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The barbershop is a place where ideas are constantly discussed in a passionate way. The hosts Josh, Mike and John talking about topics from sports, music, dating and everything going on in pop culture. Listen if you enjoy an environment where men speak freely.

The barbershop is a place where ideas are constantly discussed in a passionate way. The hosts Josh, Mike and John talking about topics from sports, music, dating and everything going on in pop culture. Listen if you enjoy an environment where men speak freely.
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The barbershop is a place where ideas are constantly discussed in a passionate way. The hosts Josh, Mike and John talking about topics from sports, music, dating and everything going on in pop culture. Listen if you enjoy an environment where men speak freely.




EP. 8 | Pop Culture: Social Media PSA + Surviving R. Kelly + Power Review

The fellas talk about the important of protecting your children online who are using public social media profiles with all the kidnapping occurring within the past few months. Does your child have a social media profile? Mike and John talk about the aspects of Surviving R. Kelly and how there is an abundance of selective morality with the testimonies and backlash. Did you watch the documentary? What did you think about it? John and Mike also talk about the highly anticipated return to...


EP. 8 | Dating: Love Languages + Are Men Selfish Lovers?

Mike John and Josh talk about the validity of Love Languages – a concept written about by Gary Chapman in the book The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. Josh and John don’t really see the validity of these “Love Languages” beyond the pop culture indoctrination of following what is popular. Josh thinks each Love Language should be involved throughout the relationship instead of having one or two since people are multi-dimensional. Mike doesn’t want to have...


EP. 8 | Dear Josh: Josh Responds To Fan Mail

To star the 2020 year, A Nu U Radio has added a brand-new segment called “Dear Josh” where fans send in letters to Josh and he has an opportunity to respond. The first letter comes from Mike’s friend and coworker Tony. Mike and John seem incredibly entertained by the Tony’s letter and Josh’s response. We hope you enjoy and make sure you follow our Instagram and send your “Dear Josh” letters. Each episode will have a letter from the fellas and one from the ladies. Connect With A-Nu-U:...


EP. 8 | Intro: Jas Birthday Special

The fellas are back earlier than expected for a special episode to celebrate Jas’ birthday! Mike, John and Josh talk about what the A Nu U Barbershop means to them and how influential Jas has been in their lives. Additionally, how the barbershop brought them together and helped them grow and mature over the years. Thank you Jas for being an inspiration to us all. Happy Birthday Jas, enjoy Puerto Rico! Connect With A-Nu-U: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Connect With Jas:...


EP. 7 | Pop Culture & Entertainment: Drake on Kanye + Kevin Hart + Movie Reviews

The fellas talk about Drake's new interview with Rap Radar in which he claims Kanye is jealous of his progress in Hip-Hop. Do you think Kanye is actually jealous of Drake? John believes Kanye is jealous because Drake has taken his crown. Mike thinks it is Kanye's own fault for losing the throne in Hip-Hop. What do you think? Mike gives a review about the Kevin Hart documentary and how The Shade Room just used a minute clip for the click bait sensationalism. Josh isn't surprised because it is...


EP. 7 | Dating: Sex in Relationships + Marry Your Best Friend + Plastic Surgery Feedback

Mike, John, Rasheed and Josh talk about building a friendship before pursuing a serious relationship. Rasheed thinks if your partner isn’t your best friend, you might as well stop wasting each other’s time. John thinks people rush into relationships without discussing the parameters. They just get carried away with the honeymoon phase. Mike believes guys can be in the friendzone and move into an actual relationship. Josh thinks going through the friendzone is not the best idea considering...


EP. 7 | Intro: Kaepernick AF1 + LeBron Hate + NFL Playoffs + Millionaire Fastlane + Obama

Happy New Year everyone! The fellas are back at in again for the last podcast of the year and decade. They are also joined by Rider University graduate and entrepreneur Rasheed Edwards who got a shape up from Jas with Josh during his college days. John talks about his travel experiences in Atlanta and how they have a very favorable men to woman ratio for men. Mike and John talk about their insights from The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime. A book...


EP. 6 | Pop Culture: Lizzo Antics + Rape Culture + Hip-Hop News & Beef

The fellas break down Lizzo’s recent antics at the Lakers game where she sported a t-shirt dress with the buttocks area cutout where she preceded to start twerking on the jumbo-tron. Do you think Lizzo is doing too much or is she being a trailblazer for young women who don’t want to be conventional? Josh thinks this further illustrates the double standard. Because if a man exposed himself in this way, he would be thrown in jail. The boys are anxious to talk about the very polarizing topic of...


EP. 6 | Dating: Feedback + Frequency of Sex + Friends of Exes + Plastic Bodies

In follow up to our most streamed episode due to one of our most controversial topics to date, the fellas discuss the fallout of the interracial dating podcast. Mike and John explain to Josh that certain men are sensitive when it comes to being called weak. John’s feedback didn’t want more criticism about black women. Josh was confused since the black men is the most hyper criticized being in the world, and then black women understand this and yet they just add to the criticism instead. Josh...


