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Our American Dream is simple: We'd like a prince and a legion of corgis. Self-appointed royal correspondents Jenna and Katelyn discuss current events in the British Royal Family with a keen focus on the third generation of royals, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and dare we say Meghan Markle?!

Our American Dream is simple: We'd like a prince and a legion of corgis. Self-appointed royal correspondents Jenna and Katelyn discuss current events in the British Royal Family with a keen focus on the third generation of royals, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and dare we say Meghan Markle?!
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Our American Dream is simple: We'd like a prince and a legion of corgis. Self-appointed royal correspondents Jenna and Katelyn discuss current events in the British Royal Family with a keen focus on the third generation of royals, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and dare we say Meghan Markle?!




45 - Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Together at Tennis and Other Mid-July News

On this week’s episode, Jenna and Katelyn talk about the happenings with the Royals from mid-July. Yes, this means your hosts talk about President Tr*mp’s visit to the UK. Listen to hear our thoughts on the Queen’s brooches, the supposed Brexit talk, and whether we think Princes Charles and William really refused to meet with him. *Looks up picture of Prince George in a bathrobe shaking President Obama’s hand* *deep breaths* *wistful gazing at what once was* *Ahem* After that, we move on to...


44 - Prince Louis Is A Pagan Baby No More And We Review What Meghan Markle Is Wearing These Days!

Jenna and Katelyn are back with a whirlwind review of some fun royal events. First up, your hosts talk all about Meghan’s fashionable forays to official engagements, as well as Royal Ascot and polo parties. And you know how the old song goes: “Louie, Louie / oh baby / take me to your christening!” Well, it happened! Little baby Louis put on the traditional lacy frock and showed off his cheeks to the world. Katelyn and Jenna discuss everyone’s outfits, the ceremony, and the godparents. In...


43 - Meghan Markle’s Day Out With Her Majesty And Kate Middleton Appears For Trooping The Colour

The honeymoon is over and everyone’s back to work! Not only are Jenna and Katelyn returning with a new episode, but the Royals are back in the thick of things. Join your hosts as they discuss this year’s Trooping the Colour, some upcoming trips for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and some candid photos of Kate wrangling George and Charlotte while watching Wills play polo. Also in this episode: Is Meghan looking a bit...robotic? Has Harry taken on the role of Meghan’s stylist? And where the...


42 - Meghan Markle Designs Her Coat of Arms and Kate Middleton Delights in Zara

There’s been a lot of news since Meghan and Harry’s wedding and this episode is just the start of catching up! On this episode, we discuss the Duchess of Sussex’s continued introduction into the Firm! She’s got her own Coat of Arms, a fantastic About Me page, and for her first Buckingham Palace garden party, Meghan goes full duchess. Also on the docket: a designer seems bitter she didn’t create Meghan’s dress, Kate is spotted with George and Charlotte, and where did Meghan and Harry go on...


41 - Wedding Bells at Windsor - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Say “I Do”

On this episode, Jenna and Katelyn finally discuss all the details of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s big day! May 19 was sunny and warm in Windsor, and everything looked beautiful: the church, the flowers, the guests, the weird minibuses, and, last but not least, bride Meghan Markle. Here in the USA, in Katelyn’s basement, the sun had not risen, but your hosts were awake, sporting fascinators with their pajamas, and swooning over Prince Harry’s lip biting. It was a magical morning where...


40 - Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance Reaction

Ever since the engagement was announced, Jenna and Katelyn have been eagerly anticipating another event: the Lifetime movie! On Sunday, May 13, Lifetime aired Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance, a two-hour dramatization of the couple’s love story. On this episode, your hosts discuss their thoughts on this cinematic masterpiece. Listen to hear about the amazing Parisa Fitz-Henley, the interesting portrayal of the Cambridges, and, of course, ghost-lion Diana. You can find us using...


39 - Midnight Markle Madness and Final Royal Wedding Predictions

It’s almost here! With only a few days until Harry and Meghan tie the knot, Jenna and Katelyn figured they’d revisit their wedding predictions and maybe discuss some of the final details announced by Kensington Palace. But the Markle family had different plans. Join your hosts as they talk about the developments that have no doubt sent the minds at KP reeling in the run up to the big day. In the second half of the episode, we go with our original plan and issue our final predictions for...


38 - Meghan Markle Forgoes A Maid Of Honor, And Tips For Your Own Royal Wedding Party!

Listeners!! It’s happening!!!!! Wedding mania has taken over the podcast, putting other royals news on the back burner for a little bit. Join Jenna and Katelyn as they discuss the latest announcements from Kensington Palace about what we can expect for Harry and Meghan’s big day. William is the best man! Meghan’s parents will escort her to her Prince! The music! The carriage! And did Harry reveal the dress designer? Or is he just getting Meghan a nice wedding present from a British fashion...


37 - Louis Arthur Charles Cambridge

With Harry and Meghan’s wedding only two weeks away, Jenna and Katelyn want to discuss the latest with the Cambridges before completely falling under the spell of royal wedding fever! Join your hosts as they share their quick takes on baby’s Louis’s name, his cheeks, and his adorable photo shoot with the newly 3 Charlotte.


