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Beautifying yourself and products – Bernard Paes

Bernard Paes is an Entrepreneur and Creative Director. In his many years living in Dubai, he was managing his own advertising company. We discuss how authentic advertising is. How much "makeup" a fizzy drink advert needs in order to sell. There is a certain amount of makeup to beautify yourself in front of people or to beautify a product in front of people. Watch the full conversation between storytellers Bernard Paes and Albert Bonet. He compares marketing to...


I couldn’t keep functioning in my old conditioning – Hana Sim

Hana Sim is Orgasmic Meditation Trainer and Relationship Coach from South Korea. She says she used to be a floating head, having spent most of her life in universities, doing Masters and a PhD. I ask her how can we more authentic in our storytelling when most people are in their heads. Hana explains how Orgasmic Meditation helped her to be present. Nicole Daedone is the one who made this practice; her first book is called “Slow Sex”. After it goes to our mindset, if we make it slow enough...


Become the channel of the universal force – Aashish Rego

Aashish Rego is a music and film producer and has been composing music for films and TV series in India for years. Where does intuition come from? How do you build human connection through music and film? For him, the human senses are only useful for forming opinions through our limited mind. But we have the infinite potential to feel through our soul, and the soul is infinite and is connected and linked to all the energy in the universe. I ask him how can we be more authentic storytellers....