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Art of the Float is a podcast about float tanks and float centers. It's hosted by three float center owners who discuss their experiences and knowledge to help others looking to start their own business.

Art of the Float is a podcast about float tanks and float centers. It's hosted by three float center owners who discuss their experiences and knowledge to help others looking to start their own business.


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Art of the Float is a podcast about float tanks and float centers. It's hosted by three float center owners who discuss their experiences and knowledge to help others looking to start their own business.




253: Wearing all the Hats with Kelly Caldwell

We’ve said it before, and our guest on this episode proves it’s true - float center owners are a special breed. Sure, we could just own one business and run it, but why do that when we can run MULTIPLE businesses?! Kelly Caldwell, who owns Drift Float Spa in Greenville, SC, joins Kim and Drew in this episode to talk about wearing all the hats, including providing consulting services and selling float pods! You’ll hear all the details about Float Spa pods that drain and filter 100% of the...


252: Float in the Forest

Today we visit the UK and meet Will and Sherri, owners of Float in the Forest. We discuss the obstacles they overcame to open their tranquil center located in the middle of a forest, as well as the differences between running a center in the UK vs the US. Finally the couple offer ther advice to float center owners all over the world! Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions ( Art of the Float Store...


251: Memberships Revisited

Do you remember a time when Drew didn’t want to offer memberships at all at his center? Well, he’s come around, floaty friends. In this cozy, quick episode, you’ll hear a bit about the different seasonality trends each co-host sees at his or her center, how the pandemic has impacted membership numbers, and how they’re recovering. You’ll also hear some quick tips for membership structure, how to offer the memberships without sounding sleazy, and how to nurture those relationships. Sponsors...


250: Telling A Story with Reba Sparrow

It’s storytime, salty friends! But first, cover some little ears for the first few minutes of the show, as we dabble in some high-level adult topics that you might not want to explain to the kiddos. Our expert guest, Reba Sparrow from The Mystery Box Show, joins us to share how to create and tell your story, and why that’s so important as a small business owner. Storytelling makes us more relatable, and doing it right raises the emotional stakes with your audience - your potential guests and...


249: Onboarding New Team Members

Some people have anxiety about turning over the keys to their center (cough, cough, Drew), while others are happy to toss them and run the other way (uh, yeah, Gloria). Either way, having a plan for onboarding is a crucial step to your center’s success, as well as your own mental health during the process. It can make a huge difference in your team’s happiness, engagement, and longevity too! In this episode, Kim shares her high level strategy for onboarding her team since she’s in the middle...


248: How Leadership Will Shape Your Business

What makes a good leader? What inspires employees to stay at your business? What makes them care? Our guest on this episode has a simple answer for that: care. Sincerely, authentically, and wholeheartedly - care about your people and allow them to shine. We invited Carolynn Bruce, Kim’s former boss from the corporate world, to join the conversation tonight. You’ll hear a little backstory about how they worked together to shift the culture in a major corporation, and how impactful some simple...


247: Floor Mats Are a Big Deal

For as much attention as we have put on our floors, we may not be doing enough to keep our customers safe. Dylan shares what has been working great for other float centers to keep our customers salt-water solution laced feet, firmly on the ground. Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (


246: The Time Management Episode

As a small business owner, especially of the float center variety, there are always a gazillion demands on your time. Between responsibilities for the shop, self care, family life, and managing all of those extra projects many of us seem to have, it can be overwhelming. In this episode, the crew discusses how it feels to be late and how to prevent it, as well as all of the tools and methods they use for keeping the demands life on the rails. No matter if you’re a software geek like Kim and...


245: Life in Flux

Some things simply come full circle, especially in the float world. In this episode, you’ll journey around talks of beards and the Fluxstache, to pivotal moments with suffering mental health to burlesque and the reactivity of the immune system. With such a colorful variety of topics, there’s no doubt who our guest is - Dr. Flux himself! You’ll hear the story behind the name, “Dr. Flux”, from the beginning with GoGo Harder, all the way to the present day with our own predictions for...


244: The Swag Episode

With all of the excitement of launching the new Art shop (and the longest intro ever), get ready to pick up some tips for where to get your own merch printed or how to do it yourself. Where do you turn when you need some sweet float gear? Well, now you can hop over to the Art of the Float website ( to load up on sweet AOTF gear, float merch, float and testimonial videos, and more! Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull...


