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Alison Deyette and Jesse Brune-Horan are fun and fabulous BFFs in LA on a mission to help you spice up your life with style and joy! If you like trends, super easy life hacks, and insightful and empowering women, then this is the place for you.

Alison Deyette and Jesse Brune-Horan are fun and fabulous BFFs in LA on a mission to help you spice up your life with style and joy! If you like trends, super easy life hacks, and insightful and empowering women, then this is the place for you.
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Alison Deyette and Jesse Brune-Horan are fun and fabulous BFFs in LA on a mission to help you spice up your life with style and joy! If you like trends, super easy life hacks, and insightful and empowering women, then this is the place for you.




Fitness Icon Jackie Warner is Open, Honest & Overcoming Weight Gain

Today is a Work Out reunion! We have Bravo star and fitness icon Jackie Warner in the house to talk about what’s new in her world and to share her journey in weight-loss. That’s right, this successful personal trainer gained weight after dealing with personal challenges and she is not hiding it. Jackie bravely opens up regarding an unfortunate event, the shame that followed and how she is overcoming it all. Plus we have author, psychologist, dream expert and astrologer Michael Lennox in to...


Actress & Author Lisa Ann Walter Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Kennedy Center Honors

It’s time for an inside look at the celebrity lifestyle with Lisa Ann Walter as she walks us through her night at the 41 Annual Kennedy Center Honors. Lisa is an actress, comedian, writer, the creator of Dance Your Ass Off, and author of “The Best Thing About My Ass Is That It’s Behind Me." She joins us to share the intimate details of a fabulous night, from the making of a new friend, Gloria Estefan, to an impromptu speech that re-inspired her from Reba McEntire. It’s a tell-all you won’t...


Lauren Berger Teaches Us To Get It Together

Are you ready to become the Queen (or King) of your dream career? We sure hope so because today Lauren Berger, CEO and Founder of and is here to show us the way. From her role as a key note speaker at over 200 events to the launching of her third book "Get It Together", Lauren has the best advice for getting ahead professionally. Plus, we share an eye-opening story about Emmy Award winning film director Deeyah Khan who went above and beyond to overcome hatred...


Flipping Out's Jenni Pulos Is a TRUE Renaissance Woman

We are "Flipping Out" today because we have multi-hyphenate Renaissance woman Jenni Pulos in studio. An actress, producer, writer, rapper, mother and wife, Jenni shares her experiences at home and in the entertainment world. She also performs her standout hit “Poo in the Potty” from her popular children’s rap album “Old School Kids Beats”. We can’t get enough. Plus, we have Angela Allison, the co-founder and CEO of Wine Society, on to discuss how a Midwestern gal fell in love with wine. Her...


Millenial Mamas Erin Ziering Shares A Modern Take On Parenting

Today we’re taking a modern look at an age-old task, parenthood! We have business woman, mother and friend Erin Ziering joining us to talk about the blog she co-founded with her business partner Veena Crownholm, The Millennial Mamas, and their goal to create a judgement-free platform where working and stay at home moms can connect and empower each other. She shares her experiences of sleepless nights, mama drama and managing it all from the home to the workplace. Plus, we have author and...


One Kings Lane Founder Susan Feldman Gets In the Groove

One Kings Lane founder Susan Feldman gets in the groove with a brand new lifestyle brand that keeps women of a certain age updated and Melissa Birge swapped being CFO at Kayak to starting a chic and stylish maternity site. These wonder women prove that a "second life" career change can be invigorating and done on their own terms. Susan says In The Groove is the go-to place for women of a certain age for what you need to know, and maybe didn’t even know you needed to know (until we came...


A Chef's Thanksgiving - Manouschka Gerrier & Manifa Nazarian

It's our Thanksgiving episode and in honor of our favorite holiday we've got celebrity chef Manouschka Guerrier and special guest-chef Manifa Nazarian joining Alternative Styles today. We discuss delicious dishes which may be new to you like a bacon weave turkey and recipes for recreating holiday favorites. And, we share tips to keep you from drying out the turkey and tricks for preventing stress on your big day. Plus, Manouschka and Manifa share special recipes for fusing Haitian and...


The Art Issue - Arielle Estoria & Fawn Arthur Show Strength in Sisterhood

For our 30 episode we bring you a special Art Issue of Alternative Styles featuring spoken word poet Arielle Estoria and visual artist Fawn Arthur! Arielle Estoria joins us for a live performance bringing us "words not for the ears but for the soul". Her words pull at our emotions. She tells us it’s her goal for us to feel something. Artist Fawn Arthur talks about her love of combining art and pop culture. She also explains the immersive nature of her work and describes her passion for...


Lisa Ling - The Stories Behind the Scenes of Life

Award-winning and winning us over today is journalist Lisa Ling of "This Is Life with Lisa Ling on CNN". We couldn't be more excited to welcome her to the show to talk niche stories and how stepping outside your comfort zone actually makes you a better person. From meth addiction to furry nations, gender fluidity to children of serial killers we dive deep and get behind the scenes stories of this season's gritty and compelling stories and to get an inside look at the life of Lisa Ling. So...


Celebrity host Monique Coleman talks her new show "Gimme Mo" & more!

