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Host Andy Moore interviews fascinating people and takes you along on audio adventures exploring Culture, Art, and Fun in San Francisco and beyond. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to this podcast (it’s free) so that each episode will be automatically delivered to your computer. Thanks, and happy listening!

Host Andy Moore interviews fascinating people and takes you along on audio adventures exploring Culture, Art, and Fun in San Francisco and beyond. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to this podcast (it’s free) so that each episode will be automatically delivered to your computer. Thanks, and happy listening!
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Host Andy Moore interviews fascinating people and takes you along on audio adventures exploring Culture, Art, and Fun in San Francisco and beyond. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to this podcast (it’s free) so that each episode will be automatically delivered to your computer. Thanks, and happy listening!




21 – Hugh “Chopper” King, From Pyromaniac to Militant Radical to TV Producer/Personality

An interview with Hugh King (also known as "Chopper King.") What I’ve selected from our conversation for this podcast has to do with three distinct parts of Hugh’s life that I find especially interesting: 1) His childhood pyromania; 2) The part Hugh played in the anti-war “GI Coffeehouse Movement” during the Vietnam War in the late 1960’s and 70’s near Fort Dix, New Jersey; and 3) The emergence of Hugh's "Chopper King" character from the TV shows Biker Build-off and Motorcycle Mania. This...


20 – In London With Peter & Kath Hart

This episode of Andy’s Treasure Trove features two great fans of my podcast, Peter and Kath Hart of London. When my family and I were in London a few years ago, we spent a very pleasant day with them, I presented them with some Andy’s Treasure Trove t-shirts, and recorded a short interview with Peter about things that he had mentioned during the day, including stories about his grandfather’s experiences in the British film industry, and the small village of South Ascot where he grew up. He...


19 – SPARKS – An Homage to Ron & Russell Mael

This is my homage to my favorite band, Sparks, and the core of Sparks, brothers Ron & Russell Mael. I speak to Tosh Berman of Tam Tam Books, who wrote a book about a history-making Sparks 21-album concert series in London and who published a book of Sparks song lyrics. I also chat with Eric Theise, an artist, musician and avid and articulate Sparks fan. Laurie Cohen, Director of the Mill Valley Philharmonic, shares her first impressions of Sparks music, and I mention something about each of...


18 – Voices of the Green Rush – Cannabis Job Fair in San Francisco

Interviews from the April 30, 2016 "Join the Green Rush" cannabis job fair in San Francisco, plus an interview with Mario Furloni about his and Kate McLean's documentary Pot Country and the feature film, Freeland, that it inspired.


17 – Bob & Ray (with guests Bob Elliott and Tom Lehrer)

A salute to the pioneering comedy team of Bob & Ray, featuring a new interview with Bob Elliott, many excerpts from Bob & Ray recordings, and some recent appreciative comments by another comedy great Tom Lehrer. Host Andy Moore is "mighty grateful" to know Bob Elliott & Tom Lehrer, and wishes he had met Ray Goulding. All Bob & Ray recordings are available on Call the listener call-in line to leave a message for Andy and/or his audience: 415-508-4084 When you call, please say...


16 – Author Sarah Schulman

Episode 16 features an interview from 2009 with the noted writer Sarah Schulman, the author of After Dolores, Shimmer, People in Trouble, Rat Bohemia, Stagestruck, and many others. Andy chats with Sarah about, among other things, her keen interest in Wilhelm Reich, her self-admitted graphomania, the film festival she co-directs every year in New York with Jim Hubbard, and the documentary that she and Jim made about the activist organization ACTUP called United in Anger, a History of Act Up....


15 – Candace Roberts, Becky Haycox & Lorenzo Barrar

Episode 15 begins with a mammoth roll of thunder recorded here in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. Then there's a 2.5 min. interview with Becky Haycox (winner of the recent iPod contest) about the "science quilts" she is making in Ventura, California. After that we talk with Lorenzo Barrar, a 12-year-old jeweler and mycologist who has spent most of his life in a forest near Gualala, California. Lorenzo talks about his mushroom hunting and jewelry-making, and the rewards that close...


14 – Orson Welles’ Trials and Tribulations

Episode 14 is a very short episode. We’re going to hear from Orson Welles as he struggles to record some TV commercials. But first I will announce the winner of the contest for the Apple iPod that was based on the name of Manny Roth’s home-made bread from Episode 12. Remember fartbread? The Orson Welles recording was sent to me by a listener who got it from a friend. You may laugh, you may cry, but you'll never forget Orson's sonorous intonations about peas, beef and cod. And now, imagine...


13 – Richard Conrad, Classical Singer, on Joan Sutherland, Noel Coward, Marilyn Horne and Adlai Stevenson…

Singer Richard Conrad is interviewed, and he reflects back on a career that got a big boost early on from opera superstar Joan Sutherland and her husband Richard Bonynge when they asked him to record The Age of Bel Canto with them and Marilyn Horne in 1963. During our discussion he’ll talk about those days, and about Gilbert & Sullivan, Noel Coward and many other notables in the music world. Richard also tells us a joke he told to Noel Coward that made Coward fall down laughing, and he tells...


12 – Manny Roth of Cafe Wha?, Music by Candace Roberts

Episode 12 starts with music from the new album Honeymoon for One by Candace Roberts. Then Andy interviews Manny Roth, who ran the famous Cafe Wha? in New York City, presenting up-and-coming entertainers like Bob Dylan, Bill Cosby, Peter, Paul & Mary, Richard Pryor, Jimi Hendrix and many others. Manny tells us about his childhood in Indiana, his stint as a flyer and as a USO show coordinator in WWII, and then about his arrival in Greenwich Village and the start of his cafe and night club...


