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An irreverent bi-weekly podcast about the ups and downs of film photography.

An irreverent bi-weekly podcast about the ups and downs of film photography.
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An irreverent bi-weekly podcast about the ups and downs of film photography.




Episode 07: This is Effing Clear... Where are the Pictures?

On this episode, Vania (@surfmartian) and Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) dig into the listener messages. They also talk about Tasma Mikrat and rebranded film. Alexia Carroll (@alexia.evangeline) picks up her phone for a talk. IG: @allthroughalens.podcast ---- For this, our seventh episode, Vania (@surfmartian) starts things off with a bunch of new film and some chocolate from New Zealand. Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) is jealous, but has some tips on Remjet. This...


Episode 06: I Can't Say Failure

Vania (@surfmartian) and Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) get a bit chatty talking about a catastrophic failure and surf photography. Also roller derby with Karen Freer (@fillingthetime). Zine reviews, listeners call-ins, and maybe a short rant. IG: @allthroughalens.podcast ---- After a bit of chit-chat, Vania (@surfmartian) and Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) dig into a pretty major failure concerning Eric’s Nez Perce Trail large format project. The project took him through...


Episode 05: No Ordinary Look - A Photographic Take on Rear Window

For our first movie night, Vania (@surfmartian) and Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) watch Hitchcock’s Rear Window. But before getting into it, we catch up a bit with each other. Vania found herself on the other side of the camera, while Eric contemplates the end of the season as well as a parking garage. This week’s answering machine was full with calls from @kino_pravda, @kollimatorn,, @space_critter, and @elgatomagnifico. We asked how cinematography and the...


Episode 04: The Illusion That They Were Still Alive

On this extra-spooky episode - 004. The Illusion That They Were Still Alive - Vania (@surfmartian) and Eric (@conspiracy.of.cartographers) go a bit longer than usual, but we assure you it’s worth it (and still shorter than most podcasts). Things start off in a fairly normal way as we say hello and have a quick chat about Ilford’s “new” Ortho 80. Are we excited? Sure. Are we incredibly excited? Listen and find out. We then check the answering machine, which is also a normal thing. This...


Episode 03: Kinda Need to Go to Kansas

We talk weekend shooting (trains and surfing), check the answering machine, and gush over cheap film. Anne Hollond (@annehollond) stops by to talk old school zines, Polaroids and travel. Film swap and zine reviews! IG: @allthroughalens.podcast Music: Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers


Episode 02: If You Set It On Fire, Then It's Special

We talk about recent travels, check the answering machine, get frustrated by a camera that went to the moon (sort of), call up Brandy (IG: @film_diary_of_a_redhead) to talk about projects, and dig into Kodak's Colorama. Zine reviews and hopes/dreams round out the episode. IG: @allthroughalens.podcast Music: Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers


Episode 01: A Very High Tech Battery

We check the answering machine, receive questionable advice from a dead guy, talk about what's to come. Meanwhile, Eric is uncertain about a Hasselblad, while Vania questions whether photos of piers are the same as photos of bridges. We also call up Hannah Grace (@h.gracephoto - to chat with her about solo hiking with a 4x5 Graflex... alone... in winter... in her second trimester. Music provided by Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers. @allthroughalens.podcast on IG


Episode Zero - A Quick Introduction

Vania and Eric swiftly run you through what to expect: Features, zine reviews, useless bits of trivia, news (sort of), historical advice from dead guys, and maybe some projects of our own. There will be film exchanges, camera exchanges, playlists, travel photography tips, and even surf reports. And along the way, they will be reaching out to you, the members of the film community, to find out what you’re up to.