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“Were You Shocked That You Were Breastfeeding?!” - BaKChat

On this week’s episode of BaKChat Bryan shouts out Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ playlists as his fake sponsor, while Krista’s fake sponsor is extra cute and cuddly as she talks all about adopting her new kitten, Okwáho, through VOKRA! A double whammy ‘In Your Dreams!’ that you CAN’T miss has Krista and Bryan in tears!


“I Got Slathered Up in a Few Statistics!” - BaKChat

On today’s Very Special Episode of BaKChat your co-hosts celebrate Bryan’s birthday with an extra special guest, STUART – Bry’s boo! Fake sponsors include Chapstick, @bainstore (on insta), and (BaKChat’s streaming platform). Stuart gives BaKChat some insight on pre-med as he navigates his way through the MCAT exam. Krista takes the opportunity to grill … Continue reading "“I Got Slathered Up in a Few Statistics!”"


“You Cropdusted a Bronado?!” - BaKChat

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and your BaKChat co-hosts help break some walls down about mental health stigmas for our listeners! Krista has a creative way to deal with the patriarchy and Bryan takes over the dream-ologist role in this week’s “In Your Dreams!” Follow our new Instagram account @bakchatpodcast and if you need to … Continue reading "“You Cropdusted a Bronado?!”"


“That’s Like Working for Santa!” - BaKChat

On this week’s Very Special Episode, Bryan and Krista are joined by life coach and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Kim Janna! The crew chat on mindfulness, their love/HATE relationship with Amazon (#boycottamazon2019) and Kim gives listeners a Weekly Happiness Tip, a frequent feature on her Instagram stories @zerofuckslifecoach (along with tons more quality content). Kim advocates for … Continue reading "“That’s Like Working for Santa!”"


“Nobody Said Segues Were Your Strongpoint!” - BaKChat

This episode of BaKChat features a very special promo code at for a discount on SCRUNCHIES! Use code: BAKCHAT to redeem. Also featuring: hidden camera nightmares, a ponytail scale and a special new segment that you’ll have to tune in to believe! Hint? There’s a new “-ologist” in town.


“Anything More than a Handful or a Mouthful is a Waste” - BaKChat

In this week’s episode, Bryan and Krista have some big-time corporate names for their Fake Sponsors (much to their chagrin). Krista discusses the challenges faced when you have an attractive doctor and Bryan confesses what may just be his most embarrassing BaKChat moment to date! “It’s in the Stars” gravitates to a Libra level so … Continue reading "“Anything More than a Handful or a Mouthful is a Waste”"


“We Got the Same Venus and I’m STILL Broke!” - BaKChat

Today’s Very Special Episode features investment extraordinaire, The Property Owl: Kosi! He joins us from a beautiful day on the Coast Salish Territories to chat about the keys to success, goal setting, mindfulness and even gives a first-time impression of our thirst sponsor Lonetree’s Apple-Ginger Cider, (two thumbs up!). Bryan announces his return to school … Continue reading "“We Got the Same Venus and I’m STILL Broke!”"


“Luckily the Other ‘Glampers’ Were Really Nice” - BaKChat

On today’s episode, BaKChat is celebrating rain on the Coast Salish Territories. Krista and Bryan talk “The Big One” and contemplate going halfers on a survival pod. Bryan recalls knuckle-hair-related trauma at the dentist, and practices mindfulness at the grocery store. Krista begs for Mono tips to the BaKChat email, and reveals her arch … Continue reading "“Luckily the Other ‘Glampers’ Were Really Nice”"


“Came Through Sweatin’, Sweat Sweat!” - BaKChat

On today’s Very Special Episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista welcome their first guest, Kota! On the one year anniversary of taking testosterone, Kota graces the show with his experiences as transgender and how the past year has shaped his future. The crew talk about what it means to be an ally to the trans … Continue reading "“Came Through Sweatin’, Sweat Sweat!”"


“We’ll Try Not to Stalk You…But No Promises” - BaKChat

The Vancouver heatwave is still scorching the West Coast this week, but Krista’s score of Goldfish Trio keeps her distracted with deliciousness. Bryan recants a wallet theft story that happened before his visits to Kelowna wineries Gray Monk and Arrow Leaf, and Krista has a few colourful comments on a tattoo-covered story. Bryan turns the … Continue reading "“We’ll Try Not to Stalk You…But No Promises”"


“Stop Touching My Oven Buttons!” - BaKChat

This week a well-deserved shoutout is given to the nursing industry, alongside an exciting announcement of BaKChat’s official Thirst Sponsor, Lonetree Cider! Krista is glowing from the Vancouver heatwave while Bryan quizzes them on podcast listener stats from around the world, courtesy of Things rocket to “It’s in the Stars,” as Krista responds to … Continue reading "“Stop Touching My Oven Buttons!”"


