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The Artful Camera (formerly The Digital Convergence Podcast) is a show about the art, craft, and business of analog and digital photography and filmmaking.

The Artful Camera (formerly The Digital Convergence Podcast) is a show about the art, craft, and business of analog and digital photography and filmmaking.
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The Artful Camera (formerly The Digital Convergence Podcast) is a show about the art, craft, and business of analog and digital photography and filmmaking.




New Mac Pros with Afterburners (241)

Chris Fenwick tells me what he thinks of the new Mac Pro just announced at Apple’s 2019 WWDC Keynote. I ask him, “Will you be buying one?” We talk about podcasting, the new Mac display and it’s high-priced stand, and creating 19K video for multiscreen displays for trade shows. Episode Links: Adam Curry’s Podfather Gear Tencue Digital Cinema Cafe Podcast Episode 26–The Big Pitch with Jeff Wilk...


Pat McGowan - BlackBox Global One Year Later (240)

Pat McGowan - CEO and Founder of BlackBox Global. In this special edition of the Artful Camera, I revisit a topic that was first presented here in episode #224 in May of 2017 - the idea of using an aggregator to submit stock video to other agencies. In that episode I spoke (rather skeptically I admit) to Founder and CEO of BlackBox Global - Pat McGowan. In September of this year (2018) BlackBox posted a record month in sales, and recently onboarded over 28,000 creators. BlackBox is now the...


Are Websites Relevant Anymore? (239)

Mike Carroll asks: "Are websites relevant anymore?" Chris Fenwick and Carl Olson attempt to answer his question. Chris Fenwick: Mike Carroll: Carl Olson:


I Was Strolling On The Moon One Day (238)

There are only five astronauts alive out of the twelve men that walked on the moon. Their photography and video inspire over 40 years later. I ramble about the needless complexity of gadgets revealed at CES 2018, the new DJI OSMO Mobile 2, the Panasonic GH5s, Canon's CEO admits Canon lags in innovation, analog film's viability is uncertain and the passing of New55 Film, and more. This episode is sponsored by: CrumplePop Visit and check out all of their fine plugins...


Paul Friedman - Founder of LensProToGo (237)

Paul Friedman - the founder and CEO of LensProToGo - is my guest for this episode of the Artful Camera. On December 5, 2017, Paul Friedman and Roger Cicala issued a joint press release announcing the merger of LensProToGo and LensRentals. In our conversation, Paul reveals the backstory of how this remarkable merger came about - the result of a longstanding friendship between him and LensRentals' founder Roger Cicala. If I were still producing my old defunct podcast Gainfully Unemployed -...


Rick Delgado and the Art of Editing Documentaries (236)

What does video editing a documentary have in common with a deck of cards? Filmmaker Rick Delgado answers that question in this edition of the Artful Camera. Mentioned in this episode: Rick Delgado: RTMotion Lens Control System: This episode is sponsored by: CrumplePop Visit and check out all of their fine plugins for Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. CrumplePop's plugins are like pixie dust for your...


Scott McKenna - Documenting His Video Production Journey (235)

Scott McKenna is on a mission to document and share his journey as a creative. He is the owner of 4LCStudios - a production company that produces wedding, commercial, and aerial video. There are no secrets with Scott. He loves to teach and share what he has learned. With over 5,000 subscribers - all gained since May 2017 - he uploads a new video on his YouTube channel nearly everyday covering a wide range of topics - including gear, post production, and business. In this episode, Scott...


Chris Fenwick Previews Final Cut Pro 10.4 (234)

Chris Fenwick previews Final Cut Pro 10.4 and the new iMac Pro on the Apple Campus in Cupertino, California while attending the 2017 FCP X Creative Summit. Mentioned in this episode: FCPX Creative Summit 2017: Chris Fenwick's website: FCPXGrill Podcast: This episode is sponsored by: CrumplePop - Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X Plugins: - Uncage...


Nick Andrew On Making: I AM WOLF (233)

Nick Andrew, a 27 year old filmmaker, is determined to make a feature length documentary titled: I AM WOLF: Lifeblood Of The American Wild. It's an ambitious project that both he and his wife, Bekah, are passionate about. There's one big problem, though. They don't have enough money, Nick's computer gear is old and outdated, and his filmmaking equipment is basic. Will limited funds and basic equipment stop Nick and Bekah from telling the story of the American wolf? This is Nick's story of...


What Photographers Can Learn From the Old Masters (232)

Photography and painting have much in common. Both the painter and photographer are concerned about composition, lighting, color, and story. Photography is a relatively recent invention compared to painting. When the first photograph was taken in 1826 by Joseph Niepce, the practice of the painter already had a history developed over many centuries. Truly, the craft and art of photography owes much to the legacy of the old masters. Mentioned in this episode: What Landscape Painting Can...


