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All Through a Lens: A Podcast About Film Photography

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An irreverent bi-weekly podcast about the ups and downs of film photography.

An irreverent bi-weekly podcast about the ups and downs of film photography.


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An irreverent bi-weekly podcast about the ups and downs of film photography.




Episode 15: Make Me A Sandwich

Everyone is locked up in their houses now or something, and what choice do we have? So we’ll talk about social distancing and creativity – Creative Social Distancing? – we’ll give a call to Ethan from Cameradactyle, talk about wire photos and what they have to do with a James Stewart movie, and zine reviews. After a sort of meandering wellness check (including a talk about an exhibition Vania’s in), we hit the answering machine! I Hate Your Answering Machine We asked listeners to call in...


Dev Party #7: Dev Party For Your Right to Fight

Well that escalated quickly. We went from “hey there’s this weird flu thing” to “nobody leave their damn houses ever” in like a week (basically). So we’ve decided to back up a bit and give folks who have never developed film before a somewhat wordy overview on how to do it, and what specifically to buy. We’ll not bother with the entire run down here in the show notes, but here our list of things: –Changing Bag (large) $24 –Leader Retriever$10 -Scissors (steal yer mom’s) –Developing...


Episode 14: Hang That Camera About My Neck

It’s March! So that means – among other thing – Girl Scout Cookies! We’ve got a deep dive into the history of the Girl Scouts and photography! We’ll also give a call to Kate Miller Wilson (you might know her from her static electricity photos). There’s some news, some zine reviews! But first, we check in with what we’ve been up to over the past week or so (give or take). While Vania was sick again and moaned about a crappy surf-winter, Eric did some shooting up at an abandoned dairy farm...


Dev Party #6: Dev Party and Bullshit

It’s an real quick (sort of) Ask Us Anything episode of Dev Party! We field a handful of questions from listeners while developing some film. Vania’s taking on Fomapan something or other, while Eric developed some Ultrafine Extreme 400 at box speed. Both HC-110! Vania’s in Fomapan something something. The questions range from stuff about C-41 stand development to scanners to some questionable advice on what to do on your first attempt at developing. Does Blix have less “archival”...


Episode 13: Absolutely (Say It Again)

On this episode, we’ve got tips from listeners, a call with Iowa Amy, how to do your own tri-chromes, we’ll talk about a couple of pictures we took, there’s zine reviews and so much more. We first check in with each other. Vania is looking for inspiration, but realizes it’s been there all along. Eric just wanted some snow. Sort of. Vania talks about how the camera is her way of interacting, while Eric realizes that he’s getting old. Those who bought the Slow Meow film are thanked, and...


Dev Party #5: Life of the Dev Party

For this episode of Dev Party, we’re taking on ECN-2! This is the color process usually used for motion picture film. But can it also be used for regular color film? Yes, absolutely. Eric has done this for years, and Vania is dipping her toes. We talk about the process itself, and especially about how it differs from C-41. There’s a very brief history of it, some short explanation of what it is, as well as some mention of stop baths and washing. Future Eric and Vania also take a look at...


Episode 12: The Colors or Some Shadow or Something

On this episode, Vania and Eric talk shooting with people (or not), we’ll call up a very special guest, and dig into color photography before the invention of color film. We’ll also finish up our trilogy on zine making. Plus zine reviews and the announcement of a “new” old stock emulsion. But first, Vania’s been sick (though it’s not the annoying and mild Man-Flu). Still, she managed to do some shooting. She even surfed with a gray whale. Eric also shot some 4×5 and with the 6×7 back to...


Dev Party #4: Rock & Roll All Night and Dev Party Everyday

It’s our fourth go around for Dev Party and we’ve found some great success! Vania is developing an old roll of Kodak Gold that he mother shot back in the late 90s. Will it work? What will be found? She also double dipped and did a roll of Fuji 100 through a Weathermatic! And Eric is developing a roll of HP5 he shot through a 6×7 back strapped onto an Intrepid 4×5. He talks quite a bit about the Graflok system and why he basically likes the 6×7 back. Here are some of Eric’s shots… And here...


Episode 11: You Press the Button - We Do the Rest

It’s our Box Camera Appreciation episode! And wow do we have some box camera appreciation for you! First Eric and Vania tell everyone what they’ve been up to. Eric’s been wrestling with the 120 back for the Polaroid Automatic Land Cameras, while Vania’s been shooting in the water, getting older (but not old) and mentions a few new books. Now delving into box cameras, we asked listeners to call in and let us know which ones they’ve recommend for friends. We got answers and Eric has shot...


