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Two founders of a nanny agency share experiences and anecdotes and answer questions from nannies while one of them runs Adventure Nannies, a nationwide agency, and the other travels the world with a baby, a nanny, and her husband's band The Lumineers.

Two founders of a nanny agency share experiences and anecdotes and answer questions from nannies while one of them runs Adventure Nannies, a nationwide agency, and the other travels the world with a baby, a nanny, and her husband's band The Lumineers.


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Two founders of a nanny agency share experiences and anecdotes and answer questions from nannies while one of them runs Adventure Nannies, a nationwide agency, and the other travels the world with a baby, a nanny, and her husband's band The Lumineers.




Ep 32: 2020 in Review

As the year comes to a close, Brandy and Shenandoah return to host the podcast to wrap up the absolute madness that was 2020.


Ep 31: Culturally Relevant Caregiving with Dr. Irene Obika

Shenandoah briefly returns to the podcast to speak with Dr. Irene Obika, the founder of Afrinanny. Afrinanny is an online platform where families of black children can find childcare providers with culturally relevant experience. Dr. Irene and Shenandoah speak about the unnoticed adversity that nannies of color face, the issues surrounding racial profiling of nannies in the industry, and the importance of culturally relevant caregiving.


Ep 30: Anti-Racism and Childcare with Malia Hudson

Adventure Nannies' Communications Director Danielle Sadler welcomes Malia Hudson of Sound Care Agency to discuss the practice of anti-racism within the industrial sphere of childcare. What can agency executives do to protect BIPOC in the industry? How can nannies create an anti-racist environment for the children they care for? Danielle and Malia also invite listeners to join the Be Braver: An Anti-Racism Workshop for Caregivers, on Saturday August 22nd.


Ep 29: Managing COVID-19 Restrictions with Mr. Chazz and Nanny Kim On the Go

In this week's episode, Adventure Nannies' Communications Director Danielle Sadler is joined again by Mr. Chazz and Nanny Kim On the Go as they discuss the impact of COVID-19 restrictions in the world of childcare and education. Juggling the balance between physical and mental health becomes more important than ever as necessary safety precautions can create communication and social boundaries in all personal and professional relationships.


Ep 28: Combatting Biases with Mr. Chazz and Nanny Kim On the Go

This week we are joined again by Adventure Nannies' Director of Communications, Danielle Sadler, as well as educational specialist Mr. Chazz and nanny and consultant Nanny Kim On the Go as they discuss racial and other types of biases. Mr. Chaz and Nanny Kim share their expertise and tips on how to curb children from developing different types of biases and how to handle situations where children show signs of adhering to biases as well as avoiding passing your own internalized biases on to...


Ep 27: Combatting Racism at Work with Rachel Wilch

In this episode, Shenandoah and Brandy hand over the Adventure Nannies On Air platform to Adventure Nannies' Director of Communications Danielle Sadler and Rachel Wilch. Danielle and Rachel discuss productive methods of responding to racism as well as the need to establish an anti-racist environment in the workplace. Touching on personal experiences, this episode hones in on how to focus one's efforts to support people of color in the workplace by not only giving credit where credit is due...


Ep 26: Evolved Education with Mary Miele

This week Brandy and Shenandoah speak with Mary Miele, the founder of Evolved Education, about how her work to provide families and teachers with educational resources and customized curriculum has shifted due to the increased need for online education and homeschooling as schools remain closed due to COVID-19. Mary finds the silver lining in the current educational circumstances and explores the opportunity to discover kids' individual learning styles and abilities as well as to challenge...


Ep 25: Nanny Relief Fund with Rachel Lubin

This week Shenandoah and Brandy discuss the needs of nannies across the country as they are being affected by COVID-19 and how the Nanny Relief Fund has been established in an effort to meet some of those needs. Shenandoah and Brandy are joined by Rachel Lubin, a career nanny who inspired the inception of Nanny Relief Fund by donating a portion of her own paycheck to other nannies in need. Visit to learn more about Nanny Relief Fund as well as contribute a donation to...


Ep 24: Reopening the US

As the United States tentatively begins to reopen businesses and public spaces across the country, Shenandoah and Brandy discuss their reactions to these changes and how the nanny industry can expect to see shifts over the coming weeks. The initiation of the reopening process has made light of the disparity between what is legal and what is considered safe for all parties, especially in the case of nannies being asked to return to work.