“Once in a ‘Century Lifetime’ Opportunity?” - BaKChat

In this week’s episode it’s all about enjoying the simple things in life; whether it’s writing in a journal or going phone-free! Then things get a little scarier on BaKChat, as Bryan and Krista recall some of their most memorable Paranormal Experiences. The pair then hop on the horoscope train to show some Leo love … Continue reading "“Once in a ‘Century Lifetime’ Opportunity?”"


“Karen’s Been Dead for 20 Years!” - BaKChat

In this week’s episode, Krista’s fake sponsor, Cineplex, almost has her fighting seniors citizens to hear the wisdom of Mr. Rogers in the new biopic ‘Won’t you be my Neighbour?’ Bryan surprises Krista with a REAL sponsor from listener, Andrea, at! Things get gnarly with special stories from both halves of BaKchat before they … Continue reading "“Karen’s Been Dead for 20 Years!”"


“Eating a Giant Lizard Kinda Grossed Me Out” - BaKChat

The jetlag is REAL for both halves of BaKChat as the pair return to share their respective trip experiences: Bass Coast & Japan! Krista relives the most magical moment of Bass Coast, (hint: Erica Dee) and Bryan gives the low-down of how Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto surpassed his travel expectations. “It’s in the Stars” takes … Continue reading "“Eating a Giant Lizard Kinda Grossed Me Out”"


“Don’t Touch Me, I’m Alive” - BaKChat

On this week’s episode BaKChat celebrates the small stuff! A fake sponsor has Bryan THINXing and Krista revealing an intimate secret. Bryan reveals the motives behind his matte-black Jeep and Krista lies to protect her dignity during a massage (though we all know that’s long gone!). A BaKChat listener gets Krista and Bryan to ‘chat … Continue reading "“Don’t Touch Me, I’m Alive”"


“The Dessert with a Dirty Secret” - BaKChat

On this episode of BaKChat, Krista finds an entrepreneurial solution to Bryan’s sore Spin Class booty. Bryan finds out that Krista’s one true sponsor is actually his home. Krista recalls putting the ‘hooch’ in Moon Hooch on her Hamburg and Prague groupie tour. Bryan blows Krista’s cosmic mind by taking control of the Zodiac wheel … Continue reading "“The Dessert with a Dirty Secret”"


“Claritin’s Not Gonna Fix That” - BaKChat

After a microphone mishap that left an episode…somewhere in the stars, BaKChat returns to talk Indigenous People’s Day, a potential Canadian 420/Thanksgiving combo & Spring PMS. The Twins at provide this week’s “It’s in the Stars,” which points out all of Libra Bryan’s quirky flaws & loveable charm.


“…Sat on her Tuffet (Which was also a Muffet)” - BaKChat

Broadcasting for their first time from Vancouver’s West End, BaKChat debates bougie poutines, including the correct Quebecois pronunciation, and confirms Krista’s gullibility via the Canadian $50 bill. A conversation about cereal takes a turn for GAGA and the episode turns into a full-blown Lady tribute, including a special Aries, “It’s In the Stars.”


“You’ll Never Make It in the Bush” - BaKChat

On this episode of BaKChat Bryan and Krista commiserate over the corporatization of Pride. Bryan revisits fond memories of Toronto’s Metric and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s concerts, and Krista finds out Prozac is not a party drug. Bryan expresses his distaste for camping, but Krista is dead set on winning him over with her pro outdoor … Continue reading "“You’ll Never Make It in the Bush”"


“Burn This Tinderbox to the Ground” - BaKChat

Beginning on a breezy note inspired by Karmic Seafoam air tents (aka Krista’s shirt), BaKChat takes a moment for some rare somber discussion on the dark, but very important, aspects of Bryan and Krista’s ancestry which includes residential schools and a tragic accident. “It’s in the Stars” brings Bryan and Krista closer than ever as … Continue reading "“Burn This Tinderbox to the Ground”"