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Africatown Seattle is building a richer, fuller future for the African American Diaspora in Seattle and beyond!

Africatown Seattle is building a richer, fuller future for the African American Diaspora in Seattle and beyond!


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Africatown Seattle is building a richer, fuller future for the African American Diaspora in Seattle and beyond!




The AC Podcast: Melvin Freeman (FlyBlindGuy) - HipHop, Art, and Travel

Renowned Central District artist and culture creator, Melvin Freeman aka TheFlyBlindGuy sat down in The AC with Wyking to discuss growing up in the Central District and how the music and culture of the CD shaped his outlook on art and life. Melvin also discusses his latest artistic works and what's next for his art especially as he battles a progressive eye diseases that is slowly stealing his vision. Melvin also speaks in depth about his recent trip to Egypt and Dubai, which has not only...


The AC Podcast: Carnisha & Chance Rodgers - Wealth building starts at home.

#BlackWealth #RealEstate #Investments - The AC Podcast: Carnisha & Chance Rodgers join Wyking in the AC and discuss how this mother and son team work together on real estate investments and wealth building strategies. -------------------- Carnisha Rodgers Something Different Accounting 253 470 6909 --------------------- The AC Podcast Produced by Converge Media on behalf of Africatown Media.


The AC Podcast: Draze - Music, Community, and Culture.

Seattle musician and community activist, Draze, sits down in The AC with Wyking to discuss growing up in a musical family, life in the Central District, preserving Black Culture, music, Black Wealth, and his current musical projects both here in the United States as well as internationally.


Digging for Weldon Irvine Mental Health Wellness Discussion

Question and Answer session hosted by Curtiss Calhoun with Director Victorious De Costa Vitamin D Nichelle Alderson Owuor Arunga Logic Amen Mafi D


The AC Podcast: Kibi Anderson - Striking a balance in life and business.

The AC Ep. 14 - Kibi Anderson, President of Red Table Talk Enterprises drops gems on navigating life, pursuing career dreams, the Central District past and present, and future opportunities in the media business. In this powerful one hour interview, Kibi takes Wyking on her journey from the Central District and Garfield High School, all the way to Singapore at age 17 and onward to Harvard University up to today and her role at Red Table Talk Enterprises dropping gems for viewers along the...


The Toolkit: Shalisa Hayes - Turning grief into growth

Ebonee sits down with Shalisa Hayes of the Billy Ray Shirley II Foundation shares her journey of dealing with grief of loosing her son Billy Ray and how she channeled the pain of that loss to bringing Billy Ray's vision of a community center for youth to life.


The Check In: Owuor Arunga - Community, Unity, & Mental Wellness

Award winning musician and Central District native, Owuor Arunga sints down in the AC with Wyking to take a look back at Owuor's amazing journey thus far and as well to have a candid discussion in regards to Mental Wellness in the artist and African American community. The general public is invited to join in this discussion on January 30th at Ark Lodge Cinemas for a screening of the film, Digging for Weldon Irvine, which takes a look back at the life of Irvine who was a very famous musician...


#TheCheckIn: Beezie 2 Slaps Part 1: Seattle Hip-Hop History

Iconic Seattle music producer, Beezie2Slapss (Fred Brydwell) checks in and breaks down how the Seattle Hip-Hop scene in the mid 80's and who the early movers and shakers were at the time. Beezie shares how he and his group The School Boys recorded their first single while in the 6th grade at Meany Middle School. How the music scene grew while he was at Garfield High School and opened a record store and studio soon after graduating in 1990 and signing his first production contract at 20 years...


Community Corner: Cynthia Brothers of Vanishing Seattle

#VanishingSeattle - Community Corner Season 2/ Episode 1 Trae Holiday sits down with Cynthia Brothers of Vanishing Seattle to discuss the impact of gentrification and overall change and across Seattle that has seen iconic buildings, businesses, homes, and people vanish from the Emerald City over the past few years. Brothers also discusses her efforts to highlight those that have not vanished and as well document via film the impact that the change has had on the soul of the city we all call...


Community Corner: Jazmyn Scott and Langston Hughes's role in the community

Trae Holiday sits down with Langston Hughes Programs Director Jazmyn Scott for a discussion about the importance of Langston Hughes to the community and Black culture and history in the Pacific Northwest as a whole. They also discuss the upcoming A.C.T.I.O.N youth acting classes that are launching on January 22nd. -------------------------------------- LANGSTON and Nu Black Arts West Theater Present: A.C.T.I.O.N. - Acting Communally Together in Our Neighborhood We are pleased to offer...


