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Two founders of a nanny agency share experiences and anecdotes and answer questions from nannies whilie one of them runs Adventure Nannies, a nationwide agency, and the other travels the world with a baby, a nanny, and her husband's band The Lumineers.

Two founders of a nanny agency share experiences and anecdotes and answer questions from nannies whilie one of them runs Adventure Nannies, a nationwide agency, and the other travels the world with a baby, a nanny, and her husband's band The Lumineers.


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Two founders of a nanny agency share experiences and anecdotes and answer questions from nannies whilie one of them runs Adventure Nannies, a nationwide agency, and the other travels the world with a baby, a nanny, and her husband's band The Lumineers.




Ep 19: Screen Time

Screens have become an integral piece of daily life, and the learning opportunities they possess with a few clicks. But screen time is frowned upon by more and more families, and nannies are often tasked with limiting or zeroing our screen time. In this episode, Brandy and Shenandoah discuss screen alternatives, how to work with screen-free families, how to turn screen time into a teaching opportunity, and how to respond when families don’t uphold the same screen rules that are set for you....


Ep 18: Destination Unknown

How do you find and plan activities when traveling to unknown destinations on a moment's notice? Where can you wander with your nanny kids early in the morning before cities are buzzing yet? How do you manage your downtime and time off when traveling with a family and balancing being an employee and a roommate? In this episode, Shenandoah and Brandy discuss the ins and outs of planning both fun and educational activities and outings while traveling with a family as a long-term nanny or...


Ep 17: Must Haves, Nice to Haves, Probably Won't Haves - How to Consider Your Priorities in Your Next Job Search

With unemployment rates at an all-time low, fantastic nannies are in high demand across the country - so how can you set realistic expectations for your benefits and living situation at the beginning of the job search without painting yourself into a corner? In this episode, Shenandoah and Brandy talk through industry standards, typical living situation and car benefits offered by employers, and family dynamics for you to consider as you define your own must haves, nice to haves, and...


Ep 16: Decoding the Six-Figure Job

Have you ever seen a job posting that looked too good to be true? In this episode, Shenandoah and Brandy analyze what lies beneath the surface of a job offering a six-figure salary. Many of these positions require heavy traveling, constantly shifting schedules, and other factors that are important to consider when throwing your hat into the ring for these 'dream jobs.' Have any questions about six-figure salary jobs? Email them to us at!


Ep 15: How To Quit Your Job Without Being A Jerk

It's the start of a new decade! We're kicking off the new year by discussing the ins and outs of leaving a position and highlighting some examples of what to consider before giving notice at a position (and what to be prepared for even if you think you're leaving in a very respectful way!) In this episode, Shenandoah and Brandy share anecdotes of how they've left positions in the past and provide advice for any listeners thinking of moving on from their current job. No one sings on this...


Ep 14: A Literal Helicopter Crash

In this episode, Brandy is joined by Meaghan and Wes to discuss their Thanksgiving in Ireland, being away from home for the holidays, and the unique level of trust that often grows in nanny-employer relationships. Additionally, Meaghan and Brandy tell the story of a helicopter trip gone wrong when their private helicopter crashed in Ireland with the whole family and nanny in tow. Spoiler alert: everyone is safe and largely OK, but the experience definitely crossed the line of what being an...


Ep 13: Missing The Holidays Because of Work!

In this episode, Brandy and Meaghan reflect on celebrating Thanksgiving and Meaghan's birthday abroad in the same week and the difficulties surrounding missing momentous occasions and traditions while traveling with a nanny family. They discuss things a nanny family can do to help their nanny commemorate special occasions, as well as what nannies should consider while accepting trips that coincide with special occasions.


Ep 12: Bringing Your Whole Self to Work, with Sue Downey!

In this episode, Shenandoah chats with Sue Downey, founder of Nannypalooza and professional nanny. Piggybacking off previous episodes discussing discrimination and inappropriate interview questions, Sue discusses her experiences and advice for nannies in terms of finding positions they will feel comfortable in, due to the specialized and deeply personal nature of nanny-family relationships. She also provides Shenandoah with some constructive criticism about the Adventure Nannies On Air theme...


Ep 11: Newborn Care Life Hacks with Stefanie Hudgins!

Brandy speaks to Stefanie Hudgins, a widely accredited newborn care specialist known as a "Baby Whisperer". Brandy and Stefanie go over important strategies, tips, and tricks that will prove invaluable to the development of a newborn, as well as the quality of life (and sleep!) for parents and nannies alike. From the disadvantages of rocking your baby to sleep to the significance of different types of milk formula, Stefanie offers a fascinating insight into her wide range of experience with...


Ep 10: WTF is an NDA?

In this week's episode, Adventure Nanny Meaghan re-joins us to discuss a listener question - if Meaghan has an NDA, how is she allowed to be on the podcast? How does she stay safe when traveling internationally if she isn't allowed to tell friends or family where she is traveling to? If a parent gives their employee verbal permission to violate their NDA, how can a candidate protect herself if the family changes their mind later? How does an employee under an NDA handle their personal...


Ep 9: Responding to Inappropriate Interview Questions

So, when are you planning on getting pregnant? You look a lot younger than I thought you would be - how old are you? How often do you get sick? You have an interesting name - where are you from? For some reason, these questions seem to pop up way too often in nanny interviews compared to other professional job interviews - in some cases, asking them is illegal, and in every case, asking them is inappropriate and, if you ask us, pretty GD rude! In this episode, Brandy and Shenandoah talk...


Ep 8: Meet Christa!

In this episode, you will have the privilege of meeting Christa Nader, the owner of NYC-based nanny agency Kith & Kin. Shenandoah and Christa discuss the obstacles of discrimination within the industry and debate the differences between underthinking versus overthinking, and Christa improvises her own Adventure Nannies-themed song!


Ep 7: How to Ask for a Raise

Knowing when and how to approach your boss and ask about a raise can be scary, but when you're well prepared it doesn't have to be! In this episode, Brandy and Shenandoah tackle the strategies and negotiations that go into asking for a raise or bonus while sharing their own experiences on both sides of the spectrum.


Ep 6: Handling Rage and Grief

How do you manage emotions of rage, grief, and frustration while on the job, especially if that job involves caring for children in their home? In this episode, Brandy and Shenandoah discuss their own self-care methods for dealing with intense emotions professionally as well as anecdotes about what happens when these feelings enter the workplace.


Ep 5: Woah woah woah! Boundaries!

In this episode, we take a dive into the very en vogue land of BOUNDARIES - those things that you sometimes don't even know exist until something happens that makes you feel icky. Consider this sort of a 'boundaries primer' since our guess is that boundaries will be popping up again and again, and get some insight into the early lives of Brandy and Shenandoah and why they grew up so 'uniquely.'


Ep 4: Talking with a Tour Nanny

This week, we go behind the scenes and chat with a real-life nanny turned tour nanny, Meaghan, about her first string of shows with the Lumineers, what it's like watching the world go by from a tour bus, and how not to embarrass yourself too badly in front of celebrities.


Ep 3: Wow, It's Wes!

We boldly continue on in our series about touring and being a tour nanny with a special guest: "Mr. Brandy" as he's called in these circles, a.k.a. Wesley Schultz, the singer of The Lumineers. Wes and Brandy discuss what life on the road has been like since adding their son Lenny and Adventure Nanny Meaghan to the road crew, and what being a new parent and nanny employer has meant for Wes as a professional musician. Also, Wes writes us the new 'Adventure Nannies On Air' theme song!


Ep 1: Introducing Adventure Nannies

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Ep 2: Being a Tour Nanny - An Overview

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