36 - Royal Baby Cambridge Has Landed

Jenna and Katelyn celebrate the birth of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s third child! Welcome to the world baby prince! Going over a timeline of the day, we learn that waving is Princess Charlotte’s favorite, Prince William is an expert, and once again Kate is an amazing human thanks to magic (and her glam squad). We also discuss the outfit Kate wore to debut her newborn son, the history of the birth announcement easel, a few messages of congratulations from around the world, and how a...


35 - The Royal Baby Watch Continues and More of Meghan Markle’s Wedding Preparations

With only one month until Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle and a new royal baby due any day now, Jenna and Katelyn are back to discuss the latest in British royals news! Join your hosts as we review the logistics around the birth of Baby Cambridge #3 and the final preparations for the wedding, including Meghan’s recent trip to the U.S, the photographer, and an interesting attempt by Meghan’s relatives to capitalize on the wedding mania #greenery. And speaking of #greenery, we also...


34 - Baby Cambridge Three, What Will Your Name Be?

April is here, and Jenna and Katelyn are breathlessly anticipating the arrival of Baby Cambridge Three! We are very excited for Will, Kate, George, and Charlotte to welcome a new bundle of joy to Kensington Palace. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not announced whether they’re expecting a new prince or princess, but that has not stopped the press or the public from speculating on some possible names. On this episode, your hosts join in, discussing some history behind royal names,...


33 - Kate Middleton In Her Natural Habitat And Meghan Markle Showers Us With Royal Wedding Updates!

April showers bring May flowers—if by “showers” we mean floods of wedding updates! As May 19 draws nearer, Kensington Palace has been releasing more and more information about the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Listen to find out more about the cake, the flowers, and the very special role Harry has carved out for members and veterans of the armed forces! Also on this episode, Katelyn and Jenna go over the royals news for Easter week 2018. Join us as we discuss the...


32 - Tiara Time! Our Meghan Markle Wedding Sparkle Predictions

This episode, we finally touch on one of our favorite parts of a royal wedding: the bridal tiara! Join Jenna and Katelyn as they discuss what British brides have worn in the past and predict whether Meghan will don a Royal Family heirloom like Kate Middleton did, a vintage piece like Princess Margaret, or whether a custom design will be her “something new.” In the news, Prince William is a rebel with a cause (playing dad soccer), the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge celebrated St. Patrick’s...


31 - Meghan Markle Pledges Allegiance to the Anglican God

Katelyn and Jenna are back to discuss what’s new with the British royals. This episode, the Queen shines in a bright gown, Will and Kate continue their typical charity circuit, and Meghan and Harry celebrate International Women’s Day with a trip to Birmingham. But your hosts were not stuck reporting only these more typical stories. Join us as we talk about the more fun/bizarre news, like how Meghan has now pledged her allegiance to Anglicanism, how the Commonwealth Day celebration involved...


29 - Markle Sparkle and Air-Miles Andy

After an post from our #InstagramMuse Sarah, Duchess of York, wishing her ex a happy birthday we take a quick look at Prince Andrew’s life and why he happens to have a whole tab on Wikipedia for his controversies. In our news segment we discuss The Cambridges at the BAFTAS, Kate and Sophie’s joint engagement for fashion, “Markle Sparkle,” and more!


27 - The Cambridges take Scandinavia and Lifetime finds their Meghan Markle

This episode, your hosts cover Will and Kate's Most recent jaunt in the realm of soft diplomacy: their trip to Sweden and Norway! With the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge back in the UK, Katelyn and Jenna review their trip, discussing the other royal families, Kate’s amazing cape, and glogg! We also react to the exciting news that the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle movie has been cast. If you have any feedback or ideas for topics you’d like us to cover, get in touch! (email:...


26 - “Fill Me In” on Some Royal Rumors

On this episode, Jenna and Katelyn cover the facts and the (likely) fiction about the Royal Family’s recent doings. Did Kate donate her hair? Is Harry looking to acquire some? Will one-hit-wonder Craig David be serenading Harry and Meghan at their wedding reception? Tune in to hear our takes! If you have any feedback or ideas for topics you’d like us to cover, get in touch! (email: / facebook: @americrowndreams / instagram: @americrowndreams / twitter:...


25 - Meghan Markle Says Yes to the Dress (Designer)

Meghan Markle has chosen the lucky designer who will create her wedding dress! On this week’s episode, Katelyn and Jenna discuss the possibilities and speculate on what the dress itself may look like. Join your hosts as we look to the past for clues, both in what Meghan herself has worn as a bride, and in the dresses of four other royals: Queen Elizabeth, Princess Anne, Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton. In the news, we address royal renovations, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s trip...


24 - Royal Year in Review: 2017

Happy 2018! Just like the Royals, Jenna and Katelyn are back at work after a short holiday break. On this episode, your hosts look back at the major events of 2017 and discuss the fashions, failures, and festivities that marked the Firm’s year. At the top of the episode, we talk about the engagement photos, the Fab Four’s first joint walk to church, a Nice New Year, Charlotte’s nursery school debut, Kate’s birthday festivities, Harry and Meghan’s visit to Brixton, and what TV we’re...