Dev Party #3: Dev Party with the Devil

For our third installment of the Dev Party, we’re reviewing the new 120 back made by Normal M. Dean for the Polaroid Automatic Land Cameras (the ND-120. Eric’s shot a half dozen rolls through it. Vania, on the other hand, is developing some shots from Yosemite. We’re both using HC-110! Could anything get more exciting than this? Here are some shots from the Polaroid: And here are some from Vania’s dev:


Episode 10: We're Goin' Legitimate!

Welcome to our tenth episode! Have we got a packed show for you! We start off with some much needed catching up. Vania’s been to the fictional city of Fresno, as well as Yosemite! Eric’s been to a waterfall where the owls are not what they seem. Keeping things moving, we hear from a slew of folks about lines they won’t cross while photographing. A large part of photography is literally not taking photos. While some won’t photograph homeless people or children, others refuse to snap pics of...


Dev Party #2: It's My Dev Party and I'll Cry If I Want To

We’re back for our second Dev Party and it’s a bit of bittersweet drama. We’ll get to that in a sec, but first, let’s talk about what we were developing. Eric took on Tasma Mikrat 200 in Rodinal – yes it’s another test. And Vania is developing the same in HC-110. How does it all turn out? Let’s find out. While we work, we talk about stop baths! Do you need them? What’s an acid stop? How about an indicator stop? Is water okay? It’s exciting, we promise. At the end, we also delve into a bit...


Episode 09: A Very Linty Vibe

We're easing into things with this first episode of the new year. Eric is a little mellow, while Vania gets chatty. Vania almost mentions her new portraits zine, and we're both pretty glad the holidays are over. There's more Tasma Mikrat 200 testing and a leaky bulk loader to mix things up. Moving to the answering machine message, we heard from a slew of folks about their film photographic resolutions for the new year. Zines are a big part of it, as is the idea of shooting more...


Dev Party #1: What's a Dev Party?

While we take some holiday time off, we thought it would be fun (?) to try out a new idea. We've been kicking around the idea of mini-episodes for some time now, and here's our first attempt. Basically we (Vania and Eric) each develop a couple of rolls of film. She does color, he does black & white. We talk a little about our own process and maybe you'd find this interesting. Who knows? This includes the emulsion that we're testing for a possible rebranding. What is it? Does it work? What's...


Episode 08: Surf Pal Saves Christmas Camp

On a very special All Through a Lens, Eric bakes a cake and Vania "drops by". There's film photographic Holiday memories, some talk of the next "it" camera, gift giving and general revelry. It's a short one so as to not take up too much of your holiday festivities. See you in the new year! New Zine!


Episode 07: This is Effing Clear... Where are the Pictures?

On this episode, Vania (@surfmartian) and Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) dig into the listener messages. They also talk about Tasma Mikrat and rebranded film. Alexia Carroll (@alexia.evangeline) picks up her phone for a talk. IG: @allthroughalens.podcast ---- For this, our seventh episode, Vania (@surfmartian) starts things off with a bunch of new film and some chocolate from New Zealand. Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) is jealous, but has some tips on Remjet. This...


Episode 06: I Can't Say Failure

Vania (@surfmartian) and Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) get a bit chatty talking about a catastrophic failure and surf photography. Also roller derby with Karen Freer (@fillingthetime). Zine reviews, listeners call-ins, and maybe a short rant. IG: @allthroughalens.podcast ---- After a bit of chit-chat, Vania (@surfmartian) and Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) dig into a pretty major failure concerning Eric’s Nez Perce Trail large format project. The project took him through...


Episode 05: No Ordinary Look - A Photographic Take on Rear Window

For our first movie night, Vania (@surfmartian) and Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) watch Hitchcock’s Rear Window. But before getting into it, we catch up a bit with each other. Vania found herself on the other side of the camera, while Eric contemplates the end of the season as well as a parking garage. This week’s answering machine was full with calls from @kino_pravda, @kollimatorn,, @space_critter, and @elgatomagnifico. We asked how cinematography and the...


Episode 04: The Illusion That They Were Still Alive

On this extra-spooky episode - 004. The Illusion That They Were Still Alive - Vania (@surfmartian) and Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) go a bit longer than usual, but we assure you it’s worth it (and still shorter than most podcasts). Things start off in a fairly normal way as we say hello and have a quick chat about Ilford’s “new” Ortho 80. Are we excited? Sure. Are we incredibly excited? Listen and find out. We then check the answering machine, which is also a normal thing. This...


Episode 03: Kinda Need to Go to Kansas

We talk weekend shooting (trains and surfing), check the answering machine, and gush over cheap film. Anne Hollond (@annehollond) stops by to talk old school zines, Polaroids and travel. Film swap and zine reviews! IG: @allthroughalens.podcast Music: Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers