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Welcome to A Piece of Pie: the Queer Film Podcast. Creator and host Brian Rowe welcomes a rotating cast of contributors to discuss/ review movies both new and old; giving them their own unique queer perspective. Podcasts will post bi-weekly.

Welcome to A Piece of Pie: the Queer Film Podcast. Creator and host Brian Rowe welcomes a rotating cast of contributors to discuss/ review movies both new and old; giving them their own unique queer perspective. Podcasts will post bi-weekly.


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Welcome to A Piece of Pie: the Queer Film Podcast. Creator and host Brian Rowe welcomes a rotating cast of contributors to discuss/ review movies both new and old; giving them their own unique queer perspective. Podcasts will post bi-weekly.






Episode 56: Mary, Queen of Scots & The Favourite

We're wrapping up Pride 2020 with a long look back, way back, to the sixteenth century with Mary, Queen of Scots. The film features great performances from Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie and some great beards from David Tennant and Guy Pierce. We pair it with the The Favourite, starring Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone and Best Actress winner Olivia Coleman. Two revisionist modern takes on the politics of being royalty, but do they work? Or are they bogged down by virtue signaling and trying too...


Episode 55: 9 to 5 & The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Continuing our celebration of Pride Month, this week we take a look at a couple of 1980's classics, each starring the one and only Dolly Parton. Brian is joined by his friend and Dolly Parton expert, Zack Hudson. In addition to sharing a star in Dolly, the films share a director, Colin Higgins. He was an out gay man, making an unapologetically feminist film with three of the early 80's biggest stars, and he followed it up with the musical The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas! Join Brian and...


Episode 54: Milk & The Times of Harvey Milk

Pride events are canceled all over the world; but pride can never truly be canceled. To celebrate our community, we're covering queer films all month long. We start with the Oscar winning documentary, The Times of Harvey Milk and pair it with the 2008 biopic starring Sean Penn. The documentary helped introduce the world to the first openly gay city councilman, who was assassinated after just eleven months in office. Max joins this week as we wrestle with the problematic cast of the 2008...


Episode 53: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? & The Boys in the Band

We’re heading to Broadway this week, as we cover two queer classics based on plays. First, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton team up to host the worst dinner party of all time in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Not to be outdone, the unabashedly gay leads of The Boys in the Band throw a birthday party for one of their friends, and learn a few secrets while they’re at it. Two iconic films, but have they aged well, or are were they eerily prescient? Rob and Max join this week, as we put on...


Episode 52: Ed Wood & Gods and Monsters

This week, Max and Matt join Brian to discuss films about queer filmmakers! Ed Wood tells the tale of the titular director, giving us Tim Burton's finest film and Johnny Depp's best performance, tracing Wood's struggle to make it in Hollywood alongside his queer family. On the other hand, we have queer filmmaker Bill Condon telling the story of the last days of James Whale's life. Ian McKellan was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Whale's final days, but how does it hold up in 2020?


Episode 51: Quarantine Special, Part 2

Our celebration of fifty episodes continues into our 51st! To commemorate the milestone, Brian reached out to his contributors to check in, and find out what everyone's watching while under quarantine. This week we're joined by contributors Lauren, Rob and Stephen. Once again, no stone is left unturned. We talk movies, like A Simple Favor, Onward, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and touch on our favorite television shows, like Schitt's Creek, The Comeback, You, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and...


Episode 50: Quarantine Special, part 1

It's our 50th official episode!!! To celebrate, Brian used Zoom to get a hold of every single contributor to check in on how they're doing and what pop-culture they're consuming to pass the time while stuck at home under quarantine. The result is two hours of our queer film experts discussing all their favorite things right now. No stone is left unturned across the two episodes! In Part 1, we discuss Tiger King, Westworld, Birds of Prey, the new albums from Fiona Apple and Purity Ring, Ken...


Episode 49: Safe & Contagion

Just before our home state put us on Shelter in Place orders, Max and Brian got together to talk about the movie on everyone's mind: Contagion. Not content with with a fictional pandemic amid our real one, we paired it with Todd Haynes' 1995 feature, Safe! A young, but always incredible, Julianne Moore begins coughing and hyperventilating near any chemicals. Or is she just suffocating from toxic masculinity? Meanwhile, Stephen Soderbergh's 2011 hit, Contagion is turning out to be prescient,...


Episode 48: The Others & A Quiet Place

With the coronavirus putting the world in lockdown, it was only appropriate that we cover two horror films with isolated protagonists. But we'd be lying if we said we had that in mind. Instead, we planned to release this one to coincide with the release of A Quiet Place Part 2, but that film has since been delayed. But no matter! Contributors Lauren Whalen and Steve Moore drop by to discuss these two modern horror classics. Each are tales about parenting, isolation and a fear of the larger...


