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Anime World Order Show # 178 – YOU LOVE DRUGS Don’t You, Dennis? 224 Trimethylpentane Is In There, It’s a KILLER!

We?ve got a short window between conventions, writing assignments, and natural disasters to release an episode, so let?s take advantage! We give our convention report for Otakon 2019, have stern objections to Netflix's marketing/propaganda wing, and then fulfill a Patreon goal by reviewing the listener-suggested Macross II: Lovers Again. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 177 – Dick Dastardly and Muttley Never MURDERED Penelope Pitstop

As convention prep comes down to the wire, we?re joined once again by Mike Toole to do what we do best with him. Namely, talk about some Discotek Media developments and review anime from Yoshiyuki Tomino! This time around, it's Blue Gale Xabungle aka Combat Mecha Xabungle. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 176 – We Made It Through This Entire Episode Without Mentioning Mario Kart

The listeners have demanded it: we must return to our roots! After playing some audio submissions from LISTENERS LIKE YOU, Daryl reviews the 2018 theatrical film, Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 175 – Now Akira, It’s Your Turn to Wear the Demon Skull

Now that Devilman Crybaby is all the rage?or well, WAS all the rage a year and a half ago?Gerald reviews the Devilman OVAs from 1987, 1990, and 2000. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 174 – Yes! Doug is Actually Kind of an Asshole

Two episodes in a month! It?s practically an AWO double decker, so it's only fitting that Clarissa review the surprisingly overlooked Tiger and Bunny spinoff of sorts, Double Decker! Doug and Kirill. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 173 – 100 Years of Yuri with Most Dangerous Erica Friedman, Yuri Bodhisattva

Two episodes ago we told you to go check out Erica Friedman and her blog Okazu, but much like a rogue outlaw space idol singer this Most Dangerous Erica has come to us so that we can talk about the 2018 yuri anime Kase-san and Morning Glories. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 172 – It is NOT Jim Carrey or Cary Elwes Saying You’re SCARED of The Claw

As promised in Show 170, we fulfill the latest donation marker met by once again reviewing a listener suggestion as Daryl and gang talk about the 2005 sci-fi western series, Gun x Sword. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 171 – Idiots! Watch the Damn Matrix! But Stop Before NUMBER TWO!

To kick off our 13th year of anime podcasting, we talk a bit about yuri manga before Clarissa reviews the largely overlooked and recently concluded spinoff to Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor, 2018's Mr. Tonegawa: Middle Management Blues. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 170 – Here Come De Judge! Here Come De Judge!

In what is likely but hopefully not our last episode of the year, thus silently celebrating another podcasting anniversary (12 years!), we partially fulfill the donation goal requests by reviewing the 1991 one-shot OAV that is Judge aka Judge: The Magistrate of Darkness. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 169 - This Year's Trivia Episode Has a Nice Number In It

With Thanksgiving holidays upon us, as a public service to those of you with lengthy commutes on your way to or from relatives it's time once again for another trivia episode, this time as tinged by mystery-colored happiness thanks to our special guest Emily from Shoujo Manga Land aka MagicalEmi on Twitter! Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 168 – Even If You Don’t Want to Listen, Listen

For this special SPOOOOOOOOOKY edition of the Anime World Order podcast, we're rejoined by Mike Toole to review the most recent of Yoshiyuki Tomino's head-scratching trainwrecks, Gundam Reconguista in G. Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 167 - Beating Multiple Dead Horses Enhanced By Cybernetics

It's October now, so that does mean we missed September. To make up for it, Gerald has elected to review something thematically appropriate for the Halloween month by doubling up and reviewing both the 1985 Vampire Hunter D as well as its sequel, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust from the year 2000. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 166 - Otakon 2018 and the Murder Schnauzer Needs the D...Agency

In this episode, we have returned from our voyage to Otakon 2018, and offer up our press coverage of same. Then Daryl subjects the gang to the 2016 anime adaptation of the spy mystery series Joker Game. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 165 - No Fushigi Mystery That Boning Is Greater Than Science

Why did two months pass without a new episode? Some cartoons break even the strongest of spirits. But finally, Clarissa reviews Go Nagai's precursor to Devilman, Demon Lord Dante. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 164 – Where’s Airline Pilot Nicolas Cage When You Need Him

We'll be guests at AnimeNEXT in Atlantic City June 8-10! This gives Gerald a small window of opportunity to review the recently-concluded (for now?) Girls' Last Tour. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 163 - This Episode Appropriately Delayed Due to Severe Rainstorm

Daryl and the gang review 2010?s Rainbow ? Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin, a show about criminals for which the biggest crime is how overlooked it remains. With the timing of this episode, it is likely to remain that way. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 162 - We Need More BORT License Plates In the Gift Shop

We missed another month because Gerald changed his mind on what he wanted to review. So rather than have another Spriggan on our hands, have THIS review instead of the recently-concluded (for now) Land of the Lustrous! Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 161 - No Kentucky Fried Movie or Shigeru Mizuki References

It's been quite a while since we had him for the highly-beloved Sword for Truth review, but we're finally joined once more by Evan Minto from Ani-Gamers to talk about Sunao Katabuchi's finally-completed film, In This Corner of the World. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 160 – Why Must You Be So Cruel to Brain

It's a Christmas miracle, everybody! We're joined once again by Mike Toole, hot off the release of the 2017 Crunchyroll Holiday Special, to talk about 1998's Brain Powerd, directed by--yep, you guessed it!--Yoshiyuki Tomino. Visit for full show notes and supplemental links.


Anime World Order Show # 159 - Our Annual Holiday Trivia Episode, 8 Episodes Since the Previous One

It's once again Thanksgiving time, which means it's time for another trivia episode! We're joined by animal handler, alcohol connoisseur, cosplayer, and anime nerd Emma Bowers as Gerald unleashes another barrage of trivia questions for us to either not know, pretend to not know, and in some cases actually know! The perfect thing to listen to rather than interact with your visiting relatives who you can't stand to talk to anyway! Visit for full show notes and...