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Ashley and Brad bring upbeat fun and laughs, and the best in pop culture to you every week day. The show features funny bits, trivia, and popular guest interviews, along with humorous conversation, and the latest in entertainment and music news. Ashley and Brad both have children. Ashley has two girls, and Brad is married and has two boys. Both are pet lovers, and own dogs. Together Ashley & Brad deliver laughs and entertainment, while sharing their life with you!


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Ashley and Brad bring upbeat fun and laughs, and the best in pop culture to you every week day. The show features funny bits, trivia, and popular guest interviews, along with humorous conversation, and the latest in entertainment and music news. Ashley and Brad both have children. Ashley has two girls, and Brad is married and has two boys. Both are pet lovers, and own dogs. Together Ashley & Brad deliver laughs and entertainment, while sharing their life with you!




Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-31

news birthdays/events what would your 'endless summer' job be? word of the day news game: what year was it? is it ok for business to have work rules anymore? old school' grad advice that isn't so great news game: pyramid are you regretting any decor decisions? bare minimum mondays are the new casual friday news game: movie password hot weather hacks goodbye/fun facts....national smile day..You've probably heard that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile..Babies smile about 400 times a day, while the average adult only smiles 20 times. Smiles are powerful! They not only create engagement between two people but the more a person smiles, the healthier their brain can be. Smiling has a direct link to our brain and can help to reduce stress. Smiling releases endorphins...Make the world a happier, healthier place...cheese!


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-30

news birthdays/events new research says the more we look at food...the less we eat. is that true for you? word of the day news do you like qr codes? they seem to be everywhere now game: slogan game what will our future homes look like in 2050? news ordinary things that bring happiness to adults game: who wants to be a fake millionaire actors who have broken out of their typecast roles news mistakes we're making when we use chat to use it better game: totally 80's trivia goodbye/fun facts....we're supposed to 'stop and smell the roses'...but they need water to grow! National Water A Flower Day recognizes the season of caring for our garden plants. it can be therapeutic caring for a living thing. The more they’re nurtured, the more they thrive. It’s important to know whether your flowers like damp soil or to be more on the drier side. Most people would agree that we tend to take flowers for granted. This is because we see them whenever we look out of the window or go for a walk. However, our walks would not be anywhere near as beautiful or peaceful without nature!


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-29

news birthdays/events does your workplace participate in "summer fridays"? word of the day news game: quiz game: feud funny replys to 'later gator' news do you prefer affordability or brand loyalty? formula for the perfect vacation what little thing do you do to irritate spouse, friends, co-workers? news game: 5 year old trivia most you've ever eaten at one sitting. what was it? goodbye/fun facts....National Paperclip Day...this humble little invention..has been around for a little under two centuries now. The first patent for the paperclip (a ‘bent wire paper clip’) was awarded to Samuel B. Fay in 1867, in the U.S. The original intent was to use it to attach tickets to fabric. However, its use for holding paper together quickly became apparent. though a norweigan man Johan Vaaler’s paperclip design, it was (and still is) erroneously believed in his home country of Norway that he was the inventor of the paperclip. Therefore, in 1940, during the German occupation of Norway, students of Oslo University began to wear the paperclip as a non-violent symbol of resistance...Released in 2004, an American documentary traces the story of the inception of the Paper Clips Project, which began as a project at Whitwell Middle School, next time you see a plain old paper'll view it very differently.