Episode 47: Portrait of a Lady on Fire & Call Me By Your Name

This week, contributor Matt returns and we discuss two of the 21st centuries most iconic queer stories, 2019's Portrait of a Lady on Fire and 2017's Call Me By Your Name. Two epic, beautifully shot tales of couples falling in love, seemingly in exile from the outside world.


Episode 46: Us & Parasite

Contributor Max Bever returns to talk the most recent Best Picture winner, Parasite, and we've paired it with the year's second most unconventional horror film, Jordan Peele's Us. Are these films two sides of the same coin? What does each film have to say about their respective countries, or are they both just responding to capitalism? Two of the year's best movies, by two of the era's finest filmmakers; they have more in common than you might think, and Max and Brian are here to talk it out.


Episode 45: Oscars 2020

For the first episode of 2020, A Piece of Pie brings you our first ever live recording! We sat down to watch the Oscars and during commercial breaks, we paused and commented on the awards. Who won, who lost, and who made the best impression. Recorded as we watched, this is a live, unedited, unpolished episode with off the cuff remarks, long awkward pauses, not to mention our thoughts on the winners, losers, the live performances and more!


Episode 44: Nightmare on Elm Street 2 & Scream, Queen

In our final episode of 2019, we finally review the queer cult horror classic Nightmare on Elm Street 2! The gayest horror film of all time stars Mark Patton as Jesse, a suburban teen with his own demons, who crosses paths with the legendary Freddy Krueger. Thirty years later, Mark Patton's documentary Scream, Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street tales his story of navigating 1980's Hollywood amid the AIDS Crisis, rampant homophobia and Ronald Reagan's tenure as president. We discuss the two...


Episode 43: To Die For

This week, since James showed Brian one of his favorite films, we've switched roles and now Brian introduces James to Gus Van Sant's To Die For. The 1995 film stars Nicole Kidman as a ruthless woman looking for fame and fortune at any cost - even murder. We take a look at how the film holds up, discuss Van Sant's queer gaze and lament the lack of roles for the actress Illeana Douglas!


Episode 42: Interview with Queer Horror Icon Mark Patton

For this very special of A Piece of Pie, Brian and James sit down with actor Mark Patton, of Nightmare on Elm Street 2! He has a new documentary making the festival rounds: “Scream, Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street” The night before the film’s Chicago debut, Mark sat down with us to talk about his journey through Hollywood in the 1980’s, his quest to make this documentary and tell his story. It was an honor to talk with this queer icon for our first ever interview episode!


Episode 41: Serial Mom

We're trying out a new format for this one! Instead of our usual 2 movies, James' talked Brian into watching John Waters' camp classic, Serial Mom! As Brian discovers this cult queer staple, we also discuss Waters' legacy, Homer Simpson, and the great Kathleen Turner! This film skewers the 1990's in John Waters' unique voice, join us as James' revisits it via the special edition blu-ray, and Brian watches it all the way through for the first time ever!


Episode 40: Bound & Wild Things

For our 40th episode, we're joined by Matt and Ryan, hosts of ExRated Movies! So of course these four gay men tackled the lesbian crime drama, Bound, the first film from the Wachowski's, starring Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly. We paired it with the lesbian-adjacent 90's campy thriller, Wild Things, starring Neve Campbell and Denise Richards. Who's the best actress among these four? It's not Denise Richards! Is Wild Things a knowing satire of sex-filled 90's crime films, or just a bad...


Episode 39: A Hard Day's Night & Across the Universe

We have Beatlemania this week at a Piece of Pie! Max returns this week to talk the messy Across the Universe, Julie Taymor's disjointed Beatles movie musical. Meanwhile, Brian gets to gush over the first movie starring his favorite band, the. Why does Julie Taymor take the Beatles' more seriously than the Beatles do? How many cliche's did Richard Lester's classic invent? And what's better, a Beatles movie by the Beatles, or a Beatles movie inspired by them? We tackle these questions and many...


Episode 38: Interview with the Vampire & Only Lovers Left Alive

It's Halloween in July as Brian and James revisit two vampire tales, Interview with the Vampire and Only Lovers Left Alive. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt play gay-adjacent vampires in the 90's goth classic, with Kirsten Dunst in her debut role. We talk Anne Rice's lurid prose, Antonio Banderas' accent and Brad Pitt's boredom. Then we discuss Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive, starring Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston as an ageless vampire couple drifting through Detroit.


Episode 37: Far From Heaven & A Single Man

With Pride Month 2019 winding down, James and Brian take a look at two queer films that share more than just an actress in Julianne Moore. For the first time, we're talking two queer films from two queer filmmakers! Each film takes a look back at where we've been with Far From Heaven taking place in the 1950's. In the era of Leave It to Beaver and Donna Reed, Todd Haynes' film showcases a woman who learns her loving husband is gay and must deal with the fallout. First time filmmaker Tom Ford...