Ep 23: Education During a Pandemic with Soon Kim

In this week's episode, Brandy speaks with educational extraordinaire Soon Kim about the importance and value of educators during this pandemic. Soon shares advice on how families can navigate their children's education while at home and discusses how to "upend the status quo" when pursuing education at home rather than following traditional standards and practices.


Ep 22: Coronavirus and the Nanny Industry

In this week's episode, Brandy and Shenandoah discuss updates in the world's current state of pandemic and how changes affect members of the nanny community. Brandy emphasizes the need for caregivers to fight for their rights during this national emergency and responds to a listener's feedback regarding COVID-19 essential worker practices.


Ep 21: Pandemic

In this episode, Brandy and Adventure Nanny Meaghan discuss the many changes they have both made in their lives since returning home a few months early from the Lumineers' cancelled tour and how they have been navigating the shifting landscape as laws and resources around coronavirus have quickly escalated. We discuss privilege and the new ways it is impacting people right now, Brandy shares a piece of writing from Italy, and there's a little choking up. <3 More resources for nannies who...


Ep 21: Pandemic

As Shenandoah prepares to leave on a three-week trip out of the country, she discusses the coronavirus pandemic with Brandy, an avid traveler herself and self-proclaimed doomsday prepper, and Danielle, the Director of Communications at Adventure Nannies who is immunocompromised.


Ep 20: All About Love!

This week we're tackling the age-old topic of love! Shenandoah and Brandy discuss the struggles of dating as a nanny while balancing your own personal boundaries with those of your nanny family, how Brandy found the love of her life while working in a past nanny position, explaining what being a nanny is like to potential love interests, and more. This episode also features a love letter from a fan of Adventure Nannies On Air and Brandy's autotune debut.


Ep 19: Screen Time

Screens have become an integral piece of daily life, and the learning opportunities they possess with a few clicks. But screen time is frowned upon by more and more families, and nannies are often tasked with limiting or zeroing our screen time. In this episode, Brandy and Shenandoah discuss screen alternatives, how to work with screen-free families, how to turn screen time into a teaching opportunity, and how to respond when families don’t uphold the same screen rules that are set for you....


Ep 18: Destination Unknown

How do you find and plan activities when traveling to unknown destinations on a moment's notice? Where can you wander with your nanny kids early in the morning before cities are buzzing yet? How do you manage your downtime and time off when traveling with a family and balancing being an employee and a roommate? In this episode, Shenandoah and Brandy discuss the ins and outs of planning both fun and educational activities and outings while traveling with a family as a long-term nanny or...


Ep 17: Must Haves, Nice to Haves, Probably Won't Haves - How to Consider Your Priorities in Your Next Job Search

With unemployment rates at an all-time low, fantastic nannies are in high demand across the country - so how can you set realistic expectations for your benefits and living situation at the beginning of the job search without painting yourself into a corner? In this episode, Shenandoah and Brandy talk through industry standards, typical living situation and car benefits offered by employers, and family dynamics for you to consider as you define your own must haves, nice to haves, and...


Ep 16: Decoding the Six-Figure Job

Have you ever seen a job posting that looked too good to be true? In this episode, Shenandoah and Brandy analyze what lies beneath the surface of a job offering a six-figure salary. Many of these positions require heavy traveling, constantly shifting schedules, and other factors that are important to consider when throwing your hat into the ring for these 'dream jobs.' Have any questions about six-figure salary jobs? Email them to us at!


Ep 15: How To Quit Your Job Without Being A Jerk

It's the start of a new decade! We're kicking off the new year by discussing the ins and outs of leaving a position and highlighting some examples of what to consider before giving notice at a position (and what to be prepared for even if you think you're leaving in a very respectful way!) In this episode, Shenandoah and Brandy share anecdotes of how they've left positions in the past and provide advice for any listeners thinking of moving on from their current job. No one sings on this...


Ep 14: A Literal Helicopter Crash

In this episode, Brandy is joined by Meaghan and Wes to discuss their Thanksgiving in Ireland, being away from home for the holidays, and the unique level of trust that often grows in nanny-employer relationships. Additionally, Meaghan and Brandy tell the story of a helicopter trip gone wrong when their private helicopter crashed in Ireland with the whole family and nanny in tow. Spoiler alert: everyone is safe and largely OK, but the experience definitely crossed the line of what being an...