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-26

news birthdays/events game: 5 second rule word of the day news baked potatoes are healthy...until you start loading them toppings!! what's your favorite bp topping game: $5 trivia are there many air bnb's in your neighborhood? would you tattle if someone had a party? news new nfl rule to start this fall game: outburst when was the last time you took an "everything" shower? do you even know what that means? news flight attendants with tips on how we all need to be more courteous in the air...summer travel will be busy! game: everybody knows goodbye/fun facts....National Cooler Day...A cooler is an insulated box that keeps food or drinks cool. Can you imagine that as simple as the cooler is, it wasn’t mainstream until the 1950s?...In 1802, a Maryland farmer, Thomas Moore, patented the refrigerator. It was an oval tube made from cedar wood, with a rectangular tin box inside it and lined using rabbit fur. This invention changed how food was delivered and stored across the United States....but that invention wasn't In 1944, an engineer at Dow Chemical, Ray ‘Otis’ McIntire, created Styrofoam. The polystyrene foam was an excellent insulator. Although its primary purpose was to replace rubber, it later became used in packaging, and then as coolers....and if you've ever wondered why coolers are white inside because of color’s effect on ice retention. White colors reflect all light, allowing the content of the cooler to stay colder for longer.


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-25

news birthdays/events do you prefer to be the host or the guest? word of the day news how do you cope? best ways to het a handle on things according to experts game: general trivia do you buy the frozen foods from your favorite chains in the grocery store news vertical gardening...why haven't we been doing this for decades?!?!?! game: getting to know you 5 most beautiful mountains in the world news popular fan theories about movies animals at ball games goodbye/fun facts....National Bath Bomb Day Sometimes, you need to make up an excuse to justify a little bit of 1989 Mo Constantine, one of the co-founders of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics wanted to indulge in luxurious baths, but her skin was sensitive and easily irritated when she tried conventional bubble bath products. she went into her garden shed and blended baking soda and citric acid for a fizzy effect. She then got creative with colors, essential oils, and add-ins like flower petals and sea salt. and you can actually make these at home and customize them to your liking with essential oils.


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-24

news birthdays/events when was the last time you wrote an actual check? word of the day news most over and under rated tv shows game: geneva reads song lyrics how do you have fun without spending a ton of cash? news latest road rage episode you saw...or were involved in game: mindtrap is there something you often take from restaurants? news senior pranks are now getting kids arrested! tips for graduating high schoolers goodbye/fun facts....National Asparagus Day... Asparagus production in the United States is concentrated between three states: California, Michigan, and Washington, and it is best in the spring, making it the perfect cookout veggie. This versatile vegetable can be pan-seared, fried, baked, or grilled, and it is full of nutrients like fiber, folate, and vitamins A, C, and E. Asparagus was an ancient vegetable. The ancient Greeks and Romans used it as offerings dating back to 3000 BC. They used the Persian word ‘asparag,’ which meant a shoot or sprout. Peasants called it ‘sparrow grass.’ Asparagus can take three years to go from seed to harvest, but the plants will produce spears for decades, making it a great crop.


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-23

news birthdays/events what do you accidentally take with you? (remote, pens, etc) word of the day news game: scattergories best beaches according to "dr. beach" memorial day fun news game: think n sync a new way to deal with telemarketers...thanks to a 'seinfeld' episonde feel good story of the day news are you ultra competitive about a sport, activity, or hobby? uber is going back to 'the old way' of doing things goodbye/fun facts....lucky penny day...See a penny, pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck.. Years ago a penny was able to buy something. The metal value and cost of minting pennies exceed their face value. The United States first issued a one-cent coin produced by a private mint in 1787. Benjamin Franklin designed it. On one side, it read “Mind Your Business” and the other “We Are One.” This coin was made of 100% copper ...National Lucky Penny Day is a good way to introduce children to charity. Encourage them to donate the pennies they find to an organization of their choice.