The Toolkit Podcast: Dre Franklin of BUILD: "Push each other to our greatness"

The Toolkit Episode 3 - "Push each other to our greatness" - Dre Franklin of B.U.I.L.D. opens his toolkit for providing pathways to opportunities for community youth. -------------------- The Toolkit Podcast Produced by Africatown Media


The Toolkit Podcast: K. Wyking Garrett: Building a future that honors our past

#TheToolKit - Episode 2 - Africatown Community Land Trust President & CEO, K. Wyking Garrett opens up his toolkit on community development and building sustainable places for Black people not only today but in the future in Seattle. ------------------------ The Toolkit with Ebonee Heller is a Vodcast designed for those who are impacted or marginalized by the criminal justice system and seek advice as how to best make life changes for the better. ------------------------ The Tool Kit is...


The Toolkit Podcast: Williard Jimerson: The Credible Messenger

#TheCredibleMessenger - In the first episode of The Tooklit with Ebonee Heller, social justice advocate, Willard Jimerson, shares his life's journey and motivation for his work in the community to disrupt the school to prison pipeline and to advocate and provide access to those in our community who need it most. Willard gives guidance for young men and women in our community who are seeking to set forth on a new path as well as shares some tips that help him stay focused which includes...


The AC Ep.8 - Girmay Zahilay: From housing projects to the King County Council.

#TheACPodcast - King County Councilman Elect, Girmay Zahilay joins Wyking on Episode 8 of The AC Podcast. In this episode, Zahilay speaks about equity issues in King County, ways to combat gentrification, his thoughts on Africatown's work, his humble beginnings in South Seattle, as well as his plans for the future of Martin Luther King Jr. County. #BuildAfricatown ----------------------- #TheACPodcast Directed by Erik Kalligraphy Africa Shabazz X of Contemporary Love Affair Productions on...


The AC PODCAST: Wyking sits down Aaron Bossett - Cannabis + Education +Tech Discussion

Wyking sits down with Aaron Bossett of the Black Cannibus Commission for a discussion about the current economic divide between Black and White in Seattle as well as the massive opportunities for Black people in the Cannabis industry. The AC - If you are a Garfield High School Alum, then you know that the AC (Activity Center) was where all the real unfiltered conversation about the days latest events occurred. Welcome to real community talk, welcome to the AC.


The AC Podcast: Greg Lewis - Committed to Community - Meredith Mathews East Madison YMCA.

Wyking sits down with Meredith Mathews East Madison YMCA Executive Director, Greg Lewis. Greg has an amazing story from graduating from Ingraham High School and the UW where he was a standout football player, onward to the NFL and then a career as an athletic director, and then back to the community where he has served as the Chief Development Officer for the Boys and Girls Club of King County and now as the Executive Director of the Meredith Mathews East Madison YMCA. Greg Lewis is known...


The AC Podcast: Appollonia "Apple' Washington: We need to hold parents accountable

Appollonia "Apple" Washington, Co-Owner, A 4 Apple Home Daycare / Preschool, sits down with Wyking to discuss generational entrepreneurism, owing a family business, life in the Central District, generational wealth building, and how to best communicate with your children. #BuildAfricatown ---------------------------------- The AC Podcast Produced by Erik Kalligraphy of Contemporary Love Affair Productions on behalf of Africatown Media.


The AC Podcast: Nicole Bascomb: Don't believe the hype! You can own a home.

Nicole Bascomb of Bascomb Real Estate sits down in The AC with Wyking to discuss gentrification of the Central District, the decline of Black home ownership, as well as national initiatives launched by NAREB (National Association of Black Real Estate Brokers) to put two million Black people into homes over the next five years (2mn5) as well as the House before the Car initiative. Nicole highlights options for elders who want to "age in place" and Nicole also discusses home buying options for...


TheACPodcast: Trey Lamont - Jerk Shack owner and Bulldog Alum on building a culinary legacy.

Wyking sat down with Trey Lamont in The AC to discuss growing up in the Central District and early influences that later shaped Trey's culinary journey. As well as some of the iconic Black owned restaurants past and present that have paved the way for The Jerk Shack. Trey also gives advice for those seeking a career in the culinary arts or ownership as well as some of Trey's favorite books and podcasts. #BuildAfricatown --------------- Trey Lamont The Jerk Shack


The AC Podcast: Why we love Tre Simmons? His life story is #TrueMotivation

#FeelGoodFriday - From Underdog to a True Motivation - Central District native, Garfield High School and University of Washington Alum, Tre Simmons sits down in The AC with Wyking for a far reaching interview that covers everything from Tre's upbringing in the Central District, his time at Garfield, his journey through 4 junior colleges before ever reaching the University of Washington, his 14 year professional basketball career. How after retirement from his pro career, Tre has come back to...