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A podcast dedicated to telling stories through underground music.

A podcast dedicated to telling stories through underground music.


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A podcast dedicated to telling stories through underground music.






Bad Roads: No Parole From Rock N' Roll (012)

For episode 12 of Bad Roads we are joined by my friend Dan Ford from the Pittsburgh band Vicious Blade. Dan has also put in time with the bands Commit Suicide, Fatality, and more. Give a listen as we discuss his new band, rock n’ roll, records, beer, and Dan’s history in the Pittsburgh music community. Here's the Bandcamp link for Vicious Blade: Introduction Music Bed: Motorhead-Ace of Spades (Instrumental) Lady Beast-The...


Bad Roads: Rock N' Roll Life (011)

For Bad Roads (011), I'm joined by my friend Todd Cheat aka Todd Porter from the Pittsburgh based band, The Cheats. Todd is a Pittsburgh Rock N' Roll lifer who folks might also know from his 35 years worth of rawk with the bands Silver Tongued Devil, Eviction, Arn City Pahnders, and Rancid Amazon. He's also a tattooer at Sinners and Saints Tattoo and, long ago, worked at Eide's Records. Crack open a beer and enjoy this episode! Check out the new record from The Cheats...


Bad Roads: From Pleasant Street to Scandinavia (010)

For the 10th episode of Bad Roads, I am joined by my friend, musician J. Marinelli. J. originally hails from Morgantown, WV, but currently resides along the fjords of Trondheim, Norway. For the last 15+ years J. has regularly recorded and toured as a 1 person band, playing guitar, drums, and singing all at once. Prior to venturing out on his own, J. played in mid 90s cult indie/emo rockers Samuel (State College, PA/Washington DC) and Les Trois Malhueres (Washington DC). I can't say enough...


Bad Roads: Screaming for Change (009)

For this episode of Bad Roads I talk with Pittsburgh musician Oyo Ellis. Oyo has been independent musician and producer in Pittsburgh since the mid 80s. While his music might be what he is best known for, Oyo is also now the head of The Battered Citizens Fund, a new nonprofit whose mission is to assist the under insured/uninsured injured during protests. We talk about Oyo’s new role with the nonprofit as well as his current band, Killer of Sheep. Along the way we hear music from some of...


Bad Roads: Keep on Marching (008)

On Bad Roads episode #8 we are joined by my friend, the amazing and exceptionally talented, Metal Mary Bielich (Derketa, Behind Enemy Lines, Novembers Doom, Mud City Manglers). We speak about the recent protests in Pittsburgh, the media, and the ability to make positive changes in the world. Plus great music from Public Enemy, Sick of it All, Los Crudos, and more. Check out Metal Mary's projects: Wax to Grind: A Vinyl Oddcast Mud...


Bad Roads: Thrashing the Quarantine (007)

On the newest episode, we thrash! It is appropriately OVER THE TOP that the seventh episode of Bad Roads (stage) dives headfirst into more than THREE HOURS of all things related to metal thrashing madness. We play demos, deep cuts, and thrash game changers from deep within the underground. For the first part of the episode, I'm joined by Spahr Schmitt. Spahr was the singer for the Pittsburgh based 80s thrash metal band Necropolis, editor of Warhammer fanzine, and was the owner of one of the...


Bad Roads: Still at Home (006)

On the sixth episode of Bad Roads I'm joined by none other than my friend Becky Corrigan of the Pittsburgh based band, The Chokers. Listen as we play rockin' new songs by the Chokers as well as discuss the quarantine, Becky's musical history in Pittsburgh, and other things you should know about. You'll also hear songs from The Wipers, MC5, New York Dolls, an unreleased Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers tune, and more. Show Notes: Primal Scream-Loaded Intro The Gutter Twins-The...


Bad Roads: Psychedelic Spring (005)

On this episode of Bad Roads we take a trip of the cosmos while exploring psychedelic music past, present, and future. We'll hear songs from The Bevis Frond, Oranssi Pazuzu, The Church, Dukes of Stratosphear, and more. Support the show (


Bad Roads: Beer in the Quarantine (004)

In this episode of Bad Roads I am joined by Meg Seastedt, Production Manager at North Country Brewery in Slippery Rock, PA. Together we explore the modern beer making world, her career, and songs about beer. Support the show (


Bad Roads: Mental Health in the Quarantine (003)

In this episode we explore mental health and music about mental health as a topic in various forms. Tracks from Black Flag, Eyehategod, Alice Cooper, and more! Support the show (


Bad Roads: The Quarantine Continues (002)

On our second episode we stretch out to share a diverse range of music by the likes of Gil Scott-Heron, Dark Thoughts, Pere Ubu, and live tracks by Misfits. Support the show (


Bad Roads: The Quarantine Edition (001)

On the inaugural episode we lose our minds during the quarantine and dive into a pit of revolutionary hardcore, punk, and metal with tracks by Cro Mags, Discharge, Redbait, and Nausea. Support the show (