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-22

news birthdays/events how to handle women in the workplace...according to a 1943 article word of the day news do your kids' hobbies put you in debt? life hack for people who wear heels what snack do you always have in stock at your house? news game: quiz game: feud happiest/best decision you made in the last 5 years news what's your 'hair journey' been like? people share how they've been hacked so you learn from them goodbye/fun facts....National Safe Boating Week which takes place the week before Memorial Day Weekend. 18 million americans own a boat...and though boating is a fun and great weekend activity, let’s not forget the numerous potential dangers attached to it. according to the U.S. Coast Guard in 2019, around 4,168 boating accidents occurred. 86% of the individuals who drowned were not wearing a lifejacket. brush up on things you need to


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2022-5-19

news birthdays/events stabucks is changing to nugget you get mad when your favorite place changes/tweaks a menu item? word of the day news would you want to file your taxes directly to the irs? game: is ashley smarter than a 5th grader how fast do you eat your food? news what life was supposed to be like (according to a 1961 'weekend magazine' article) game: password summer is it ok to ask a stranger to put sunscreen on your back news a professor in florida spent 74 underw much time could you spend by yourself? game: acronym game goodbye/fun facts....National May Ray Day. today we celebrate all the rays of sunshine in our lives. when the sunshine is at its most inviting....before it gets unbearably hot in the summer. Historically, the month of May has many cultural connotations and significance. For those in agrarian societies, it marked the beginning of sowing or reaping, depending on which hemisphere they were in since May is either the last month of spring or the last month of fall. get out and take a can make all the difference to your mood. Slather on some sunscreen, grab your sunglasses and/or a hat, and soak up some Vitamin D


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-18

news birthdays/events do you leave a mess in the hopes that someone else in the house will clean it up? word of the day news game: everybody knows do you have these 7 friends? it's known as the 7 friends theory sunscreen reminders news game: what year was it? listener feedback break what's a sign that you're upset news will you spend more time in the grocery store if they're playing great music? father's day gift ideas goodbye/fun facts....National Cheese Soufflé Day is celebrated on May 18 to honor this savory French delight. The word ‘soufflé’ comes from the French word ‘souffler,’ which means ‘to puff up’ or ‘to blow up.’ Vincent La Chapelle mentioned the recipe for the first time in his book “Le Cuisinier Moderne” and it has become a popular dessert as well as a main course. you can use any type of cheese...the most popular is guyrere. The tricky thing about soufflés is that, after a certain point, they will collapse due to the cool air outside the oven. So they need to be served and eaten as soon as they are taken out of the oven.


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-17

news birthdays/events is there a place in world that you'd really love to see in person? word of the day news game: prison commissary price is right 2 kinds of people in the world...those who use their turn signals and brad sting says every band should re-unite...once news game: speak out it's water park time! (according to travel and leisure) kitchen products we should all have news the color of your front door says a lot about you places americans can visit without a passport goodbye/fun facts.... National Cherry Cobbler Day the delicious tart dessert that many enjoy with ice cream. Some suggest that the word ‘cobbler’ has evolved from ‘cobeler,’ which was a type of wooden bowl used in cooking back in the day Many believe the early American Colonies are where this recipe began born out of a lack of proper cooking utensils. In the United States, cobbler refers to a variety of dishes consisting of a fruit filling (cherry being a popular choice ) covered with a batter, biscuit, or pie crust that is then baked. Some cobblers have both a top and bottom crust. A cobbler differs from a crisp as a cobbler lacks oatmeal.


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-16

news birthdays/events vacant shopping malls have a huge footprint...but could they be turned into sports arenas? word of the day news spring 2023 version of "what small thing annoys you" what your big project for this summer? forbes list of best places to retire news when you count on someone to do something...what do you do when they don't hold up their end of the bargain? game: battle of the sexes part 1 game: battle of the sexes part 2 news blockbuster neighborhood library things baby boomers are really good at goodbye/fun facts....National Love a Tree Day celebrates the joys of life provided by trees. Did you know trees actually didn’t exist for the first 90% of Earth’s history? Before trees, our Earth had fungi that grew 26 feet tall. they provide us with lumber, food, nuts, oxygen to breathe, home for wildlife, or you can sit and read or relax in the shade. Of course, planting trees for future generations to love is beneficial too. Most species of trees tend to be long-lived. Some trees live to be several thousand years old. According to the U.S. Forest Service, about 766 million acres of forest land exists in the United States. so take some time to appreciate all the trees around us