Monique Coleman stopped by to discuss her new show Gimme Mo', the challenges facing youth today, and so much more! You may remember her from the hit Highschool Musical. Well, now she's making a worldwide difference. Plus: just in time for Halloween, J&A talk scary movies and shows that will give you chills! And: how one wonder woman in Minnesota is spreading love and kindness through ice cream. We adore Mrs. Delicious! Remember to give a 5-star rating and subscribe on Apple Podcasts,...


Relationship Expert Rachel DeAlto Shares Why You're Still Single

Relationship expert Rachel DeAlto shares why you may still be single, the good and bad of dating apps, and what never to post on your profile. She tells us what the best relationship may be and where to start. It may surprise you She reminds us it's okay to be flawed as she discusses the importance of honesty, both verbally and in photos. Plus, she dives into online dating, what not to text to your date and why some people are way too picky. Rachel’s giving us the scoop in today’s episode of...


It's a House Party with Comedian Laura House

Today's episode is chock full of notable women and we start with comedian, meditation teacher, and storyteller Laura House. She shares her incredibly funny journey from a small town in Texas to the stages across the country she's graced and her unexpected path to meditative bliss. She talks about writing on TV shows like Mom, George Lopez, and Samantha Who plus the process behind her comedic content. Laura also shares how a 23 and Me DNA kit leads to finding her biological mom and...


Lauren Singer Says Trash Is For Tossers, Green is Good

Think you’re environmentally conscious? Well, that’s just trash talk. Lauren Singer of Trash Is For Tossers and Package Free shares her tips to living a Zero Waste Lifestyle. From reusable shopping bags to bamboo toothbrushes, it’s easier than you think, and it’s healthier and cheaper too. Lauren explains how the choice to go Zero Waste allowed her to rethink the way she lives and to find empowerment through personal choice. Plus: We hear a good news story about Jocelyn Bell Burnell who...


The Handmaid’s Tale's Ane Crabtree Deconstructs Costume Design & Dystopia

Emmy-nominated costume designer Ane Crabtree joins us to discuss one of our favorite shows - The Handmaid’s Tale. Ane talks about the costume designs seen both on screen and its impact on politics. She explains her method of bringing a dystopian future to life, combining industrial design and psychological things like “no buttons and no zippers because it’s too salacious.” Ane talks about her feelings when she first saw a woman at a political rally utilizing her handmaid’s costume. She also...


Grace Bonney is in Good Company, Plus Life Advice from Designing Women

Author, blogger and entrepreneur Grace Bonney shares the key to achieving success while making your passion your career. She's had plenty of practice between founding Design*Sponge, a creative blog community making the art and design worlds personal, writing the New York Times bestseller In The Company of Women, a book featuring over 100 stories about female entrepreneurs who overcame adversity and her new magazine Good Company. The New York Times calls her a "Martha Stewart for...


Drag Queens Keep You Young, Global Mogul Tiffany Pham Empowers Women & Fashion Has Gone Fishy

CEO and founder of Mogul, the award-winning platform for women worldwide, and author of You Are A Mogul, Tiffany Pham joins us today to detail her success as a millennial. Seeing as how her platform reaches 18 million women per week from over 196 countries, she is certainly the woman for the job. Inspired by her grandmother as a 14 year old, Tiffany dedicated herself to learn every facet of the media industry, from business development and strategy to branding to content creation to...


Sweets & Success with COOLHAUS Ice Cream Co-Creator Natasha Case, Plus the Notorious RBG

Cool chick Natasha Case shares her journey from architecture school to the creation of gourmet ice cream sandwich business COOLHAUS, and, the two are surprisingly connected. Natasha calls the combination farchitecture, or food plus architecture, and she explains how curiosity and passion, even after being scolded by a professor, led her to success. She’ll share her favorite flavors, talk of the mint chip conversion and the flavor fails like Waldorf salad; it’s all a part of the creative...


Dani Nagel of Dazey LA Talks Designs to Empower Women...Plus, a Style Tip to Update Your Jeans

Designer, photographer, artist, and feminist Danielle Nagel, AKA Dani Dazey, joins the show today to discuss how she created Dazey L.A., an art apparel brand with a mission to empower women. From fashion design school to years of designing for corporations, Dani tells us about the experiences which led to the birth of her artisan t-shirt company with designs that “stand for something”. Dazey's mission is to spread female empowerment and promote positivity. She'll also discuss her choice to...


Hyperslow founder, the oh-mazing Emily Davenport & the Big Five Personality Test

Hyperslow is more than just a yoga's an immersive, communal experience dreamed up by today's guest: Emily Davenport. Recently, Emily partnered with Chef Royce Burke to open the Yarrow Cafe where their goal is to create "vegetarian for food lovers"...Emily's hot tip: try their breakfast burritos. She'll tell us about making the leap onto her entrepreneurial path and how her business has grown into a fitness hub in Los Angeles. She'll also share her next venture of building a...


Blowout Boss Alli Webb on the rise of Drybar, Plus Dating Disasters

Drybar founder Alli Webb talks about building the business that started as a mobile blowout service for friends and has grown into 106 shops employing 3000+ stylists! The evolution of the product line, stretching beyond a family business and her new podcast Raising the Bar with Alli & Michael. Plus: Jesse and Alison sharing dating horror stories and date night alternatives to dinner and a movie. And they pay tribute to the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and talk Psychic Sisters. Remember to...