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S2 “The Throne is At Home!”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista celebrate 2 huge milestones: The announcement of a GIVEAWAY with Twisted Extracts and their first 1 star review from a salty anonymous neckbeard!! BaKChat chats back to comments from K’s coming out episode and dives into an AskBaK segment that has them chatting everything from sex … Continue reading "S2 “The Throne is At Home!”"


S2 “I Feel Like You Should Have Drawn This Out”

On this week’s Very Special Episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista are joined for the second time by Kim Janna! Kim Janna is a life coach, owner and curator of Cerreal Thrifter and the Queen of the #hustle. She shares mindfulness tips, chats back to listeners and shoots the shit with Bryan and Krista in … Continue reading "S2 “I Feel Like You Should Have Drawn This Out”"


S2 “I’m Coming Out!”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Krista gets personal sharing a non-binary identity with all of our listeners and Bryan asks a few questions to gain some insight! Things take an emotional turn that reminds the duo why they started this podcast in the first place: kindness, compassion and accessibility. Fake Sponsors include Que Pasa … Continue reading "S2 “I’m Coming Out!”"


S2 “Always Carry a Possum Whistle!”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Krista wins an Instagram contest with Community Thrift and Vintage and Bryan raves about, an online transcription service he’s recently discovered. ‘In Your Dreams’ has Bryan putting on a dreamologist cap for Krista as they recall a semi-recurring, childhood-home-ghost-dream! A new segment sees a visit from Aunt Christine … Continue reading "S2 “Always Carry a Possum Whistle!”"


S2″Surfs Up…For the Last Time”

Bryan and Krista don’t smoke weed, but that doesn’t stop them from hosting a very special 4/20 episode with Mandy of Jane Technologies, an inspiring entrepreneur! Our knowledgeable guest tackles all your cannabis-related questions, plays some True or False, and blows the walls off of marijuana stigma. ‘It’s In the Stars’ has Bryan and Krista … Continue reading "S2″Surfs Up…For the Last Time”"


S2 “An Overhead Bin Could Fit Seven Toddlers.”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista share their wonderful experience at the IV Health Centre in Yaletown (a REAL sponsor) who graciously supplied BaKChat with a free IV treatment! It was just the ticket for Bryan to recover from his jetlag. Krista tries to befriend some crows and raves about their fake … Continue reading "S2 “An Overhead Bin Could Fit Seven Toddlers.”"


S2 “BaKChat University”

So you want to spray down naked hockey players with a homemade disinfectant? On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Krista reveals their rankophobia and…it’s a lot. Bryan and Krista chat about Krista’s partner Kota’s top surgery and Bryan’s recent travels in Hawaii. Fake sponsors include GoFundMe and Bob’s Snorkel. BaKChat reveals some upcoming guests to … Continue reading "S2 “BaKChat University”"


S2 “Be Your Own Boo”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, we find out K’s kryptonite: geography and mathematics. Fake Sponsors include The Trading Post in Gibsons, and the Queen Elizabeth Theatre here in Vancouver where Bryan saw the Broadway Show “Come From Away.” Bryan and Krista introduce a new segment called ‘Ask BaK’ where the pair help a listener … Continue reading "S2 “Be Your Own Boo”"


S2 “We Love Sexy Things”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, your favourite queers are raving about strippers, the fabulous shirts at Peau de Loup, and shoppin’ at Trader Joes. BaKChat chats back to more listeners who partook in the Wild Rose Cleanse; Bryan and Krista contemplate needing some probiotics in their lives. The astrology train picks up the duo … Continue reading "S2 “We Love Sexy Things”"


S2 “We Can’t Spare the Moisture!”

On this week’s episode, Bryan and Krista celebrate the 50th recorded episode of BaKChat, and dedicate it with love to everyone who has listened to the show! Special Fake Sponsors include The Soap Dispensary and Yaletown IV Health Centre. The duo discuss the dedication (and fun) it took to get to Episode 50, the Vancouver … Continue reading "S2 “We Can’t Spare the Moisture!”"