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-15

news birthdays/events many companies are trying to be either more eco friendly or tsa you use these products in your everyday life now? word of the day news how likely are you to believe rumors...or do you check and verify for yourself game: quiz game: feud news shaq and barkley got a case of the giggles if you're working 'back at the office'...what are your co-workers doing that you forgot how annoying it is? have you ever been to a rotating dining room...what about a hot air balloon ride dining car? news start saving now...or buying things over the summer...back to school is gonna cost over $500 per kid celebrity lip you really want to know what people are saying all the time? goodbye/fun facts....straw hat day celebratse this timeless wardrobe staple. Both men and women wear it in a variety of styles. the straw hat has stood the test of time, serving not only as a protection from the sun but a fashion statement. in the middle ages traders sold straw hats. In the U.S., the Panama hat became popular due to President Theodore Roosevelt wearing it during his visit to the Panama Canal construction site. they can be casual or even semi-formal. and even if you already own one, Straw Hat Day can be the day for you to buy a new straw hat.


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-12

news birthdays/events what was the last time something made you actually scream. (ashley's makeup story) word of the day news listener feedback break solo dining restaurant where you'll feel comfortable game: slogan game news mom-isms clever road trip tricks game: mind the gap news if you could buy a tv show set...which one would you want? do you go to your high school or college reunions? goodbye/fun facts....public garden day...we get to enjoy the open sky above, the lush green grass beneath, and being surrounded by blooming trees. Spending time in nature has been scientifically proven to help reduce stress, improve emotions, and lower blood pressure. Who would have guessed that a garden could be one of the “Seven Wonders of the World...The Hanging Garden of Babylon,’ with its great diversity of flora, was the pinnacle of architecture and engineering. It is observed that when plants were kept in a silent room they grow slower than the plants kept in a room with music....Spending the day outside makes it easier to stay away from the virtual world. This day allows us to Excuse ourselves from the internet for some digital detox. you can go to to find gardens in this area...or if you're traveling over the summer


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-11

news birthdays/events will you still watch a movie/tv show if it's been spoiled? word of the day news are you as honest as Tommy Kuhl (feel good story) game: $1,000 pyramid how to celebrate/enjoy mother's day if you mom isn't here anymore news are 1 word text responses rude or just concise? game: outburst did you torture your siblings on summer road trips? news most spoiled dog breeds what will always remind you of your grandparents goodbye/fun facts....National Foam Rolling Day...Due to the 21st century lifestyle, many of us spend our days sitting at our desks with little to no movement. This sedentary lifestyle not only leads to tightened muscles and inflexibility, but can also lead to reduced blood flow, stress, muscle ache, and sores. Our body does a lot to keep us alive and moving. It is time we give some love Foam rolling, which is also known as ‘the poor man’s massage,’ is an old practice that provides self-massaging techniques. Does your back hurt? The gluteus maximus, which covers the entire length and width of your hip and backside, is the largest muscle in your body, helping support your trunk and posture.


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-10

news birthdays/events new homes owners are building "package areas"...would you want one? word of the day news game: $5 trivia do you buy things at the gas station or convenience store that wouldn't normally buy? when you see someone rushing to the you hold the door or try to close it? news game: mindtrap do you tip at a buffet? gen z slang terms (and definitions) news a new 'speed camera' in the uk has drivers steaming mad! popular every homeowner should have goodbye/fun facts....National Golf Day...which actively encourages more people to take up the sport. Over the years, industry leaders in the U.S. have worked to make golf more accessible and affordable since most people consider the sport elitist and very expensive. in 1764 The first 18-hole golf course comes up in St Andrews, 1820 The Game Goes International with the first golf club outside the U.K. opens in Bangalore, 1900 More than 1,000 official golf clubs are formed throughout the United States. From perfecting skills to developing the right temperament — a game of golf is a lesson in life itself. At its best, golf is a constant endeavor toward self-betterment and overcoming adversity.