John Reuter - Second Impressions - Part 2 (231)

John Reuter’s professional and artistic life is tightly interwoven with the story of the Polaroid 20x24 camera and the artists that used it to bring their creative visions to life. It’s an important story worth preserving. John has has worked tirelessly to keep the 20x24 Polaroid camera alive. Part 1 of my conversation with John (found in episode 230 of the Artful Camera) contains the history of image transfer, image lift, and direct manipulation of Polaroid images. In part 2 of my...


John Reuter - Second Impressions - Part 1 (230)

John Reuter - artist, photographer, and director of the Polaroid 20x24 Project, returns to the Artful Camera. John has worked closely with a number of well known artists including Chuck Close, Robert Rauschenberg, William Wegman, Elsa Dorfman, Joyce Tenneson, and many others to help them bring their creative visions to life using the Polaroid 20x24 camera. However, John Reuter is an accomplished artist in his own right. This episode focuses on John and his work as an artist. The exhibit...


Brian Greenberg - Owner of Richard Photo Lab (229)

Brian Greenberg - owner of Richard Photo Lab - joins me in this episode of the Artful Camera. Brian started his career in the photo industry over 20 years ago. His photo career has spanned from photo assisting, processing, scanning, printing and customer service. Before Brian bought Richard Photo Lab, it was originally owned by a man named - you guessed it - Richard. Richard immigrated from China to Hollywood, California. He opened a small, custom photo lab. Richard developed a strong...


Steven Bernstein, ASC - Writer, Director, Producer (228)

Steven Bernstein, ASC, is a writer, director, producer, cinematographer, and instructor. In this episode of the Artful Camera, Steve engages in a fascinating conversation about screenwriting, lighting, and the visual language of filmmaking. Steve began his film career as a cinematographer in the United Kingdom, first doing documentaries, then commercials. He went on to shoot many landmark feature films for both studios and independents including the highly acclaimed Like Water For Chocolate...


Rick Delgado on Filming for Nickelodeon, New Macs for Pros, and the Sony a9 (227)

Can there be a better guide than Apple’s own manuals for FCP, Motion, and Logic? Yes indeed! I’m going to tell you about an incredible set of “graphically enhanced manuals" from musician, composer, author, and CEO of DingDing Music, Inc. - Edgar Rothermich. Apple made a huge splash earlier this week at WWDC 2017. Not only did Apple demonstrate solid software updates to iOS and macOS, they announced a huge round of hardware updates including the iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, iMacs, and now the iMac...


David duChemin - The Soul of the Camera (226)

When we look at our photographs and find not the slightest reflection of ourselves, it’s a good sign that our images have lost their soul. What can we do about that? How can we add life into our images? Photographer and author David duChemin answers those questions in his new, inspiring and thoughtful book: The Soul of the Camera – The Photographer’s Place In Picture-Making. David talks about his new book and shares his ideas and thoughts on being intentional about creating...


Creating Camelot - The Kennedy Photography of Jacques Lowe (225)

Creating Camelot: The Kennedy Photography of Jacques Lowe showcases more than 70 intimate photographs and iconic images of President John F. Kennedy, his wife, Jacqueline, and their children, Caroline and John Jr. — photos that helped create the legend of the Kennedy presidency known as “Camelot” — by Jacques Lowe, Kennedy’s personal photographer from 1958 through his early years in the White House. Tom Shinall, the marketing director of the Booth Western Art Museum, gives me a personal...


Pat McGowan and Blackbox Wants Filmmakers To Be Paid Fairly (224)

Pat McGowan is the CEO of and founder of Blackbox Global. What is Blackbox Global and why should filmmakers care? That’s what I try to wrap my head around in my conversation with Pat. He is on a mission to give creators more freedom in getting their fair share of passive income for their art. Mentioned in this episode: Blackbox.Global: This episode is sponsored by: CrumplePop - Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X Plugins: Artful Camera...


Dave Bias and the FILM Ferrania Story - Part 2 (223)

Dave Bias continues in part 2 of this interview by telling the fascinating story of how co-founders Nicola Baldini and Marco Pagni teamed together to resurrect Ferrania as FILM Ferrania to bring back analog film production. Dave talks about FILM Ferrania's successful Kickstarter campaign that allowed them to invest in the future of analog film. However, as with any good story adversity lurks around the corner threatening the protagonist’s journey. Dave tells us that proved true with FILM...


Dave Bias and the FILM Ferrania Story - Part 1 (222)

To call Dave Bias a creative is too limiting. He is a story teller, a entrepreneur, a photographer, a graphic designer, and much more – a 21st century polymath. Dave's journey begins in a small West Virginia town as vinyl record shop owner. A love of folding cameras (such as the pre-World War II Voigtländer Bessa) and a chance encounter with a rented Hasselblad leads Dave into the world of photography. When Polaroid stopped making instant film, Dave took on what to some may have seemed to be...