S2 “Fish Lips to Start Your Meetings”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista advocate for early mornings by reminiscing on those old-school alarm clock sounds that gave us all PTSD. The pair find something out about Betty Crocker that throws Bryan off his rocker! BaKChat chats back to some Wild Rose cleansing listeners and you bet there’s some poop … Continue reading "S2 “Fish Lips to Start Your Meetings”"


S2 “The Ass Splasher 2000”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Bryan & Krista chat weed gummies, bidets, and flowers! #justairsignstuff. ‘Adventures With Alice’ has the pair trying to guess what Alice’s star sign could be. BaKChat chats back to last weeks dream submission and analyzes a new dream for a listener that has the duo wondering “if you poop … Continue reading "S2 “The Ass Splasher 2000”"


S2 “I Look Amazing in a Night Guard, Turns Out”

On today’s late AF episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista chat IVs, ethical non-monogamy (or monogamy, if that’s your jam) and the Art of Tidying Up. Bryan recalls appendicitis and Krista battles a ‘Trans Cold’, and yes, you’ll have to listen to find out what that means (get your own podcasts, Terfs!!!). In Your Dreams … Continue reading "S2 “I Look Amazing in a Night Guard, Turns Out”"


S2 “Emotional Hotness!”

It’s #wetfeb y’all! On this week’s VSE of BaKChat, “Sexologist/Sisterologist”, VANESSA, @pitsuparty, is on the show to chat with B & K about all things sex, kinks and relationships, ‘cause there ain’t no better person to confide in with all your deepest darkest sexual concerns than a big sis! The trio tackle the results of … Continue reading "S2 “Emotional Hotness!”"


S2 “It’s Because My Grandma Was Born Under a Spruce Tree”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista get philosophical as dry January draws to a close—and promise a very WET return come February! Fake sponsors include the Tao Te Ching and (Krista paid a visit to Aunt Lynda). BaKChat chats about an insightful article; ‘Help your Kids Let Go of Stuff’ by … Continue reading "S2 “It’s Because My Grandma Was Born Under a Spruce Tree”"


S2 “I Feel Like We’re Predicting the Next Big Vegetable!”

On today’s episode, BaKChat reminisces on the good old days of Saan and Zellers. Krista shares a story about her fake Aunt Linda that leads to the (future) birth of LaKChat. Bryan updates on his Wild Rose Cleanse status (warning: cavernous thunder farts). In Your Dreams features a detailed dream that gives these dreamologists a … Continue reading "S2 “I Feel Like We’re Predicting the Next Big Vegetable!”"


S2 “I Feel Soothed When I Think of an Egg!”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, a conversation about eggs goes on way too long–but damn that egg is FAMOUS!!!! Bryan and Krista share a fake sponsor, the Wild Rose Cleanse, that leads to a lot of poop talk. With all these food restrictions, it’s no wonder ‘It’s In the Stars’ features ALL the signs … Continue reading "S2 “I Feel Soothed When I Think of an Egg!”"


S2 “I Have a Great Head, Let’s Be Real.”

On this week’s episode of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista get real about a recent chop to K’s hair (thanks @barberfrey) and K shares every emotion from B-P! Bryan’s Fake Sponsor, Paula from, has both Bryan and Krista feeling hella inspired. ‘It’s in the Stars’ takes on a fresh new look for Season 2 with … Continue reading "S2 “I Have a Great Head, Let’s Be Real.”"


S2 “We Rang it in Haaard!”

On today’s PREMIERE episode of Season 2 of BaKChat, Bryan and Krista ease into the New Year with some resolution chat that goes against the grain. They celebrate day 3 of ‘Dry January’ by delving into the dirty details of NYE! A DOUBLE ‘In your Dreams’ takes care of two very different listeners REM concerns, … Continue reading "S2 “We Rang it in Haaard!”"


“That’s a Wrap!”

On the FINAL episode of BaKChat’s first season, Bryan and Krista share some favourite moments, some trying times (we’re looking at you BaKus!!!) and have a moment of appreciation for all the lovely folks who tune in to BaKChat each and every week. Bryan and Krista recount the highlights of their multiple guest episodes and … Continue reading "“That’s a Wrap!”"