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-9

news birthdays/events do you like to bank online/mobile app/or in person word of the day news coronation...prince louis...youngest child syndrome would you rather have daily homework but no tests ever or no homework and weekly tests game: backwards song game news dog owners and the things they do for their dogs unique jobs for english majors game: totally 80's trivia news do you have FOOD fomo? how to not mess up your job interview goodbye/fun facts....National Butterscotch Brownie Day. Butterscotch Brownies, also known as Blondies or Brookies (brownie + cookie) made their debut before chocolate brownies. Recipes date back to 1896 by Fannie Farmer, a pioneer of modern American cookery. chocolate brownies are more popular but what sets the brookie apart? the significant difference between blondies and brownies is that blondies use vanilla and butterscotch chips instead of cocoa and chocolate chips


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-8

news birthdays/events covering sick days for co-workers word of the day news have you ever found a function you didn't know your car had? game: quiz game: feud news looking back on your career...what was your best job? listener feedback break bands we would want to see live but missed before they retired or you were too young to see news thngs you can and cannot take with you if you lose your job funny/fun/unusual hobbies goodbye/fun facts....National Coconut Cream Pie Day...It’s the beginning of warmer weather and longer days which go great with this cool, creamy pie. The basic ingredients for coconut cream pie are a custard made of coconut milk, sugar, egg yolks, cornstarch, and butter, topped with a pile of fluffy whipped cream and toasted coconut shavings. Back in the 19th century, with advances in importing and exporting perishable goods, Americans and Europeans fell in love with tropical fruits like bananas and pineapples. but coconuts tended to go bad on the long boat journey to america. The shipping problem was solved by a French export company in what is now modern-day Sri Lanka when their experts began to shred and dry coconut meat. This made the food much more accessible to American- and European chefs and cooks. The coconut is not technically a nut, nor even a fruit — it’s a seed!


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-5

news birthdays/events on days like cinco de mayo (and st patty's day) how likely are you to overindulge word of the day news game: what year was it? if your parents were as concerned about your mental well being when you were a kid as parents are you think your life would be different? when was the last time you ate a new food you never tried before? news game: 5 year old trivia ways to be 'mindful' about your birthday we think french food is better...but just because it has a french it really 'french'? news what do you always take to a picnic? top things that break our teeth goodbye/fun facts....Cinco De Mayo, aka May 5th, means tacos, margaritas, fun, and fiesta. Let’s start by clearing the biggest misconception: No, Cinco de Mayo is not the Mexican Independence Day....Mexican Independence Day, actually occurred on September 16, 1810—about 50 years before the battle of puebla. Cinco de Mayo actually commemorates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. by 1863 Formal celebrations happen for the first time in Sonora and spread to other California cities, like San Francisco and Los Angel...According to the California Avocado Commission, we eat upward of 80 million pounds of avocados on Cinco de Mayo in the United States alone


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2023-5-4

news birthdays/events outdoor design trends (real simple magazine) word of the day news movies that are just better on the big screen/in theaters game: password graduation gifts that won't break the bank (buzzfeed) news ai/chatgpt how to save money and write a script game: movie password keep pests/bugs out of your house...they're EVERYWHERE news top dollar's money saving hacks...will you do any of these polarizing food debates goodbye/fun facts....Here’s a term you need to know on World Password Day: #LayerUp. This refers to adding strong authentication to your important passwords to prevent identity theft and other cybercrimes. Most operating systems offer an easy way to create and store passwords. Apple’s “Keychain Access” is one example. You can also go online to generate passwords which are practically hacker-proof. Strong and secure passwords are crucial, especially now that most of our work is done online. 99.9% — the percentage of threats to passwords that can be stopped using multi-factor authentication, according to Microsoft.