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Welcome to the official podcasting network of the Atlanta Fringe Festival, hosting audio artists from across the country as a part of the Atlanta Fringe Festival

Welcome to the official podcasting network of the Atlanta Fringe Festival, hosting audio artists from across the country as a part of the Atlanta Fringe Festival


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Welcome to the official podcasting network of the Atlanta Fringe Festival, hosting audio artists from across the country as a part of the Atlanta Fringe Festival




HUMANITY'S CHILD: A VIRTUAL MUSICAL IN FIVE EPISODES, Episode 1 by the Peaceful Educator Foundation

A timely story, inspiring music and endearing characters engage listener’s imaginations as “Sara (Humanity’s Child), and Vox (Sara’s “invisible friend”) face a world of dissonance, division, and danger. Be with Sara, Vox and Humanity’s Children of all ages as they discover inner-strengths and personal resilience in times of global pandemic!


Toy Adventure by Jessica Bodiford

What if your favorite toys got lost in the Caribbean? Join Mr. Potato Face, Matelle, and Basic Bob on an epic adventure on the magical island of Haiti!


Mercury: A Broadcast of Hope by Atlanta Radio Theatre Company

A daily audio drama telling the story of a small group living in a college radio station broadcasting messages of hope and survival during the zombie apocalypse. Learn more at


Dad's Ashes by Pilgrim Falcon Productions

A man wakes up in a strange motel room unable to remember how he got there or what happened to the urn with his dad's ashes. As this man goes on a quest to recover his dad's ashes, we hear his every thought, unfiltered and uncensored. Learn more at


Rosa and Leo by The Radio Theatre Project

56 years after secretly falling in love in a Nazi concentration camp, Rosa, a frail 75 year old, receives a call from Leo who’s on the other side of the world. It's hard to believe that Leo was the Polish Casanova who could famously get any woman. Learn more at


Miss Peddy & Grace by William Ivor Fowkes

Miss Peddy is an experienced, assertive caregiver with dark secrets in her past. Grace, her eighty-something charge, is sweet and kindly but not quite as innocent and naive as she appears. The game of cat-and-mouse they play is for the highest stakes of all, life and death. Presented by The Radio Theatre Project. Learn more at


How to Survive a Wedding With Your Ex by New Generation Theatrical

How To Survive a Wedding With Your Ex: 1. Avoid Each Other 2. Don't Bring Your New Boyfriend/Girlfriend 3. Become the Only Two People Not Turned Into Zombies 4. Try to Kill Zombies 5. Try Not To Kill Each Other And you thought your break up was bad. Learn more at


The Not So Great Rock n' Roll Swindle by Anthony Elmore

The Rock n’ Roll Underground Express was unstoppable. We had the hookup, the cover, and the tech, and the church bluenoses were clueless. But as the Good Book says, “Pride precedes a fall.” Learn more at


Look What A Wonder by MOSES PROJECT 2020

Look What A Wonder, based on Denmark Vesey’s Slave Conspiracy, enjoyed an Off-Broadway World Premiere in the prestigious NY Musical Theater Festival. Alex Lacamoire, of Hamilton, was music director. Here, a compelling radio musical underscoring Vesey’s leadership in antebellum Charleston, slaves/free blacks challenge oppressive Christianity and government.


Live From Averno by Averno

Quinn has a dark secret only three other people know. All of them are missing. Will is obsessed with true crime. She’s about to be at the epicenter of one. Together, Quinn and Will unravel the mysteries of Averno- but they aren’t the only ones trying to find the truth. Learn more at


Moving the Mountain by AbbyPalenArt

A comedic bonanza about crushing your demons, and kissing them goodbye. Welcome to the story of Abby defeating EDNA. Welcome to the story that might help you do the same. What is authenticity? What do mosh pits teach us about letting go? How does joy help you conquer life’s mountains? Learn more at


MetroDome Musical: The Post-Trumpocalypse Podcast by Brainstorm Productions

In 2038, America 2.0 is rebuilt into politically segregated bubble cities. Hippie professor Martin Taylor gives a future generation a musical history lesson about political farcities fact & fiction, and the sci-fi re-birth of a nation in a new age of hope. A musical comedy from creator Brian Matson. Learn more at


And Nothing But The Truth by Four-Eyed Jacks Productions

Join Detectives Steve Handsome and Lana Digsme as they comb the caffeine-infused city of Seattle to solve a double murder and root out the seamy underbelly of the coffee trade. Learn more at


A Rose Is Still A Rose by Veatrice Conley

3 women, two different days with one unpredictable common thread- A bag lady named Rose. A Rose Is Still A Rose is a short drama about packing a more fearless attitude for this bus ride we call life. Everyone listening will be inspired and encouraged no matter where they grow! Learn more at


Come On In, The Water's Fine - Season 2 by Shade Oyemakinwa

An annual anthology podcast, "Come On In, The Water's Fine" creates and shares short pieces of fiction to explore and celebrate those magnificent creatures known as mermaids. Theme song is “Bittersweet” by Kevin MacLeod Bittersweet Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Learn more at


The Podcast Formerly Titled "Escape" (Now it's about spaghetti. No, really!) by The Sipping Hour

Originally meant to be a darkly comic meditation on escaping our political reality, when things became for real, for real, we did what one does in a crisis -- pivot and more importantly, pasta!


Armed and Dangerish by Alex, Eric, Lily and Coley

Criminals come in all types: illiterate robbers, bag salesmen, even dear old Mrs. Samuels. Armed and Dangerish takes you on an audio romp through the underbelly of sketch comedy, mixing character-driven tales with musical high jinks. Learn more at


Quarantine in Queens by Genius Genesis

A woman in her studio apartment has to find a creative way to expand her space while in quarantine. She taps into her imagination but an unexpected guest interrupts. Learn more by visiting


MERCURY CONSIDERS THE LAST LAYER by Small Fish Radio Theatre and Thespinarium

A sexy melodramatic romp set in the dualistic world of burlesque, MERCURY CONSIDERS THE LAST LAYER by Trina Kakacek follows the age-old quest of finding one’s heart and one’s self. MERCURY was recorded live at The Biograph Theater in Chicago with live foley, audience participation and live music. Learn more about this show by visiting


House Hunters by Lost Boys Productions

Two families hang in the balance when a murder-for-hire plot goes terribly wrong. A simple mix up forces a man to decide how far he is willing to go to protect the ones he loves. You can learn more about this show by visiting