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A collection of free writings about life and love by @ArtistSarahLong.

A collection of free writings about life and love by @ArtistSarahLong.
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A collection of free writings about life and love by @ArtistSarahLong.




85. Decide

To decide means we are cutting off the contemplation of something else as we commit to one path. One concept. One thing. When we decide to go all-in, therein lies the power to attract what it is, you want by making a decision. To decide causes the effect of cooperative components to facilitate the next logical step. Thus, without the power of making a decision, you’re left drifting in a sea of uncertainty, never really getting the momentum you need to change your reality. LET’S BE...


84. the sex

I think I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone. But I want you to know, I don’t need you to be happy. I don’t need you to make me feel inspired, or to feel good or to go places and do extra-ordinary things. And I don’t mean to sound like I’m not in it to win it, I’m just saying, I’m in it for the fun of it... For the joy of it. For the love of it. For the connection and the new experiences. For the companionship. For the friendship. For the sex. For the slow dances and...


83. see her

When I think about her, I get butterflies and I think about what it will be like when she finally finds me, and I think her glory will be blinding. Which means, I’ll probably have to wear sunglasses when I see her next time... But that's OK... I'm looking forward to seeing love at first sight...again. LET’S BE SOCIAL Connect with me via my favourite hangouts; + @ ArtistSarahLong on Instagram + @AlcoholInkArtStories + @ ArtistSarahLong on Facebook + Artist Sarah Long on YouTube


82. a dream

I have a dream that one day the human beings will use love as currency. That one day the human being will go to school for self empowerment and self-mastery. That one day women and men will be equal but, women will rule the world. That one day women will see their true potential. And that one day we will see our sexuality as the center for creativity, and creativity is what we need to keep ourselves alive and thriving... And one day we see a world full of artists, living an...


81. your home

When your home doesn’t feel good. When the furniture doesn’t flow. When the light isn’t bright. When you don’t have nice art on the walls. When the litter box isn’t cleaned out. When you don’t have some plants and when you don’t have fresh produce. It will weaken your vibration, and you will start to slip between the cracks and get stuck in your quest to turn pro. To become the best version of yourself. To win the war of art. To overcome the dark night of the soul. To rise above...


80. lies

It’s not the truth that hurts so much, it’s the lies we tell ourself. It’s when we choose to see things for how we want them to be as oppose to how they really are. It’s when we say we’re in love, but we really just don’t want to be alone. It’s when we say we feel good, when we really don’t. It’s when we say we love the job we're in, but we really just wanna make art. It’s those lies that breed other lies, and the next thing ya know you're just one big lie. And deep down inside,...


79. epic shit

Yo, yo, did you know that you’re an artist? You might not think of yourself as one, and you might not think you’re very creative or you might not think that your very good at your art but being an Artist comes in many different forms. It could be through dance... Or through music... Or through painting Or through writing... It could be in the way you build something or in the way that you communicate with someone. But regardless of what kind of artist you are, every day you have a...


78. Change us

I’m just sitting here by the water watching the waves bring you closer to me, and I can finally feel you next to me. You're more clear to me now, and I can actually see the outline of yourself. I can see how you look when you look at me, like you did the first time you saw me. I can smell your breath, and it smells delicious. I can feel what it feels like to be sitting beside you in the sand. And I can feel your hand in my hand. And I can feel our legs and feet touching... I can hear...


77. Butterfly

What's up wit-chew man? I’ve been fantasizing about flying lately.. Like a bird... Or a fly... Or a bee. But I don’t think I’d ever wanna be a butterfly, you know why? Why man? They are crazy when they fly!! It’s like they don’t really know where there’re going, or why, so they’re so unpredictable, ya know? The bounce more then fly really, and that just doesn’t feel good to me. It’d like being on roller coaster that never ends...if you ask me. But I guess it beats being a...


76. Today

You know one day, the ones you don’t talk to... The ones you think you hate because of what they did to you. The ones that caused you pain in some way so you hold resent for them to this day... And the ones you use to say I love you to, now you don’t talk to, because emotions came between you. But the thing is, all those stories that happened only happened if you keep thinking about them like you have been But let me ask you my friend, what’s the point when some day those people will be...


