroriblepod and stay very extra spoooOoooOky


Ep. 105 - Saw V

Another week, another Saw movie. This time we have the fifth (and possibly worst?) entry into the Saw Franchise. Only two more left! Then Jigsaw comes out October 27th! Ahh! Oh and did I mention that October is Witch month? We will be hitting 4 very witchy films for the month of October, so stay tuned! Be sure to rate/review and subscribe if you enjoy us. If you don't just go rag on us on twitter @horroriblepod, @paigecatsmith, and @stewardchance.