11 – Terence Davies Interview, Music by David Lisle

Episode 11 starts with two potential theme songs for Andy's Treasure Trove submitted by listener and friend David Lisle, followed by Andy's interview with British actor, writer and director Terence Davies. Born in 1945 in Liverpool, England, Terence Davies was the youngest of 10 children in a Catholic working-class family who suffered with an abusive father, bullies at school, the abuses of the Catholic Church and his own legendary self-loathing for being gay. After a shut-down adolescence...


10 – SF Silent Film Festival, Leonard Maltin, Guy Maddin, Theater Pipe Organ Wizard Clark Wilson, and lots more…

Episode 10 is dedicated to Andy's favorite film festival in San Francisco, the San Francisco Silent Film Festival. You’ll hear his conversations with noted film critic and TV personality Leonard Maltin of Entertainment Tonight fame. There's a conversation with Suzanne Lloyd, the Granddaughter of cinematic genius Harold Lloyd. Andy chats and chews with Canadian director Guy Maddin, and talks to pipe organ wizards Edward Stout and Clark Wilson. You'll hear live performances of the musical...


9 – Barack Obama Campaign Mega Phone Bank, JoAnne Brasil’s Astrology Report, and More Music from Janis Ian

Episode 9 begins with a visit to San Francisco’s Mega Phone Bank for the Barack Obama campaign. We speak to the organizers and the volunteers. Then JoAnne Brasil tells us what astrology says about the month of November, and we close with another beautiful song by Janis Ian called Through the Years. Keywords and links for this episode: Barack Obama, Diebold, JoAnne Brasil, astrology, John McCain, Joe Biden, Janis Ian.


8 – John Killacky Talks About His Documentary on Janis Ian, then Music by Janis Ian

Episode #8 begins with the announcement of our very first contest! Then we talk to John Killacky of the San Francisco Foundation about his new documentary concert film Janis Ian, Live From Grand Center, and a lot about Janis Ian herself. We’ll also learn about two other projects of John’s: a film about 541 Broadway in New York, a nexus of postmodern dance history, and John’s new passion for Shetland pony showing and pony cart driving. Then we’ll hear Janis Ian herself singing We’re Married...


7 – Gary Weimberg Talks About His Filmmaking Life, His Encounters with the Rich and Famous, and His Wise Dog

Episode #7 focuses on Gary Weimberg, the documentary filmmaker who, along with his partner Catherine Ryan, has created many insightful films and television programs, the newest of which is the documentary Soldiers of Conscience, about soldiers grappling with the moral issues of war. Soldiers of Conscience airs on PBS on Oct. 16. But first Gary talks about his encounters with major movie stars, directors and others who have mentored him along his filmmaking path. See photos of Gary and Andy...


6 – The Blue Angels over San Francisco, then Willie Brown Speaking at the Mechanics Institute About His New Book

Episode #6 starts with a noisy introduction featuring the navy’s Blue Angels screaming over San Francisco, then we go to the Mechanics Institute Library to hear Willie Brown, former mayor of San Francisco and long-time California state legislator, speak about his book: Basic Brown, My Life and Our Times. This episode is about 30 minutes long. Please view the related photos and videos under the keywords, below. Keywords for this episode: San Francisco, Fleet Week, aircraft China Clipper, Blue...


5 – JoAnne Brasil on Astrology, and Poet Ralph Jack Reading and Playing the Flute.

Episode #5 emphasizes astrology with JoAnne Brasil, writer and astrologer, telling us about the astrological charts of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates, as well as her usual monthly report on what the stars are doing. Then we’ll hear two poems written and read by Ralph Jack (who plays the flute as well). This episode is about 20 minutes long. Keywords: Astrology, JoAnne Brasil, John McCain, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, Big Religion, US banking system, mortgage...


4 – Tom Powers on Strange Movie Theater Occurences He Has Experienced

Episode #4, prepared in Santa Cruz, California while Andy is on a “working vacation” there, features an interview with writer, editor and teacher Tom Powers, stories from the Theater Department at Illinois State University and stories about odd things that have happened to Tom in movie theaters far and wide. This episode is about 25 minutes long, and there are some nature photos of Santa Cruz under the keywords, below. Keywords and links for this episode: Santa Cruz, California, Tom Powers,...


3 – SF Int’l LGBT Film Festival, Barbara Hammer and Harjant Gill, then Karaoke with Jack, Valerie and Frank.

Prepared in Santa Cruz, California while Andy is on a “working vacation” there, Episode #3 starts with a visit to the opening night party of the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival and an amusing encounter with filmmaker Harjant Gill, then to the Roxie Theater and a chat with Barbara Hammer at the premier of her new film “A Horse Is Not A Metaphor” about her recovery from cancer and how guided imagery of horses helped her recover. Next, we’ll talk to Stephen Kent Jusick about the...


2 – Contemporary Jewish Museum, Daniel Libeskind, Rosalyn Swig and others, Music by the Ernest Bloch Bell Ringers

In Episode #2 we’ll join a media preview tour of San Francisco’s new Contemporary Jewish Museum and spend time with its architect Daniel Libeskind, museum President Rosalyn Swig, Director Connie Wolf, artists Alan Berliner and Trenton Doyle Hancock, and others. We’ll also talk to Liam Passmore about San Francisco’s own literary festival, Litquake, coming up in October, and about the horror of those yearly visitors, the Blue Angels. Then, because they got such a great response after Episode...