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We talk about Art & Craft Supplies with the manufacturers & artists that create them and the retailers that stock and deliver them.

We talk about Art & Craft Supplies with the manufacturers & artists that create them and the retailers that stock and deliver them.


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We talk about Art & Craft Supplies with the manufacturers & artists that create them and the retailers that stock and deliver them.




ASI 36 "Airbrushing 101" Interview with Maryellen Vettori & Bob Keeling of The Airbrush Institude

AIRBRUSHING 101 is the first EVER workbook that teaches you how to airbrush! Endorsed by Anest Iwata-Medea, Inc., makers of the finest airbrushes in the world! Maryellen & Bob decided to demystify the airbrush by creating a series of workbooks, videos and workshops that guide you through your airbrush journey. Their commitment is to introduce the airbrush in an entertaining environment with a light-hearted flare to keep your interest and ignite your airbrushing passion. It does not matter...


ASI 35 "Working with Clay" Interview with Jennifer Courington, VP Marketing & New Product Director for Sculpey

There is a reason Sculpey Clay sells the best polymer clay in the world. Their mission has been to inspire people to realize their creative potential through education and high-quality products. Jennifer talks about their wide selection of products for crafters and artists at any expertise level. Click here to see all of their clay products. Polymer clay Kids – Sculpey Bake Shop®, Sculpey Bake Shop® Eraser, Sculpey Bake Shop® Glow, Sculpey Bake Shop® Bendy and Sculpey Bake Shop...


ASI 34 "The Care and Cleaning of your art brushes". Interview with Dee Silver, President, Silver Brush Limited

In our interview with Dee Silver, President of Silver Brush Limited, Dee wants you to know that quality brushes are an investment in yourself and your art. Silver Brush wants you to have the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure the longevity of your brushes and give you the absolute best painting experience with every stroke. If you've listened to the information on this podcast but still have questions, please feel free to them by clicking here to go to their brush care website. Art...


ASI 33 "Paper with Soul" Interview with Aivaras Sidla, CEO for SM LT

Listen to a company that really make a difference. SM LT makes "paper with soul"! They produce paper like no one else does. SM LT developed a really unique structure & an informal environment. They have about eighty employees and involve every one of them in business planning at all levels. Their social responsibility is second to none. Sustainable since the beginning of 2022: they start using electricity from 100% renewable energy sources for production processes! And, more than half of...


ASI 32 "Understanding Artist Papers" Interview with Joe Domeier, N. American Sales Director, Hahnemühle

Hahnemühle manufacturers unique papers for unique works of art since 1584. If you want to understand Artist Paper, Joe breaks it down for you in easy to understand language. Hahnemühle is one of the leading European paper producers. The distinguishing feature of Hahnemühle was and will be the ability to combine tradition with modern technologies. This way, paper is produced according to old recipes, passed from generation to generation, and it continues to meet the highest demands of...


ASI 31 "100% recycled paper palettes". Interview with Felicia Gray, Founder & Creative Director and Nicole Lundin, CEO of Toss Products LLC

Toss Products LLC is a women owned company led by Felicia Gray and Nicole Lundin and dedicated to producing environmentally sound art products that inspire the artist. Felicia & Nicole talk about how they developed Paint Plates™—100% recycled paper palettes designed to help artists, teachers, and paint party organizers save time on clean up and contribute to a cleaner planet by safely disposing of unused paint. Click here to learn more about these eco friendly Paint Plates™. To see more on...


ASI 30 "Acrylic Paint Markers" Interview with Tanja Eyrich & Olga Oggioni, Business Development for Edding

Discover acrylic painting the easy way! If you are an avid acrylic painter, the new Edding acrylic marker range is a game changer and makes painting easy and hassle-free - a compact, easy-to-use assortment for outstanding results on various painting surfaces, especially canvas and paper. Tanja and Olga talk about the four new products are available in up to 26 brilliant colours and can be mixed for even more painting fun. You need to check out all the innovative products that Edding...


ASI 29 "Oil paints using Walnut Oil" Interview with Judy Rebitzke, Business Operations Manager and Dan Justus, Technical Product Manager at M Graham

M. Graham is a pioneer in bringing back the traditional art of hand-crafted, small batch paint made with the historic natural bases of walnut oil and honey. Judy and Dan talk about how Arthur Graham created a fine art supply company that serves artists by providing them with safe, high-quality, solvent-free oil colors that would be worthy of the masters. If you are looking for a deeper dive into oil paints using walnut oil, Judy and Dan provide great information and tips. Click here to learn...


ASI 28 "Sublimation Markers & Supplies" Interview with Ashley Ciccero, Director of Sales & Marketing for Artesprix

Artesprix is the first company to offer artists and crafters an entire ecosystem of sublimation products without having to use a sublimation printer. Ashley Ciccero, Director of Sales & Marketing for Artesprix, removes the mystery of sublimation (the process of taking a design on paper and transferring it to objects using heat and pressure). Artesprix transformed the sublimation world when they introduced sublimation markers, stamp pads, and acrylic paints to the iron-on market in 2018....


ASI 27 "Making Resin Art Creations" Interview with Shao-Ting Huang CEO & President and Gennady Sobolev, Creative Director at YouV

YouV was founded in 2018 with a mission to make resin art creations accessible to anyone. Regardless of your experience level, you can design and create freely without technical limitations with YouV resins. Shao & Gennady talk about how you can easily incorporate resin art into your crafts and fine art and make beautiful resin creations with the power of UV light! To go to their website click here. Art Supply Insiders Click here to subscribe & follow (and be notified of every new...