EP. 6 | Intro: Beyoncé vs. Mary J. Dresses + Local News + Books to Read

The fellas are back at in again for the last podcast of the year and decade. After Diddy's 50th Birthday Celebration took over social media, celebrity attire was the talk of the barbershop. Beyoncé vs. Mary J. dresses caused tons of controversy due to personal biases (similar to the presidential impeachment). Josh felt their dresses were perfect for their respective bodies and Mike agrees. However, John believes Beyoncé's dress was trash, similar to Ebony's opinion at A Nu U Salon. Who do...


EP. 5 | Pop Culture: Nipsey a Legend? + Queen & Slim Review + Lizzo Fat Shaming?

Lizzo has been at the top of the headlines for her music, social media posts and now Lakers courtside outfit. Do you think there is a double standard regarding what is allowed to be posted on social media? Josh’s influencer social media sources inform him that fit, toned and athletic women have their posts removed more than Lizzo who is showing more – pun absolutely intended. However, if anyone says anything, then it is considered fat shaming and perhaps slut shaming. Do you think Lizzo...


EP. 5 | Dating: Interracial + Dating Exes + Friendzone + Titles + Guest Caller

In one of the most controversial topics to date, the fellas discuss interracial dating. Do you think races should self-segregate and only date within their race or did Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights leaders have something else in mind during their protests? Jas calls in to talk about the topic with a special guest. Do you agree with Jas? Does race matter to you at all? The fellas also talk about the significance of titles in the relationship and who it matters to more. In your...


EP. 5 | Intro: Feedback + Mahomes vs. Jackson + Master P Noodles

The fellas are back at in again. The A Nu U Radio podcast was the talk of Mike’s family during Thanksgiving Dinner. We hope you all had a festive time with your families and we hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous new year. In case we don’t see you at the shop. John had some feedback from a young lady who thought the podcast should have more women input. Josh was confused by the question considering it is a podcast for men at the barbershop. Do you have any feedback for...


EP. 4 | Dating: Sex on First Date? + Magic Number + Financial Obligations + Tantrums

Mike, John and Josh discuss if sex on the first date makes a girl a hoe. What do you think? And are you disappointed if you don't smash the first night? Is there a reasonable amount of time the girl makes you hate to have sex? Josh believes you discover more about her once you breach the sex barrier. The fellas talk about how you should handle situations where girls behave like reality TV stars. Mike would prefer to have a Tevin Campbell moment and just talk for a minute after she throws...


EP. 4 | Entertainment: Harriet Backlash + Ford vs. Ferrari + Charlie’s Angels

Mike & John and Josh discuss the black community backlash of the film Harriet. Do you agree with the fellas? Would you see the movie Ford vs. Ferrari? We’ll save you the trip and suggest you don’t go see the new Charlie’s Angels movie unless you love the franchise and like the cast. The boys get into a debate about how black men are being portrayed in films. Do you agree with Mike or John & Josh? Mike brings up Josh’s movie watching habits. Would you see a film you want to see with someone...


EP. 4 | Sports: Kaep + Black QB MVPs + Melo in NBA

Mike & John and Josh talk about the drama between the NFL and Colin Kaepernick. Do you believe Kaep was wrong with moving the workout? John doesn’t think Kaep wants to play due to his antics. Mike believes Kaep that even though Kaep sold out, he still deserves to play again. Josh thinks JAY-Z’s involvement is producing progress and results than the haters initially thought. Did you see Kaep’s workout? Does he still have what it takes to be a starting NFL QB? This is the first time in history...


EP. 4 | News & Pop Culture: Drake Booed + Sex Trafficking + Inspirational Stories

Mike, John and Josh talk about some of the inspirational stories in the African American community. From the Baltimore water teens, to the blacked owned juice bar that partnered with Whole Foods in Kansas City. Including the surviving mathematicians highlighted in the film Hidden Figures. What do you think about the media beef between Lakeith Stanfied and Charlamagne? Aubrey "Drizzy Drake" Graham was recently booed off stage. Josh thinks the fans were being outrageous and lacked any...


Shop Files | Kaepernick + NFL + JAY-Z

In a heated topic at A Nu U Barbershop, Jas, Roy, Pucho, Josh and shop patrons talk about the events of Colin Kaepernick’s tryout for the NFL owners. What do you think? Who do you agree with? Leave a comment to have your thoughts mentioned in the podcast episode with Mike, John and Josh. Connect With A-Nu-U: https://www.facebook.com/A.Nu.U.Barbershop/ https://twitter.com/ANuUBarbershop https://www.instagram.com/a_nu_u_salon/ Music by Rujay


EP. 3 | Dating: Workplace Dating + THOT Uniform + Petty Pendergrass

How do you feel about workplace relationships? Mike, John and Josh talk about their own experiences with dating in the workplace. A recent Slim Thug video caused a lot of controversy and forced the question; are women accountable for the attention they get from wearing provocative clothing; especially if they complain afterwards? Josh implores personal responsibility as a solution for the entire situation. Mike thinks the ladies are wearing provocative clothes just because girls think that...


EP. 3 | Entertainment: The Breakfast Club + Power + New Films

Mike & John talk about the Power mid-season finale and how it is setting up the end of the show. In addition to some of the most popular movies like Harriet, Black and Blue, and Terminator: Dark Fate and giving their “spoiler-free” review. The film Harriett brings up an interesting discussion about how long someone should wait until they date again after a spouse has died. Mike and John were itching to discuss the Breakfast Club workplace drama with Gucci Mane in the middle. Is Angela Yee...