243: Big Updates From the FTA

Drew sits down with James Harder of the FTA and the two chat about major changes that have taken place within the FTA. Find out about what you can get from the FTA now and what they are building for the future of the industry. Sponsors HelmBot ( I-Sopod Float Tank ( Mindfull Solutions (


242: The Not About Joe Rogan Episode

Let’s get controversial, floaty friends. He’s in the news, so we had to weigh in on the impact “Joegan” has had on the float industry and where the latest happenings are landing with each of co-host. The crew chimes in with a few passion points, the impact Joe’s love of the float has had on them, and where each stands on the current issues (or not). You’ll hear about pulling ads, staying Switzerland, and knowing your “whys”. And if you don’t really care about the whole thing, you should...


241: 2022 Partay!

It’s a new year, and we have some fresh faces to share! If you haven’t heard, you can tune in to WATCH The Art of the Float Podcast on Youtube now! The crew took a few weeks off to recharge, enjoy the holidays, get sick, get a black eye, and then appreciate a sweet reunion that you get to witness. You’ll hear about our holiday adventures, how to move a ferry boat when you don’t need it anymore, and why you might consider moving to a new location, buying your building, opening a second...


240: Holiday Wrap-Up

Another wild year is coming to a close… in this episode, the crew shares how their holiday sales are going - including some recording-breaking days and someone who didn’t do a single thing for Black Friday or Small Business Saturday and has no regrets about it. Each person reflects on how the year has been professionally and personally, and how important it is to set strong boundaries, stick to your priorities, and remember your own self-care. You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating...


239: Drew is Raising his Prices!

Warning: There's a bad word in this episode! It’s a hot topic… to raise your prices or to not raise your prices. With the cost of goods rapidly rising, many float center owners find themselves wondering if now is the time to raise the cost of admission a bit. Dylan, coming up on ten years in business, shares how price increases have gone for him over the years, as Kim recently implemented her first price increase in three years. You’ll hear some tips and strategies that helped Drew feel more...


238: Diving into Selling Your Float Center

Adult Language Notice! Joey and Grace Le Penne from Mountain Float Spa are fresh out of the float center ownership world… they closed on the sale of their center just a couple of weeks ago, so they joined the crew to share how their float love story started, how it grew and evolved, and why letting it go was the best decision for them after 8 years. From love at first float to navigating tense moments and the stress it added to their marriage, they share their journey of getting burned out,...


237: Altered States of Consciousness

What happens when you explore the power of “pulling aside the veil”? Dr. Victor Zelek, a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist joins the pod crew to talk about the power of the brain. Dr. Zelek shares a little history about how floating was used to treat alcoholism in Russia in the 80s. As a self-described “psychonaut”, his work dives into the depths of exploring altered states of consciousness, with the use of psychedelics, including tools beyond the scope of substances. He...


236: Buying or Selling a Business

If you’re thinking about buying an existing business… or selling yours, there are some key things to think about in order to increase your chances of success. In this episode, Amy Reed, who actually doesn’t own a float center, joins the crew to talk about her acquisition of a well-established yoga studio. Her heart-centered approach is one to which many float center owners can relate. Amy shares the behind-the-scenes decisions she had to make when evaluating taking over, why “staging” is...


235: The MidAtlantic Float Friends

We all talk about how special the float industry is, and the “Mid-Atlantic Float Association” is living proof. A handful of float centers across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and the surrounding area have come together to truly walk the talk. They meet regularly, share supplies, and truly support each other in a way that only floaty people would understand. We invited Jeanne Mills of Ocean Elements and Dawn Goldbacker on to share some stories and talk about why and how they came...


234: Holiday Promo Brainstorm

It’s mid-October. Do you know what your holiday promotions are? NO? Don’t worry… neither does the crew! But don’t worry, you’ll get a smorgasbord of ideas to jump start your own brainstorming process. From member incentives to gift card discounts and gifts to nurture and show appreciation for your most loyal guests - you’ll surely spark some ideas to get a jump start on your holiday planning in this episode. You’ll even hear why one co-host is anxiously awaiting the next big winter storm,...