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Pros from the animation, VFX, gaming, & film industry share their not so pro stories about the biz.

Pros from the animation, VFX, gaming, & film industry share their not so pro stories about the biz.
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Pros from the animation, VFX, gaming, & film industry share their not so pro stories about the biz.




Episode 12 - “Bros Before Shows” The Affolter Brothers

We get into some haunted sibling rivalry with the Affolter brothers from Foreshadow Films! Nathan, Thomas, Heath and Jon slosh around some stories about the industry and their legendary pranks while setting their mouths on fire with hot peppers and more hot peppers. Beer Friday is available on iTunes, Podbean, Overcast, Google Play HOSTS: Rich Johnson Brent Bouchard Guest Links: The Affolter Brothers - Foreshadow Films , Soggy Flakes, Twitter, Instagram Brewery/Beer: Black Kettle...


Episode 11 - “Beer, Guns, and Linetests” Denny Lu / Tzanko Tchangov

Discussing road rage and the early days of the 2D animation FLASH boom in Vancouver BC, Canada with director/animator Denny Lu (My Little Pony, Kid Vs. Kat, Pound Puppies) and animator/board artist Tzanko Tchangov (Teen Titan Go, My Little Pony, Pound Puppies) while we sip on some tasty beer from the Electric Bicycle Brewery. Our mics failed to record but thankfully everything was recorded anyway. If it wasn't...Denny might have hunted us down and denied us vacations for life. LINKS Denny...


Episode 10 - “Dungeons and Drinking” Cameron Fuller / Toren Atkinson

Roll your 35 sided die, and upgrade your drinking stat points to 11. In this episode we let our wizard capes fly as we roll play as professional animators and share stories with production manager Cameron Fuller and multi-talented illustrator, story artist/musician Toren Atkinson.


Episode 9 - "Puffy Hand, Poop, and a Beer Rad" Graeme MacDonald / Brad Gibson

Get yourself a cold one from the Beer Friday vendor himself, Brad Gibson, then sit back and take a big dump with "Puff Handy" Graeme MacDonald.


Episode 8 - "Shedquarters" Gary Ferguson / Erica Pitt

First episode recorded in our new Shedquarters with storyboard artist Gary Ferguson (Atomic Betty, Rocket Monkeys, Beat Bugs, Marvels Avengers) and animator/dog lover Erica Pitt (My little pony, Martha Speaks, Being Ian) discuss Friday arm wrestling and how the Saturn Moon Matrix throws a wrench into Gary's plans to just hang out. Some lovely beers from Faculty Brewing were sampled as we conversed over the fragrant aroma of the nearby chemical toilet. Gary Ferguson;Storyboard...


Episode 7 - "John With A Chance of Meatstick" John Young / Steven Garcia

Guests John Young and Steven Garcia, (AKA Meatstick); storyboard artists, ("Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs" TV series), sample local beer while discussing the best way to barter goods, and how to nap the day away at the workplace. John Young;Storyboard Artist Twitter Meatstick; Storyboard Artist


Episode 6 - "Cat 'n Boots" Cat Tang / Rob Boutilier

We spit out our beers with our first female guest, Cat Tang; storyboard artist, and Rob Boutilier aka “Boots”; creator of Kid vs Kat. We cover all of the relevant topics in the animation industry such as 70s ski-do jumping, fried chicken, and where to hide things in your underwear. Cat Tang;Storyboard Artist Rob Boutilier aka “Boots”; creator of Kid vs Kat. Twitter


Episode 5 - "Electric Kool - Acid Nintendo Switch Test" Nathan Thomas / Peter Hogan

Take a hit of Zelda and go back in time when Nathan Thomas was just your average hard working lazy render wrangler and Peter Hogan was Earth's protector from misguided coke can addicts. We break bread over eachother's faces and vital organs and bow our heads to the fallen of the Great Bread War of Granville Island. Animator Nathan Thomas “The Boy With No Brain”…d1182783668?mt=8 VFX Artist Peter...


Episode 4 - "Skull Of Santos" Jay Brown / Rohd Santos

We have a heart to heart about healthy competition in the workplace and chow down on something that closely resembles cat food. Sit back and smash a record over your friends head and enjoy the podcast with some craft beer from Powel St. Brewing. Animator/Pre-vis artis/Animation Director Jay Brown Animator Rohd Santos "The Skull of Santos"


Episode 3 - "Merry Chris-Nitz!" - Chris Muzyka / Chris "Nitz" Mizzoni

Your beerdo hosts Brent Bouchard and Rich Johnson hang out with Chris (Nitzy) Mizzoni and Chris Muzyka in Nitzy's Hockey Den! We toss DOWN a bunch of Bridge Brewing Company brewskies, pickled eggs, and then toss UP an office Christmas party. Guests: Chris Mizzoni - 2d animation artist “The Wacky World of Tex Avery”, “ Martha Speaks”, “My Little Pony: The Movie” Chris Muzyka - 2d animation artist & animator “ Kid vs Kat”, “Bob’s Burger”


Episode 2 - "The Fat Boys" - Jon Izen / Thom McKenna

Jon Izen enlightens us about the movie “The Bodyguard” and creating an original animated show called “The Very Good Adventures of Yam Roll in Happy Kingdom” for the CBC. Thom McKenna digs into some questionable crab chips and what it was like working on the animated South African hit “Dr. Dimension Pants”. Guests: Creator/Director- Jon Izen “Chuck’s Choice”,“The Very Good Adventures of Yam Roll in Happy Kingdom, “Supernoobs”, “Dr. Dimension Pants” Director- Thom McKenna “Supernoobs”,...


Episode 1 - "The Cabin in the Woods" - Johnny Darrel / Andrew Duncan / Clint Butler

In this episode we cover some hard hitting topics like what you can and can’t snort at work, the best bugs to eat with beer and of course how short is too short for men’s shorts in the workplace? Guests: Directors- Johnny Darrel,“Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs(TV), Slugterra, Spiderman (TV)” Andrew Duncan, “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (TV), Endangered Species, Monster High” Clint Butler, “The Deep, Kate & Mim-Mim, Slugterra”