75. medulla oblongata

Finally she got so frustrated with her, and all her excuses, and one day she just lost it, and she shouted, just stop it.... Stop overthinking shit. Stop second guessing yourself. Stop creating stories that aren’t true. Stop worrying so much about what other people think of you. Stop tearing yourself apart for all the things you didn’t do. Stop thinking your truth isn’t worth listening too. Stop dumping cement down your throat because you’re too afraid to express yourself. Just stop...


74. OCD Tendencies

I love you so much for all the you are right now. I love you for who you’ve become, and I love you for all the reasons you think you’re not good enough. I love where you're at in life, and I love all the things you've tried and failed at. I love you for how crazy you can be, and I love you for your OCD tendencies. I love you for the way you laugh and the way you cry, and I love you for all your lies. I love you for all the times you tried to let go, but, you kept holding on because you...


73. Lesbian

The guy sitting beside me right now is ginormous... He’s also gorgeous. He’s dressed nice and has his hair slicked back, it's black so be looks like he’s ready for business or something serious like that. And I just wanted to say, if I wasn’t a lesbian I’d probably hit on him... But then again, am I really a lesbian or is that that box of restrictions I keep putting myself in? I think it's a box I can feel it, it's suffocating... God dammit I did it again… I'm not sure how to get...


72. Airport Sex

I wanna spend all day naked in bed. I wanna wake up and cuddle and talk about our plans. I wanna go on dates and run errands. I wanna miss her when she leaves and I wanna get excited to see her again. And, I wanna make out, all the time… I wanna have phone sex and airport sex, and sex in the kitchen and I want us to kiss like we can’t get enough of each other's spit. But...I’ll be honest, I’m desperately afraid of all this. I’m afraid to open myself up, and I’m afraid to fall in love,...


71. Baby's Daddy

He’s a very tall human being. She’s very short, and she has an accent. She doesn’t, but she does talk like she’s from the ghetto, and oh, yeah he talks like he’s a hetero... And She’s a lesbian and she’s straight, and he looks like her, but he’s a boy so he’s transforming into a girl, so he’s what they call a transsexual. And she’s got IBS, it just happened, so she has to wear depends, which protects her pants from when she accidentally shits in them. And she’s on her way out of a...


70. Inside Out

We think we need these audacious things to be a human being. Things like dish soap, and laundry soap, and hand soap, and body wash, and shampoo and conditioner and bubble bath, all in the name of cleanliness. But, it’s not cleaning what you think it is, it’s only making things worse because of the obseogens found in the chemicals. So I’m just like, “yo people, you could save yourself a lot of struggle if you just cleaned yourself from the inside out." So how about you go in to your minds...


69. Dead

No one cared if she was happy or not, they only cared about themselves and what they wanted. And she was only little, so she had small voice and she was bullied a lot, so she got even smaller, the older she got, cuz she lost the confidence to be who she eventually she gave up. She gave up when she felt like she didn’t matter enough to be loved for who she was. And that’s why her life sucked... That’s why she ended up in a lot of shitty situations and that’s why she was always...


68. The Victim

I had this terrible terrible thought... Is this even real or is it just programming... Do you even know? Are you lying to yourself? Are you sure this what you want? No this isn’t what I want but I don’t know what I want so I’ll just do it for now, and see where it goes. Oh you know where it goes.... No where good, because the lies will catch up to you. Why do people look at me funny? They think your ugly. I am ugly. I don’t know how to fix it. Me either, I think you’re stuck that...


67. The Ocean

Even with a broken heart she’s still so awesome. I just think you're beautiful and I wanna take you home. Will you miss me when I’m gone? Does your mind play tricks on you too? My tastebuds are so confused… I like my coffee strong like a big black cupcake. Are you all in? Do you dream? I’m a no body now… My Monster is behind me right now. What’s your Monster? Do you even know? I wanna love you so hard my heart feels like water and I flow all over you like a wave, and I make you...


66. Layers

I’m starting to see who you really are now. I’m starting to understand how to dance with you and how to play with you, how to talk to you. I’m understanding what your layers are, and I see how each layer tells a very different story on its own. Each layer feels a certain way and looks a certain way, so I’m starting to see what each layer looks like naked. When they're on own, exposed. And, so now I know why you are the way you are when you're all squished together When all of your...