ASI 26 "Making Art History more Fun" Interview with David Beaulieu, Owner & Founder of Today is Art Day

At Today is Art Day, their objective has always been to make art history more fun and more accessible. David Beaulieu, Owner & Founder of Today is Art Day shares how they make products for budding artists of all ages. Whether it's Figurines of Frida Kahlo or Salvador Dali, Paint-by-Number kits of Starry Night or a 1,000 piece puzzle of Monet's "Woman with Parasol". If you want more art in your life, check out their website by clicking here. Art Supply Insiders Click here to subscribe &...


ASI 25 "Stencils, Mediums and Paints" Interview with Jaime Echt, Founder & Creator of The Crafter's Workshop

If you've ever had trouble when using stencils or are a stencil veteran, this is a podcast you don't want to miss. In this interview, Jaime Echt gives you inspiration, tips, and tutorials on how to really use The Crafter’s Workshop stencils, mediums and paints on everything from paper cards, scrapbook layouts, art journals, mixed media canvas, fabric, home decor and more. For more information on The Crafter's Workshop click here. Art Supply Insiders Click here to subscribe & follow (and be...


ASI 24 "Gel Printing Process" Interview with Lou Ann Cleason, Co-Owner of Gelli Arts

We are taking the mystery out of the Gel printing process. If you are into Gel Printing or even want to learn more about it, Lou Ann Cleason, Co-Owner of Gelli Arts, will give you everything you need to know. Gelli Arts produces non-perishable and sensitive surface Gel pads, always ready for printing, non-toxic, and boy are they easy to clean and store. For more information on Gelli Arts click here. Art Supply Insiders Click here to subscribe & follow (and be notified of every new...


ASI 23 "Artist Spotlight" Interview with Bandit, Internationally known Street Artist

If you have ever wondered what it takes to get into Street Art, this interview with internationally known Street Artist Bandit is a must listen! Bandit walks us through the process of using the tools of his trade, whether it is spray paint, house painting tools, acrylics or stencils, Bandit gives us an inside look at this overlooked art form. To learn more about Bandit, click here Note: we apologize for the interference half way through the interview. Art Supply Insiders Click here to...


ASI 21 "Ways to be creative using Flat-backed Acrylic Beads" Interview with Rachael O'Crowley, Owner & President of The Robins Nest Creative

Rachael O'Crowley, Owner & President of The Robins Nest Creative, talks about ways to be creative using their "Dew Drops" and "Creative Canvases". Dew Drops are flat-backed acrylic beads used to enhance many different types of Art and Craft projects such as: If you are looking to take your art and craft project up another level, make sure you listen to this extremely informative interview. You can learn more about The Robins Nest Creative by: clicking here Art Supply Insiders Click here...


ASI 22 "The only Stain Remover recommended by Sharpie®" Interview with Bev, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer & Marica, New Business Development Director at Amodex

If you have ever had a stubborn stain that will just not come out, this is a MUST LISTEN interview. Bev and Marica talk about why Amodex is the only stain remover recommended by the manufacturer of Sharpie® to remove Sharpie® ink from anything! Amodex is honored to be featured as the only branded product on Martha Stewart’s Stain Removal chart. For more information on Amodex, click here To receive a 25% discount, go to and type in code: ASIPOD Discount only good when purchasing...


ASI 20 "Bio-based products for cleaning the extra-dirty skin and tools of artists" Interview Marvelous Marianne, Owner, Founder & Inventor of Savvy Soap

Marvelous Marianne has made certified bio-based products for cleaning the extra-dirty skin and tools of artists, trade workers and weekend warriors for over 20 years. Her products have earned Certified Bio-based Product Recognition from the U.S.D.A. SkinSafer Barrier Cream and SavvySoap Hand and Brush, were developed to complement each other, and surpass the specifications and standards set by the state of California. To find out more about these products, go to: Art Supply...


ASI 19 "High quality art & craft supplies at very affordable prices" Interview with Amelia, Director of Product Development & Angela, Manager of Consumer Product Testing at Arteza

In this interview, from the convention floor of the NAMTA (National Art Materials & Trade Association), we talk to Amelia & Angela at Arteza. Arteza manufacturers high quality art & craft supplies at very affordable prices. Amelia & Angela talk about how the company got started, their incredible assortment of products for all ages and their commitment to inspire all artist's through innovative products and their social media campaigns. To find out more about Arteza, you can go to their...


ASI 18 "The Best Silicone Molds in the World" Interview with Sophie Dufort, Founder & CEO of Zuri Designs

Sophie Dufort, Founder & CEO of Zuri Designs, manufacturers the best silicone molds in the world. Zuri produces stunningly intricate silicone moulds that redefine creativity. Beginners and professionals alike can use these moulds to create amazing masterpieces. Zuri Designs silicone moulds can be used with both edible and craft mediums. They are ideal for your mixed media art projects. For more information go to: Zuri Designs Click here to subscribe & follow (and be notified of every new...


ASI 17 "Artist Spotlight" Interview with Tracy Moreau, Artist, Teacher and Manufacturer

Tracy Moreau is an incredible artist and teacher. She also manufacturers her own line of stencils. If you have never heard Tracy before, you are in for a treat! Tracy has been creating in multiple mediums since childhood. She has been painting for over 30 years and teaching for 20. Tracy discusses supply chain, social media, her YouTube channel and her method of teaching. She also talks about her beautiful daughter Dominique. You can find out more about: Tracy and her products at:...