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It just a podcast ... nothing crazy

It just a podcast ... nothing crazy


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It just a podcast ... nothing crazy






Luay Al Shurafa: Rising to the top of a Forbes 500

Luay Al Shurafa is an icon in the Middle Eastern auto industry. He is the first Arab man to head a General Motors office in the region after 20 years of being an absolute rock star at his job. Luay was there when the bankruptcy happened and helped the company find its way out of […]


Amin Matalqa – Perseverance in the face of everything

Amin Matalqa is a film maker best known for his work on Captain Abu Raed and Disney’s The United. Amin has an amazing story but also he’s been through alot in his personal life. During this episode, he opens up like he never has. Welcome back to Basel Meets!


Evolution: Rising Giants

Hello everyone, it’s been a minute. this is an update on what I’ve been up to! Enjoy.


Anthony, Adonis: Becoming who you want to be

This week we talk to legendary Lebanese rocker Anthony from the band Adonis. Anthony and I talk about music, writing and becoming who you want to be.


Fatima Al Dhaheri MD – COVID19 Ep 2

This week I am joined by the legendary Fatima Al Dhaheri to talk about Covid19 for the second episode on the cast. Fatima is a fellow at Harvard Med who gives us her perspective on the current global situation. It was an awesome conversation. Enjoy!


Dr Hassan Masri: Covid 19 – Episode 1

Hello guys! Long time .. umm what happened? We’re kicking off season 3 with a few episodes to dig deeper into understanding this global pandemic that we are going through. Dr Hassan Masri is a physician based in Saskatoon, Canada. We had a great conversation around COVID-19


Aziz Maraka: From Potatoes to Super Stardom

My guest seriously needs no introduction but what the hell, I’ll do it anyway. I speak to Aziz Maraka, a man who has taken the Arab music scene by storm. Aziz talks about his journey from dreaming to be famous to actually achieving his goal. Humble, funny and intelligent – I love this conversation!


College sports is an industry (W/ Nada Zaher)

This week’s guest is the founder of Pas-port, Nada Zaher. Nada has had extensive experience as a college athlete competing in Tennis for Columbia University. She has now founded a business based on recruiting up-and-coming athletes into professional college programs.


LIVE: Building An Audience (w/ Rana Nawas, Big Hass, DigitalHoos)

This podcast was taken from the Middle East Podcast Forum, September 2019. It’s a panel that I’ve hosted where we spoke about growing an audience for a podcast. My guests are the incredibly talented Rana Nawas, Big Hass & Digital Hoos of ‘Lets Take this online’.


Loulou Khazen: Starting A Family With A Startup

This week I had the awesome Loulou Khazen, the founder of Nabbesh, on the programme and we talked about alot about startups, starting a family and the ins-and-outs of maternity leave. I loved having her on the show. Hope you enjoy this.


Mohammed Balooshi: The Power Of Dreaming

This week’s guest is the legendary motocross champion, Mohammed Balooshi. Mohammed talks about his beginnings and what drove him to continue in an unconventional path for over 25 years. Available now on all podcasting apps.


William Mullaly: Movies & Implications on Society

This week’s guest is William Mullaly, a writer and film critic. During this hour, we talk about the various forms of story telling, upcoming movies and the implications of movies on society.


Finyal Media: Talking podcasts

This week I have legendary podcasting duo Majid & Mshari, founders of Finyal Media. A podcasting startup that produces the ‘Yalla Startup’, ‘Millennial Mirrors’ and ‘1001 nights’. When a bunch of podcasters get in a room with each other, we’re bound to talk about podcasts! Enjoy.


Ed Clowes: The Game Of Streaming Thrones

Ed Clowes is a Journalist who wrote for multiple publications – He’s got great insight into technology, music, pop culture and business. We speak about all these things and go deep into the nuances. NOTE: This episode was recorded prior to the Game Of Thrones finale – so our predictions arent exactly up-to-date! ENJOY.


FIFTY. (w/ Joe Akkawi & Hadi S.)

It’s my 50th conversation and I couldn’t be happier. This week, roles are revered. My first ever guest Joe Akkawi takes over host duties to interview me about Basel Meets. Hadi Sariedine joins us to add some perspective. Thank you for fifty episodes! on the next next 50.


Elissa Freiha: The Media Business

Elissa Freiha is the founder of the media company ‘Womena’. Throughout this company we talk about Michael Jackson, starting a business and making it in the media industry. Elissa is a great guest with so much positive energy, this is her second appearance on Basel Meets


Malek Tuffaha: The gaming industry & it’s future

Malek is kind of a big deal in the gaming industry, he works for Ubisoft – one of the largest gaming publishers in the world – and has been at the forefront of growing their presence in the Middle East region. In this episode we talk about the gaming industry, localisation efforts and how much […]


Omar Kassim: Jado Pado And Beyond

New day, New episode! This week with the man behind legendary gadget website, Jado Pado. Omar is one of the OG entrepreneurs who eventually sold his company to Emaar/ – Find out the details in this awesome conversation


Wings Of Angelz: “and accessibility for all”

This weeks guests are the incredible women spear-heading the Wings Of Angelz initiative. We talk to Shibu about her history and her journey from being a vibrant young girl, to having to deal with being on a wheelchair in her teenage years, to becoming the face of wheelchair accessibility. Ruchika, her sister and partner in […]


Maria Marlowe: Happier & Healthier

Today’s podcast is with health and diet expert, author of ‘The Real Grocery Food Guide’ and fellow podcaster of ‘Happier and Healthier’ – it’s Maria Marlowe. We have an in-depth conversation about all-things food – from Gluten Free to Free Range Chicken.