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Conversations about the adventure that is creativity and the curiosity of creative pursuits.

Conversations about the adventure that is creativity and the curiosity of creative pursuits.
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Conversations about the adventure that is creativity and the curiosity of creative pursuits.






Episode 011 Creative Careers - Why So Serious!?

Look online and you’ll find no shortage of information about how to be more creative. It’s everywhere, hell this podcast is all about that VERY thing. But why does it always get discussed from the CREATIVE CAREER viewpoint. Why can’t we just enjoy it? ----more---- Can you be a creative without pursuing a career? So many books, podcasts, youtube videos and more that talk about creativity and the process of pursuing creative pursuits are flooding the market today. To the point where there...


Episode 010 Nathan Elson - Calgary Portrait and Commercial Photographer

David sits down for a chat with Calgary based commercial and portrait photographer Nathan Elson. They talk about everything from the importance of pushing yourself as a creative, Nathan’s thought process behind his incredible work and even the motivations behind creating custom post processing looks for Adobe Lightroom (and now Capture One Pro). ----more---- Where to find Nathan’s Work Lightroom PRESET PACKS: Instagram:...


Episode 009 Riley JB and his Tin Type Adventures

Dave sits down for a chat with Official Fuji X Photographer, Stocksy United Contributor and all around gentleman, Riley JB. ----more---- Join them as they talk about everything from Riley’s photography work including working as both a Stocksy United Contributor, Fujifilm X Series Ambassador, the world of Stock Photography with Stocksy United, and how he got into Wet Plate Collodion Tin Type photography. It’s a fantastically geeky conversation you won’t want to miss! Check out Riley’s...


Episode 008 Dan Newman on film making and inspiration

Dave sits down for a chat with 3 time Emmy winning Director of Photography, editor, and photographer Dan Newman. Join them as they talk about everything from Dan’s film and photography work with Matchroom Boxing, his experiences creating content while on tour with bands, some of his biggest creative and geeky influences including his love for David Fincher films, and shares a terrific story about his brief history on stage with a band in his early music days! It’s a fantastically geeky...


Episode 007 - Bryan Minear on Process and Inspiration

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's fellow adventurer's! I wanted to share a gift with you this holiday season and it's the gift of a SECOND conversation this month! Give a listen to a conversation I had with my good friend and fantastic photographer, Bryan Minear, about his creative process, inspirations, and even how his geeky side actually helps fuel his creative vision! ----more---- Who doesn’t love a good old fashion geek out? Especially when it’s a conversation about photography,...


Episode 006 Chatting with Kc Wayland from We're Alive

David sits down with a California based award winning creative known for his work in creating the amazing audio drama We’re Alive and furthering the concept of modern Theater For The Mind. Welcome to Adventures in Creativity, Kc Wayland! ----more---- Where to find Kc Wayland and his incredible work Kc’s Personal Website Wayland Productions We're Alive Theater For The Mind Possessions Episode Facebook Twitter How To Catch The Show & Contact Me Listen anytime on the Official...


Episode 005 Movie Motivation - August Rush and Creed 2

EPISODE 005- Movie Motivation: August Rush and Creed 2 Movies often provide a massive dose of motivation and inspiration disguised as entertainment. The best examples share terrific lessons if we care to look a little deeper into the film. This episode I’ve got two excellent examples for you, August Rush and Creed 2. ----more---- August Rush Trailer From Warner Bros. : August Rush tells the story of a charismatic young Irish guitarist (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and a sheltered young...


Episode 004 - Breaking Out of a Creative Funk

That's right, we're going to tackle the elephant in the room. Creative funks. They absolutely suck and we've all been through them a time or two. I want to share with you the one thing that has worked time and time again to break me out of them on this week's Adventure! ----more---- We've all been there! Being a creative means that at some point or another you are going to hit a wall. You'll feel like you couldn't dream up a good idea if your life depended on it, maybe you'll feel like...


Episode 003 - The Importance of Being a Neighborly Creative

Your creative process is your own, right? So why is it so important to be a neighborly creative and what does that even mean? Join David as he answers both of those questions for you on this weeks adventure! ----more---- How To Catch The Show & Contact Me Be sure to listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher or TuneIn and leave a review, lets us know what you think. You can reach us at the Official Website, Facebook, Instagram or on Twitter. Have a follow up...


Episode 002 - Chatting with Maury Page

David sits down for a chat with Southern Michigan Portrait and Real Estate Photographer and Web Designer, CEO & Founder of MEVO Creative Studios, Maury Page! ----more---- Join them as they talk about everything from Maury’s photography work including his workflow and process including how he feels about a mobile editing workflow using tools like Snapseed by Google and VSCOCam X! We get into his web design work a bit and talk about a fantastic project he is documenting in his hometown...


Episode 001 - Defining Creativity

What better place to start Adventures in Creativity than by laying out exactly what creativity is! All adventures start in the same place, at the beginning, so let’s see if we can get an idea of what creativity actually is! ----more---- Links from this episode: Is Creativity Dead? Shuttertime with Sid and Mac - Episode 218 How To Catch The Show & Contact Me Be sure to listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher or TuneIn and leave a review, lets us know...


Episode 000 - Introduction to Adventures in Creativity

Welcome to Adventures in Creativity, a show fueled by conversations and curiosity with your host, David Szweduik. ----more---- Buckle up because this is the beginning of a brand new adventure that you absolutely want to be a part of! It's the sometimes messy, always interesting Adventures in Creativity! A brand new podcast from David Szweduik, or Usually Dave from the digitalSoup Podcast, in which David does a mix of episodes containing interviews and conversations with all sorts of...